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Aww ,Clint, No !

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The first thing Bucky notices as he comes to is that there is no pain.

He's pretty sure that he should be feeling some sort of pain.

He can’t feel much of anything.

He opens his eyes a little and all he can see is a sort of hazy, fuzzy mist, so he closes his eyes and drifts back under.


He comes to again a little later and tries to sit up. He is hit with such dizziness that he can't do anything but flop back down.

It isn't so bad cause whatever the hell he is laying on feels like he's floating on a cloud.

Maybe he will just stay here for a for a while longer.

Bucky drifts for a while enjoying the fluffiness that seems to have engulfed his body and his brain.

He doesn't know how long he lays there, drifting in and out with everything gauzy white and empty.

When he attempts to move again, it feels like a thousand little electric shocks moving up and down his body and he quickly gives up.

"Take it easy Sergeant Barnes, the effects of transition can feel quite unpleasant at first. Just try and rest for a while."

Bucky tries to jumps to his feet at the sound of a voice coming from somewhere in the region of his head.

This proves to be pretty impossible so he settles for shouting.

"Who the hell are you and what the hell happened to me ?"

There is silence for a few moments then the voice speaks again.

"I see that getting you to lay quietly for too long is going to be difficult."

"What happened to you is a rather long and rather complicated story. I promise I will tell you everything soon but for now you need to rest."

He tries to move, but he feels so overwhelmed he sinks into oblivion instead.



When he next wakes it's better. He can sit up without feeling dizzy or nauseous but it still feels weird to move his body too much.


Bucky settles back against what he thinks are pillows, but he still can't see through the mist.

He can't remember what he was doing or what happened to him, but he does remember someone speaking to him.

"Hey, are you still there ?"

"Yes, Sergeant Barnes."

"Can you tell me what the hell is going on now?"

"Give me a moment and I will see."

Bucky suddenly feels like he 's been shoved into furnace but as quickly as it comes the feeling subsides.

" I think you are through the process enough that I can explain was has happened to you."

Something about those words sets off an alarm in the back of his mind, but he's still too fuzzy to pay any attention to it right now.

"You got a name?"

"Everyone has a name."

Bucky hear a dry humour in the voice that wasn't there when they first spoke.

The mist, white, whatever the fuck it is starts then to clear.

Standing beside him is a middle aged man of average height and build with slightly thinning brown hair.

"My name is Phil Coulson, and if it weren't for the circumstances I would say that it is a great pleasure to meet you."