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Big Hero 6 Puppy Adventure.

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It was a bright sunny day in the park in Camden Town, the Dalmatian family was already outside in the park enjoying their time while their parents were at work and older siblings Dylan and Dolly were having some trouble trying to gather all their 96 pups who were playing around like mad. Dylan had several freak outs at that moment while Dolly was making some stunts with her skateboard to distract them.

“BAW WAKA WAW!” Dolly shouted.

“Dolly you know we have to watch them.” Dylan called while he was near Dawkins who was watching unimpressed.

“I’m watching them Dylan from my board while moving.” Dolly said coming to him, before seeing Delgado trying a stunt.

“Hit it Delgado.” Dolly said running at full speed towards him.

“Come back here all of you.” Dylan said moving away.

“Always the same story every time in the park.” Dawkins said rolling his eyes unimpressed before Diesel appeared from a hole behind him splashing some mud.

“Aaaah, Diesel could you try no to come out when someone is around.” Dawkins scolded him while cleaning himself.

“Sorry Dawkins but it is hard to tell who is around especially with so many humans and animals.” Diesel said before they heard Clarissa Corgi their ‘regal’ neighbor screaming, Dolly had again passed very fast in front of her.

“I will stay in quit place till everything calms down.” Dawkins said going towards a tree, in a sense been the most sensitive of the Dalmatian pups he was always trying to stay out of the mess plus occupying his mind with other stuff he was in a sense a young genius pup who would like to invent and come out with ideas for useful things his family would use some of them were working fine while others didn’t that much. Things that he doesn’t like plus in a sense he doesn’t like to be the underappreciated sidekick of his older natural brother Dylan that was trying to prove aliens exist.

“Grrr, this was the last time that Dalmatian messed up with me.” Clarissa said looking around and saw a cardboard box nearby.

“Hmm.” She though with an evil grin, she went to that box to inspect its size to see if it would do for her plan. While the Dalmatian family was still playing around Clarissa placed the box on a table to wait till it might fall on Dolly.

“All right, all right maybe it is time to go home.” Dylan said to everyone.

“Already dude.” Dolly said coming to him on her skateboard.

“Yes, maybe it was enough for today we need to be home for, you know.” Said Dylan not wanting to mention ‘dinner’ which was a trigger word.

“Good thing it hadn’t slipped the trigger word.” Commented Dolly with a smirk.

“I’m not going to say a trigger word like this or.”

“All right time to play the ball.” Said another dog from nearby.

“Ball? Ball, Ball, Ball.” Said all the pups in unison before the 2 step-siblings were blown by the wave of pups passing by the table that was in front of the tree where Dawkins was, he heard the trigger word but of course he wasn’t taken by it and went near the table.

“Trigger word I guess.” Dawkins commented before something fell on him that turned everything black.

“Hey what is going on?” He asked not knowing that a shadow came over the box that had a ticket for the dogcatcher.

“I am in cardboard box?” Dawkins said confused before feeling something coming from under it before falling on his back and felt he was moving. “Ah, what is going on?” He asked now fearful, he then got an idea and started to use his claws to make a hole in the box, he was up in the air, and someone was carrying him to a car that was for dogcatchers.

“No wait it is a mistake I have a collar.” Dawkins said but the man only heard barks coming from the little pup, the dogcatcher then placed the box in the car and went to his driver seat.

“DYLAN, DOLLY HELP ME.” Dawkins shouted.

“Dawkins?” Diesel said looking in the direction of the dog catcher who just started the car.

“HELP!” Dawkins shouted and the car left with the poor pup.

“Ah oh.” Diesel said going to his older siblings.

“Dylan, Dolly I need to…..”

“Not now Diesel we need to go home.” Said Dylan placing the ups in order.

“But it’s important guys.” Diesel said.

“What is it Diesel aside from digging?” Asked Dolly gathering the rest of the pups to prepare go home.


“Keep it till we arrive home.” Dolly said getting to another load. In the meantime the car was still moving on towards the animal shelter with Dawkins still in the box struggling to get out of the box and from the car.

“I must get out of here.” Dawkins said trying to climb up, but just in that moment the car enter with one of its ties in a whole making the box to fly around the van. In the meantime

On another side of town, a new building of a multi-billion pounds company had been established its logo were the letters H.E on a blue background that illustrate circuit components plus gear wheels in the 4 margins, below the logo in green there was a plaque with its full name Hamada Enterprises, mostly the Robotics, Physics and Mechanic section on the left and on the right there was the Chemistry and Biology section having the logo of a giant D.N.A double helix in a chemistry tube. This been the Bio-Chem dedicated for the development of chemical and medical industries. Inside the building at the top floor there was an apartment inside there were 3 human children. The oldest a 13 year old, a girl with white face and deep brown eyes and long brown hair dressed in a blue jeans white t shirt and pink pullover was reading in the living room she was trying to enjoy the best of her quit free time in her summer.
Near her was her younger brother Tadashi he was almost like her in appearance but he was 2 years younger with a brown vest and also a orange shirt, blue pants and sneakers reading peacefully about his favorite subject while their little sister 9 year old with a deep blue dress, messy black hair tied in a tail was drawing some sketches for what she hoped to be her future robot to be built.

“Ahh peace and quiet I’m glad to see that you three aren’t squabbling or try to play jokes on one another, those moments of peace are rare when mom and dad are working.” Kiah said commented.

“Kiah, when you are around who wants to squabble.” Commented the youngest one.

“Good to know because I still remember when you made Mochi jump on my head Cassidy.” Tadashi said.

“Hey, it isn’t my fault that he likes you the most after saying that you wish for a pet of your own.” Cassidy said before the cat jumped on her.

“He jumped on me when you gave me a can of sardines that were opened, while I was making sketches of my bacteria samples.” Commented Tadashi.

“Aren’t you the one who mom said it should go outside more often?” Cassidy asked while the older one rolled her eyes.

“Dad also told you to do the same.”

“Hey when ideas come I have to write them down on a surface, dad is the same by the way.” She commented finishing her sketch.

“And if you want to know I will go right now outside.” She said with a smirk

“Don’t go too far Cassidy this is London not Tokyo.” Kiah said.

“I will.” She said exiting the apartment while the older one turned to her brother.

“You know Tadashi in a way you can find a lot of things even outside not just inside from what mom experiments and gives you.”

“I will think about this Kiah.” Tadashi said returning to his reading. Outside Cassidy got out from the building looking around; it was amazing that they were in London only for 2 days now. In a way been the children of a famous Biotech engineer and a guru in technology was giving lots of privileges to travel around the world that been a blessing. While the curse was their parents were always busy with their work although they were trying their best to stay with them and be a family. They weren’t in any way spoiled brats like other multi billionaire kids, oh no their parents and aunts wouldn’t allow it in anyway but they were protected from danger to an EXTREME level. But they could of course go on their own to normal public schools and behave like everyone else problem is however their status of young geniuses whom many would like to use this been official since their older sister finished high school just this year.

“And to think in London rains almost every day. Yet look what beautiful day it is.” Cassidy commented before she saw a car with a dogcatcher’s logo on it, his ties had fallen in a hole and a box went out from it.

“Huh, what is that?” She said going to it.

“Urgh, I really hate bumpy rides.” Dawkins commented coming back to his senses and tried to look out of the hole. “I’m probably on the other side of the city it could take me forever to get home. I’m lost” Dawkins said in desperation, just then he felt movement again and the box was opened, Dawkins looked up to see a deeply tanned girl with deep black messy hair tied in a tale and had brown eyes.

“Hey little one.” She said with a soft voice softly rubbing his head. “ssh, it is all right, are you lost?” Dawkins leaned his head in approval.

“They probably took you by mistake, don’t worry we will find your owner.” She said before turning back to the building. “But first I need to do something.”

“Something, what exactly?” Dawkins asked before the box was closed.

“Remain silent.” The girl said entering the building.

“I hope Cassidy didn’t go too far.” Kiah said worried.

“She surly didn’t go far; she knows where not to go.” Tadashi commented before hearing the door opening.

“Oh Cassidy where were you?” Kiah asked.

“I was around and have found something.” Said Cassidy with a smirk hiding something at her back going to her brother.

“Ohh, Tadashi I got something for you.” Cassidy said with a smirk.

“I hope not some joke please.” Asked the boy.

“Oh no, do you remember when you said back home that you want a pet of your own.” Asked the girl with a smile.

“You behave like Dizzy and Dee Dee when they brought Mr. Fuzzy home.” Dawkins said realizing something.


“Yes.” The boy said confused in a way, thinking about something off.

“What is behind your back?”

“Ta-da.” Cassidy said showing the opened box to show the pup.

“Hah! A Dalmatian puppy!”

“A human child!”

“Surprise?” Cassidy asked.

“From where did it come from?” Tadashi asked.

“It fell from a car of the dogcatchers, poor little fellow probably he is lost.” Cassidy said taking him up in her arms.

“And probably taken by mistake it has a collar.” Said the older girl pointing to it.

“Yes I was taken by mistake.” Dawkins said.

“So we will have to find his real owner.” Kiah said.

“Actually I don’t have an owner, just my family.” Dawkins said although for them, it was only a barking sound.

“I guess we should first talk to mom and dad when they come back from the city.” Tadashi said.

“Till then let’s put him down.” Cassidy said placing the pup on the ground near her brother’s bed. “I hope it will come with good terms with Mochi.”

“Who is Mochi?” Dawkins asked.

“I am.” Said a voice from behind him, Dawkins turned around to see a round Japanese bobtail cat smiling at him. “Kon'nichiwa.”

“Ahh Kon'nichiwa.” Dawkins said with a stressed smile.

“Hey don’t be stressed.” Said the cat.

“Sorry, everything was a mistake that box fell on me and the dogcatcher took the box with me in.” Dawkins started.

“Well I can tell you why he took it.” Mochi said pointing at the box. “There is an inscription here that says for ‘dogcatchers’ I don’t know why you ended up in it.”

“I think that box was for my step-sister Dolly. It was probably set up by a neighbour in Camden Town, whom Dolly had annoyed.” Dawkins explained.

“I see I’m sorry for that and by the way what is your name?” Mochi asked.

“Dawkins Dalmatian, I already know you name is Mochi.” He said smiling.

“Indeed, nice to meet you Dawkins.”

“By the way, where am I?”

“London headquarters of Hamada Enterprises.” Mochi said.

“Hamada Enterprises!” Dawkins asked amazed “The famous tech company.”

“Indeed and you want to know who the children are.” Asked Mochi.

“They seem to get along pretty well.” Cassidy said.

“True, let’s hope they will get along well till we find his owner.” Kiah said.

“Let’s hope we will find his owner and by the way I do admit that he is cute.” Tadashi said taking the pup up to cuddle him.

“Who is a cute puppy, who is a cute puppy?” Cassidy said tickling him.

“Mmmm, I admit you are not bad at all.” Dawkins said trying to resist them before the kids heard the door opening.

“It must be mom and dad.” Tadashi said.

“We will present you very soon but for now you have to stay hidden. Mom doesn’t like surprises.” Cassidy said putting the small pup on the bed and covered him with the blanket right before their parents came into view.

“Hey mom, dad is everything set?” Cassidy asked.

“It is but there are still several things to be done till the opening of the exhibition.” The woman said, she was a fully Indian woman with brown eyes wearing a lab coat tied to the neck.

“What exactly?” Tadashi asked.

“We have to meet with the other organisers’ good thing that we managed to decide on the location it will be in 5 days in a park. From what I heard it is quite popular.” The man said, he was a half Japanese half European also wearing a lab coat.

“Oh wonderful and there is something that maybe we should tell you.” Kiah said.

“What exactly hap-chu, hap-chu.” He started to sneeze.

“Hiro I hope you didn’t contracted an illness.” The woman said with a stern voice pulling out a hanky for her and a napkin for him.

“Karmi, we weren’t around sick people plus I couldn’t catch a coal or flue since it hasn’t been any rain.” Hiro commented putting the napkin to his nose just when the small pup went to see what was happening outside hidden of course, he then noticed that something big, came out from a small red backpack from the wall amazing the pup even more.

“Then what could be?” Karmi asked.

“I will scan you.” Said the Robot.

“Thanks Baymax.”

“Scan complete, it isn’t an illness it is a powerful reaction of the body to outside objects that came into contact with the respiratory system. An allergy.” Baymax said.

“An allergy? To what, aside from peanuts.” Hiro asked.

“My scans indicate that the allergy is because of dog fur from the corgi breed.” Said the robot.

“Corgi Dog, meaning Clarissa.” Said Dawkins.

“Corgi dog, from where?” Hiro asked.

“Scanning for source.” Baymax said looking around the place before noticing the box.

“Scan complete, the fur was from here.” Baymax said showing the box and the woman turned to the kids.

“From where did you three found the box?” Asked the woman in an inquisitive voice.

“It was around here.” Cassidy said with a stressed smile.

“Around you say. ‘Hap-chu’ and what was inside?” Hiro asked.

“I should better go back and hide.” Dawkins said before tripping and falling on the floor right in the parent’s view.

“What is a Dalmatian puppy doing in here?” Asked Hiro.

“Ahh, this might be my fault this time.” Tadashi said.

“Tadashi has a pet.” Cassidy said playfully.

“A pet, you do know that Dalmatian dogs could live up to 18 years?” Hiro said.

“Plus they can grow to height up to 61 centimetres.” Baymax said showing a diagram on his belly.

“We know that but didn’t you tell us that maybe we should go outside more often?” Asked Cassidy.

“True but we didn’t mention you to take a dog; they need lots of exercises and hundreds of walks in the park.” Karmi said.

“Yet thinking about this it might put you to go outside more often.” Hiro said.

“Ah dad he is actually lost, he wore that collar when Cassidy found him.” Kiah said.

“The dogcatchers probably made a mistake or we don’t know.” Cassidy said.

“Hmm, well in this case we will keep him till we manage to find his owner.” Hiro said pulling out a pair of reading glasses from his coat before taking the pup up to inspect the collar. “Let’s see if this collar tells us from where you are.”

“Any clue?” Karmi asked.

“Doesn’t tell much it seems, aside from the area, Camden Town, London, plus his name, Dawkins.” Hiro said looking on the collar.

“Camden Town it is quite a well off area on the other side of the city.” Baymax said showing a map.

“Camden Town? In the park there the exhibition was planned.” Karmi said.

“Park, trigger word if my siblings and step-siblings would have heard that, you would have been buried alive by them.” Dawkins commented but for them it was only barking.

“If we only knew the address as well, however.” Hiro said taking out his phone and took a picture of the pup. “I shall post this picture on the internet to tell of a lost dog probably the owner or breeder would take him.”

“But still till we find his home, can we keep Dawkins?” Cassidy asked smiling.

“We will talk about this with your aunt as well.” Karmi said.

“Yes mom but by the way maybe we should get him some dog food if we take care of him.” Kiah said.

“I will call Aunt Cass right away.” Hiro said placing the dog down who immediately went to look at Baymax and the robot took notice of him.

“Hello I am Baymax.” The robot said in a friendly and gentle mode.

“Amazing.” Dawkins said spellbound before placing his face on the inflated body. “Titanium skeleton.” The pup then turned to the robot’s eyes “hyper spectral cameras?”

“You seem to know a lot of things.” Mochi came.

“I do. I love those kinds of stuff, i-it’s my life I love building gadget for at home but not on this scale.” Said Dawkins amazed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet and for information Baymax is also a robot that is sold as personal healthcare companions to old people and the disabled, Hamada Enterprises does a lot of stuff like this and been with the CEO himself it is an amazing experience I would say for a genius like you. All this family is comprised of geniuses by the way.”

“I can see that but even with this I must try to get home.” Dawkins said.

“Hey you don’t need to worry Dawkins a Hamada always keeps his word and Kiah she is the best choice she is always eager to help both people and animals.”

“I don’t say I don’t believe this.”

“By the way watch out for Cass, she might fall in for you.” Said Mohi with sarcasm.

“Fall in for me?” Dawkins asked.

“You will see.” Mochi said just when Dawkins was taken by Kiah to tickle him.

“Hey Aunt Cass I was wondering when you will return home.” Hiro said at his phone.

“I will come back soon dear, I just bought a wonderful tea set can’t wait to use it. I will arrive in 5 minutes.” Cass said.

“Wonderful, by the way Aunt Cass, are you around a pet shop or something like it?” Hiro asked.

“There is one near yes? I thought of buying something for Mochi?”

“Wonderful and could you buy some dog food as well.”

“Sure, but why dog food?” The woman asked confused.

“Let’s just say that we might need it for a dog belonging to someone a puppy to be precise.” Hiro said.

“Sure not problem, I will see what I can buy.” Cass said.

“Wonderful, call me when you arrive. Love you.” Hiro said closing his phone turning to Kiah and his wife playing with the small pup.

“You have to admit that he is very cute.” Said Karmi tickling Dawkins.

“Yes I do admit it.” Hiro said before sneezing again.

“Baymax please throw that box away.”

In the meantime

The Dalmatian family returned home to their house in a short period of time, after opening the door Dylan and dolly started to check if all their brothers were present of course they were only at number 90.

“91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96.” Dolly numbered before realising.

“Dolly why stopping?” Asked Dylan.

“Dude, one is missing.” Dolly said freaking Dylan out.

“WHAT! ONE IS MISSING?” Dylan shouted looking at every young sibling realising then who might be.

“Dawkins is missing!”

“But where on earth would he be? He always comes back together with everyone else.” Dolly said.

“Ah guys I saw where he went.” Diesel said and everyone turned to him.

“Really? Where he is Diesel?” Dylan asked.

“Who?” Asked the pup confused while Dolly slapped her face.

“Dawkins! We are talking about Dawkins, Diesel.”

“Oh yeah, him.” Diesel said.

“So where is Dawkins?” Dylan asked.

“He was taken by a dogcatcher.” Diesel said horrifying Dylan.

“WHAT! But he has a collar at his neck.” Dylan said.

“A box fell on him, on it was said that it is for dogcatchers.” Diesel said.

“So wait Dawkins was taken by a dogcatcher to who knows what part of London. I can’t believe it.” Dylan said.

“Dylan we will find him.” Dolly said.

“Dolly it might take days, and dog knows if we will find him. Do you know what mom and dad would say if they find out” Dylan said.

“I know that bro and don’t worry I have an idea till we find him.” Said Dolly and started to explain.

In the meantime

The Hamadas had played for some time with the little pup till it got a bit tired in a sense Dawkins had enjoyed their company, although he didn’t wanted to be a pet he recognised that he was enjoying the time with them and Mochi the one he liked the most was of course Baymax the robot, it was expected. Of course after they were done with him all went with their business till they heard the door to the apartment opening for an older European woman in her late 40 entered with two bags.

“Hey Aunt Cass, good day of shopping?” Hiro asked.

“Hey travelling for the corporation must have some personal advantages especially for the aunt of the CEO.” Cass said placing the bags down to hug her nephew.

“So is everything fine?”

“Yes Cassandra, by the way have you taken the dog food?” Asked Karmi.

“I did.” She said pulling out a bag full of dog food as well as three cans.

“Yet why did you asked me to buys dog food?”

“Well.” Hiro started.

“What Cassidy done this time?”

“Why I am always blamed?”

“She hasn’t done anything she just found......a friend.” Hiro said smiling.

“What kind of friend?” She asked.

“Well auntie meet Dawkins” Cassidy started showing her the puppy.

“Hello.” Dawkins said with a stressed smile.

“Ooh, what a cute little puppy from where did you came from?” Cass started taking it in her arms.

“He was taken by mistake by dogcatchers; we noticed that he wears a collar.” Karmi said pointing to his neck.

“Ohh, poor little one don’t worry we will get you home.” She said bopping his nose. “You know at least you three have a reason to go outside the house even during holidays now.”

“We know that auntie.” Tadashi said.

“One thing to know is that we found where he lives, in Camden Town where it is also the park where the exhibition is. So it wouldn’t be a problem.” Hiro said.

“And it wouldn’t be a problem staying with us, from what we saw Dawkins has quit a good relationship with Mochi.” Cassidy said.

“Oh wonderful at least my little Mochi will have a friend for a time.” Cass said taking the cat as well. “Still I am thinking if his owner wouldn’t want him back how about we keep him. He would surly like in Japan or back in California in San Fransokyo.”

“Japan or California?!” Dawkins exclaimed with horror.

“That if we wouldn’t find his home Aunt Cass but in other cases we will see.” Hiro said.

“It is only an idea Hiro plus it seems we need someone who could get my grandchildren outside a bit more on one hand and on the other he is just so adorable.” Cass said tickling him on the belly.

“Love in this family is contagious.” Dawkins exclaimed enjoying the affection.

“Well in any case, who wants to eat I shall make my special dish combined with a bit of the French cuisine.” Cass said placing both pets down.

“Cassandra we are in Britain not in France like last year.” Karmi said smiling.

“I know but French style really got me good.” Cass said going to the bathroom to wash her hands before starting.

“Not to mention the other Mediterranean countries.” Hiro said smiling before getting a message on his phone.

“There is something I have to attend to please excuse me it seems there was something at the labs.” Hiro said before his wife got another message.

“You aren’t the only one; we will be back in 10 minutes.” Karmi said and both geniuses exited the door.

“Mochi is your owner like this always? Cassandra I mean.”

“You have no idea Dawkins but don’t worry everything will turn out fine for everyone and by the way I am glad you are not a Mayoi.”


“I will tell you after dinner.” The cat said making the Dalmatian to throb.

“What is it?”

“Sorry I am living in very big family with siblings and step-siblings we are a total of 101 Dalmatian dogs with my mother and Doug my step-father, plus other pups with my natural brother Dylan and my step-sister Dolly been the oldest, in a sense I alongside Dylan and Dolly are the most sensitive siblings who try to control other 96 pups.” Explained Dawkins.

“Wow, there is surly a house full of chaos with so many pups.”

“You have no idea Mochi. Plus I learned to avoid words like dinner, ball, hug, stick and park because you would be buried under a mountain of white fur with black spots once you use one of them.” Dawkins explained before turning to the opened window.

“And speaking of my home I need to do something.” The dog climbed up the bed to the window to use World Wide Woof.

“Dylan, Dolly it’s me, Dawkins I am alright please try to find a way to get me Auuu.” Dawkins started and in the next moment the message was transmitted across London. At the 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan, Dolly and Da Vinci made a puppet that look just like Dawkins, in a sense this was a desperate idea to cover the absence of their brother till they manage to find him.

“Well it doesn’t look too bad.” Da Vinci commented although they knew that this puppet made from an old pillow wouldn’t do the trick for too long.

“Ahh we really must look for him tomorrow.” Dylan commented before hearing the World Wide Woof and it came from none other than their brother.

“Dawkins is that you?” Dylan said going to the window and another woof came.

“You are all right wonderful, but where you are?” Dylan asked before another message came.

“You are in the other side of London.” Another message came.

“Where you are and with whom?!” Dylan asked shocked.

“The new office for Hamada Enterprises in London I am staying with the CEO and his family. But don’t worry, I will be fine however I wish to try to come and pick me up when you can.” Dawkins said before Baymax came.

“Dawkins, it is dangerous to stay on the window, you could fall and inflict lots of damage upon yourself since we are 30 m above the ground.” Said Baymax coming to him and the pup looked below and backed away for a bit.

“Yaah, good to know.” Dawkins said hearing another woof.

“Sorry, but I have to leave I will woof you when I can, I promise.” Dawkins said.

“Wait what is going there?” Dylan asked.

“It is just Baymax.” Dawkins said while the robot took him.

“Don’t worry; I will call you when I can.” Dawkins said holding himself by the window.

“Wait Dawkins who is Baymax.”

“No time now, have to go.” Dawkins said letting go of the window before the robot closed it while on the Dalmatian street Dylan turned to Dolly and the others.

“Well, we know where he is, on the other side of the city at the office of Hamada Enterprises with the CEO of the corporation.” Dylan said.

“Wow Dawkins will surely have a great time.” Dolly said sarcastically.

“And we will try to take him from there, immediately after we make sure mom and dad wouldn’t suspect anything.” Dylan said. Back at the headquarters of Hamada Enterprises the family including Dawkins enjoyed a peaceful dinner without much debates. The calm atmosphere for the small pup was very new to him he in a sense never experienced a dinner where everything would be quiet and calm no chaos around and no things splashed all around, it was new but also enjoying in his view he never was so calm before. Deepak would have been very jealous.

“So the Mayoi were some genetically modified creatures made from fungus that could make them grow to unprecedented proportions?” Dawkins asked after been explained.


“Boy good thing that Big Hero 6 managed to stop them and the one who was making them.” Dawkins said.

“Indeed and do you want to know who their leader was and still is?” Mochi said.

“You know them, how?”

“Take a look at these pictures of them.” Said the cat sowing some pictures of the heroes.

“They evolved a lot.” Dawkins said.

“And now look at this.” Mochi said showing a picture with the heroes with their faces shown.

“I can’t believe it. Hiro Hamada himself.” Dawkins asked.

“How did you lived throw all those adventures with all due respect but you must be very old.”

“Well the memories are but this body is young.”

“Old memories but not the body?” Dawkins asked confused.

“The memories are from the body of an old Mochi who died. I am the same cat but in a new body that of a clone.”

“A clone? They cloned you.”

“This was for Cass of course she might not have bare to lose me.”

“And she knows.”

“She knows about this, but it isn’t bothering her at all on the other paw one can barely be separated from your family.” Mochi said turning to the Hamadas.

“Yeah family.” Dawkins said with a bit of sadness missing his own, looking at them he in a way could make some resemblances to his own, Tadashi and Kiah were like Dylan with the exception that they don’t freak out so easy. Kiah was the main one responsible for her other 2 siblings aside from that they don’t just respect and admire her but also worship her, something Dylan might never get. Tadashi also reminded him of his brother but also of himself plus while Cassidy was a combination of Dizzy and Dee Dee with Dolly mischievous, yet caring. And their parents it was like he was seeing his mother Delilah in Karmi and not so much Doug in Hiro as his natural father.

“What happened?”

“Nothing Mochi it is just that they remind me of my own family in a point of view.” Said the Dalmatian before all the kids were asked to go to sleep, all three complied and Cassidy took the small pup in her arms placing him on her bed.

“You know although we will have to find your real family. I would wish in a sense to be able to keep you.” Cassidy said hugging the pup.

“Although I do admit that I like you all I wouldn’t be able to stay to be honest. Plus Japan or California, I don’t think I can be this far away.” Dawkins said although it was only barking for her, the girl put the small pup down before drifting off to sleep while her mother was looking at them smiling before turning off the light to go to sleep herself. Dawkins although it would have been his bed time as well he wasn’t quit able to sleep since he has to find a way to guide his brothers to get inside he found the mouth of the ventilation docs. He managed to slow the screws in order to get in them but not before taking a rope ball to know a way back.

“Dawkins I told you don’t worry haven’t I?” Mochi asked.

“I know that Mochi but I need to do it.” Dawkins said getting in.

“Well for you in this case try to go straight ahead and then turn right. You might really find something there.” The cat said.

“What exactly?” Asked Dawkins.

“You will see for yourself.” Mochi said and the pup went in.

“I do admit that it might be not a good idea but still. Prospect of Japan I really don’t know.” Dawkins said walking, he in a way took the rote the cat told him it was also the only path he however didn’t noticing that he stepped on a grill that opened.

“Woah.” The pup fell and landed on a soft flammable pillow.

“Now where am I?” Dawkins asked himself looking around him, he was in another room but he couldn’t figure it out in what kind due to the darkness, he eventually noticed a switch nearby the door at the height fit for a human but he could do the next thing. He climbed up on another chair to get to the table and leaned where the switch was.

“Let’s see, what is in this room.” Dawkins said to himself, turning the light on, he turned around and saw what almost made him faint. There were many tables with robotic and physical components all round the place several working tables, a 3 giant whiteboards with 5 markers each everything was full of equipment meant for research and experimentation, many tools circuits, parts and near him was a book shelve. Dawkins on seeing it was totally hypnotised with his jaw dropped before a large smile came to his face.

“I am in paradise.” Dawkins said climbing down before going to the book shelve to take a closer look, in that book shelve there were books about robotics, physics, mechanics, engineering and so on one he didn’t noticed that one book on robotics was left opened and he immediately started to look into it. His previous thoughts of finding a route to tell his brothers to get him out faded away completely into thin air replace by something else.

“I must study and experiment right now.”