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Not An Angel

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It was warm, almost too warm, and yet Aziraphale found himself nuzzling deeper into it. Consciousness was slowly taking him. He was slow to realize what he was cuddling into, perhaps a warm pillow? Had it all been a dream? But his pillow was moving and oh so soft, fluffy too.


Eyes squeezed open, unfocused as they took in the sight of- oh. His eyes shot wide, body tensing as panic consumed him. And then he felt a pawed hand pull him back, the wolf letting out a soft huff in its sleep.


Aziraphale swallowed thickly as he submitted to the creature's will. He could have easily escaped, overpowered this thing, even end it. But why would he? 


"Oh, my dear…"


His voice was a wistful little thing, barely above a whisper.


Everything had come back to him and this beast, this giant gentle thing, was his Crowley. He gently ran a hand down the Wolf's side, taking in just how beautiful he was. In his own way. 


These creatures had always terrified him. He thought of them as lesser, abominations to be pitied before the war. And after, well, something to be feared. But now, this gentle beast had stolen his heart. 


He could still feel something at the back of his mind yelling he should run, he needed to get away, but it never grew more than a faint whisper. He was silent as he took in everything he could of his Crowley. 


Huge, oh so very big, and smelling faintly of cinnamon. It was nowhere near enough to cover up the overpowering stench of werewolf, but it wasn't bothering him anymore. He gently ran a hand up through Crowley's neck fluff, watching an ear twitch.


Like an oversized pup…


"You are a good pup, aren't you, my dear…?" 


My Crowley. My love.


Things had definitely gotten more complicated with his promise now. Crowley would be getting his full life, everything he could ever want. Aziraphale would be sure of it, devote himself to it. 


He shifted up and kissed Crowley at the base of his neck. He would protect his love from anything and everything. Even if that means- and that's just something he didn't want to think about.


He took in a deep inhale, nose hurried in that warm fluff. He let out a shuddering breath, wrapping his arms around his love now. Difficult but doable.


"I love you…"


Crowley finally shifted at that, pulling Aziraphale tighter. His neck craned and his jaw opened wide, tongue nearly lolling out on the sheets as he let out a long yawn. His muzzle moved down to nuzzle into Aziraphale's hair, giving little sniffs. 


"Good morning, my dear."


Crowley shifted back a bit to properly look Aziraphale over. He growled and attempted to move his maw in speech, quickly realizing that he was lying in bed as a wolf still. And Aziraphale was cuddling him. Actively petting him. 


"Terribly sorry, but I don't speak pup."


Crowley chuffed and rolled his eyes before burying his face in Aziraphale's chest. And then there were fingers trailing down his head, down his neck, gently scratching through his fluff. Aziraphale chuckled at the soft sound of bliss that slipped from Crowley. 


"I never realized how beautiful you were like this… Adorable as well."


Crowley let out a half hearted growl at that. He was not adorable. 


"Oh, hush. You are nothing more than an oversized pup and you know it."


Normally that would strike a nerve. Being called a pup, one that couldn't care for themselves or others, was an insult. But the way Aziraphale spoke, the love in his voice. He didn't know.


"I love you, my dear. And even with you being this way I will never leave you."


He kissed the top of Crowley's head, managing to look him in the eyes now. 


"You loved me when you learned what I am and I love you, every part of you, whatever form you so choose. Everything will receive my love."


Crowley could only stare at him now. Slowly, carefully, without breaking eye contact, he moved until they were face to face. Aziraphale feared he was about to be licked by that horrid tongue again, instead getting a gentle boop of nose to nose. 



Gabriel couldn't help his bored expression as he lurked about where Aziraphale should have died. He could smell the wolf had been here, such a pungent stench to never be mistaken. The claw marks all through the grounds, faint sneaker marks always in front. 


Voras was so good at what she did. The best of his fledgelings, the most loyal . He slowly made his way down where the cellar doors had been broken open. Yes, he'd walked through here five times already but he still needed answers. 


The corpse in the corner was revolting, maggots and all sorts of nasty little things making it their new home. Gabriel covered his nose with a handkerchief, finally willing himself to venture farther inside. 


She failed. She had come to him shortly after learning this, that she had been mistaken. He said he would deal with her later. And oh how he would deal with her. On his first exploration of the space he'd found a paper, the white a harsh contrast to the dark and dirty surroundings. 


He had trusted her, he believed she was his most loyal of followers. She obeyed without question but it was all a lie. She couldn't question. She was unable to voice her opinions. Mute, silent, and oh so obedient but there was no loyalty here. 


He finished up in the room and left, trying to pick up where the trail of talons had gone off to. Aziraphale's footprints disappeared as well, the dirt showing something odd. He could only guess what happened but Aziraphale was very much alive. 


Everyone wasn't purple yet.



Voras had been ordered to remain in the office of Gabriel's home. She was entirely alone, passing the time by reading through some of her notes. She'd become an expert on the enemy through the years. This should have worked. A full moon, a werewolf, a weak vampire. It all added up to death! 


A clap behind her had the notebook shutting, Voras straightening up. 


"Voris, I have some news."


Gabriel made his way to his desk, sitting down and lacing his fingers together. He wore a smile on his face, though those eyes spoke of danger. She didn't like this. And the soft click of the door shutting had her even more on edge.


"Aziraphale is alive, and so is that creature."


His smile grew a bit. 


"You failed."


Voras could see Peregrine out of the corner of her eye, slowly walking in to stand off to the side. A translator? No. But she would be used as one. 


"She says she did her best."


Ms. Peregrine stated, a quick glance from Voras relaying quite a bit. 


Gabriel's grin disappeared into a neutral expression as he reached within his breast pocket. He laid the note out before her and all she could do was stare. 


"What is this?"


Gabriel then held a hand up to Ms. Peregrine when she went to speak, his eyes shifting to a deep red. Voras's body went rigid as her mind was invaded yet again. There was no use in fighting it, trying to hide from him. 


Tears began to bubble up as he looked through every single traitorous thought. It hurt. He wasn't being "gentle" as he had been before, no, this was something filled with fury. When she was finally released she shut her eyes, hands moving up to hold her head.


"Voris, you are to go with Ms. Peregrine and do exactly as she says."


Gabriel stated, looking back to the woman in question. 


"You are to deal with Voris. Now leave. Both of you."


Voras stood from her spot, head held low as she followed the human servant outside. She knew what this human was capable of, what they knew. Her own passion for learning wolves was aflame in Peregrine, though it was pointed at vampires instead. 


It didn't take long for the two to get back to Peregrine's home. Nothing more than a quick drive, silence filling the air, dread filling them both. Roma was an intelligent one, though. Gabriel had given her specific guidelines.


I never want to see this pest again. I want her to suffer. Kill her. Keep her alive. As long as she suffers I don't care.


When the two slipped inside, Roma went straight to her kitchen. She'd been thinking of a million ways to do this, how to make Voris (she didn't know her true name) suffer without truly hurting her. And everything boiled down to this. 


She took down the Mason jar and plucked up a knife, cutting a few little x holes in the top. Voras stood in the doorway watching, trying to figure out what horrors were in store. 


"What is the smallest creature you can turn into?"


Roma asked, turning her attention back to the vampire in her kitchen. Voras's eyes flickered red and Roma nodded, letting out a long sigh. She was obeying. This would be suffering. This would be. 


"A spider will work."


Roma looked to her victim. 




Voras did as she was told, shifting down into a little black and white jumping spider. Roma let out a long sigh before stepping forward. She knelt down before the spider, opening the jar. 


"I have been ordered to make you suffer, for Gabriel to never see you again." 


She explained, there wasn't any rule against it. She set the jar down in front of Voras, the spider eyeing it.


"Humiliation is suffering. Being my new pet is suffering. I will feed you. I will keep you in this jar. I will bring you everywhere with me."


Voras locked eyes with Roma, doing her best to try and squeeze past Gabriel's influence. Did she feel the same? Was she trying to undermine him as well? Was she truly obedient? 


"In the jar."


Voras complied, scuttling her way inside. The lid was replaced and the jar was set upon the kitchen table. She watched as the human disappeared into another room, returning moments later with a sewing needle. 


Roma sat in front of the jar, moving it closer. The sound was deafening yet Voras could do nothing about the scrape of glass upon wood. And then she could smell something oh so sweet. 


Above her, Roma had pricked a finger and was squeezing out a drop of blood. The finger was lowered to the top of the jar, a hole there large enough for the bleeding digit to poke through. 


"Your suffering will be long. I will not let you die until Aziraphale turns to dust."


Understanding shot through Voras at that. She read the note. She knew what was wanted and, oh, Peregrine would still be trapped beneath Gabriel. Perhaps a shift in forms would be in order? Or just an alteration to the current anatomy.


Jumping spiders were harmless but she did have the ability to modify herself. But that would be done at another time. For now, she would be a harmless little thing.


With a little hop she was at the top of the jar, dining on that steadily growing drop of blood. Roma watched her in silence, waiting until the little arachnid hopped down to remove her finger. A bandaid was administered and she let out a long sigh. 


"He still has me rewriting the contract."



"So what are we supposed to do then?"


Aziraphale was exasperated. They'd been lounging in bed discussing battle plans. 


"We need to get their attention… why not go in with me?"


Aziraphale let out a groan of frustration. Always putting himself in danger!


"My kind could kill you! Crowley, my dear, no one is afraid of werewolves."


"You were."


Aziraphale sighed and looked back to Crowley. He was just wearing some boxers and by God he wanted to pounce the man. But later.


"I have reasons to be. And now I have a reason not to be."


Crowley nodded and slumped down on the bed. They'd been at this for hours. Plotting and planning, they were just on getting in . Not even the fight yet!


"They shouldn't try to kill me with you there, right?"


"... Did… did you forget everything that we just went through?"


"But that was one !"


Aziraphale sat up and looked very sternly down to Crowley. 


"One with many fledgelings. I have them as well, all from other elders who have passed, but-"


"Don't call yourself that. Makes me feel like I'm shagging a grandpa or something."


Aziraphale narrowed his eyes and moved closer, putting a hand on Crowley's bare chest. 




"I am ."


Crowley looked up into those lovely blue eyes. He found himself petting Aziraphale's cheek, working just a bit of worry out of that soft face. Never should be twisted this way, with so much pain and worry.


"Why don't we just walk in. Together. And you ask to fight Gabriel?"


"We don't do that. Do your kind do that?"


"Yeah, I quit. Kinda get carried away fighting…"


Aziraphale bowed his head and shut his eyes. Challenging Gabriel to a fight? Horrid. Horrid idea.


But it was beginning to grow on him. And, especially with all the new fledgelings seeming to love violence. 


"Let's try that."


"Fight to the death?"




Crowley grabbed Aziraphale and pulled him down in a passionate kiss. Aziraphale finally gave in to his desires, returning the kiss and running his hands over that beautiful body.




Crowley asked when he pulled away for breath. 




Aziraphale repeated before diving back in. If there was a chance of him dying this night he would be sure to give Crowley every ounce of love and passion he could muster.