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A Fathers Love (1.0)

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Henry was excited as he and Ron sat in their compartment on the Hogwarts Express. They both were sure they were going to rule the school. No one was going to be as popular as them.

Since first entering their compartment they had had dozens of other students stopping by to say hi. Many even asked for their signatures. It was great to be famous.

But they were excited about more than that. Just a few days before, when they had gone to visit Hogwarts with Lily, they had been sent to stay with Hagrid while she met with the Headmaster. While there Ron had spotted the report about the break in at Gringotts. Henry remembered that he had been to that same vault on his birthday. When Ron pointed out that the robbery took place on the same day Henry became extremely interested wondering if there was a chance they were there at the same time, and Hagrid got flustered and shooed the boys outside.

One thing that had always annoyed Henry and Ron was that the twins and Percy were always pointing out that they had never been on any of the adventures that were written about. Whenever the two boys started bragging about being famous heroes Ron’s brothers would always just laugh at them, but this was there chance.

There was a mystery that needed to be solved. And they were going to solve it. They weren’t exactly sure how, but they were going to figure out who it was that broke into the bank and just what they were trying to steal.

Both were sure it wouldn’t be that hard, and then no one would be able to laugh off their hero status.

Lily smiled with pride as she watched Henry walk into the great hall, head held high, leading all the other students. He looked so regal and brave. And she knew it was because he was.

When he was sorted into Gryffindor Lily cheered the loudest. She had always known that her boy was a Gryffindor, he just had that inherent greatness that all who were selected for her former house did.

Lily had made sure to impress upon Henry that he needed to make sure he got into Gryffindor before she had sent him off on the train that morning. He was the Boy-Who-Lived, he had to be a Gryffindor or else people might worry about just what kind of person he was becoming. She had never considered that he would ever be considered for a house as Dark as Slytherin, but she knew if he had been placed there everyone would turn against him because he was clearly becoming evil, and she hadn’t raised an evil child. 

She figured if she hadn’t removed the other ones name from the book he most likely would have been a Slytherin, she had always known he had that darkness in him.

After the first week Henry wasn't really sure how he felt about school. He enjoyed all the freedom he had, but didn’t like all the rules and all the work that he was supposed to do.

It had only been a week and he was already expected to write multiple papers on different things he hadn’t even been really paying attention too. What did he care about the difference between chopping and dicing in potions? 

He had tried talking to his mum, and she had tried to make the teachers be nice, but most wouldn’t listen. Professor McGonagall had agreed to give him a few extra days for his essay on transfiguration, but it just wasn't enough given all the other stuff he had to do. And classes were just so boring. All the professors were acting like the basic things they were saying was supposed to be interesting or something.

Nothing had really interested him yet, and he and Ron still hadn’t gotten anywhere on their investigation.

As Henry was trying to acclimatize to being in school, Albus was frustrated.

When he had been watching the sorting he couldn’t help but notice that Harry’s name was never called. And that had confused him since he knew the boy had magic. But when he saw the smile on Lily’s face, he had known she had done something.

After the sorting had been finished he had gone back to his office to check the book. He was extremely frustrated to see that someone had scratched Harry’s name out of the book. And he knew that it had had to have been Lily who did it.

As much as he didn’t particularly care about Harry, he still needed the boy. Having Harry would give him control over James and Sirius, both of whom had plenty of money and power that Albus wanted access to. And that meant that he was going to need to get the boy to Hogwarts.

Since he hadn’t gotten an invitation for this year, he was going to have to wait until the next year. But Albus already knew how he was going to arrange things and what he was going to tell the press. He would say that due to his former illness Harry had just needed more time for his core to stabilize before it was safe for him to attend school. It would also mean that he would be a year below his brother, keeping them out of direct competition. He might even be able to get Henry to tutor his brother so they could at least pretend that the boys had a good relationship.

If he had control of the boy he would be able to draw James back in. He may even be able to use it to force a reconciliation between him and Lily. It would at least mean that he would be required to start paying spousal support.

When he had confronted Lily with what she had done she had thrown one of her usual fits about how Harry wasn't needed and it was just better to pretend he didn’t exist. It was always clear when she did that just where Henry got his own temper. The only reason Albus had agreed to allow Lily to come and pretend to work at the school was because she was the only one that could manage the boys fits.

There had already been a few of those fits when the boy learned he was expected to do the same amount of homework as the other kids. Lily had managed to sooth the boy for the most part, but Albus knew it was going to be an ongoing issue.

Severus had stopped by his office to assure him that the boy would be expected to do the same assignments as all the other students or he would fail the class regardless of Lily and the boys whining. And Albus knew Severus really wouldn’t care if the boy failed.

But the thing that annoyed him the most was that once again, the Crown Prince hadn’t been amongst the first years. Albus had been startled a few years before when he had gotten the news from Arthur that the children in the Royal Family could take their heir test when they were 6, but it had given him hope. If the boy had been accepted at 6 then that would be why he wasn't at school yet, it would also mean there was more time to teach the boy before he took the throne.

But this was the last year. If the boy had taken the Heirship when he was 6 then he would be 11 by then and he should have been amongst the first years. The fact that he wasn't meant that the boy wasn't attending Hogwarts. And Albus was not going to stand for that.

He needed the Crown Prince to be at his school and under his control.

So not only was he going to have to reach out to Lily’s sister and make arrangements to get Harry to Hogwarts for the next year, but he was also going to need to find some way to meet with members of the Royal Family to figure out why the Prince wasn't at his school.

But that was going to be difficult. No one had managed to figure out who the Royal Family was. The only contact they knew about was the man who served as secretary, Owen Lane, and the man had stonewalled them for years and refused to even really meet with them about anything.

Albus was going to have to start putting pressure on the man himself, he may even have to bring in Fudge and Lucius Malfoy. Both wanted access to the boy as well so they may be willing to assist him.