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A Fathers Love (1.0)

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The day that Lily Potter née Evans learned that she was pregnant was one of the happiest of her life. Her future was secure.

Lily had always been ambitious, it had been why the sorting hat had considered putting her in Slytherin, but she had forced it to put her in Gryffindor. There was no way she was going to be in a house that had such a bad reputation. No, she wanted to go far in this world and she needed the benefits that came from being a Gryffindor.

At first, she had thought Severus would be the best help to raise her up, but then he was sorted into Slytherin and she learned that his mother had been disowned. Lily wanted a title, and Severus Snape couldn’t give that to her.

But, she had remained friends with him as long as it served her well. Which was until fifth year.

By then, she had finally seen a use for that idiot, Potter. James Potter had had a massive crush on her for years. She had overheard a few of the girls talking about how amazing his family manor was and had started to plan.

She couldn’t accept him immediately, she didn’t want him to think she was easy. Instead she had slowly allowed herself to grow closer to him over the next year before agreeing to go out with him at the beginning of their seventh year.

James had been a pretty good boyfriend. He was attentive to her needs. Gave her all kinds of presents just because. And he gave her a way into the higher social circles that, up until that point, she had been frozen out of.

His parents had been a bit more difficult to sway. Lord Fleamont Potter and Lady Euphemia Potter had just been too old and stuffy for Lily’s liking. Both came from old pureblood families, and, despite their support of the light, they still followed those ridiculous olde ways.

When Lily had been planning their wedding it had been unbearable. Both the Lord and lady had wanted to use the old ritual bonding, but Lily wasn’t going to have any of that. She had forced James to make his parents hold a traditional wedding at the same church her own parents had married at.

Throughout the entire time between the planning of the wedding and the service itself Lily had seen the glances they had shared. It was clear they hadn’t fully approved of Lily’s choice of how things were done. James had sworn up and down that they weren’t supremacist and holding her blood status against her, but Lily hadn’t agreed. But in the end, she had won, on that at least.

The one thing Lily hadn’t managed to stop was a ridiculous prenuptial agreement. At first James’s parents had proposed a bonding contract, but since they were using a muggle marriage it wouldn’t have worked. But Fleamont Potter had refused to allow the wedding without a prenup. He had stated in no uncertain terms that if they were to marry without one then he would be cutting her and James off from the main vaults and that only their children would have access to those vaults when they were of age.

Lily had been furious, but she had signed the stupid thing. She had been secretly relieved when both of the elder Potters had been killed in a Death Eater attack only a few weeks after the wedding. 

James had been heart broken of course, but Lily had stood by him and supported him in his time of need. Never telling him that she was just glad they wouldn’t be there to meddle in her life and marriage anymore.

And even better, Lily had gotten to become Lady Potter. She loved all the prestige that came with wearing the Ladyship ring and getting to use the title. Everyone paid attention to her then. And her child would fulfil the child requirement from that stupid prenup.

Lily wasn’t actually fond of children, but she had to have at least one to ensure her place in the family. And that was why, only 4 months after her wedding, and 5 months after graduating Hogwarts Lily Potter née Evans was pregnant. She would be a mother 5 months before she turned 20.

Now the only real problem she had was James’s friends. She didn’t really have any issues with Peter, she actually kind of liked him. Peter always had the latest gossip because no one really paid attention to him. No, her issues were with Sirius and Remus. She just didn’t like them.

Sirius came from a well known dark family. Sure, they were rich, but they were dark, and in Lily’s mind, that made them worthless. He was also just so immature. And Remus. Lily really didn’t like him. He was a dark creature. She didn’t understand why the Headmaster had allowed something so dangerous around students.

Lily hated everything dark. Albus Dumbledore had been her mentor for years, and he had showed her what it meant to be a good light witch, and that was what she wanted. Lily didn’t think they should even allow the dark in their world. A law should be made to stop them from entering polite society, since they clearly weren’t capable of upholding any form of decorum.

But none of that mattered right now, because Lily was pregnant. This child would make sure she got everything she wanted.



It was only a week after learning that she was pregnant that Lily proudly announced it at an Order meeting. She had been a little annoyed that Alice had announced her own pregnancy at the prior meeting a few days before and had had to delay her own announcement because of it. Lily had never liked to share the spotlight.

Then, things got even better. Albus had asked her, James, Alice, and Frank to stay and meet with him after the initial meeting. After all the others left Albus told them that a prophecy had been given.

Either she or Alice would be the mother of the Saviour. One of them was carrying a child that was prophesied to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Lily was positive it would be her child. All of a sudden motherhood hadn’t sounded so bad.

After all, there was no way someone as soft as Alice and as plain as Frank could ever have a child like the one that was needed. Only she and James could have a child with that kind of power.

The only problem was that the other side also knew about at least part of the prophecy. And that meant there were people out there that were already plotting the death of her poor, innocent, baby.



Albus had been furious when that foolish woman had spoken a prophecy during her job interview. Not only that, but what the prophecy had entailed. Albus had been sure that he would be the one to defeat Tom, but now that couldn’t be.

No one could defeat Tom but the child, or at least, until after Tom had killed the child. And that hadn’t been part of his original plan, but it did allow for new plans to form.

As much as Albus hated to admit it, they were losing. Tom and his followers gained more power every day while his people were losing it. They needed a decisive moment. 

And the birth of a saviour just might be that moment. It would give his people someone to rally around other than him. That way, if the child failed and died the blame wouldn’t be on him. That and he would just be able to pick up where he left off in his attacks on Tom.

But he needed the child to be someone he could mold. Someone he could control and came from the right kind of family. But more than that, the child needed to have power and influence, and access to a great deal of money could only be beneficial.

When two of his faithful Order members announced their pregnancies Albus had been ecstatic. Both the Longbottoms and the Potters were old wealthy families with a great deal of influence in their world.

Now all he had to do was select the right child. It had taken a great deal of thought, but in the end he had chosen the Potter child.

The Potter child would be classified as a half-blood, like both himself and Tom. While there were those that might not accept him as much as if he was pureblood, those people didn’t matter to Albus’s plans. He wanted to get away from those old pureblood beliefs, and a half-blood hero would assist with that.

That and Lily was completely devoted to him and his cause. Of course she was, he had groomed her and most of the children, muggle-born in particular, to see him as a wonderful grandfatherly wizard that was always right and always did what was best for their world. The only ones that really questioned him were the purebloods, and only those in Slytherin really bothered to argue.

As for the Longbottom child, Albus wasn’t quite sure. Alice and Frank followed him, but both were purebloods, and more prone to questioning him. That and they were just too mild mannered. He couldn’t imagine a child of theirs having the strength of will to assist him in fixing their world.

Not that he was going to completely discount the child. Both had the potential to be a child of prophecy, and children like that were always special in some way. 

No, the Potter child would be his priority, but he would do what he could to keep the Longbottom child close. It wouldn’t be too bad to have a backup around just in case…

But now he needed to ensure that the Potter child could succeed. And for that he would need something that would ensure the child was powerful. After all, he couldn’t have a weak weapon, it would be like fighting with a dull blade.

And that was why Albus had gone to an old potions master that he knew Gellert Grindelwald had used during the last war. He knew enough about the mans deeds to ensure that he would do what he wanted and never tell another soul.

Only a week after learning about Lily’s pregnancy he returned to speak with her with an incredibly complex potion with him. The potestas de maiores potion would help to increase the childs core size.



Lily sighed as she sent James away. Ever since learning of her pregnancy the man had been hovering. It was nice to have her every whim catered too, but it was getting on her nerves. The man had a full time job for Merlins sake, but it was still like he was always around her, she needed her own space.

And that was why when the full moon arrived she had sent him off to play with the werewolf. While she didn’t want to encourage that friendship to continue for much longer, she didn’t want something like that around her baby, it was a way to have at least one night to herself.

Albus had sent her a message saying that he needed to speak with her privately that night, so it was even more important that James left. He had wanted to stay with her, but Lily had practically forced him out the door saying that once the baby arrived they wouldn’t have as much time for their friends so it was important that they spend time together now.

“Lily my dear.” Albus greeted when Lily opened the door to find him on their doorstep only half an hour after she had finally gotten James out.

“Headmaster.” Lily smiled. “Please, come in.”

The two went into the sitting room where Lily served them some tea, decaf, much to her annoyance, due to James’s having removed all caffeine from the house after he heard caffeine was bad for a baby.

“What is it that you wished to speak with me about Headmaster?” Lily questioned.

Albus doctored his tea to his liking before looking to one of his most loyal, only Molly could rival Lily in devotion. “Yes my dear, I wished to speak to you about the prophecy.

After further examination it is my belief that the child you carry is the chosen one. And that is extremely good, the baby will be living proof that purebloods aren’t always the most powerful. As a half-blood, he or she can lead the next generation away from the dark and the ideals of Voldemort and the Death Eaters.”

Lily preened to know that her baby was going to be born to save them all, but flinched when You-Know-Who’s name was mentioned. “That’s wonderful Headmaster. You know I will do anything we need to help make our world what it should be.”

Albus smiled happily. “That is wonderful my dear, and that is why I am here. I have found a way to ensure that the baby is everything we need it to be.”

Albus pulled the vial of potion out of his robes. “This is a potion that is very rare, very expensive, and very powerful. It will magnify the babies power. It will ensure the baby is safe from Voldemort until it’s old enough to protect itself.”

Lily took the vial, not hesitating at all, this would protect them all. 

“Now, before you take that, there is something you should know.” Albus was surprised at just how willing the foolish woman was, she prioritized his desires over the safety of her own child, that proved just how much control he had over her to him. “It needs to be taken under a full moon, and that is why I am here tonight, but it isn’t going to be an easy night.

Your body won’t be used to the influx of power so you are going to feel extremely sick for the next day or so, but don’t worry, you and the baby will be fine. 

That is why I requested to speak with only you. Don’t misunderstand, I know that James is devoted to our cause, but he has always been a very sheltered pureblood child, he doesn’t really understand everything it takes for those that aren’t born in his position. I have my doubts that he would be able to do what needs to be done, so I think it would be better if we keep this between the two of us.”

“Of course Headmaster.” Lily agreed. “I understand exactly. I love James, but I have no illusions about who he is and how he grew up.”

Albus just smiled as he watched Lily uncork the vial and take it all in one swallow. He watched in interest as Lily went extremely pale and her entire body started to shake. It was clear she was feeling more than a little sick. 

Not that it really surprised him. Albus knew very well that there was no guarantee that the woman was going to survive the night, he just couldn’t risk the child not being strong enough. Even if Lily and the baby died he still had the Longbottoms as back up so he was willing to take the risk.

Albus helped the foolishly trusting woman up to her bed and let himself out of the house. All he could do now was wait and see if the child was strong enough.