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The Wrong Avengers

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Darcy Lewis was determined to NOT be involved in anymore weird stuff.  She was just going to finish out her doctorate in political science while staying FAR away from SHIELD, Super Heroes, Asgardian Gods, and Dimensional Portals that liked to abduct researchers!

Far away.

far , far away.

Sadly she couldn't afford  to go to India or Hong Kong or anyplace that far, plus she wasn't at all certain she wanted to try to learn a whole new language while also trying to adjust to a PhD studies program that didn't involve, you know, weird shit….

So London it was.

They spoke English here, kind of.

Her complete determination to avoid or ignore ANYTHING strange- or anyone that could be a superhero, God, or otherwise trouble- is probably why she turned and walked the other way when she saw the good looking guy get out of the crazy fancy sports car and run into the building.  WAY too much like Tony Stark- probably seriously epic shit going down… which means it's a REALLY good time to grab a quick photo of the car, post on Instagram about how a sensible girl gets out of town when good looking guys in expensive clothes jump out of a car and run into buildings…

And leave.

Unfortunately taking the time to post- even while moving- meant she didn't get far enough away.

While the rest of the Londoners were looking around going “huh, what?” - or the local equivalent- Darcy was cataloging that sound as “probable weapon” and diving for cover… which was good because shortly after that the entire wall of the building- the one the car dude had gone into- pretty much exploded.

Car dude dove off the third floor and fairly well surfed down the debris- knew he was some kind of hero or something.  He almost made it down clean except for the obvious supervillain with the obvious superweapon who got some kind of a shot off at him.  Car dude crashed and collapsed and stayed conscious long enough to try to get under cover, while drawing a pistol- and they don't have a lot of those in London- so basically? Right in front of her.

“Supervillain dude is likely to come looking for you, you know.” she hissed at him, “I’m a civilian- kind of- isn't it your hero duty to draw him off or something?”

He tried to look at her, muttered something unintelligible- or maybe it was a code- and passed out.  Great, JUST great…