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    “Your highness,” yelled Cure Galaxia, “where’s Ms. Black,” “she’s probably in her room, see,” said Cilan, “thanks Cilan,” said Cure Galaxia as she heads to Cure Black’s room, “Ms. Black are you in there,” “what do you want Galaxia,” said Cure Black, “if it’s training you know I’m not in the mood,” “it’s not training this time,” said Cure Galaxia, “I’m getting worried about you, can you please let me in.” Cure Black opened the door to let her student in, “ever since I started training you,” said Cure Black as her eyes started to tear up, “my friends started leaving me one by one, first Cure White, then Shiny Luminous, then Cure Bloom, then everyone else, and now I’m alone,” Cure Black went to grabbed the photo on her desk and cried while looking at it, “what’s so sad about that photo Ms. Black,” asked Cure Galaxia, “it’s making me miss my friends even more,” said Cure Black, “those are all your friends Ms. Black,” asked Cure Galaxia, “yep,” said Cure Black as she puts the photo back, “Cure Black your family is here to see you, lappi,” said Flappy, “I’m coming,” said Cure Black. Cure Black got to see her family and they were surprised to see her like how she is. “A broken pretty cure, sung by Cure Black,” the walls stained with glass and empty corridors, a familiar feeling of emptiness. I want to believe you’ll be by my side, that you’ll remain. But deep down, I know. The laughs we shared the memories made, are like pictures I will never forget. Even when your story ends, my thoughts, will never fade. All I want is to see you, your singing and encouraging words, and your random antics, that brought me peace. I remember when you helped me in a fight, the time where you cheered me on during my games, the time you made me smile. The times you made me smile for awhile are the times I’ll remember most. They tell me to forget, that time will heal the wounds, but I can’t forget what was real and what you meant to me. I wish I could hear your voice one more time, to let me experience joy once more, because you can see I am a broken pretty cure without you. The laughs we shared the memories made, are like pictures I will never forget. Even when your story ends, my thoughts, will never fade. All I want is to see you, your singing and encouraging words, and your random antics, because you see I am a broken pretty cure. Glitter Trio then told Cure Black that queen needed her, “yes your highness,” said Cure Black, “Cure Galaxia told me you have been missing your friends,” said the queen, “I was thinking of sending you to a universe where you don’t exist, so none of your friends know you so you have to meet them all again,” “I’ll go as long as I can see my friends again,” said Cure Black, the queen sent Cure Black to the universe she said.

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Cure Black got to the universe the queen sent her to and the first thing she noticed, she was back to Nagisa Misumi, “I’m here,” said Nagisa, “who are you,” said a familiar voice, “I’m Nagisa aka Cure Black,” said Nagisa, “you’re Honoka right,” “yes but I don’t recognize you,” said Honoka, “and I don’t recognize the name Cure Black either” “I forgot that I don’t exist in this world,” said Nagisa, “Honoka, what’s going on back here,” said another familiar voice, “Hikari, meet Nagisa,” said Honoka, “she came from another world.” Then a zakena appeared, “oh great darkness is here,” said Nagisa, “Hikari, ready,” said Honoka, “Honoka wait,” said Nagisa, “hm yes Nagisa,” said Honoka, “I can’t transform without my partner,” said Nagisa, “and her name was also Honoka,” “oh forgot,” said Honoka, “how do you two transform,” “just follow what I do,” said Nagisa. Honoka followed what Nagisa does, “DUAL AURORA WAVE,” said Nagisa and Honoka, “LUMINOUS SHINY STREAM,” said Hikari, the three transformed, “emissary of light, Cure Black,” said Nagisa as Cure Black, “emissary of light, Cure White,” said Honoka as Cure White, “we are pretty cure,” said both cures, “servants of the dark powers,” said Cure White, “return to the darkness from which you came,” said Cure Black, “sparkling life, Shiny Luminous,” said Hikari as Shiny Luminous, “hearts of light and wills of light, for them all to become one.” The three cures fought the zakena, when two cures appeared in the bushes, “who’s that third cure with White and Luminous,” said mysterious cure 1, “let’s just help them,” said mysterious cure 2. The two came out of the bushes to help their friends, and after the fight was over, the two confronted Cure Black. “Bloom, Egret,” said Cure Black, “who are you and why are you fighting alongside White and Luminous,” said Cure Bloom, “and how do you know us,” said Cure Egret, “well I have to tell the truth,” said Cure Black, “I’m Cure Black, I came to this world to see my friends who left me again,” Cure Bloom and Cure Egret felt sorry for her, so did Cure White and Shiny Luminous, “why did they leave you,” said Cure White, “I was forced to train a new pretty cure,” said Cure Black, “I had no time to be with my friends and they left me, I then went into sadness and couldn’t teach my student properly, then the queen of the garden of life sent me here.” The cures went back to normal and Nagisa then heard a familiar voice, “Ms. Misumi,” said Galaxy, “Galaxy, what are you doing here,” said Nagisa, “I needed to be with my teacher,” said Galaxy, “so Queen Heartshine sent me here, and I wanted to meet your friends,” “she’s your student,” said Saki, “yep, this is Galaxy aka Cure Galaxia,” said Nagisa, “it’s nice to meet you Galaxy,” said Mai, “I’m Mai, and this is Honoka, Hikari, and Saki,” “It’s nice to meet all of you,” said Galaxy, “also Galaxy,” said Nagisa, “yes Ms. Misumi,” said Galaxy, “you don’t need to call me that anymore,” said Nagisa, “why,” said Galaxy, “despite the fact I haven’t trained you much,” said Nagisa, “you’re now with the actual pretty cure now, so now welcome to the pretty cure all stars,” “you mean it Nagisa,” said Galaxy, “yep, you’re no longer an in training pretty cure,” said Nagisa.