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  • Pod_Together 2019 (pod_together2019) by klb, paraka, Shmaylor

    pod together icon - headphones surrounding a pile of CD cases sitting on a pile of books

    24 May 2020


    Welcome to Pod Together, a challenge where writers and podficcers create together—the writer writing something specifically intended for audio, and the podficcer creating the audio version.

    (Open, Unmoderated, Unrevealed)

  • Pod_Together BIPOC Character Love (Pod_Together_BIPOC_Character_Love) by Shmaylor, paraka, klb

    A stick figure with headphones and a stick figure holding a pen high-fiving. The background is black and the figures are in sparkly green and yellow

    24 Aug 2020


    A subcollection for Pod_Together projects featuring BIPOC characters.

    This subcollection comes from continued discussions within the Pod_Together Discord, including podficcers of color, and among the mods about how to boost and celebrate works about BIPOC characters and encourage more of them within the bounds of our challenge. We know that the larger context of fandom is that stories about BIPOC characters often get overlooked in favor of stories about white characters. In affirming our commitment to stories about characters of color, our hope is that the existence of this subcollection gives participants support in thinking intentionally about BIPOC representation within their stories, gives BIPOC readers and listeners greater access to stories with characters that look like them, and allows the stories that do have this representation to have an extra spotlight and receive extra love and attention!

    (Open, Unmoderated)