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Color Clash, the re-write

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“Hm… sorry Four. We gotta let Three have this one. BUT, if something goes downhill, you’re the first respondent.”
“Yes! Thanks, Marie! I promise I won’t be a let down this time!” Four cheerfully said.
“Oh, quit that nonsense! You’re super good, Agent Four!” Callie chimed in, emerging from the little cabin.

Three emerged from the small cabin right after Callie.

“Looking good, Three!” Four chirped.
“I like the cape, did you do it?” Marie asked.
“I sewed the 3 on the cape!” Callie readjusted the star on her beanie.
Three just hummed. “Well, are you ready?” Marie broke the small silence.
Agent Three nodded once. “Alright, you got your phone fully charged, your headset and we do too! Call us if you need anything, Alright?” Callie slid in.
The rather tall Inkling nodded again, her mantle rippling with scared light blue and happy yellow.
“Aw, don’t be scared! You’ll be fine! Even Cap’n will join you eventually! Well, you gotta save him but still!” Four spoke in a rather excited voice.

Three turned around and super jumped to Mount Nantaï.

“She’s growing up so fast, isn’t she..?” Marie said, wiping a happy tear away.
“Yep” Both the agents say in unison.




Where was he? He couldn’t tell with his failing eyesight and poor lighting. All he saw was… black. A light flickering was the only thing he saw.

Or not.

He focused and noticed a small pink hue not far away from him. He decided to investigate and got up, struggling just a bit. He helped himself up with his old, but sturdy, Bamboozler MK 1. The oldest, originating from the Great Turf War. It’s old, but hey! At least it works! Sheldon got a good look of it and said it was totally still safe to use, so why not use it when the time comes?

He slowly marched near the body emanating pink light. He started to ask himself what that thing was, if it was a thing. For all he knows, it could be an enemy or an Inkling! Or perhaps maybe… Agent Three.

Him and Agent Three were walking in Octo Valley, doing their daily tour.

Suddenly, an Octoling was spotted from Three and she went to investigate it, like the curious Inkling she is.

He didn’t know what the Octoling wanted, but Three didn’t let her guard down. The Octo waved her hands in denial and covered her face with her hands. Three lowered her weapon, as that was a sign of weakness and the other didn’t have a weapon.

Then, the Octoling squeaked and pointed behind Agent Three and then he saw black.

He woke up in the position he was now. He couldn’t wait to reunite with Agent Three.


He kept walking cautiously towards the pink light. As he got closer, the light grew stronger.

Then, he saw movement and quickly moved aside. Turns out it was the light that was moving.

‘That was strange’. He then got even closer and could form out the shape of small, curled tentacles. ‘It must be the bioluminescence of the Octolings!’.

The newly found Octoling groaned and shifted to one side. He could see with the dim light a strange puddle of cyan ink. That… definitely wasn’t theirs…

He poked the limp body, hoping for nothing. Instead, the Cap’n got a yelp and a jump. He’s not going to lie, he got scared too.




~On the bottom of Mount Nantaï~

Climbing is exhausting when you could do a simple superjump, but so she wouldn’t miss anything important on the main road, she decided not to superjump. Besides, she liked a little physical effort from time to time. She’s a very physical person, some even intimated by her stature. She’s tall, straight faced, muscular, and to top it all off, she mostly wears tank tops.

She got that muscular by wielding the Krak-on Splat Roller and the E-liter 3k/ E-liter 4K. Those damn things are heavy. For her to wield one with no sign of struggle is a rare sight. Some ask her to Cary their weapon because it’s too heavy for them.

Besides that, she’s still slim. Not that much, but she has her fair share of self-doubt.

Some people think that her scars are cool or stuff like that. Sure, at first glance it seams cools but when you know the history behind it, you won’t find them as… cool or awesome.

Hiding her agent work from her parents and ex boyfriend was the toughest thing to do when you come back home and your whole ear is torn off. ‘Oh yeah I got hit by a bomb’ did the trick at least.

At that point, she walked over a quarter of the mountain in a bout what, an hour? An exhausting, but short, expedition to wherever she was supposed to go.


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“Calm down, no need to worry!” A man’s voice rose from the darkness.

Her scream still echoed through the dim lit room. She… doesn’t remember much. Not her name, age, past or, especially, location. She wasn’t used to the darkness, so she barely saw anything. The only things she really saw were the figure of an apparent senior man, the bioluminescence of her tentacles, freckles and eyes and the cyan, sanitization ink on her hands and top of her thighs.

She could barely see the outfit she was in; black leather, skin-tight shirt with only one sleeve, same fabric for her very, almost too much, short skirt. Black leather high heeled boots with the metallic grey soles. A few bright safety yellow bracelets and a bracelet thing on her right thigh topped the look off.

She was a bit relieved to see that there weren’t any cuts of any kind on her body. No green oozing out of her body, hands, knees, or any weak spot. Well, at least that was a good sign. She didn’t have anything to help herself with her right now, so she was grateful for not being hurt.

The man spoke after a bit of confused silence.
“Ahoy! Octoling!“
“Up and at em’, ya lazy whiffle-whaffle!”

What was that slang?!

“This fight ain’t over, prepare for a royal whoppin’!”

She was even more confused than when she woke up. She didn’t understand his language, slang, or what was going on!

The man hesitated and looked around.

“And just where is... here... anyway? Last thing I remember, you were battling my protégé, Agent 3, in Octo Canyon, when both of you were suddenly attacked by someone. And somehow we got marooned here... So, uh... hows about we call a temporary truce while we find a way to escape? But where are my manners... I haven't even told you my name! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary New Squidbeak Splatoon! And you are...?”




This was awkward

“ *psst* This is the part where you tell me your name.”

Well what am I supposed to do??

“By kracken... You lost your memory when you hit the ground?! You can't remember anything about yourself? Anything at all?!”

“Most interesting... I noticed you were humming the Calamari Inkantation right before you came to... Could it be? Has this heavenly melody been etched into your very soul?!”


“ …”


“ ......”

“ I'll take your stunned silence as a YES! I've heard tell of Octarians whose souls were etched by those squidtastic grooves... But that was a couple years back, during Agent 3's battle with DJ Octavio. Still... I can't shake the feeling that this is related somehow. In any case, sorry for siccing Agent 3 on you back there. Any fan of the Squid Sisters is a friend of mine! I mean that with all of my hearts. Now dust yourself off and find your land legs. We need to get moving! Let's find a way outta here!”


Sure whatever

She started to walk towards the metro in front of her, her legs still weak.

But, she is trained to withstand pain, so she didn’t complain.




~~in the middle of Mount Nantaï~~


Three was exhausted. All that walking and climbing was energy wiping. She had placed two beacons up to now in case of emergency.

In addition, it was bright and sunny. Black doesn’t go well with sun. Even taking her jacket off didn’t help; her tank top under it was black too.

She still kept walking nonetheless.




~~in the middle of Mount Nantaï..?~~

“Urgh, this thing isn’t working! MARINA!” The Inkling wined.
“Yes, Pearlie?” The Octoling responded almost a second after.
“Fix it.” Pearl commanded.
“You just need to put full batteries in it, sweetie!” Marina said with a short and sweet laugh.

The Inkling pouted while putting the batteries to charge.






The Cap’n and herself were still walking around aimlessly. Pitch dark rooms and agonizing screams echoed through the walls.

She felt like she wanted to shelter from the terrifying screams, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was used to it.

That feeling was weird, annoying and overall strange. Like she shouldn’t be scared or creeped out, but she is.

She just pushed down any thoughts of being hurt or anything being creepy.



Should she be creeped out?




~~Still in the middle of Mount Nantaï…~~


She was still walking. Exhaustion had swoop over her like a literal eagle. She probably shouldn’t have slept only 2 hours last night.

‘Well, you would sleep better if you cured your depression!’ Yeah like that’s an easy solution to her numerous problems.

She stopped and sat on a massive rock at the edge of the small cliff. She could see Octo Canyon in all it’s glory.

She missed Octo Valley. Not that she couldn’t go there anymore, it’s just that it isn’t habited that much anymore. Inkopolis is very quiet most of the time. Three likes to sometimes go on top of the Tower and reminisce about all of the days she was there.

Like that one time where she won a big tournament in first place with her team.

Or the good old King days…

Not that good, let’s be honest.

At least she had some way of covering her identity now. Normal looking appearance, green tentacles instead of bright baby blue and less good looking brand clothing.

Most of those days were training and tournaments, but her fall down was very bitter.

Everyone flipped out when they saw the numerous scars Three got. She didn’t look or feel the same. Her gaze was always towards the ground or sky, and somewhat shy and reserved.

They started to complain that she wasn’t as good as before, that she was distracted and that they wished that Three got removed from her position as a Profreshional Tentatek Turf player. Her license got permanently banned and she was released.

That was probably the lowest point in her life. She still can name herself a Profreshional player, but she doesn’t have the official license. She could get another, but that would cost a lot of money, training and skills that she lost over the years.

Don’t get her wrong, she’s still fit, but not as much as she was before. She can’t run as fast as before and some parts of her body hurt a lot. Like her knees and very sensible ear. Her hands are also so scarred that she needs gloves to work. It’s just sensible and if she falls, it’s gonna cost her a lot.

She just prefers to stick to Turf wars and sometimes go to Ranked battles. Everyone knows her as a literal demon when on the Tower tho, so no one actually want to play with her in Tower control. She’s so defensive that one day, she might push someone off the Tower.


She decided to get up and walk a bit more, since she heard voices and all that nice jazz.


“Pearlie! It’s the last bottle of Octo-cola, let me have it!”
“No, it’s mine!”
And a lot of screaming and laughing.






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“Get down, or I shoot!” Three yells.

“Hey, what the hell?!” 

“You’re not even supposed to be here, it’s private property.” 

“Oh, we’re terribly sorry! We’re gonna go aw-“

“No.” Three cut Marina off.

“W-Why..?” Marina sounded so confused.

“I think you can help me. I know you, Pearl and Marina.”

“And… who are you..?” Marina asked with confusion and curiosity in her tone.

“Please just call me Agent Three or Three. Nothing else.” 

“Whatever, Three. What do you want?!” Pearl got up and challenged the very much taller Inkling. 

“An Octoling And Cap’n Cuttlefish are missing and I’m going to find them.” Three said, looking down and rippling blue in her mantle.

“Well, I did see suspicious men going in the metro next to our booth. Are you insinuating that they… kidnapped them ?!” Marina gasped.

“Well, I don’t think there’s another possibility…” 

“Let’s go save them, boys!” Pearl jumped up from her seat. 



~~~Still somewhere…~~~

Noises are becoming stronger.


More spectral.




More disturbing. 


And to an extent, fazzing in and out of her ears. 


It sounds like a desperate plea for help. 


She just wants to help that poor person trapped in there.


But she can’t. 


She has to save herself first. 


Metallic clicks can be heard. 


Footsteps are growing louder.


Running is echoing through the walls.

The Cap’n is trying to calm her down, but nothing works.


She’s scared to her core.

She hears the running closer and closer


It’s footsteps are big and wide, but she still doesn’t know what it is.

Faster paced thumps echo through the tight tunnel. 


Cap’n is concerned now. She’s on her guard even more. 


Adrenaline is kicking in like a tide. Fast and hard. 


She turns around and-

“Agent Three! Good to see you again!” Cap’n Cuttlefish suddenly says.






“Ah, my friend here was so scared that she thought we were being chased down by a bad guy!” Cap’n gave a quick and short laugh. 

The Inkling looked a bit down and saw her. She looked confused. 

“Meet… uh… she doesn’t… how do I put this.” He stops, then continues. “She doesn’t remember her name.”

The Octoling shook her head.

The other girl gave a quick hum in agreement. She then waved at them to follow her.


“Don’t worry, Agent Three! Any fan of Calamari Inkantation is a friend of mine!” The Cap’n said after a bit of walking in silence.

The Inkling stopped dead in her tracks.

“Calamari Inkantation..?” She slowly said, voicing every word clearly.


Heavy silence settled.


The Octoling nodded slowly.

“Sing it then. Prove you’re not brainwashed. I dare you.” The rather tall Inkling pointed a gun at the Octo’s head.


She starts humming it, chills running down her spine with fear. 


After a while, the Inkling lowered her weapon.

“Sure. If you turn your back against us, you’re gone.”

The Octoling didn’t skip a beat and nodded profusely. 

“Oh come on, Agent Three! She’s harmless, can’t you see?” The Cap’n stood between her and the Inkling. 

“No, I can’t. We can’t trust anybody we don’t know here. And, even then, where is here..?”

They just kept walking. The distant footsteps were still there. She was very concerned if it wasn’t Agent Three.


She tapped the Agent’s shoulder. Apparently, she doesn’t like physical contact because she jumped and turned around as fast as you can say ‘splat’. 

“What do you want?!” Three screamed. 


The Octoling squeaks and curls up in a ball. She doesn’t really know why, she just knows that she doesn’t like screaming. 

She just pointed in her back, pointing at the obvious weird sounds. 


“Ugh, scared of a little sound? Come on, get over yourself.” Three spat at the Octoling, squeezing in a tighter ball of a mess.

“Agent Three, I really agree with her. There is something we should be concerned about.” The Cap’n slid, while the agent burned with rage. 

“Of course, there’s always something to be concerned about. Let’s go.”

“Um…” The Octoling stood up shaking, pointing back.




“Yes, Marie?”

“I… have a strange feeling that Three is in danger. Am I going crazy or not?”

“No, she’s fine!

“Okay, If you say so…”

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Three swooped and grabbed Cap’n Cuttlefish to carry him. She was left behind. 

She tried to catch up, but her legs hurt and she was, in fact, in heels

She could hear the metro behind her, but it was distant. She surely had time to catch up.

Of course, Three being the fit person she is, she got to the end of the tunnel first. She looked back and her dark blue eyes, with the aqua light reflecting from her eyes, shined in the darkness. Just like a cat’s eyes would. 

The Octoling started to cry. Stress and fear caught up to her. 


“Why do I have to fucking do everything here?!” Three yells and the Octo hears running. 

“Eep!” She yelps as Three throws her over her shoulder like a bag. 

“Don’t fucking whine. I’m already helping you more than I should!”


The Octoling just cried even more. She’s pretty sure she’s a crybaby.


When they were at the end of the tunnel, the metro caught up to them. 


She looked around and saw an old telephone, just, there. It was in the middle of the corridor, not a very good placement. 


It suddenly screeched, making the three of them jump. Instead of a scream, a little squeak came out of Agent 3’s mouth. Out of all the three, she was the most surprised. Not because of the phone, but because of what sound came out of her mouth. 


The phone started to speak, but not in octarian. 


Her, not speaking Inkling, didn’t know what he was saying. 


This was going to be a long ride. 


After his bit of rambling, he vomited ? Maybe ejected, or even just gave. Anyway, he gave her a card and a little thing with a joystick and buttons, kind of shaped like a ship. 

“10‘008? Isn’t it kind of long to say?” Three muttered. 

“You know what, I’m going to call you Agent Eight! Do you like it?”

What is he saying. 

She just nods. 

Then, the doors of the metro opened and the trio climbed in. 


She sat down and closed her eyes, letting the feeling of relaxation wash over her. 


Finally, she could sit down and rela-

“Welcome aboard.”


He rambles for a good 5 minutes. She only understood ‘CQ Cumber’ and ‘tests to get to the Promised Land’. 

Whatever, she doesn’t remember anything from her past, but she’s sure she went through some heavy stuff. If she did it back then, she can do it now. 


Fake Plastic Station is the first test she did. It, as the name says, looked like plastic. Iv tubes and bags, needles, fake plastic trees, even the ground; all made of plastic. 

Not very good for the environment, that’s for sure. 


She starts walking forward between all the fake-looking trees. Eerie silence fills the test ‘room’. She doesn’t exactly know how to call the station. 


She sees and hears movement, and before she knows, she gets attacked by Octolings. But, they don’t look natural. They look colour drained, washed out, sanitized. 


She ignores the Cap’n speaking and saves herself. They’re even tougher in Kamabo, huh?

They don’t have the kelp on their glasses, nor the black ink, but they are pretty aggressive. 


This is the whole test, just Octolings attacking her and her splatting them. 


At the end of the test, there’s an objective. It’s a sort of pen, but Eight isn’t sure what it is. 


She’s still not used to her new name. 

She only remembers she loves writing poems, so she wrote one for the little reward she got called a mem cake. 

It’s a little orange Inkling girl with a blue shirt. 

You paint the turf with graceful strokes.


With watchful eye, I breathe a sigh.


From sniper's perch, I go for broke.

She likes the sound of that poem. The rhymes make it a hundred times better. 


“Yo, Marina? Look what this Agent 3 dropped!”

“Looks like it’s some sort of walkie-talkie. Try it out, Pearl!”

“Here goes nothing!”


Eight was just relaxing from her last test, the 

She was sitting next to Cap’n Cuttlefish, Agent 3 on the bench in front of them. 

He had his old timey phone, just right next to him. 

‘Ya weni marei mirekyarahire Juri yu mirekerason Kire hyari yoriherahe nyurahera Nunnyura unera yurawera nyimerani’

“Huh? There’s reception down here, apparently!” The Cap’n quietly took his phone. 

“MIC CHECK, ONE-TWO, WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!” A high-pitched woman’s voice rose. 

“Excuse me?!” The Cap’n said in a shocked tone. 

“Pearl! Didn’t anyone teach you to respect your elders?!” Another woman’s voice arrose, this time much parental like, soft and comforting. 

“Wha-?! Who am I speaking to? State your names!”

“Um, I think I asked you first, dude.” ‘Pearl’ responded with a hint of sass in her voice. “Anyway, I’m Pearl, but you can call me MC.Princess! My deets? I’m short and sweet! I spit that fire, make posers perspire. Stop to my game? I’ll bring the pain! I’m never shook because I’m Off The Hook!” The woman started to inexplicably rap. 

"Oho?! Check it, kid. Are you stepping to me with a rap battle? Mc Craig in the house!" He then, of course, started to rap. "Call me Cap'n Cuttlefish, but not because I cuddle fish. Smooth like butta bet you wish that you could stunt a flow like this!"


They start rapping together. Eight enjoys the little song, but Three was putting her hand on her face in exasperation. Eight sat down a good distance next to Three. 


"OK, you two… That's ENOUGH! Mr. Cuttlefish, was it? We found a radio that 'Agent 3' dropped here and heard your transmissions. We're currently on Mount Nantai. Where are you calling from?" Marina broke the moment they had. 

"Mount Nantai… Why that's near Octo Valley!"

"Agent 8 and I were near there, but someone seems to have taken us deep underground…"

"I see… So you and this… Agent 8 don't know where you are? Sorry to hear that… But worry not! From now on, you all have me, Marina- aka DJ_Hyperfresh, supporting you! Will get to work analyzing your surroundings and hopefully I'll be of some help to you!" 

"I don't really get what's going on, but hang tight. We got you!"

"OK, well… Anyone who loves rapping is a friend of mine. Thanks for your help! We're off to pass some sorta tests and make our way to the promised land! And by 'we', I mean you, Agent 8! Time to get after it!"

The phone screeches and the conversation ends.


Eight started to feel nervous, more than she did in the first test.

Agent 3 absolutely didn't want to assist Eight in her tests. 


Speaking of Three, she absolutely didn’t like Eight. Always giving the cold shoulder, never addressing her as her name and always ‘that one’ or ‘the Octoling’. Eight didn’t mind, she was probably used to it. 

“Now arriving to the Roll Out Station. Please do not leave any of your belongings in the metro.” C.Q Cumber’s voice arose next to Eight. 

She gets up from her seat and walks straight in front of Agent 3, who gives her a suspicious glare. She just gives a faint smile back. 

In this test, she didn’t have a weapon. She, in fact, had a special weapon; the Baller. Interesting, to say the least. 


It’s a timed test, but she has at least a minute to spare in the end. 


She found out she isn’t that good under pressure. 


When Eight came back from doing the entire ‘A’ line, Agent 3 was gone. 

“Don’t worry about them, Agent 8! She went to investigate and snoop around.”


Eight nodded, but she had a guy feeling that something bad was going to happen. 


Three wandered around in the dark alley, just wanting to get some air and actually doing something. Wasn’t really interesting. A couple of wires, enemy ink, dead bodies. 

Dead bodies?!?

Wait, back up.

Three took out her Hero shot. If dead bodies were around, surely someone dangerous was too. The blood and wounds looked fresh, too. 


She kept being on the lookout. The last thing she wants is to die by the enemy. 

At that point, Three should just go back.

But where is back?!?


“Hey, we haven’t see Agent 3 in a while, huh?” Marina asks Eight and Pearl. 

“Hm, must be ok, if she doesn’t call.” Eight can hear Pearl kneeling back in her squeaky chair. 

“I… don’t know if silence is an indicator of life, but I’m still going to try to find her on my map.” Marina opens her laptop. 


Eight tried to push away the feeling that Three was in danger.


Come on, it’s Agent 3 we’re talking about! She’s fine, she’s such a good fighter! 


Good fighter, fit, tall, defensive, arrogant…


Is it normal that her face is pink? 


Does she feel an emotion she doesn’t know..?


It’s admiration, is all. 

Of course! Agent 3 is looked up by many kids! Urban legend or actual hero?

Maybe people wonder, but Eight doesn’t anymore.

Chapter Text

Breathe, Eight. It’s just a little workout. 

Ignore the pain, the blood or anything else. 

Hunger is spiking up. Exhaustion is coming in like the tide. 


She just wants to sleep, coddamit. 


Is that too much to ask..?

Apparently it is. 

Dodge, jump, hit. 


She’s sent into the void once again. She’ll never shake that feeling away. 

The feeling of loss, anger and deceit. 

That empty feeling that you’ll have to restart everything, to throw everything in the trash and never look at it again. 

Test failed.

That one sentence she hates the most in the world. 

You just have to try again until you get it, you just make that one stupid mistake. Don’t do it again. 

She restarts the level. 

Dualies in hand, she charges again. 

Her eyes are closing by themselves. She feels so cold, desperate for warmth. Her outfit doesn’t help in that department. 



She, again, flies in the air. Falling to her doom. 

Ok, that’s enough. 

She respawned and exited the test. She’s way too tired to do anything. At all. 

The doors to the metro open and surprisingly enough, Three was there, kneeling back on the bench with her eyes closed. Cap’n Cuttlefish was there too, looking at Eight with a smile. 

“Hello, young one!” He waved at her. 

She waved back and pointed at the sleeping agent. “Oh, she found her way back. She just wanted to sleep here so nothing bad happened to her while she was asleep.” 

Hm, that’s weird. Knowing Octarians, the exit wouldn’t be so easy to find. But what do I know, right?

“She told me that if you’re tired to sleep next to her, question to not disturb me. Anyway I’m going in the next wagon with CQ. Cumber and Iso Padre just to have a chat. Be nice to each other, ok?” Cap’n Cuttlefish gave her a thumbs up. 

Hm, I wonder why she would let her guard down around me so soon. Considering she hates me… Nevermind that, I’m way too tired to deal with this…

She sat down next to the other. But not too close. About half a meter away. Just to be safe. 

Her eyes shut easily, her legs felt sore, body is slowly slipping…

“Eep! What are you doing?!” Three blurs out. 

“Ah!” Eight’s body bolts straight up. 

“Oh, did you want to sleep?” Three asks, rubbing her eyes. 

Eight nods. “Sure, put your head on my lap. Then you’ll be more comfortable sleeping.”

“Huh?” Eight looked at Three, confused by her change of heart. 

“Just... do it before I change my mind.”

Eight does the order and rests her body sideways, soon following her head resting on the other agent’s lap. 

So sleepy… but I want to continue feeling the warmth and comfort…


It feels so nice and warm. I wonder if I felt that before or is this the first time I’ve felt this way..? Anyway, regardless of first or second time, I want to feel it again in the near future. So comfortable...


This should be weird, considering she hates me, but I don’t think she cares about that when both of us are unable to fight, too tired to even converse. 


Three looks so at peace. I wonder if that’s her true nature or is she just faking it to make me feel safe. What if she kills me in my sleep? Captures me and tortures me until I pass?! 


This thought made her open her eyes. Well, at least try. She could not keep them open. 


I should trust her. It seems she trusts me to not murder her in her sleep. 

Ahh, cold!!

She opened her eyes quickly to find Three’s hand on her waist. Not intentionally, of course, since Three had her eyes closed and quietly snored. 

Eight didn’t complain since the hand quickly got warm. It’s nice to feel comfort from time to time…


When Eight woke up, Three wasn’t there anymore, but the Cap’n was. He looked very well asleep. 

That’s nice, I can do tests without disturbing anyone. It’s probably nighttime at that point. Everyone is asleep. 

She selected the next level. Wassup 8-ball Station.

Didn’t I hear that name somewhere else..?


Nah, it’s nothing. 

She continues. 

The whole level is just pushing the 8-ball on propelled platforms to go places and put the ball at it’s respective place. 


Easy compared to everything else she’s done up to now. 

When she was done with the B line, she decided to go take another nap, since she was exhausted. 

Not surprisingly enough, Three was there, napping. 

Eight sat down, just a little closer from where she was earlier. 


The Inkling didn’t move an inch. She was sound asleep. A strange green flushed over her face, accentuating her many light freckles. 


Eight decided to scoot over just a tiiiny bit. 

Not even a flinch. 

She really was tired after all. 

“Agent Three is a light sleeper. She is awake.” The Cap’n said, whispering. 

Three gave a quick chuckle. “You broke my cover, Cap.”

“I know, that was the point.” It was his turn to laugh. 

“C’mon Eight, Cap is going to let us sleep alone. Huh, Cap?” Three insisted, eyeing the doors very noticeably. 

“Of course. Have a good nap, Agent Eight.”

She gave him a small, weak smile. She was exhausted. Three surely noticed because she squeezed the Octoling closer. 

“You’re tired, sad and confused. You should sleep.”


Not even half way in her sentence, Eight started to cry. Of exhaustion, sadness, confusion, anger and stress. 


“It’s fine, you can cry. I’m not going to stop you.” Eight shifted to be more comfortable on the bench. As comfortable as a metro bench could be. 


“Thinking about that, I always wished someone would do this to me sometimes. You’re probably wondering why the hell an Inkling you don’t even know or trust is letting you sleep on her.”

Eight nodded. “When an Octoling hurt me pretty badly in a mission” Three lifted up her shirt to reveal a huge scar on her stomach. “I was scared and hurt. The Cap'n comforted me by resting my head on his head and stroke my tentacles and cheek. That reassured me so much, it was weird.”

She thinks Three rambled about her childhood, but Eight was too focused on Three’s scar. Her vision on the Inkling changed a 180. 

Hurt, sad, anxious and self-aware Inkling that pushed down many years of bad experiences. Scars that bared infinite stories. 

Her eyes look hurt, but determined to not let that stop her. Hands so messed up they’re not even the same texture all around still brings comfort. 

Ear so torn up it looks like a complete mess. 

Why does Three look so mysterious yet so…



Is that even the word for it? Probably not, but she is. 

“Eight… I’ve been talking for ten minutes and you’ve just been staring at my eyes... Are you… okay? Should I be concerned..?” Three’s face showed that same green apple blush on her face. 

Eight nodded profusely. “Sure… Everyone tells me I have pretty eyes. Did… did you actually get lost in them?!” She looks very confused and flustered. Cute! Some time I wish I could talk Inkling…

I think your eyes are very pretty! Indeed, your physical appearance is very charming and endearing to look at!” Eight didn’t know if Three even understood Octoling, but she gave it a shot. 

“I- ah- th… Thank y-you! I d-didn’t understand h-half of the words b-but I still understood!” Three, If it’s even remotely possible, became even more green in the face. That flustered her. 

But, hopefully, in a good way. 

But, she isn’t wrong. Three’s eyes are pretty. 



Three is literally having a mental stroke or at least a mind fuck. 


Why would someone SO CUTE AND NICE say that to ME of all people!!?????

Anyway, just focus on anything but that. Like how-


Eight is sat on her lap with both her hands squishing Three’s face. She’s looking directly in the other’s eyes. 

When I tell you I almost pushed her off, I’m not lying…

“Wh-What are you doing?!” Three squeals, trying to move the Octoling softly. She doesn’t budge. 

“I like your eyes, is that a crime?” 

“You don’t just grab someone’s face and stare at them!”

“Oh, my bad. I’m sorry!” Eight finally gets off and repositions herself on Three’s lap. 

She brushes it off so quickly!?!?!

This is surely the weirdest week I’ve ever had…

The Octoling weirdly doesn’t fall asleep quickly. She probably has some things on her mind. 

Well, more people are coming in the metro. Odd. 

She tries to shift with Eight on her lap to make some space for the other passengers. She absolutely needs Eight’s help. 

“Eight, can you sleep sitting up, please?”

Eight nodded, making Three let out a relieved sigh. 

Three felt bad for waking up Eight. 

She looks on the verge of either tears or death. Or exhaustion. Or all of those. 


So sleepy… too many people… not enough space…

She can’t push back the sleep anymore. Her eyes are shutting by themselves, her head is constantly falling and her body feels like laying down. 

Yawns after yawns, Three notices Eight struggling to stay awake. 


It’s not that Eight didn’t want to sleep, it’s because Three is going to be disturbed and she didn’t want that. 

What felt like days lasted only an hour. A lot of people got off the metro, giving Eight and Three the space they needed to sleep. 

If only the benches were a tiny bit larger… I can barely fit on here. 

Only if…


Y e s

“Eep! What are you doing?!” Three squeaked, having an Eight curling up on top of her chest. 

“I cannot sleep, pardon me. Can I..?”

“Um… sure, I guess. You’re not that heavy. Just… change in your Octo form when you feel too tired so I don’t choke to death, please.”

Eight already shifts because being warm and comfortable is not very good when you’re sleepy. 

She notices Three trying to put her arm around Eight, but fails to by her shifting. 

You know what? No, I’m not shifting. 

Three squealed again because of the pressure. She changed ideas when Eight gave her final strength to get comfortable. The arm quickly felt distant and her vision became black. 

Finally, I can sleep decently. 


Chapter Text

It took Three a lot of time to fall asleep, considering the WHOLE ASS OCTOLING ASLEEP ON TOP OF HER. 


Anyway, she wasn’t that heavy or disturbing, Three actually liked the warmth of the other, but it was just the fact that she had another person close to her. Too close.


Nobody except the Squid Sisters, Cap’n Cuttlefish and her ‘parents’ were ever that close to her. 


It was a reassuring move for Eight, but that doesn’t mean Three minds it. She doesn’t hate it, but doesn’t like it. It’s just that she wished someone would have done that to her when she was hurt or sad. 


Cap’n Cuttlefish, Callie and Marie did it when she was (and still is) an agent, it’s when she was a child. 


Otherwise, she would’ve never let that child sleep near her. 


Eight seems to enjoy it, that’s what counts. Four would enjoy that, too.


Three missed the older agent. It didn’t appear that she is 18, but who would’ve known. She’s short as hell. Unlike Three, that is 17 and 5’7. 


She enjoys towering over most of the population. Especially Pearl. That’s really fun to look down onto. Does she feel bad? Not even a single bit. 


The only person being taller than her that she knows is Marina. 


Eight is as tall as her, but her heels make her half a head taller than Three. Fuckin heels. 


Also, how does Eight run in that shit??


Three can barely run in normal shoes, nevermind the fucking heels. 

And after talking to herself for what seems like an eternity, she falls asleep of boredom. 


Eight woke up and Three was again, not there. 

Weird, how did she go away without waking me up..?

Anyway, she was a little more rested, but probably just less sore. Her head still hurt and her back hurt. 


Heels don’t help either. 

Line D-7, Targetbuster Station.  


Mustn’t be too hard. 

She was wrong. 

I absolutely hate timed tests, they’re too stressful!!

This test is particularly hard. In 35 seconds, you have to make your way to the end of the short test and break 35 crates. 

  1. Seconds. To. Finish. A. Damn. Test. 

Taking a deep breath, she started the level and went into the tourniquet. 

Dash track, go in octopus form and go through a grate. 


Put your brush in front of you.


Ink your path and break the crates. 


Curling bomb and swim to the bounce pad. 


Jump and go on the inkrail. 

Miss a box. 

“Test failed.”

She explodes. 

The pain that ensued was agonizing. Screaming, crying and lamenting over a single blow up from a bomb she had felt countless times. 

This time however, it hurt more. 

Why? She doesn’t know. 

It hurts

Cod, it hurts. 

Nothing can stop the pain. 

”I WANT MY MOM!!! I WANT ANYONE TO HUG ME AND TELL ME IT’S OKAY!! PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” Eight screamed in Octoling, knowing no-one is going to help her. 

“Do you need assistance, Subject #10’008?” CQ. Cumber asked, looking at Eight having a breakdown.

“Yes, please get me out of here.”

“You fully know I cannot do that.”

“Yeah…. I know.”

“All I can say is good luck, #10’008…” 

She stands back on her feet and wipes away chunky tears rolling on her face. 

She really wants to finish that damned test. 

As fast as possible. 

She shakes her head. 

No. I’m not letting this take over me. Agent 3 toughed more things than me and she survived. I can too!

She passed through the tourniquet once again, hoping to pass the test once and for all. 

Spoiler: she didn’t. 

It took her another half an hour of torture that felt like hours. 

Countless tries. Countless bombs going off. 

Countless agonizing moments of pushing pain away. 

You can do it, Eight!

One last try that might be the one!

Surprisingly enough, it was. 


Eight came in the metro, her back all bloodied up, her legs tired and her hands hurt. She didn’t care. She just wanted to get out as quickly as possible. 

Anything to get out of this hellhole. 

She just had to do the test quicker and she could get out faster. 

As easy as that. 

Of course. 

She noticed Three wasn’t around. 

Hm, probably gone and doing research again. 

Another 8-ball test. Great. 

Suffering never ends. 


She had done more tests to advance a bit in her quest to the surface. Cap’n Cuttlefish told her it had been about 2 days and a half they were trapped down here. 

Not very long but it felt like years. 

In all those days, she never even ate, drank or slept (had a good and deep sleep).

She felt wiped out. How can she even survive in these conditions?!

Maybe her body was used to that, maybe it just held on… Survival is in all of them, after all. 

She had done about 50 tests, which means there were maybe 30 tests left to do. 2 thangs found and close to getting a third one. Agent 3 still nowhere to be found. 

She was starting to get worried about the agent. She didn’t know what horrors could manifest down here. Even Eight didn’t know. 


It had been about 2 days that she was stuck down here, about on her third day. 

It’s long and hard. She can barely relax. Her muscles are so stiff she might be in stone. When she gets out, she totally deserves a year off. 

She had started the Poppin’ Fresh Station test. Protect the orb with a canon. Easy, it’s not even with a simple weapon!

It’s, again, a timed challenge. 1 minute to protect the orb from enemy attacks. 

Eight still hates timed tests. They’re too stressful and demanding. She doesn’t like it and she won’t do them again. 

But, does it look that she has a choice..?


Ok, now Agent 3 was lost. The last time she did get lost, she just found her way out naturally. But now she couldn’t. 


It had been at least an hour or two at that point. Every door led to cul-de-sacs, every hallway never ended and every passageway led to nowhere.


There wasn’t any reception down here either. She couldn’t call anyone for help. 


She was just wondering in the long dark hallways.


At least she had a weapon. That’s always good when you’re alone and lost in a facility that could take your body and torture you for hours on end. 


She just needs to not think about the horrors that are down that rabbit hole. 

She walks past some huge green tubes. Some fuzzy figures are inside. They appear to be…








Also, Eight could…



Three continued to walk down the seemingly short hallway. It seemed like it was extending for some reason. 


She must be imagining it. That can’t be real, right?


After a good 10 minutes, she counted at least around 50 test tubes. Which means, 50 Octolings trapped in there. 


She walks fully down the hallway and sees a button. 

Well, when life gives you a button, press it.

She does and….

Nothing happens. 

Except all the sirens going off. 


Three was in panic mode and defense mode now. Every door was untouched. It seems they’re going to come in a while. Maybe this area isn’t really guarded?

No that would be improbable. It’s a cloning facility for crying out loud!


She slowly walks back in the hallway she was in a moment ago. 

I’m going to try to come back on my footsteps, see where it leads me. 


It had been at least 4 hours since she started getting lost. 


She says at least because that’s what it felt like. It could’ve very well been 6 or 10 hours. 


Everything felt dangerous, trapped or insecure. You never knew where traps were, if there were enemies coming or even when the floor would give out under you. 

It was truly nerve wracking. 

She met a couple of stairs, elevators and ladders. Going up may not be the best solution, but if she hears noise under her, she can bust down and splat them all. 


Which is, if she even survives the fall or even survives that long. 

Her legs are getting tired. She just wants to lay in her (not so) comfortable bed and just sleep for a week straight. 


Also, this place probably has like, loads of diseases that Three can catch. Sure, if she saves one person from that hell hole, she’s gonna be happy. The thing is, when she gets sick, she gets sick. 


Eight is probably immune to them since she’s already exposed to it, but she must at least catch something. This place is full of sanitization stuff, so it must be sterile, but you can never be too sure about those Octarians. 

Also, her plan earlier of backtracking didn‘t work. 

She just got even more lost.