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- Summer. 2 years later -


Blinky opened the brown box sitting on his desk. He’d been waiting to open this package all week. Between training Jim, finding the Triumbric Stones and working on his relationship with Aaarrrggghhh, in addition to his ever-expanding research, he didn’t have any time to sit down and just read. 


He awed at the slim and thin device in his hands. It looked like a bigger version of the smartphone he had.


“How curious.”


He read through the instruction manual. Learning how to use the machine and turn it on.


Blinky sat in his recliner, fiddling around with the tablet. In the bottom corner of the tablet, he saw a video message alert.


He tapped it and listened.


“Hey, Blinky, it’s me.  ani. The thing that you see here is called a tablet. And it’s a gift for you. Use it for all your new research or whatever you like.”


“I’m in Brazil on an expedition for three months. And you won’t believe it, but there are creatures and trolls here too. I’ve started a new journal. I’ve sent you some samples of what I’ve been working.”


The messages updated with new message alerts.


“I hope that you’re doing well and Aaarrrggghhh is too. I hope to come back to Arcadia to visit you sometime soon, now that things have calmed down and, he who shall not be named, is no longer in Arcadia. Anyway, I hope training the Trollhunter is going alright. Maybe you guys can visit this place sometime soon. It's really cool.”


“Ms. Sutra, we need you on the site.”


“I gotta go, Blinky, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”


Rani released the record button on her phone and sent the message off. She made her way out of her tent to the warm, and sunny desert that was her expedition sight. Warda rushed out the tent, a cute explorer hat on her head.


“You ready to go exploring, girl?”


They made their way towards the expedition sight.


New scenery. New experiences. New things to explore. Yeah, this was just what the doctor ordered.