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Not An Angel

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Mistakes had been made, horrendous stupid mistakes so long ago. He was supposed to be good, he knew he was supposed to be good, and yet he’d found himself doing something so dim witted. Who would have thought it could work? He had only gone along with it because of how preposterous the idea was but here he was, nearly a millennium later, somehow still very much alive. At least he looked alive. He felt alive. But by most people’s standards he was, most definitely, not alive. 


In the beginning it was difficult to control, his hunger that is. Insatiable, he would go after anything and everything that had a pulse. It took nearly a century before he gained control over it, yet another before he could refuse human blood even if it was spilled right in front of him.

Time passed, the vampire somehow managing to find himself in all of this. The instincts, the ravenous nature he had to keep on a tight leash, the need to claim and take. He had learned well, lessons learned through trial and error, what he could and couldn’t stand.

At least he thought he had.

Present day had far more problems than more ancient times. What with the expanse of technology and information being spread around it was a wonder how he managed to keep himself hidden away. But he did, well, mostly. There was just one persistent issue that would not leave him alone.


And by that the handsome pest refused to leave his shop. 



Aziraphale sounded tired as he addressed this human.

“I’m closing up shop, could you please-”

“But I want this one, Angel.”

Angel. The pet name had started up a few months ago. It was a joke at first but now there was something more behind it, something that had his barely beating heart warming and nearly humming in glee. But this would never come to be. He wouldn’t allow it.

“Then hurry to the counter, and stop calling me that.”

“Why? You like it, said so yourself.”

And Crowley was right, but that was so long ago! He was growing too attached and he couldn’t allow himself to lose someone again. So many had died while he lived on in this endless nightmare of a world. There was no escape for him.

“Dear boy, just get to the counter for me.”

Aziraphale made his way over and watched as Crowley plopped the book down. Something on astronomy? The stars were beautiful, even more so when there wasn’t any light pollution. He slowly got an annoyed expression as his human-no. Crowley was not his human. He was just a human. Nothing more.

Crowley continued to pat over his pockets, searching around for his wallet. He knew he left it in the car but what fun would it be to be easy? Aziraphale had been so nice at first, so warm. They had a connection . They still did but someone was trying to draw distance for some reason.

“Think I left it in the car.” 


Aziraphale let out a long sigh at that, watching as Crowley hurried out the door. Did the man always sway his hips so sinfully? He could never keep his eyes off that man when he showed off his body. He wanted so badly to touch-no. No touching. No attachments. 


He huffed as he stood up straight, trying to solidify his resolve. There would be no playing with this human’s emotions and there would be no more heartbreak in his own future. Not a bit. He remained strong with that resolve until Crowley’s grinning face popped back into the shop, wallet in hand.

The man walked over and plopped down his card, smile filled with mock innocence. Aziraphale glanced down at the card before sighing and rubbing at his face. How many times…

“I don’t have a card reader here.”


“Yes. Really.”

Aziraphale lowered his hand and looked Crowley in the eyes. He could see past those glasses, something humans couldn’t do. And by god those eyes were always so enchanting.

“I don’t have any money on me right now.”

“Just take it then.”

Crowley paused in putting his card back in. His gaze slowly shifted over Aziraphale’s features for any sign of him playing a game or lying or- Well, Aziraphale was too nice for any of that wasn’t he?

“I can’t just take it, Angel. Unless…”

And there he goes with offering propositions.

“Unless what . I have things I must do, Crowley. Deadlines to meet.”

A hunger to satisfy.

“I’ll only take it if you let me treat you to dinner sometime.”

Aziraphale froze up before letting out a long sigh. Was he really about to say this? Was he really going to crush them both?

“I’ll… consider it.”

His gaze shifted from the book on his desk to Crowley’s face. He looked happy at that. He shouldn’t be. The chance would never come.

“Please take the book before I reconsider.”

Crowley plucked it up, giving a lopsided grin. It was a step in the right direction if anything. Aziraphale really was set in the older ways of the world but he would change his mind. Already was making leaps and bounds, just needed to try it gentler in the future. Maybe a few gifts? Yes. One of his prized succulents perhaps? Would look lovely next to that window.


He snapped out of it when Aziraphale called for him. Oh, right.

“Thanks, um, have a good night.”

“You too.”

Aziraphale watched as Crowley left, slowly trailing behind. Once he was gone the blinds were shut, every other blind in the shop following suit on their own. A bit of magic really was nice to know and he never did anything big so there never really came exhaustion from it.

Now for dinner…


“What do you mean I’ve been “cut off”?!”

“You aren’t going to be receiving anymore blood packets from the organization.”

“But I helped found it!”

“And you never contribute to it.”

Aziraphale’s fists were balled as he looked another cursed being in the eyes. He had been one of the first to ever be turned into one of the undead and he helped to found so much, to help so many of his kind-How could they kick him out of his own organization?!

“I only interfere when I’m needed, Gabriel.”

Aziraphale’s voice was firm, though the man before him didn’t give a flying fuck. He was younger than Aziraphale, though he knew how to hold his own. Still, he was no match for the older vampire alone. Luckily he wasn’t alone.

“Well, you aren’t needed anymore. Everyone was in agreement. You’re out, I’m in.”


Gabriel raised a brow at that. Aziraphale slowly breathed out through his teeth before taking in a deep breath. He was young and arrogant, royalty prior to his change. And he kept those ordeals. He just hoped there wouldn’t be anyone out in town dying because of this shift. He’d worked so hard to arrange blood banks and what not to assist in keeping the masses from going hungry.

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

It can be.


“I suppose not.”

Gabriel hummed and looked Aziraphale over. Too soft to actually be one of them, pretending to be something he was not. Just embrace it, allow it to take over. So much simpler that way.

“So, seeing as you’re here for blood and we aren’t handing it out at the moment.”

They most definitely were handing it out behind Gabriel at this very second.

“You should go.”



Aziraphale had gone back to his shop after that, settling down on a loveseat. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact he’d been outed by someone so bold, so uncouth. Probably believed humans were nothing more than cattle or something of equivalence. Absolutely sickening. They were once human. They were not above them and they were not below, except in some areas, but they should be equals right?

He was snapped from his thoughts when something slipped beneath his door. He raised a brow and walked over, opening the blinds. And he caught sight of Crowley turning and preparing to walk away. A sudden pain in his stomach had him gritting his teeth. No, he wasn’t going to dine on his human. Again, not his human. A free human. Able to do as they pleased.

He leaned down and picked up the envelope, opening as he made his way back to the loveseat. He frowned at finding some money inside, the price of that book and a bit more. He removed the note from inside and let out a long sigh. Here we go… 




Of course he would start with that nickname. 


[Sorry I didn’t have the cash earlier. I didn’t feel right just taking it the book so here you go. And if you wanted that dinner sometime feel free to call.]

The attached number had Aziraphale swallowing thickly. He didn’t have to go through all of this and they weren’t going to have a dinner date. He hadn’t been able to actually eat anything in so long. Drinking was fine, but his body disliked it when he consumed something with more substance.

He looked at the envelope then back at the note, another pang of hunger hitting him. He shut his eyes and set them both on his lap, trying to consider his options. He could try to go back to the organization, try to get another bag, but Gabriel had made it very clear he wasn’t welcome anymore. It was best not to test those with little restraint. 


Before long he found his hand hovering over a phone. He could just wipe Crowley’s memory of the night, right? Get rid of the bite, make everything fine. Only keep the memory of a date-wait where would they go? Nothing would be available at this time unless he decided to cook for his guest.

The thought had his face heating up but he ignored it. They would figure something out. 




Not even an hour after he dropped off that letter his phone was ringing. Crowley plucked it up and answered the unknown number, expecting yet another Car Warranty scam call.


Hello, um, I-Is this Crowley?”

That was a familiar voice.

“Yes? Who’s this?”

Aziraphale rubbed at his face. He couldn’t believe he was doing this after so long but it had been a solid week without blood. He tried to limit his consumption and depended quite heavily on that supply. His body was used to being full by now and without that feeling he could feel more unpleasant urges rising.


“OH, Hello Angel! Didn’t think you’d call back so fast.” 


Aziraphale pinched the bridge of his nose as he heard thumbs tapping away on a screen. Of course he was probably going to use that pet name in the contacts list. Of course he would always be known as an Angel to this dense man.

“I um… I’m sorry for being so rude as of late…”

Crowley was listening very intently now. Oh so he knew he was acting funny. Thought it was just Azi being a weirdo like usual.

“So I was thinking… to… to make things right…”

He swallowed, unknowing of Crowley’s excitement.

“I could be the one to treat you to dinner. T-Tonight if you like, I can whip something up or I could order something…”

Crowley couldn’t believe what he was hearing. All this time, all this time he’d been trying and trying and he just needed to give the man his number?! He wanted to beat himself over the head with whatever was closest.

“I would love to come tonight, Angel. What time? And I can bring the food, just make the order somewhere close if it’s takeout.”

Aziraphale shut his eyes as he thought over what food was in the area. What had people in his shop always talked about? He honestly never cared.

“Could you order it? I never eat out… e-everything is usually dinner for one.”


Not tonight . He thought. Definitely not tonight…

“Sure. So… you live in your shop or…?”

“No. I don’t. I live upstairs. Has everything I need.”

Aziraphale sat up and looked out at his bookshelves, trying to find something to distract himself with. He just couldn’t believe he was doing it this way, with someone that was so intent on being with him. It made him feel ill.

“Alright. Want anything to drink as well?”

“No, I have more than enough here… Do you prefer wine or something heavier? I could open one of the older bottles…”

“Sounds grand. I’ll be there in an hour or do you need more time?” 

Crowley’s smile could be heard through the phone while Aziraphale’s stomach gave another harsh reminder of his needs.

“An hour’s good. See you then.”

When the call ended Crowley shoved his fist in the air in victory. FINALLY! Finally, he had his Angel and they were going to have a date and oh if he got someone drunk enough they would definitely look adorable. Hopefully not try anything too soon, best to do that when sober. 


Aziraphale put a hand on his stomach as he willed the pain away. Like clockwork his body had become so reliant upon that constant supply. He wasn’t sure if he would keep it together if he didn’t have something tonight. Now how was he to get it from his-the- from Crowley. 



When the time came, Aziraphale was waiting as patiently as he could at his counter. He’d been skimming through a book to pass the time, doing his best to ignore that hunger within. He glanced up when he heard a knock at the door, making his way over.

Crowley was standing in the doorway holding a bag full of takeout. He was dressed up a bit more than usual, having changed into something far more form fitting. Those jeans looked like they were about to suck the life out of him but they did wonders for his ass. Aziraphale couldn’t help as his wandering eye took in this absolute treat before him.

Crowley was never one to point out Aziraphale’s wandering eye, but it did boost his ego. He’d never felt so attracted to someone in all of his life and here he was, finally having a dinner date. 


“You um, look nice…”

Aziraphale finally found his words, stepping aside to let Crowley in. Crowley smiled warmly at Aziraphale, thankful his glasses hid that he was sizing the man up as well.

“Thanks, and you look handsome as always. I wasn’t sure what to get so hopefully it’s alright.”

Crowley stated, holding up the bag. Aziraphale could smell the grease on the food but kept a smile on his face. He would have his fill later, if he did this properly. Actually, was there a proper way of doing this? He could just rewrite Crowley’s memories after all.

Aziraphale swallowed thickly as he contemplated just taking the man now.

“Crowley.. Do… I’ve been meaning to ask…”

Crowley hummed, lowering the bag. Azi seemed bothered by something.

“Ask me what?”

Aziraphale looked into Crowley’s eyes, those glasses doing nothing to block his power. Crowley’s grip on the bag lessened ever so slightly as Aziraphales’s eyes flashed from a gentle blue to a violent red.

“What do you think of me?”

Aziraphale reached out and gently took the takeout from Crowley’s slack hand. The man had a dazed smile on his face, blinking slowly as he looked his love interest over.

“You’re smart, handsome, definitely my type-”

Aziraphale sighed and began walking to the stairs.

“Come along, and I meant, what do you… do you want me?”

To be abusing his abilities and forcing this man to state his true feelings was such a sickening feeling.

“Yes, since I first met you. Love at first sight.”



Aziraphale felt his body go cold at that. Love was something that was never to be played with. Love was something absolutely pure, something to be cherished and allowed to thrive! Not for a quick night of feeding, memory loss, and pain.

“You love me?”

“Yeah, well, I think I do. Wouldn’t be trying so hard if I didn’t.”

Aziraphale went to the dining room and set the takeout down, pulling a seat out for Crowley.



Crowley did as he was told, settling down in the chair and resting his head on a hand. His gaze never left his love interest, eyes half lidded. The mind control was working wonders on keeping him calm, keeping him honest and entirely out of it.

“Well.. I…”

He sighed, sitting down across from Crowley. He looked back into those honey eyes, his own flashing from red back to that soft blue as he set Crowley free for the time being. A few things had been modified of course.

Crowley blinked before sitting up straight. He had a slight blush on his face, remembering the conversation and events exactly how Aziraphale wanted him to. He felt them how the vampire desired.

“... So you like me too…?”

“Yes.. and I have for some time… I just…”

Aziraphale shook his head, his stomach giving an audible growl. Crowley raised a brow, taking out a box of takeout. He pushed what he got for Azi towards the man.

“You sound like you haven’t eaten in a week.”



Aziraphale thought, taking the box.

“I’m fine, just… haven’t been eating regularly.”

Crowley watched as Aziraphale opened the box, hoping that it was alright to have some chinese food on a first date. Aziraphale would have turned up his nose had it been a filet mignon made in the finest restaurant in london. But, he wasn’t rude. He hid his disgust behind a soft smile, glancing up to Crowley.

“Well, you should eat more.”

“I’ll try…”

Aziraphale picked up a plastic fork, something he had never used in his entire life, and gave the food a once over.


Aziraphale hummed in response, picking up some food on the fork.

“Since we… like each other, would you like to do anything about it..?”

Crowley seemed nervous now, hoping he hadn’t pushed too hard. Aziraphale had just opened up to him.

Blue eyes flashed red again as Aziraphale made half of his food disappear. A waste, but he didn’t care.

“Dear boy, what would you like?”

Crowley, had he been in the right mind, would have never in his life said anything so bold.

“I want you to fuck me into whatever is closest.”

Aziraphale’s eyes went wide and he nearly lost concentration on what he was doing. He blinked and looked down at his food before looking back to Crowley.

“What do you want me to do…?”

“Bite me. Scratch me, pull my hair. Play rough, I want to be at your mercy.”

Aziraphale held his breath as Crowley confessed all of this. It was forced, but-


“If-If I asked you to, would you be mine?”


“Would you love me even knowing what I am?”

Now that’s where that glossy smile turned to a frown. Aziraphale was filling his mind with so much information on him now, what he was, what he could do, that he was nothing more than an undead abomination.

“Crowley, answer me.”



Aziraphale shivered as he read Crowley’s emotions and mind. The man truly was in over his head here but was dead set on being with an abomination. Aziraphale took in a long breath, slowly letting it out. He purged Crowley’s mind of what he’d shown, the worst of himself, and still that human wanted him. Wanted to be his.

“I know it’s… bold of me to request this on a first date...”

Aziraphale began, Crowley snapping out of that controlled state yet again. The man’s face was slightly red but there was a mischievous grin across his lips. This night was going far better than he could have ever imagined. It felt more like they’d been dating for months actually, his mind filled with so much information. He didn’t think anything of it, who would?

“I’m up for it if you are. But, I’m not very good at… tops.”

Aziraphale gave the slightest of smiles, having probed Crowley’s mind to see exactly what his human liked. Not yet, but he would be his human. In time…

“I would hope not with how your body taunts me.”

Crowley’s smile grew a bit, though his face reddened even more than it already was. Aziraphale thought it was cute, that sexy devil getting all blushy over some lewd words, some naughty intentions. 


Crowley looked down, a bit embarrassed not only by the situation but the fact he hadn't even touched his own food. He started to eat, trying to regain his wits about what they were planning and what could happen. 


"When you finish we can go to my room if you like."


Crowley nearly choked on a noodle. They were really about to do this. He swallowed down what was in his mouth and gave an awkward grin, mind racing with all the possibilities. This was going to be the best night of his life.


And it began shortly after he finished eating. He followed Aziraphale to his room, a bit surprised by the decorating. Wasn't as bright and lively as the rest of his home. There wasn't any black but in place of those gentle tans and creams were dark, mahogany browns. 


His attention returned to Aziraphale when he sat on the edge of the bed, giving him an awkward little smile. 


"Forgive me, i-it's been some time since I've done this…" 


Crowley could finally see how nervous the poor man was. He hadn't noticed it before, how could he with Aziraphale's manipulations, but Aziraphale was clearly not as calm and collected as usual.


With a hum and a smirk, Crowley slowly made his way over. Those sinful hips had Aziraphale's gaze locked in a trance that was only broken when gentle fingers guided his chin up into a delicious little kiss.


He shut his eyes into it, slipping his arms around Crowley as the man settled on his lap. He could feel fingers trailing through his hair, down his neck, gripping at his coat.


Crowley pulling away for air was a godsend, Aziraphale having a moment to collect himself. He let out a shivering breath, looking into those gorgeous eyes. And then he was finally moving to take those glasses off. 


He paused when Crowley took hold of his wrist, brows furrowed. He really didn't need Aziraphale to see his eyes. 


"Is something wrong, Dear?"


Crowley felt his breath hitch at the pet name. A pet name. For him. After all this time that was music to his ears. 


"I-light sensitivity. Real bad. Lights off if I take these off, it'll hurt if I don't."


Aziraphale gave a nod, leaning in to give Crowley a small kiss on the nose. 


"More fun to feel instead of see anyway…" 


Crowley blushed harder at that before slipping off of Aziraphale's lap. He still couldn't believe he was in this situation.


"Light switch is by the door. I'll be waiting." 


Crowley swallowed thickly at that, nerves beginning to mix in with his desires. He took a deep breath and walked over to the light switch, raising a hand. He smirked towards Aziraphale, finger ghosting over the switch. 

When he came back to the bed, he slipped back into his Angel's lap.


"Now, I um… I must warn you that I can be a bit of a brute."


Aziraphale was pleased with the shiver he felt on his lap, warm breath mere inches from his lips. It was a dirty thing to do, playing with his interest so much and using what he learned against him, but this was to be a reward for what would happen after.


Aziraphale hummed when he felt smiling lips press against his own. His arms slipped around Crowley, beginning to roam and touch over the man's back. He tilted his head when Crowley moved to deepen their kiss, a gentle yet needy clash of tongue and teeth. 


When Crowley pulled back he could only gasp when his head was pulled back by his hair. Aziraphale could easily feel him harden through his pants, a smirk of sorts playing on his lips. 


"So you like playing rough, do you?"


Crowley gripped at Aziraphale's hair with one hand and shoulder with the other as his neck was all but smothered in kisses. Little suckles, nips, sucking kisses that needed to last so much longer. He wanted to be marked, dammit!


"You're so lovely right now…"


Aziraphale murmured, Crowley tilting his head to the side to allow more access. 


"May I undress you?"


Crowley gave a nod before quickly vocalizing his desires. 


"Yes- Ah!"


Aziraphale slipped a finger straight down the front of Crowley's button up shirt, somehow managing to pop every single button open without damaging the fabric. And then cool hands were touching him, feeling over Crowley's exposed chest. 


"I thought you said- nn you didn't do this in a while…"


Crowley shut his eyes as he let the feelings take over. Those hands were absolutely sinful on his chest, roaming and teasing. He gasped when a nipple was pinched, Aziraphale grinning at him. He really did look beautiful like this.


"I haven't, but that doesn't mean I'm entirely out of practice."


Aziraphale slipped that jacket and shirt off, placing it beside himself on the bed. 


"Would you like to undress me as well?"


Crowley's fingers were quick to move over Aziraphale's suit. His fingers worked near frantically to undo the fancy little buttons. They were a bit difficult at first but after the third one he got the hang of it. When the final button popped he slipped that coat and shirt off Aziraphale, locking lips yet again.


Aziraphale ran his hands smoothly from Crowley's neck down his back, a hand resting on his tight little ass. Crowley pulled away to breathe, rocking his hips forward when Aziraphale squeezed him. 


"God, Angel, how much are you wearing?"


Crowley slipped his hands beneath that undershirt and began easing it off Aziraphale. He allowed Crowley to do the work, arms going up above his head. And then his shirt was being shoved down into the bed, his wrists bound and lips captured once again. 


Aziraphale's eyes went wide before fluttering shut, a leg hiking up to wrap around Crowley's hips and encourage him. He could break free far too easily if he so chose but this was too fun to ruin. Besides, Crowley would get his soon enough.


When Crowley pulled back for breath Aziraphale chuckled a softly, eyes half lidded. 


"So I'm not the only one that's rough…"


Crowley grinned before moving in to nuzzle into Aziraphale's neck. Azi let out a blissful sigh, tilting his head as lips and tongue and teeth danced down his neck. 


One of Crowley's hands found its way to Aziraphale's trousers, making quick work of that lone button and zipper. Aziraphale's breath hitched when Crowley bit him, that hand working to remove those pants.


Crowley's entire world suddenly shifted as Aziraphale took over, all too easily swapping their positions. He just couldn't take the taunting anymore. Crowley arched as he was pinned, both wrists above his head in one hand while the other ripped his pants off. 


"Careful, Angel, I don't-ahhhn!"


Aziraphale didn't hesitate to run a hand down that toned stomach all the way to his love's cock. Crowley bit his lip as Aziraphale's hand took hold, beginning to tease and toy with him. 


"You don't what? And these stay here."


Crowley's brows were furrowed as Aziraphale released his wrists. He balled his hands into fists, wanting to grab him and pull him into another kiss but the thrill of being dominated- he had no idea Aziraphale was so strong!


"Good boy. Now, tell me what you were saying."


Crowley found his voice after that initial shock, melting down into the sheets as he was stroked all too slowly. 


"D-Don't rip my pants, I only have one pair."


Aziraphale glanced to the discarded fabric before his attention turned to his own. Crowley huffed when that hand left him, looking down. Normally, in the dark like this, one would only be able to make out a silhouette of their love.


Crowley was able to see everything. The way Aziraphale shifted above him, having to do a few odd movements to get his pants off. And then came the boxers- Stark white. Damn, he was hoping there would be something cute. 


"I said to keep your hands up."


Aziraphale's voice had a mild warning tone, a smile playing across his lips. Crowley's hands had shifted to prop him up to better watch the show.


"Make me."


Crowley would come to regret that. Hands were on him again faster than he could register, pushing him down into the bed, a mouth on his neck. His hands shot from his sides to wrap around Aziraphale's back, fingers digging in when he felt hips against his own. 


And then it all stopped, Aziraphale still over him with a horrible little grin on his face. He wasn't even breathing hard! Crowley groaned beneath him, trying to move his hips and get his Angel back at it. 


A large hand easily stilled him, maybe even bruising the flesh, but Aziraphale only used what was necessary.


"Hands up."


"Come on, Angel! We can just go back to-"


"Hands up or…"


Aziraphale thought for a moment. Yes, that would do. He leaned down to whisper into Crowley's ear, warm breath washing over it with every word. 


"I'll turn you over and have my way with you."


Crowley's cock pulsed with arousal at that threat. He did his best to pull Aziraphale down with his leg but the man wouldn't move an inch




Crowley breathed, giving his own mischievous grin. 


"Guess you'll have to."


Aziraphale looked Crowley in the eyes before locking lips yet again. Passionate, deep, Crowley leaning up into it as much as he could. The kiss was intoxicating, a drug Crowley could find himself getting lost in. 


When he pulled back for breath Aziraphale gave his neck a nip. 


"Tell me if I'm too rough."


With that he flipped Crowley onto his front and grabbed one wrist, pinning it to the man's lower back. Crowley's eyes shut tightly when he felt something prod at him, really hoping his Angel knew what lube was. 


Thankfully Aziraphale wasn't an idiot. He pulled back just enough to get a good look at what would be his. Beautiful, ass up and knees spread wide for him. 


Crowley shut his eyes tightly when he felt something much smaller and warm run over his entrance. 


"Relax for me… "


Crowley did his best to calm down, relief flowing through him at feeling how slippery that finger was. Too slippery to be spit, that was for sure. 


"Gentle at first, yeah?"


"Of course."


Aziraphale hummed, easing that finger inside.


Crowley's free hand gripped hard at the sheets. It had been a while for him as well. Sure there were toys and his own fingers but it was so much easier to rub one out. 


Aziraphale could feel him slowly relax at the intrusion, beginning to slowly move it out before pushing right back in. He gave it a small twist, trying to recall the location of-




Found it.


Aziraphale grinned as he ran his finger over that sensitive little spot. And then he was rocking his finger again, eyes half lidded. Such a beautiful sight beneath him, so much unmarked flesh. And Crowley was making the most lovely little sounds. 


When a second finger was added, Crowley licked his lips. A low groan slipped out, one both begging for more and a complaint at not having enough. 


"Be patient. I don't want to hurt you."


Crowley huffed only to claw at the sheets and gasp when both fingers curled into that spot. He let out a shuddering moan, hips shifting back to get more attention. Aziraphale hummed in approval, slowly pumping his fingers into that tight warmth. 


"Just get on with it!"


Aziraphale sighed at the demand, slipping his fingers out. Fine. He ran his slicked hand over his own length before moving up to position himself. He kept a hand on himself as he gave a small prod. Crowley could feel a slight pang of fear at how massive Aziraphale felt. Maybe he did need more prep work.


A warm breath washed over Crowley's neck as Aziraphale moved in to pepper him with soft kisses. He could feel how tense Crowley had just gotten and knew he needed to calm his partner down.


"Relax for me, won't you?"


Crowley hadn't even realized how tense his body was. He relaxed the slightest bit when Aziraphale eased the pressure on his back, feeling a hand slip around and- 


"Are you sure you haven't done this in a while?"


Crowley groaned as Aziraphale began to pump him, fingers just firm enough to tease and soothe that anxiety from him. Before long Crowley was back to being a needy mess beneath him. That stroking just wasn't doing it and Aziraphale wasn't speeding up or changing anything .


"Are you ready now?"


Crowley groaned lowly, bucking his hips back in response. 


"Just fuck me!"


Aziraphale huffed at the demand. So needy. He moved his hand, the lack of touch causing Crowley to bury his face in the sheets and groan. Why couldn't he just get on with it?!


Aziraphale was gentle as he could be as he positioned himself and began to press in. He shut his eyes as the bliss began to take over, that warmth almost too much for him. Crowley had bitten into a nearby pillow when Aziraphale began and he just kept going and going. Crowley's eyes scrunched tighter until Aziraphale was finally in. 


He let out a shuddering breath, muffling himself in that pillow. Aziraphale was leaning over him now, his free hand soothing over Crowley's side and down to his hips. 


"Are you okay?"


Crowley let out a groan in response, moving his hips back just the slightest bit. Aziraphale leaned back, taking hold of Crowley's hip with that free hand. Alright. 


"Tell me if it's too much."


Crowley's grip on the sheets tightened when he felt that warmth start to slip out only to slip right back in. He swallowed thickly as Aziraphale started up a slow rhythm, getting him used to that stretch. 


It didn't take very long for Crowley to start rocking his hips back into those gentle thrusts. He needed more and Aziraphale was being too damn soft. 


"Easy, dear boy. I want to have fun too."


Aziraphale leaned down to nip at Crowley's left ear, his voice slipping down into a husky whisper. 


"But I suppose ramming you into the sheets would be just as fun, mm?"


Crowley hated how smooth Aziraphale's voice sounded. He wasn't even out of breath! And then the pace started to pick up and Crowley had to bury his face hard into a pillow to keep his noises down. 


Aziraphale kept a close watch on Crowley as he began to become a bit more like what he'd seen in his partner's mind. His hand on Crowley's wrist released him, instead slipping to the back of his throat. A firm but of pressure was applied, squeezing just enough to gain control. No need to suffocate him. 


A gasp turned to a desperate moan beneath him, Aziraphale shutting his eyes. His hips snapped forward and Crowley all but screamed into the pillow, that hand on his neck tightening the slightest bit. 


Crowley was entirely lost beneath Aziraphale, those hips slamming steadily harder until Crowley was being pushed across the sheets only to be pulled back for more. 


Aziraphale's breathing had finally picked up, the bliss taking over. He had to keep control of himself, of his strength, of his need to just lean down and take what he wanted oh so badly.


He grit his teeth when Crowley tensed beneath him, a muffled groan of absolute bliss flowing out. Aziraphale made sure to fuck him as he came, not caring his sheets were getting ruined. His hips slowed and he oh so slowly got off of Crowley.


The man collapsed with yet another groan, body still having those small tremors of bliss. 


"Feel good?"




The groan had Aziraphale smiling, sitting back to wipe some sweat off. It really had been some time since he did something like that. He didn't plan on Crowley getting him off so he decided to give himself a quick finish. 


Crowley opened an eye when he heard Aziraphale let out a huff. That was… surprising. 


"You didn' finish in me…?"


Aziraphale wiped his hand on the already ruined sheets, letting out a long sigh. Well, shit. 


"It… takes a lot for me. I didn't want to hurt you, so I stopped."


Crowley's brows furrowed and he oh so slowly turned onto his side, finally feeling the mess he'd made. He grimaced at the cooling spunk on the bed, his stomach. 


"I could've done something…!"


Aziraphale shook his head and slipped off the bed. He made his way to where Crowley was and ran a hand down his side. 


"True, but I want you to feel good. Don't worry about me. Now, may I pick you up? I need to change the sheets and I think a bath would be heavenly."


Crowley's expression turned to one of slight defiance before he turned his head away. Fine. 


"Alright, Angel."


He tensed when arms slipped beneath him and easily lifted him up. And then he was being carried into an unlit restroom. He was tense with shock. How could he be this strong? He was old ?! Well, someone kept good care of themselves.


"Dear, you may want to close your eyes. I need the light for the bath."


Crowley shut his eyes and let out a shuddering sigh. At least he respected that. 


"They're closed."


"Good boy. Now keep them shut for me. I enjoy the after far more than the act. Let me pamper you?"


Crowley's face must have been red as a cherry when the light finally turned on. He scrunched his eyes shut tighter, nose crinkling a bit. 


"Pamper me?"


Now that was something new. Usually he was with someone that wanted to fuck and leave. Never had he been with someone that wanted to cuddle him and make him feel so good. Bad choices on his part, but he was learning.


The bath was honestly the most relaxing thing he'd done in some time. Crowley felt a bit silly for having his Angel dote on him so much, but it felt incredible. So gentle, so thorough, leaving him to wash certain areas. And he was surprised the tub could fit them both. 


"Come here…"


Aziraphale hummed, gently pulling Crowley back against him. Crowley sighed out in bliss, more than happy to let Aziraphale do whatever he wanted. 


"You're too good to me."


Aziraphale sighed and shook his head. He wasn't too good, he was honestly quite a horrendous thing. But Crowley didn't know that. 


"But I was so rude to you…"


Crowley shrugged and tilted his head back to give Aziraphale a grin. He still hadn't opened his eyes. 


"Yeah, and you apologized. Just don't do it again and we'll be fine."


Aziraphale nodded and kissed Crowley on a wet puff of hair. 





After that lovely bath, the two returned to the bedroom. Aziraphale curled up with Crowley in his arms for some time, thoroughly satisfied. Now he was just waiting for his partner to start falling asleep, making sure he had more than enough cuddles and attention to smoother over any aches. 


His hands trailed ever so gently down Crowley's side, his nose buried in a puff of red hair. Smelled of strong shampoos and Crowley himself smelled of expensive cologne. Even after sex and a bath that scent still clung strongly, which was surprising. Not overpowering just there


Aziraphale moved to kiss over Crowley's neck, the man tilting his head to give more access. It would be so easy now. His hunger flowed back like a collapsing damn's water rushing out to destroy whatever lay in its wake. He could feel his fangs elongate, his grip tighten.


He gave a final kiss to Crowley's neck before opening his mouth and-

"Beelzebub has a devil set aside for me~ For me~"


Aziraphale froze up when Crowley's phone started going off. The man scrabbled out of his boyfriend(?)'s grasp and rooted through their discarded clothes for his phone. He plucked it up and squinted as the phone screen turned on.




He grit his teeth before turning back to Aziraphale, shutting it off. 


"I really hate to do this, but I need to leave."


Aziraphale blinked at him, unable to believe what he was hearing. 


"I-um had plans and I didn't think we would- I'll make it up to you. Promise."


And then Aziraphale got to watch Crowley sort through their clothes and begin dressing himself. He blinked, slowly snapping out of it. Crowley was leaving him?! 


"What do you mean you have plans?"


"We did this out of the blue, Angel! If I knew you wanted to do this tonight I would've… we could have had our date tomorrow. Then I'd be able to stay."


Aziraphale sat up and crossed his arms, his hunger being shoved away by his now sour and pained mood. 


"Then why not tell me before we-"


"I don't know! I wasn't thinking straight- just- tomorrow I'll spend all day with you, make it up, but I really need to go."


Aziraphale eyed Crowley before his eyes flashed red. That rapid scramble for clothing slower until he had his trousers half on and a t-shirt tossed over his head, the collar sticking straight up.


"Come back to bed."


And that's when Aziraphale first lost control. Crowley shook his head and blinked before straightening his outfit and continuing his scramble. 


"I can't! Left my medicine at home, need it, bad things happen when I don't take it."


Aziraphale could only stare, frozen in utter disbelief. Never in the entirety of his life has anyone been able to fight him. He could feel that hunger bite at him again and grit his teeth. Perhaps he could find blood elsewhere- yes. The dealings with that one particular family did tend to end with blood. They were the human side of the organization.


Oh, but what if they denied him too? It was worth a try


"I'll come by the shop tomorrow, love you- is it too soon to say that? Fuck, I don't care, I love you, goodbye."


Aziraphale looked up when the door shut, a firm frown on his face. And then he heard the quick steps of someone rushing downstairs and out the front door.





Normally a knock on her door this late meant nothing good. So, she decided to prepare herself. A few items to ward off evil were always kept in a pouch near the door and she plucked it up before peeping out the door.


Relief flowed through her as she set the pouch back down. The door was opened and Aziraphale gave her an awkward little smile, seemingly nervous as could be. 


"Mr.Fell, what brings you here today?"


Aziraphale's smile faded, he knew it was best to be honest here. She already knew everything. 


"Hello Ms.Peregrine, I've been..."cut off" and I am in need of assistance."


The woman raised a brow before stepping back. She was always thankful for certain rules these people had. 


"Come in. I don't have any in the house but I can draw some for you. And, for the millionth time, you can call me Roma."


Aziraphale stepped inside. He knew she preferred it that way but growing attached to mortals was so painful. Last names helped. He shut the door behind himself, returning his attention to the woman. 


"Thank you. I… they said I didn't contribute enough to the organization, that everyone agreed to remove me."


The woman gave a small nod, though she knew for a fact the human side didn't vote on that. Why would they? He was the most level headed of the bunch and was a pleasure to speak with. It helped he had the oomph to keep them all in line as well.


" I didn't agree. My side had no vote in this. Go sit in the kitchen, I'll get a needle. Think you can handle watching me draw blood?"


Aziraphale gave a small nod before sighing. He wasn't an animal, he had more restraint than that. He made his way into the kitchen and sat down at the table, gaze settling on his hands. The only things he really couldn't control when hungry like this were his physical features. Subtle changes, unnerving to watch happen before one's eyes.


He hated it.


He glanced up when the woman returned, settling down in a chair across from him and preparing her arm. Years of practice, years of selling blood to the vampires to ensure safety for her own kind, allowed her to stick herself without a single issue. 


Aziraphale shut his eyes and looked away as she pricked herself. He was fine with being around blood, smelling it, but he wasn't so good at seeing it leave the body. Tended to make his hunger grow, especially at times like this. 


"So they cut you off… Removed you… Any idea why? You seemed to contribute enough- didn't you help found it?"


"Yes. I did. I think it's… different ideals as of late."


Aziraphale sighed, shaking his head and bowing his head. 


"They want to be more violent, take blood the old way. I… almost... I almost did earlier."


The woman scrunched her nose at that, finally getting a whiff of him both out of disgust and the smell she finally noticed.


"Is that why you smell like sex?"


"Wh- no! Well… sort of…"


Aziraphale rubbed at his face, a decent amount of shame taking hold. He was supposed to set the example, not be so weak willed as to try and bite someone. They weren't animals, they were just cursed. There was a difference. 


"Do you even like them?"


Aziraphale let out a long sigh, sneaking a peek at her before shutting it. She most definitely was drawing a full bag for him. And he couldn't remember the last time he had it fresh, warm


"Sadly, yes…"




The woman raised a brow, entirely confused now. So if he had sex and loved someone why didn't he just get their blood. Unless.


"Do they know?"


Aziraphale curled his fingers into fists on the table, holding his breath. He knew she'd ask. 




He breathed, voice quite a bit softer now.


"I don't want him to."


Him ? She had her suspicions. Who wouldn't with how he held himself and dressed. 




"Because if I tell him he might want me to change him and, dear girl, that is the last thing I wish to do to anyone."


And there he goes spewing his little "dear"'s here and there. 


"Uhuh… bag's full."


Roxie easily tied it up and removed her own needle, bandaging up the wound with a cotton ball and band aid. 


Aziraphale finally looked to it and to her, as if asking for permission. Usually there was a bit of money involved or something.


"Payment this time is… I'll think about it. Just drink, you look horrible."


Aziraphale didn't need to be told twice. He took the bag that was offered to him and looked it over. Usually he just sucked it from the tube but he wasn't sure if he could do that in front of her. Was that wrong? 


"It won't be bad. Promise. Probably an errand or something, I'll think about it."


It seemed Roma was more concerned with him being uncomfortable on payment than the actual blood. Well… 


Aziraphale still turned away from her, undoing the small tie in the bag and downing it as quickly as he could. He slowed as his eyes shut, the blood doing wonders for him. It was still warm and it tasted so pure, fresh. 


He finished the bag before he realized it and slowly looked down. He blinked before taking the, well he used it as one, "straw" from his mouth. He turned back to her and put the bag on the table, an awkward little smile on his face. She seemed to be both confused and concerned.


"You don't drink much, do you..?" 


Aziraphale's smile disappeared and he looked down to the bag. He knew he should be taking more but he was civilized . His body could handle a pint a week. It had for a century now.


"I limit myself."


"Why? You could get two pints. You're kinda big- no offense."


Aziraphale sighed and shook his head. 


"None taken. And I know I can take more but I… don't need it."


Roma rested her head on a hand, watching as his appearance reversed to something far more pleasant. Such a nice older gentleman. Whoever he bed was lucky to have someone so sweet. 


"You sure? And I'll make sure you still get blood packets. I can send a courier or something."


Would be simple enough. They were never allowed to look at the packages and they didn't know what was inside. Normal mail, private mail. Just a private service. Whoever did the rounds in his area would do it. That would work, yeah. Add a new stop on his rounds. 


Aziraphale glanced up when he heard her snap her fingers. 


"Got it. I'll make some calls. You'll be getting some packets in the mail."


Aziraphale gave a slight smile at that. And then she continued. 


"I'll just charge the same to the organization. They'll pay for you even if they don't want to."


She had a smirk on her face as she sat up tall. And then she felt a bit light headed. Her grin turned to a frown as she slouched a bit. 


"Can you go in my fridge? I have some juice. Would be really great right now."


Aziraphale was quick to get from his spot and to the fridge. He spotted the juice box and pulled it out. He glanced at the cupboard and opened it, thankful there were some mugs inside. 


When Aziraphale turned back he saw her holding her face with one hand, the other held out for the mug. He gently put it in her hand, watching as she downed it in a few massive gulps. That wasn't smart… 




She put the mug down and looked up to him. 


"Have a phone?"




By the time Aziraphale left he felt back to his old self. Going straight to the human side of the organization had been so risky but well worth it. Roma was a wonderful human, one that was far too fascinated with the paranormal for her own good, but she had insurance. 


He found himself slipping in his home sometime later, slipping off to his bedroom. His body had been trained long ago to work on a normal schedule. He had appearances to keep and the sun hadn't burned in so long. It helped he never went out while the sun was out.


Today had been quite an eventful day for him. He bed his human- no. Not his. Wait.


Aziraphale froze, eyes wide as a final thought shot through his mind. He confessed . He told Crowley how he felt. He slept with the man. Crowley loved him.


"... What have I done…?"