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Not An Angel

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In the morning Aziraphale was expecting to have Crowley snap out of his loving daze to finally regain his sanity. His " Angel " was nothing more than an abomination, something that didn't deserve love. 


He wasn't sure if he felt relief or pain when he found his arms empty that morning, the sheets not even warm where Crowley had been. Of course he would leave. At least Aziraphale wouldn't have to worry on Crowley longing for him still, he left on his own. And it would be easier to forget him now. 


Aziraphale let out a long sigh as he slipped from the bed and began his morning routine. He turned on his mirror, literally a screen that would display what a small camera caught. He loved technology sometimes but seeing himself right now was more of a pain. 


He finished up in there, shutting the mirror off, and went on his way downstairs. Or he would have had the sight in the kitchen not stopped him. Crowley was just lounging in a chair, a mug of coffee in one hand. He looked entirely a mess, hair everywhere and hand brushed, his clothing all wrinkled- he didn't even button up his pants! Good Lord what was he doing?


But he was here. And Aziraphale could feel a warmth in his heart. Crowley really hadn't left. He truly did love him and hadn't snapped out of some lovestruck daze. The poor man really was so lost.




Crowley glanced up from his coffee, giving Aziraphale a soft smile. 


The response was a broad one, Aziraphale closing the distance between them to kiss Crowley on the temple. 


"Good morning, my dear."


Crowley relaxed a bit at that, clearly having been stressed over something. He looked up to Aziraphale and gently pulled him down for a proper kiss. He tasted of the coffee he'd made, bitter and black without a hint of help. Still, Aziraphale found himself kissing deeper, hands roaming over his love's back. 


Crowley pulled away after a bit, giving him a slight smirk. 


"Now it's a good morning."


Aziraphale stood tall, a soft smile on his face. He had a somewhat dreamy look in his eyes, just looking down at the one he loved. 


"I didn't want to leave to get breakfast until you woke up."


Right, he didn't actually have any food here. Nothing substantial at least. 


"Ah, give me a moment and I'll get dressed- is it alright if I join you?"


Crowley took a long sip from his coffee before setting the mug down. 


"I was planning on going home to get something else on. I don't like wearing dirty clothes, Angel."


Aziraphale hummed at that, giving a small nod. And then an idea popped in his head. Oh, but that was such a frivolous use of his- wasn't everything a frivolous use? 


Crowley shut his eyes as he felt another kiss, this one on his cheek. And then Aziraphale was murmuring something beneath his breath, a firm hand on his back. Crowley went rigid at this, not sure what his boyfriend (yes very much so now) was doing.


Well, until his clothes all readjusted themselves at once. Wrinkles gone, any stains gone, and they were even warm like they'd just come out of the dryer. 


"There. Nice and clean."


Aziraphale gave him another kiss before slipping from the room, leaving Crowley with a dumbstruck look on his face and a death grip on his coffee. 


Holy shit.




"How did you do that?"


The two had settled down in a small cafe not too far from Aziraphale's shop, one that knew the man's order. Always the same. 


"Do what?"


Crowley motioned to himself, to his clean clothes. 


"The whole cleaning thing."


"A bit of magic."


Aziraphale hummed, taking a small sip from his favorite tea here. He was thankful the curse allowed him to at least indulge in liquids other than blood. 


"I get that but how? Was it what you said? What did you say anyway?"


Aziraphale felt his face heat a bit and he lowered his drink. 


"It was more of… when I speak it helps me concentrate on what I'm doing. I don't have to but it keeps me focused."


"So what did you say?"


Relax for me, my love, for I will remove all hardships from your life and replace them with my care.


"Nothing important."




Crowley didn't quite believe that but he would accept it. And then his food came out. It was a massive plate filled with the largest omelette on the menu. And he'd had the thing packed with double everything. 


He plucked up his fork and began cutting up a small piece, Aziraphale unable to keep his eyes off the massive meal. He never could understand how so much could fit in such a lithe body.


As Crowley ate, Aziraphale found himself staring at his boyfriend. How couldn't he? He was absolutely stunning, even if his manners weren't the best. He ate rather quickly, not even caring to savor the food. But who was he to tell the man how to eat or what to do. 


Crowley could tell Aziraphale was eyeing him, everyone in the cafe could clearly see it. He could feel a slight heat on his cheeks but chose to ignore it in favor of finishing off his food. He wiped his mouth when done and sipped on his coffee, actually having creamer and what not in it now. He only needed that bitterness to truly wake up in the mornings.


"Are you always going to stare at me?"


Crowley asked, really hoping he didn't have food in his teeth now. 


Aziraphale hummed, sitting up a bit higher in his spot. Ah, he did tend to do that. Habit. Bad bad habit.


"Sorry, I'll-"


"It's not a bad thing, just curious what you're thinking."


Crowley took a sip of his coffee, Aziraphale giving a soft smile. What was he thinking? That he wanted to run his fingers through that perfect hair. How he longed to steal those lips again, to gently pet that perfect face, to hold him close, to smell him and- oh there was just too much to list!


"Only… admiring you, is all."


Yes, that was definitely the right word. And it had Crowley a bit flustered too. How precious.


"So, want to…"


Crowley ran a hand through his hair as he thought over what they could do. They already used to spend so much time together. What else was there? What would suffice as a date?


"Do anything?"


Aziraphale smiled, the waiter coming over to put down the check. Before Crowley could think of doing anything Aziraphale had taken the paper and handed his card to the lovely woman. 


And then his attention returned to Crowley. And he looked personally attacked honestly. 


"You use cards? I thought you- but you never had a card reader in your shop!"


Aziraphale smiled and gave a soft shrug, waiting for the waiter to come back. She returned shortly and he scribbled on it, pocketing his card and turning the check over so Crowley couldn't see. 


"What? I don't actually want to sell my books."


Crowley raised a brow. 


"Then why have a book shop?"


Aziraphale stood from his spot and held out a hand, assisting Crowley up. He leaned in and gave a peck on the cheek, whispering. 


"Appearances are everything, my dear."


With that he grinned and began leading Crowley out. 


"Does a walk in the park sound alright?"


Crowley was even more confused now. The cloud cover was supposed to break up in the next few hours and it would be horribly sunny. Why would he want to go out? Wouldn't it burn him?


"Might want sunscreen for that."


Aziraphale gave a nod. Yes, sunscreen would be a fantastic idea if they were going to stay out for some time. 


Once they made their way to the street, Aziraphale began walking them back to his home. 


"Angel, Park's the other way."


"You wanted sunscreen, I have some at home. And, I hate to be a bother, but it is a long walk from here…"


Oh, he wanted a ride. That was doable. Very doable. 


Before long they got back to the shop, Aziraphale making his way upstairs to snag a bottle of sunscreen. Such a unique substance, he tried it before but it did nothing to stop the burn in his flesh. Luckily his heavy clothing helped and his hair was mostly unaffected. 


Limiting exposure was the best option. 


He returned downstairs and offered it to Crowley who gave him an odd look. 


"Does it even work for you?"


Aziraphale blinked. Wha-?


"No? Why?"


Crowley let out a long sigh. Either he knew nothing about vampires, an absolute lie, or Aziraphale was a moron. 


"The sun burns, doesn't it? And why do you have a day schedule? Shouldn't you be awake at night?"


Slow realization went across Aziraphale's face, his smile disappearing. Oh… Well, they had some clearing up to do. 


"We have quite a bit discuss, don't we?"


Aziraphale's soft smile returned, patient and filled with love. 


Crowley blinked before sighing out and plopping on a nearby loveseat. He sprawled out, slouching and getting as comfortable as he could. He had the feeling they wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. 


Aziraphale settled down on the couch beside it, sitting prim and proper as per usual. 


"Crowley, my dear, I am… oh how to put this…"


He thought for a bit before giving a somewhat uneasy smile. 


"I am one of the first vampires to ever exist. I um.. most things that bother younglings, sunlight or garlic- though it tastes horrid- don't bother me anymore. I do burn in the sun but it's slow, like a sunburn."


Crowley gave a nod. 


"How old are you?"


Aziraphale looked down at his lap at that question. He was skirting around exacts for a reason. 


"Old enough. And, you asked why I have a day schedule. Appearances are everything and I… I really don't like how everything is closed at night so I swapped my schedule. Quite a few of us do this."


Crowley nodded, wishing he had something to drink now. He was going to need it. 


"Why do you have a book store?"


"Appearances. I try not to sell anything- except the decoy books."


Crowley raised a brow. 


"So, what was mine then?"


Aziraphale felt his face heat a bit and looked down at his lap. Ah yes, that one. The one he specifically bought, the ones he specifically bought to ensure Crowley's return. Those books. 


Crowley could see the growing blush on Aziraphale's face and couldn't help but grin. 


"You got them for me, didn't you?"


Aziraphale sighed and gave a defeated nod. 


"You really did love me for a while… 'least now I know why you didn't say anything."


Crowley nudged Aziraphale's foot with his own, getting the man's attention. 


"Glad I was right the whole time."


Aziraphale's lips became a fine line as his blush intensified. Was he that obvious? Really? He was trying to hide it and keep to himself so badly. 


"So, what else can you do? Besides magi- teeth. Can I see your teeth?"


Aziraphale's body went rigid at the excitement in Crowley's voice. And then he was slipping from the loveseat and kneeling down in front of him-!


"Wh-Why my teeth?"


Aziraphale was looking Crowley in the eyes now. He was so curious, so full of life. 


"Is that too personal?"


Crowley's excitement died down and Aziraphale was quick to put a hand on his shoulder to keep him there. 


"No, no, I don't usually show them off… I haven't even… have I?"


Aziraphale shook his head and shut his eyes. A deep inhale and he looked back in Crowley's eyes. 


Crowley was staring intently as Aziraphale opened his mouth, showing off incredibly human teeth. And they were so dull! He moved in a bit closer only to jump back when nearly every single tooth shot out into perfectly white knives. 


Aziraphale shut his mouth, lips scrunching shut at the reaction. Crowley was quick to move back on his knees and reach up to gently brush a hand over his Angel's cheek. 


"Wasn't expecting that! Open up, I know you won't bite."


Aziraphale furrowed his brows, slowly moving his lips so Crowley could see. Crowley was in absolute awe, a hand remaining on Aziraphale's cheek. 


"Can you even talk right now?"


"Ish difficult…"


Crowley swallowed thickly at that soft voice coming from those fangs. He would never believe this to be possible if he weren't seeing it with his own eyes. 


Aziraphale's breathing was shallow as Crowley examined him. He couldn't sense any fear and his love was clearly curious. He furrowed his brows when a thumb gently pushed a lip up, Crowley losing himself in curiosity. 


"This is incredible…" 


He took his hand back, blushing a bit when he realized what he'd been doing. Aziraphale shut his mouth entirely, running his tongue over where that thumb had intruded. His teeth returned to his full human façade and he let out a long sigh. 


"I believe the day is about to turn into a bit of… mutual exploration?"


Crowley looked up into those blue eyes, the faint recollection of them shifting to red at the back of his mind. Yes, mutual exploration. They definitely weren't leaving the bedroom today. 


"But I look normal? I'm not muscular or have any birth marks or anything." 


Aziraphale hummed and leaned forward, giving him a kiss on the forehead. 


"I will never push you to something you do not want, my dear." 


Crowley's face colored even more and he cleared his throat. He wanted to get naked and show off his body but he was positive Aziraphale had been with people far better than himself. Maybe a buff young man or a sexy woman or something. He felt a bit inadequate compared to those thoughts of what his Angel could bed. 




He wanted to! 


Aziraphale pet down his cheek at that soft, stressed noise. Another little kiss and he was gently leading Crowley up off his knees to his feet. Crowley kept his gaze off of Aziraphale, though a hand gently guided him to meet a gentle blue gaze. 


"You are perfect, Crowley. I don't believe I have ever met a man as alluring as you."


Crowley's face colored more and Aziraphale gave him a warm smile. 


"Did I forget to mention how adorable you are as well?"


" Angel!"


Crowley huffed and looked away, face on fire now. Aziraphale far too easily caught onto a certain someone's need for praise and planned on abusing it quite often. 


He hushed his sweet, slipping his arms around the taller man. He nuzzled into Crowley's neck, hearing his breath hitch. No need to be nervous, and there would never be a need for fear. 


"I love everything about your body, your mind…" 


Aziraphale began, trailing his hands down Crowley's back. 


"I love how you shiver at my touch, the little bumps that form… How your body fits so well with mine." 


Crowley felt like his face was on fire, Aziraphale's hot whispers doing wonders for him. He tensed when a hand found his ass, giving it a small squeeze. 


"I love how squeezeable this is…"


"Angel, please…!"


He wasn't sure how much of this he could take. He hugged Aziraphale tightly, eyes screwed shut. He huffed at the soft chuckle, the warm air tickling his neck. 


"And how flustered you get. My dearest, how can I not love you? All of you? I long to run my hands through your hair, to always touch, to bring you pleasure and peace and be everything for you."


Crowley bit his bottom lip, wishing his pants weren't so tight. 


"You are my love, my world-"




"And I would do anything for you."


Crowley melted against him as Aziraphale began peppering his neck in kisses. Gentle, sweet and hot. His head was spinning and he wanted nothing more than to fuck until he couldn't feel his legs anymore. 


"Would you still like to explore, my love?"


Crowley grabbed Aziraphale and pushed him back, pulling him close to smash their lips together in a desperate kiss. Aziraphale hummed into it, running his hands sweetly down Crowley's back. When Crowley pulled away, Aziraphale had a knowing little smile on his face. 


"You're going to kill me with all of this."


Aziraphale pet through his hair, his smile growing just the slightest bit. 


"Oh, hush. Follow me to bed. We have more fun ahead of us- if you want to."


"God, fuck yes. I do. You can't just tease me and-" 


"Oh, but I can."


Aziraphale grinned, leaning in close to Crowley's ear. 


"And I will ."


The soft nip had Crowley nearly losing his balance, Aziraphale quick to take his hands and guide him upstairs. Aziraphale had plans for a fun little day of bliss.