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A Fathers Love (1.0)

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James was on edge after he had finally brought Harry home. He just didn’t know what to do anymore. 

The first time he had come home from work after bringing Harry home he had found Lily in the living room playing with Henry. When he had asked her where Harry was she had just said he was being a brat and was in time out in his crib.

James had run up to see his younger son. Harry had been sobbing his little heart out, but it couldn’t be heard from the living room since Lily had silenced the room. 

What was worse was that Harry was still in the pyjamas James had left on him after changing his diaper and going to work. After checking he found Lily hadn’t even bothered to change him, and he was willing to bet she hadn’t fed him either.

After checking the stuffed bear that was actually a monitor James saw that Lily had put Harry back in his crib just after James had left and had left him there alone all day. He couldn’t believe that she would do something like that to her own child.

James hadn’t spoken a word to Lily until both boys had been put down for the night. After that he put a silencing ward up and went to speak with Lily. As he had expected it had quickly devolved into Lily screaming at him that he was never around. She went on and on about how much work Harry was. When James had pointed out that Harry had only been home for one day and she hadn’t bothered to do anything with him so she couldn’t claim he was too much work, it had just lead to Lily storming out.

In the end James had had no other choice. Every morning when he left for work he would take Harry over to Remus’s. Making sure every time that Lily knew just how angry he was with her for her neglecting their son.



By the time of the twins first birthday the house was practically a war zone. James tried to keep his temper, but Lily just knew where to push to get a reaction. They hadn’t even gotten to have a proper party due to the danger, and Lily had naturally blamed him.

In the end, James had no other choice. He had gone to Barty Crouch and explained that he was going to have to take a leave of absence. He had used the threat to his family as a way to get time off, which turned out to be a good thing as they had been forced into hiding only a few days later after another attack.

There were of course a few people that knew the truth. Sirius and Remus naturally, but James had also spoken with the head of the auror office, Amelia Bones. She had recently come into custody of her young niece after her brother and his wife were killed and James had a few questions. He just couldn’t rationalize how Amelia could be so capable of loving a child she hadn’t given birth to when Lily didn’t seem capable of loving one of her own. Amelia had suggested he monitor the situation, but had also suggested he give her some time. It took a while for a womans hormones to settle after childbirth and it might just take a bit more time since Harry had been in the hospital for so long.



By the time Samhain, or Halloween as Lily insisted on calling it, arrived, James was at his limits. He and Lily had been practically prisoners in the little cottage for three months and they were both at the end of the tether. 

He had already decided he was going to be filing for divorce. Being in that house was driving them both crazy. James was just grateful Sirius and Remus still came to visit from time to time to give him news from the outside world.

James had wanted to use Sirius as secret keeper, but he had been outvoted by Lily and Albus. They had chosen Peter claiming that Sirius would be too obvious. When they had implied they couldn’t trust Remus because he was a dark creature James had told them both off. But, he had eventually given in just to shut them both up and agreed to using Peter.

And that was some thing that worried him. Peter had been one of his best friends in school, but since graduation they had drifted apart. There were times the other man just disappeared and it worried James.



That night James was home alone as the sun was setting. He and Lily had gotten into another argument and she had stormed off. She had claimed that she needed to attend one of the Order of the Phoenix meetings even though she hadn’t gone in months.

There had been a large scale attack on a small mixed magical/muggle village that day and Albus had wanted to discuss it with everyone. But since Lily was going James couldn’t.

The boys had just been put down and they didn’t want to wake them. Even Lily wasn’t willing to risk waking Henry since he took forever to get back down once he was disturbed.

James was just on his way up to do another check on the boys since he knew Harry often times just lay there watching the enchanted images they had put on the ceiling and didn’t want to risk him waking his brother when the door shattered.

Glancing back James saw the now recognizable creature that was Voldemort. Running up the stairs he went into the boys room and started throwing every locking and sealing spell he knew at the door. Turning, he looked at his boys. 

There was no way out and he knew it. They hadn’t wanted anyone to be able to get into the room other than the door so there were anti-apperation wards covering the entire house. The only access or exit point other than the front and back doors was the floo that was downstairs. They were locked in with no way out. Doing the only thing he could James sent a patronus to Sirius and Remus and hoped they got there in time. He couldn’t even warn the DMLE since he wasn’t the secret keeper so they wouldn’t know where to find him.

Clutching his want tightly in his hand, James got ready to die defending his boys.



Voldemort cackled cruelly as he got through the last enchantment keeping him out. Slamming the door open he stepped into the cheery little nursery that would prove to be a death chamber for his prophesied enemy.

It took a bit of fancy spell work to disarm the desperate father who stood guard, but he managed it in the end. James Potter was a top notch auror and dualist, but he himself had almost 50 years experience in killing. No one knew the things he did, not even Dumbledore.

Deciding to be that extra bit vicious, he cast a spell to force the mans soul out of his body. It would take about half an hour for his body to die without intervention and only then could his soul move on, that meant he would have to watch his child die.

Once the man was dealt with Voldemort turned to examine the room and froze. Looking around, he saw something he hadn’t expected. There were two cribs.

He had thought the Potters had only one child, so who was the second child?

Looking at them both, he saw they looked similar, but were both clearly different. The one that was screaming and wailing in its crib had lighter hair. But the one that caught his attention was the other one.
A little boy with messy black hair and glowing green eyes just kept glancing between his fathers body and him. This child seemed to radiate power, and he was clearly the most Potterish of the two.



 James watched as Voldemort looked at his boys before he turned and started to move towards Harry.

“Please no. Not Harry. Please, not Harry.” James cried as even in spirit form he moved to shield his son.

But Voldemort didn’t seem to be able to see or hear him.

He listened as Voldemort spoke the curse. Watched as the green light left the tip of the wand. It was like everything had slowed down for him as he stood there, directly in the line of fire.

Even in this form he felt pain, then he heard an explosion and everything went dark. Not even the sounds of his sons cries got his attention.