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Color Clash, the re-write

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“Hm… sorry Four. We gotta let Three have this one. BUT, if something goes downhill, you’re the first respondent.”
“Yes! Thanks, Marie! I promise I won’t be a let down this time!” Four cheerfully said.
“Oh, quit that nonsense! You’re super good, Agent Four!” Callie chimed in, emerging from the little cabin.

Three emerged from the small cabin right after Callie.

“Looking good, Three!” Four chirped.
“I like the cape, did you do it?” Marie asked.
“I sewed the 3 on the cape!” Callie readjusted the star on her beanie.
Three just hummed. “Well, are you ready?” Marie broke the small silence.
Agent Three nodded once. “Alright, you got your phone fully charged, your headset and we do too! Call us if you need anything, Alright?” Callie slid in.
The rather tall Inkling nodded again, her mantle rippling with scared light blue and happy yellow.
“Aw, don’t be scared! You’ll be fine! Even Cap’n will join you eventually! Well, you gotta save him but still!” Four spoke in a rather excited voice.

Three turned around and super jumped to Mount Nantaï.

“She’s growing up so fast, isn’t she..?” Marie said, wiping a happy tear away.
“Yep” Both the agents say in unison.




Where was he? He couldn’t tell with his failing eyesight and poor lighting. All he saw was… black. A light flickering was the only thing he saw.

Or not.

He focused and noticed a small pink hue not far away from him. He decided to investigate and got up, struggling just a bit. He helped himself up with his old, but sturdy, Bamboozler MK 1. The oldest, originating from the Great Turf War. It’s old, but hey! At least it works! Sheldon got a good look of it and said it was totally still safe to use, so why not use it when the time comes?

He slowly marched near the body emanating pink light. He started to ask himself what that thing was, if it was a thing. For all he knows, it could be an enemy or an Inkling! Or perhaps maybe… Agent Three.

Him and Agent Three were walking in Octo Valley, doing their daily tour.

Suddenly, an Octoling was spotted from Three and she went to investigate it, like the curious Inkling she is.

He didn’t know what the Octoling wanted, but Three didn’t let her guard down. The Octo waved her hands in denial and covered her face with her hands. Three lowered her weapon, as that was a sign of weakness and the other didn’t have a weapon.

Then, the Octoling squeaked and pointed behind Agent Three and then he saw black.

He woke up in the position he was now. He couldn’t wait to reunite with Agent Three.


He kept walking cautiously towards the pink light. As he got closer, the light grew stronger.

Then, he saw movement and quickly moved aside. Turns out it was the light that was moving.

‘That was strange’. He then got even closer and could form out the shape of small, curled tentacles. ‘It must be the bioluminescence of the Octolings!’.

The newly found Octoling groaned and shifted to one side. He could see with the dim light a strange puddle of cyan ink. That… definitely wasn’t theirs…

He poked the limp body, hoping for nothing. Instead, the Cap’n got a yelp and a jump. He’s not going to lie, he got scared too.




~On the bottom of Mount Nantaï~

Climbing is exhausting when you could do a simple superjump, but so she wouldn’t miss anything important on the main road, she decided not to superjump. Besides, she liked a little physical effort from time to time. She’s a very physical person, some even intimated by her stature. She’s tall, straight faced, muscular, and to top it all off, she mostly wears tank tops.

She got that muscular by wielding the Krak-on Splat Roller and the E-liter 3k/ E-liter 4K. Those damn things are heavy. For her to wield one with no sign of struggle is a rare sight. Some ask her to Cary their weapon because it’s too heavy for them.

Besides that, she’s still slim. Not that much, but she has her fair share of self-doubt.

Some people think that her scars are cool or stuff like that. Sure, at first glance it seams cools but when you know the history behind it, you won’t find them as… cool or awesome.

Hiding her agent work from her parents and ex boyfriend was the toughest thing to do when you come back home and your whole ear is torn off. ‘Oh yeah I got hit by a bomb’ did the trick at least.

At that point, she walked over a quarter of the mountain in a bout what, an hour? An exhausting, but short, expedition to wherever she was supposed to go.