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Not An Angel

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Crowley found himself thoroughly fucked, body aching in the best of ways. Aziraphale was lying next to him on his side, a hand gently petting over his love's nude form. He was absolutely exhausted from that bout of fun and even with Aziraphale pampering him with a bath- he really liked how Aziraphale did that- he felt like jello.


He had his eyes shut, an arm over his face as that hand continued to idly stroke and love over whatever flesh his Angel decided to bless. 


"You're good at that."


Aziraphale hummed, giving a small pout. 


"Just good? I thought with all that begging-" 


"Great! Fantastic! The best I've ever had!"


Aziraphale's humming sounded more approving now as he moved in to give his cheek a small kiss. 


"I would hope so."


Crowley let his hand slip down to his chest, giving Aziraphale his best angry look while his eyes were shut. 


"You are horrible ."


"I thought I was an Angel."


Aziraphale had a smug little grin on his face, more than happy to play these games with his love. 


"A devil in sheep's clothing. A true bastard."


Crowley huffed, turning his head away. Aziraphale's smile turned to a pout again as he plucked up those glasses from his nightstand. He gently slipped them over his love's eyes and kissed him on the cheek. 


"Do you really think that of me…?"


That soft voice, the way it shifted and was almost hurt- Crowley grit his teeth and turned over. He let out a harsh huff, looking Aziraphale in the eyes. 


"No, but you're acting like one! What with all your-" 


He moved his hand in a circle. 


"- expertise in here!"


Aziraphale's pout grew and Crowley wasn't sure how he could smooth this over or if he even should. Aziraphale really was torturing him in here. 


"I could pretend not to know as much?"


Crowley let out a long sigh and rubbed at his eyes with a single hand beneath his glasses. Ugh, this man


"Just drop it. I don't- it's fun but I feel…"


Aziraphale's expression softened and he slipped his arms around Crowley, gently pulling him close. 


"I can assure you every moment with you is the best I have ever experienced, be it intimate or out in town."


He gave Crowley's forehead a kiss and felt him deflate. Good, get that stress out. 


"... You mean that…? Even with… what about the other ones?"


Aziraphale shut his eyes, deciding that hiding his face in a soft puff of red hair was the best course of action. A deep inhale and he was slowly calming down. He didn't like thinking of them, of the past. Of what would eventually happen to Crowley. 


But there are ways of keeping him.


He shoved that thought right out the window, body tensing a bit. How could he even consider that?! 


"M'sorry… shouldn't have asked…"




Aziraphale took in another breath, petting down Crowley's back. 


"You have a right to be curious."


He pulled the blankets around them, his hand continuing to pet oh so gently down Crowley's back. 


"I force myself to forget most everything about them. I remember the joy, but I… their names… their faces."


Aziraphale's hand stilled as he thought back a bit harder on what he'd had before. 


"They both lived full lives. The first I didn't think of… that I was truly immortal. So I found another to be with and they lived another full life and since then I've vowed to never-" 


Aziraphale took in a sharp breath of air as he felt Crowley hug him tightly. 


"... Never hurt myself like that again… to… to lose another." 


Crowley glanced up at him, guilt eating him alive. He should have never asked. 


"Why didn't you turn them?"


Aziraphale slowly breathed in before letting it free. 


"Why would I want anyone I love to go through this? I… if I don't drink, if I go without blood for an extended period of time, I lose control. I can't… and younglings have no control for the first few years! I've seen so many people die around me, how could I even think of- and if I do that other method then they'll just be my- no. Never."


Aziraphale huffed and hugged Crowley tighter, so much swimming in his mind now. 


"Angel, I'm sorry…"


"Don't be. And don't ever ask me to change you."


Crowley started to pet down Aziraphale's side, his fingers idly tracing over a few stretch marks down below. He loved how they felt beneath his touch, and Aziraphale seemed to like the gentleness of it. 


"I don't want to be a vampire."


Aziraphale huffed at that. It wasn't firm enough for his liking but no one would dare touch his human. 


"And you never will be."


The two stayed curled up close together until Crowley couldn't stand the sticky feeling of skin on skin. He gently pushed Aziraphale away, his Angel allowing him to slip away. 


Aziraphale looked Crowley over, or what he could see of what was poking out of the blankets. Handsome face still wracked with guilt, his hair gone wild, hickeys all over his neck and chest. If the guilt went away he would truly be admiring his love. 


"Would you like to go back to our little explorations?"


Aziraphale tried, wanting so badly to touch and soothe his love. Crowley looked over, his brows furrowed as he thought. And then he was giving a small nod. 


"Good, now, I know you are very curious of me so if you would like to touch me first I would enjoy it greatly."


Crowley could hear a bit of excitement in that voice and even if he felt horrible for bringing up something so personal on a fit if jealousy, it was contagious. 


Aziraphale slipped from beneath the blankets and snapped his fingers, the lights turning on all the way. They'd been dimmed for their fun, though Crowley refused to open his eyes at the time. 


He lied down on his back and slipped his hands behind his head, a blissful little smile on his face. Distractions, especially ones like this, were fantastic. He just needed to get a smile on that face again. 


Crowley looked him from head to toe, gaze freezing at the massive gashes on Aziraphale's right leg. They were clearly old wounds, scars that had healed over. He didn't even feel them when he'd touched before. 


He swallowed thickly as he moved forward, gently trailing a finger down one of the gashes. Aziraphale's serene expression turned to one of exasperation. He just wanted a happy moment here! 


"What happened…?"


"I didn't want to. But my vote wasn't enough and-!"


Oh he was getting ahead of himself but he was still so angry over what they had done. He took in a deep breath and sat up, looking down at his leg. Crowley seemed so concerned now. Why couldn't he get a moment of peace?! Did he just have to spill his heart and soul right now to never have another bump in the road ruining their mood?!


"A war. An old one. One I did not agree to and one I was lucky to survive."


Aziraphale's voice was short, firm. Anger was controlling the tone. 


"It looks like…"


"It is. And yes, they exist as well. The tele doesn't do them justice." 


Crowley looked over the clear as day bite and claw marks on Aziraphale's leg. Faded with time and healing but still oh so visible. He remembered hearing about that war, about the slaughter, about what happened to his people and what happened to so many vampires. 


"But, not to worry. I wouldn't dare let one touch you. Same with my own kind."


He sighed and reached out, gently running a hand through Crowley's hair. So soft, and the way the man always leaned into it was precious. 


"So you hate them?"


"No. They are cursed as I am, just differently. At least they can die after having a full life. What a blessing that must be."


Crowley gave a small nod, moving closer. Maybe he could ask more questions this way? He had his chance. 


"Do you know anything about the one that did this?"


Aziraphale sighed and shook his head, bowing it and shutting his eyes. That memory was still so fresh in his mind. Those glowing gold eyes, the fangs, that coarse hair, blood and ash slipping from the beast's maw. 


"No. Nothing. Just that I killed it- him. Broke his neck." 


He swallowed thickly before looking back at Crowley. And the man seemed so torn up for some reason. The subject of war was sensitive for most so he chalked it down as such. 


"I didn't want to fight, but I had to."


Aziraphale looked down at his leg and shifted it a bit before sitting forward and kissing Crowley on the forehead. 


"Why did everyone else want to fight?"


Aziraphale sat back, looking Crowley in the eyes. 


"Because vampires have a superiority complex. I… have it at times but that's why I try to remain humble."


Crowley nodded and looked back to Aziraphale's leg. He hesitated before moving a hand forward, fingers tracing over the claw marks. Perfect size to be his own. Fangs were a bit smaller than his, though. 


"Would you ever be friends with one?"


Aziraphale gave a nervous little laugh, averting his gaze. Would he ever- what a silly question!


"I would be far too scared to even consider- no. Heavens no. I'm petrified of them!"


Aziraphale looked back to Crowley who didn't seem to find that amusing in the slightest. He cleared his throat and pulled the blanket over his leg, effectively hiding the wounds. 


"Ah, well, good thing I'll never have to come across one. Right? I can always smell them and, my goodness, how they stink."


Crowley's frown grew the slightest bit before he forced a small smile. 


"Smell like dogs, yeah?"


"Exactly like dogs! But always damp dogs, even with perfumes and- I can't stand that smell. Even going by the groomers down the street makes me uneasy."


Crowley gave him a small pat on the leg, mind made up. He could never tell Aziraphale about himself, even if it meant making elaborate lies. He was positive the man was too dense to truly catch on but still. 


"What do you think of them? From the movies and books, I'm sure you've seen or read something."


Crowley gave a weak smile, shutting his eyes. 


"Cursed like you, yeah... Some born into it, never able to live a normal life. Every full moon losing control- hurting everyone. Sad life, really. Long and full but is it really?"


Aziraphale didn't like the tone Crowley was using. 


"Your lot probably should have wiped them all out."


"Crowley! They aren't that bad, just- I mean they can't be that bad. There have been so few reports of rogue wolves or any of the sort in so long. They don't deserve to die, I just don't want them anywhere near me is all."


He reached out and gave Crowley a little push. 


"Have a heart, love." 


Really, wanting then all dead? Such a disgusting thought. But for some reason Crowley seemed to be smiling a bit. Such a strange, strange man that one. 


"Let's have a look at you now. On your front, I want to see your back first."


"Haven't you seen it enough already?"


Aziraphale's face colored but Crowley did lie on his front, spreading his arms and going full starfish. 


"I don't think I will ever have enough of you…"




"And how are we feeling?"


Gabriel was standing tall within his office, Ms. Peregrine sitting across from him. She looked exactly the same, acted the same, though something was off about her.




Gabriel hummed as he looked her from head to toe. He'd never really performed one of the older methods, the more powerful ones of mind control, but this one required it. Hopefully no one would notice the little mark behind her ear. He'd chosen a butterfly, something simple that shouldn't rouse suspicion. 


"Now, are you willing to rewrite this contract for me?"


He asked, pushing the paper towards her. The woman gave a pleasant smile, taking the paper from him and folding it in half.  


"It would be my pleasure to serve, master."


Oh that absolutely stroked his ego but it was unacceptable. 


"Ms. Peregrine, you will address me as Gabriel. As you always have. Is that understood?"


She gave a small nod, folding the paper into a neat little square. It was pocketed and she returned her attention to him. 


"As you command, Gabriel."


Gabriel rubbed at his face, annoyance written all over it. Oh how he was living how she addressed him but it was wrong for publicity sake. 


"Ms. Peregrine, please, talk as you would before I claimed you."


The woman had a small frown on her face, brows furrowing as she tried to process what he was saying. She just couldn't understand. 


"Oh my God- just- I order you to return to the way you were before I claimed you but with a loyalty to me . Got it?"


Ms. Peregrine's confused expression got worse before a spark of recollection struck her. She blinked a few times before quickly looking down at her watch- 


"Oh no, I missed the rest of my appointments! Gabriel, where is my purse? My phone? I need to inform my security I'm safe and-" 


Gabriel stopped listening to her as she went on a tangent. He plucked her purse out of one of his drawers and handed it to her, the woman snatching it and immediately making some rapid phone calls. 


That was a lot simpler than he thought it would be. And now he had the perfect business partner. Someone that would always side with him, someone that couldn't refuse him. Humans really were nothing but pawns in the span of things, tasty little pawns at that. 


"Everything should be settled now, Gabriel. But I… I think they may be suspicious of this?" 


She touched behind her ear, letting out a soft hiss at the sensitivity. Oh that was tender. 


"Tell them you decided to drink and get a tattoo."


"I will."


She gave a small nod then looked back to her purse. A few thoughts went through her mind before she felt a hand on her shoulder. 


"I believe we will be the best of business associates now, Ms. Peregrine."


She smiled, looking up at him joy filling her face. 


"Thank you, Gabriel."


"You should return home now, go to your usual routine. And I'll send you an email of what I want in that new contract. Sound good?"


"It sounds perfect."


"Now off with you."


He couldn't stop grinning as she slipped from his office. All that work, all that research, and it worked so perfectly. He had his own human servant now, one that wouldn't be released until he died. And if he so wished he could add into that hex, making her immortal and his own personal snack. Such a wonderful thought, he'd definitely have to get someone researching it for him.