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The Perfect Third

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Levi huffed in annoyance, glaring at the two tall fucks in front of him. In line at the airport, waiting to get his bags checked, and he's stuck behind two lovey-dovey blondes? Grossly lovey-dovey, to the point that the bigger one kept groping the other's ass. It's so public, so gross...and Levi's jealous. Because he's recently single, having dumped his boyfriend after he tried to propose like an idiot. Now, here he was, flying back to France after visiting Eren in Germany. A fucking waste of money, he now realized. 


Back to the men before him; the tall, handsome, fucking built men. They continuously groped, kissed, the taller gripping the other's ass. They had no regard for anyone around them, didn't even seem to remember they were in a fucking airport. But Levi glared at their backs, rolled his eyes when they became especially gross. Finally, it's their turn to have their bags checked. Giants one and two went first, and when the slightly shorter one offered Levi a bright smile, he only glared back. His bag was placed up, removing his laptop and cellphone from inside. Shoes kicked off, he stepped through the overhead metal detector. It went off, and he huffed- because he'd forgotten his eyebrow and ear piercings. So now, he had to endure the hand-pat down of the German man in uniform. When he boredly stared ahead, he noticed the two blondes gathering their things, but the shorter one was eyeing him that way. The fuck? Wasn’t he with the big guy?? Levi glared in annoyance once again. And when he's done being felt up by the TSA man, he grabbed his shit and stuffed them into their designated spots. Slipping on his loafers and sliding on his cross-body bag, he grabbed his suitcase and stormed past the staring idiots to find his gate. 


Finally, he arrived at his gate with about an hour and a half to spare. He plopped in a chair, sighing deeply and running a hand through his dark hair. Flying was a damn pain in the ass. Boring, too many people, and so fucking dirty. Levi pulled out his hand sanitizer, spritzing some on his hands and rubbing it in. He put in his earbuds, crossed his arms, and slumped into his chair to await his plane home. 


Boredly, his silver eyes flicked around to watch the airport commotion. Some people sprinting to catch connecting flights, people grabbing food, kids being idiotic and nearly getting run over... And then in his line of sight, he spotted them. The same motherfucking blondes from the TSA line. They walked closer, each with a cup of coffee and a suitcase trailing behind them. And Levi got to truly admire their bodies. Their huge, muscular, fucking toned... What is he thinking? He really is sex deprived. The shorter blonde, blue eyes- wore a form-fitting suit. It matched his perfectly gelled hair, the prim and proper look to him. The other guy, whose eyes were more of a pale color- looked so messy compared to his partner. Long, messy hair, scruffy facial hair, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, and basic jeans. It's a vast difference, and it's interesting to see. 


Much to Levi's dismay, the two men approached the same gate as he was currently sitting at. They glanced at him with expressions of amusement, which only served to irritate Levi- a fresh glare pinning on them. The men sat down across from him, and he mentally cursed. They had to be fucking with him by now, sitting directly across from him when he was clearly not a fan. The shorter man gave a bright smile, which Levi ignored- glancing at his phone instead. For a while he stared pointedly at his phone, but eventually curiosity overcame him- and his eyes lifted to a sight he wished he didn't look at. Big guy- the taller blonde, had his hand placed on the shorter's inner thigh, squeezing and rubbing sensually. Meanwhile, he nipped and kissed at his neck- eyes meandering to lock onto Levi's. The scruffy guy smirked, biting down onto the other's neck and eliciting a gasp and deep chuckle. Levi then realized he was staring, eyes wide as he quickly looked away- cheeks red. "Get a fucking room, horny bastards." He grumbled in French under his breath. Another deep chuckle. 


"Ah, of course. Would you like to join, beautiful?" That deep, sensual voice hummed in response. It shocked Levi, and his head whipped up, eyes wide, mouth open in shock. He glanced between the two- who were pointedly staring at him. Were they not joking?? 


"You scared him, look how he's practically shaking." The other, the bigger one huffed- in German this time. 


"I'm not shaking." Levi half-growled, glaring again. A smirk spread over tall-guy's face. 


"Oh, he's fiesty. I would love to wipe that glare off his face and replace it with...extreme bliss." Blue eyes hummed, licking his lips. Levi suddenly found himself in a very strange position. Were these men really offering a...threesome? With him? 


"If you're fucking with me, it's not funny." Levi huffed, rolling his eyes and returning to his phone. 


"We are not, lovely. Don't tell me you're not interested?" Blue eyes hummed in French this time, letting Levi know that- just like him- he was bilingual, if not more than that. Levi swallowed thickly, eyes darting between them. He whispered something to his taller partner, who untangled himself from his lover. Then, blue eyes himself stood and crossed the short distance to take a seat beside a tense Levi. "Come now, don't be afraid. You look like a man who can take some cock nice and deep into that small body." He purred into Levi's ear, drawing a shudder up his spine. 


"You must have a fucking size kink or some shit. Pervert." Levi mumbled, cheeks turning red against his wishes. Another deep chuckle, so sexy Levi could feel his body vibrate with sexual tension. 


"I suppose you could say that. You could also say I enjoy making little thugs into obedient sluts." The man hummed casually, as if he weren't talking about wanting to fuck a complete stranger. Levi clenched and unclenched his jaw. His body was screaming 'hell yes', while his mind told him he would be murdered and found in a ditch. 


"He's afraid. You came on too strong." The taller man once again commented. 


"Will you stop saying I'm fucking afraid!" Levi snarled, glaring at the man. The one beside him lightly tangled a hand into his hair and pulled- just enough to get his attention. It made Levi's breath hitch.


"I'm willing to bet you like it rough. But everyone treats you like glass that might break, because you're a twink. We won't do that. We'll fuck you until you can't walk or think at all. Mike is a champ at eating ass, and he's been riled up since catching your scent in the security line." He hummed right into his ear, hot breath fanning over Levi's skin and... 


"Fuck." He gasped, shuddering full body- his cock giving a very obvious twitch in his skinny jeans. 


"Well, I'll be damned. You were right." The taller man huffed in amusement, leaning back, spreading his powerful thighs- which Levi finds himself wanting to kneel between. He's practically drooling, licking his lips absentmindedly. 


"Ah. That's much better. My name is Erwin. The beast in front of you is my husband, Mike. We're polyamorous. Do you know what that means?" Erwin questioned, and Levi shook his head dumbly. "It means we consensually agree to have relations with others... We do not believe in blind monogamy. Therefore, if you agree, we would love to have sexual relations with you. Both of us." The realization hit, and Levi was stunned. He'd heard of it, but never met anyone who practiced. 


"Okay...yeah. If it's all agreed on." Levi mumbled, swallowing again, because it's a very surprising turn of events for his 'boring' flight home. 


"Your name?" Erwin prompted, still in his ear, and fuck- a tongue runs along the shell. 


"Jesus fucking christ- it's Levi." He gasped out, shifting away before he got a fucking hard-on at the gate to his flight. Their flight. The fuckers will be on board with him. 


"Levi~ lovely. Isn't that lovely, darling?" Erwin hummed, yanking Levi right back to his side with ease. And fuck, he's so strong and able to manhandle him. 


"Very lovely. Such a cute voice, but such vulgar language." Mike commented, looking quite amused and...lustful. He's staring at Levi like he wants to eat him up. And he does, clearly. 


"Ah, you're right. Those words don't belong out of such a pretty boy. I'll tell you what; that one is a freebie. From now on, I'll keep count of your curses until we get off the plane... And we'll have a little punishment to go with how bad you are. Do you accept these terms, Levi?" Erwin hummed, all stern and dominating. It makes Levi's body tremble with want. 


"...yes, I accept." He breathed out, because fuck he couldn’t help it! He wanted it, he wanted them


"Good boy, so good. It's agreed then." From then on, they discussed arrangements. Levi's flat was two hours from the airport, while their hotel was only a half-hour drive. He had nowhere to be, no one to go home to. It's just him. Why not spend some of that lonely time getting fucked? As it turns out, Erwin was in Paris for business- which began that Monday (two days away). Mike simply accompanied him for the two weeks, as he was between construction jobs and had many vacation days to take. While they talked, Erwin continued to hum in his ear, hand sliding down his back to caress. Eventually, Mike moved to sit next to him as well. His large hand rested on Levi's thigh, making him squirm with desire. It didn't move up or down, just squeezed and sat there- warm and fucking big. They were trying to kill him. 


Soon enough, the time for their flight was approaching. Mike's hand began to move higher, rubbing along Levi's inner thigh. He softly panted and squirmed, spreading his legs- until Erwin pushed them closed and whispered a firm instruction in his ear. "Stay still. You look like a slut already, half-hard in your skinny jeans." He tsked in a deep, lustful voice. Fuck. At least during the flight he would have a rest- as Erwin and Mike were first class-business, and he was simply cheap economy. After a bit, Erwin excused himself and walked up to talk to the front desk. They chatted, the blonde clearly charming her pants off as she giggled and blushed. 


"He's smooth, isn't he? Fucker can charm anyone." Mike commented, hand becoming braver as it lightly wandered up and brushed over Levi's crotch to make him gasp and almost whine. "Ah ah, calm down." He tsked in amusement. 


"Then stop fucking teasing me." Levi hissed, gasping at the hard squeeze to his thigh. 


"That's one~" Fuck. He nearly forgot the stupid fucking game. Erwin approached again, holding out his hand. 


"May I see your ticket, please, Levi?" He asked, and Levi's brows furrowed. 


"Why?" He mumbled, digging it out and handing it over. 


"Because I'm changing your seat." Then he was turning, heading back over and leaving him dumbfounded. 


"...he isn't serious, is he?" Levi asked, glancing at a smirking Mike. That look told him, Erwin was completely serious. When he returned again, the ticket read 'First-class upgrade'. "What the fuck? Why did you do that?" Levi scoffed, gasping at the harsh squeeze again. 


"Two." Mike hummed. 


"Because I want you right next to us. I want to tease you the entire flight." Erwin stated, as if it were nothing at all. These men were truly going to kill him. 








Finally, boarding was beginning- and Levi was trying to hide a very obvious erection. He was sandwiched between two huge men as they boarded, getting his ID checked and being escorted to first fucking class. Levi had never ridden first class in his life. It was so...spacious. The seats were like chairs. Each seat even had it's own privacy curtain which...did not bode well for the teasing. Levi wasn't even allowed to carry his own suitcase- Mike hauled it up along with his own. They were all neatly stored above, even his laptop bag was neatly arranged. The three seats were together, Levi plopped right between the two muscle men. He couldn't even say he hated it, because he didn't. 


Before long, everyone buckled up, safety instructions being went over- and their flight was departing. The first ten minutes were calm, but once those seatbelt signs went off... Erwin politely asked that they not be disturbed and closed the privacy curtains. "Why did you- oh..." Levi breathed out, being cut off by a pair of lips- Erwin's- attaching to his neck. Sucking and nipping, exploring the sensitive skin. Meanwhile, Mike's giant hand was back on his thigh. It slid up, slowly. Levi panted, squirmed and bit back whines. It was torturous, it was delicious, it was fucking addicting. 


"Do you want it?" Mike asked in his ear, a half-growl that made him softly groan. 


"Yeah, yeah I want it. Come on." Levi panted, rutted his hips up. It was fucking amazing when that hand finally, finally slid up to grope his cock. It squeezed, massaged and rubbed. Levi's moan was only quieted by Erwin's hand over his mouth. They worked in sync, the two perverts. 


"God, he's so hard Erwin. Ya gotta feel this." Mike half groaned, removing his hand just for Erwin's to take over. 


"Oh my, quite hard indeed. It's been a while, hm, kitten?" Erwin chuckled, biting a bit harder on his neck. Levi stifled another groan, thrusting his hips up for more contact. 


"He's a greedy little shit." Mike chuckled, taking over once again. His fingers were so big and long, making Levi see stars from how good it felt. And then his jeans were popped open. Fingers unzipped and slid in. "Fuckin tight little pants..." He grumbled, both hands suddenly yanking them down. 


"We're on a fucking public plane!" Levi hissed quietly, eyes wide. 


"Three. And yes, we're aware, darling. I've also tipped the flight attendant to not hear or see a thing. You underestimate me." Erwin commented, kissing Levi's cheek delicately. They were burning, his cheeks, as his skinny jeans were yanked off to reveal tight, black briefs. 


"Better." Mike huffed, huge hand slipping inside to let fingers lightly trace over his length. Levi keened, rutting his hips up and groaning against Erwin's returned hand. "Damn, how long since you got off? You're like a cat in heat." 


"Oh fuck off." Levi growled, yelping at the tug on his hair. 


"Four. Your punishment is really getting worse now. A shame." Erwin sighed, and Levi felt like he might actually go insane. He was so horny it hurt! "Maybe we should stop, seeing as he can't behave..."


"No! No, please? I'll be good. I'll be good." Levi rambled out, a whining and needy sound. 


"Fuck." Mike growled, fingers wrapping around Levi's length and stroking quickly. The reaction was immediate, the raven jolted and moaned into the hand, eyes squeezed shut. Fuck, that big hand felt so good, squeezing and stroking. Mike retracted his hand briefly, enough to make Levi whine, and spit on it- which normally would have appalled him. But now? It just meant smoother strokes. The feeling when that hand returned was even better. Erwin pushed down his underwear to his thighs, giving Mike more room and access. The man expertly stroked him, rubbing his tip and stimulating him just right. It didn't take much longer, and Levi was getting close. 


"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum- I'm gonna... I'm gonna-" He rambled out, voice desperate, body arching...and it was harshly stopped, a firm hand squeezing his base and stopping all stimulation. Levi's sob was music to their ears. "No! No no no fuck, please? Please???" He begged shamelessly, earning him deep chuckles of amusement. 


"You want to orgasm on an airplane? That's filthy. Not to mention, we're now up to six..." Erwin sighed in fake disappointment. 


"B-but I! I need it- I need it please?" Levi pleaded, a needy whiny little voice that had Mike growling under his breath. 


"I want to fucking wreck him." He snarled, sounding every bit the animal that he was. 


"I know you do, but you need to wait, darling." Erwin chuckled, watching the two with extreme amusement. "I'll make you a deal. I'll let you cum now...but later on, you have to wait until I allow it. No matter how long that is. Deal?" It felt like making a deal with the devil himself, but Levi didn't even think twice. 


"Yes! Yes- thank you. Thank- oh." He gasped, because Erwin had leaned down and swallowed Levi's cock whole. Right to the base, sucking and swirling that tongue like a fucking expert. Levi practically mewled, Mike's hand now keeping him quiet. He panted, tugging Erwin's blonde hair as he bobbed his head quickly. With the way that tongue stroked, and how he swallowed around him- Levi was all too quick to buck his hips and cum. He moaned, shuddering and crying out against the hand. It had to be the best orgasm he'd had in years. If not ever. Erwin sucked him dry before grabbing Mike and- disgustingly- kissing him to share his seed between them. They both moaned, passionately kissing and lightly groping one-another. Levi, meanwhile, yanked up his briefs and skinny jeans. He was still panting, now needing a rest while those two made out. 


He hadn't realized he'd fallen asleep until he was woken by Erwin- gently shaking his shoulder. "Sit up and buckle up, baby. We'll be landing soon. Levi sleepily sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawning. 


"He's so fucking cute when he's not cursing." Mike chuckled, buckling himself up. They both seemed pretty lazy, telling Levi they probably sucked Each other off or something. While he woke, he buckled up and sat still, ignoring the comment Mike made. Nothing about him was cute, that was obvious to him. The plane landed with no problems, and they were the first to get off- another perk of first class, apparently. Once again, the larger men insisted on taking his bags, Erwin instructing him to take his arm and stay close. It was clear to Levi, that Erwin enjoyed being in charge- taking care of someone and instructing them through life. It had always been something Levi craved- to be led through this insanity of life. Unfortunately, it was pretty unrealistic...until now. What if Levi could convince these men to continue sleeping with him? To maybe more than sexual partners? As doubtful as that was, it was worth a try. First step, however, please them sexually. 


And so Levi followed them, clinging to Erwin's arm all the while. An act that brought a gentle smile to the man's face. Mike hailed a cab, helped the driver load up their bags, and Once again Levi was sandwiched between two large men. Men that he had become increasingly comfortable with, extremely fast. While the driver made way for whatever fancy-ass hotel they were staying at, Levi had two hands placed on his thighs. They were only caressing, and after having an orgasm- he didn't feel as panicked about popping a boner so soon. The ride wasn't too long, and before they knew it, the cab had arrived at the hotel. It was far fancier and bigger than any place Levi had ever stayed at. He couldn't help but stare in awe. These men probably had more money in their pocket than he did in the bank. 


A concierge came over with a luggage trolley, helping to load and escort their items up. Levi was tucked close to Mike's side as they headed to the front desk to check-in. The lady there, who looked like a snobby bitch to Levi, smiled fakely. "Welcome to the Sina Hotel, Sirs." An annoying fake tone to her voice. 


"Hello, checking in. Smith." Erwin curtly stated, handing over his identification card. Then came the overly friendly, 'Ah, Mister Smith! Blah blah- so lovely to see you- blah blah.' Levi rolled his eyes and tuned it out. 


"Ya know, I never do well with people or talking." Mike whispered in his ear. "Erwin's much better at it." Levi nodded in agreement to that. 


"I'm not good at being nice." He mumbled back, making Mike chuckle. 


"No shit." Once they were checked in, Erwin led them to the elevators, and up to the room. Rooms. The fucking place was huge! There were two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchenette, dining and living room. In a hotel. 


"What the fuck kind of place is this?" Levi breathed out, wandering around as the men unloaded their things. He spotted Erwin generously tipping the man before sending him off. 


"That's seven, wow. You're quite bad at this." Mike chuckled, sliding up behind Levi to grope his ass and mouth at his neck. 


"But to answer your question, it's a place for rich men who enjoy living comfortably." Erwin hummed with a small, arrogant smirk. 


"Ah, my bad. I guess I'm not used to staying at places that are literally bigger than my fucking flat." Levi scoffed. "Yeah, I know. Eight." He mumbled, feeling a bit insecure about his own social standard compared to these men. The two exchanged a silent glance, and Mike's efforts became increased. His hips pushed against Levi's ass, grinding slowly. Mouth sucking at his pale neck, leaving very purposeful marks on the skin. 


"You have a lovely body, Levi." Erwin hummed, sliding off his suit jacket first- then slowly removing his tie. He was teasing him, Levi realized- surely knowing how badly Levi wanted to see his body. Mike nibbled on a truly sensitive area just below Levi's ear, at the same time Erwin began unbuttoning his shirt- revealing a broad and smooth chest. The combination made him full-out whimper, Erwin stepping closer, but just when Levi reached out to touch, Mike gripped both wrists and held them captive. Erwin continued slowly revealing skin, and Levi could feel Mike hardening on his lower back (Because the fucker was that tall). 


"That's really unfair of you to say right now." Levi groaned, staring at the pectorals coming into view...and oh, fuck- of course he had a six-pack. The shirt was shrugged off, and Levi literally moaned. Broad, muscular shoulders, thick and strong arms... He shifted forwards, but Mike held him tight. 


"Isn't he fucking hot? Look at him...all smooth and big. Does it turn you on?" Mike purred in his ear, nibbling on the lobe. 


"Yeah-" Levi whined, grinding back against Mike's cock nice and firmly. The resulting groan was beautiful. 


"Ah, that's a good boy." The deep, gruff tone to Mike's voice made Levi shudder in his hold. Erwin popped open the button on his slacks, moving towards Levi with hunger in his eyes. It had him panting, squirming and licking his lips. 


"What do you want, Levi?" Erwin hummed, leaning into his other ear. Fuck, he felt nearly delirious with sexual desire. Two hot men, sandwiching him in, talking dirty like that, Levi could die a happy man right now. Roughly, Erwin's hand gripped Levi's chin, eliciting a sharp gasp. "I asked you a question, boy." He reminded, voice soft- but a menacing undertone. 


"I-I want you... I want to touch you." Levi rambled out, eyes glazed over with lust. Mind-consuming, desperate lust. "Please?" He added, because it just felt appropriate. Mike thrusted his hips roughly against him with a groan, a desperate, needy groan. Erwin smirked, tracing Levi's lips with his thumb. And so, Levi sucked it into his mouth- and moaned around it. Licked it, sucked it, even nibbled lightly. Erwin's eyes darkened to a deep blue, and he nodded once. Levi's wrists were free, and immediately he placed them on Erwin's abdomen, clawing lightly. A soft moan escaped the raven, basking in the feel of tight muscle against his hands. Mikes hands were on Levi's hips, digging in as he grinded over and over again against his body. 


"Wanna fuck him so bad, Erwin. Come on, come on... Let me." Mike growled- and Levi had a shocking realization, that Erwin was controlling this scenario. 


"Ah, not yet, darling. First we have to unpack, and allow our guest some time to get clean. It's the least we can do, after all." The blonde hummed, and Mike released his hold on Levi- stepping back and mumbling curses under his breath. Erwin stepped away too, leaving Levi to wonder what the fuck just happened. "Feel free to use the guest room and bathroom. Oh- and Levi... You may want to make sure that ass is nice and clean. Mike enjoys licking." Erwin whispered the last part into his ear, and Levi bit his lip to suppress a groan. Mike was already carrying his things to the guest room, giving one last grunt and grope to his ass before walking out. Levi shut the door, groaning to himself. After a few calming breaths, he began to get out what he'd need. All his shower supplies, his razor for one last shave- and his dildo... Because he could tell their dicks would tear him apart without some much needed prep. 









By the end of his shower, Levi was clean everywhere. Everywhere. He was prepped enough to not hurt from a few fingers, and he pulled on some lacy black panties underneath his robe. There was no point in getting fully dressed, not if they were about to fuck anyway. When he emerged from his room, the first thing he spotted was Mike lounging on the couch in nothing but cotton pants and socks. He halted, mouth-watering at the sight. He truly was a beast...huge, hairy, bulging muscles and trimmed happy trail. Hair on his chest, abs, underarms- fuck, he was such an animal of a man. When he finally glanced up, he smirked in an almost lazy way. "Hey, baby." Already, the man was so casual with pet names- it made Levi's cheeks redden. 


"Where's Erwin?" The raven asked, awkwardly fidgeting with his robe. When it was all hot and sexy, he didn't feel nervous. No, now he did- because this domestic shit didn't go well with him. The aforementioned blonde popped in soon after, a bottle of wine and three glasses delicately being balanced. "Wine..?" Levi snickered, earning him a half-glare from blue eyes. 


"Wine is lovely. One glass, just to relax you a little." Erwin tsked, pouring them each a bit to drink. Levi debated, mentally, where he should sit- till Mike gestured him closer and patted his knee. 


"You want me to sit on your lap?" He snorted, walking over nonetheless. He remained standing, picked up the wine, and chugged it in one go. Erwin raised a brow, amused, and shrugged to Mike. The largest of them plucked Levi's glass from his hand, sat it down, then roughly yanked Levi over his knee. Like a child. The raven's face lit up red immediately. "What the fuck are you doing?" He gasped out, embarrassed. 


"Well, you keep using such disgusting, filthy language. So it's only right your punishment be degrading and patronizing- don't you think?" Erwin commented, sipping his wine casually. 


"What? So you're- you're gonna what? Spank me?" Levi snorted, silver locking onto blue. 


"Yes, exactly. Mike is going to, that is. Ten- since you've cursed ten times that I've counted. Oh...and he has very large hands- in case you haven't noticed." After realizing that he was completely serious, Levi was a bit shocked...and a lot turned on. "Levi, do you accept your punishment?" Erwin asked calmly, sweetly- and he realized that he was given a complete choice. 


"Yes... I accept." Levi whispered, eyes wide and body feeling hot. Mike's huge hands pushed the robe up slowly, and then he groaned. 


"He's trying to fucking kill me..." The largest breathed out, hand now caressing the fabric covering Levi's ass. Erwin leaned in to see, humming contently. 


"He's a surprising little thing, hm?" He chuckled, and Levi spread his legs, pushing his ass up. 


"I'm right here, you know? Stop talking like I'm invisible." Levi huffed, shuddering from Mike squeezing a cheek in his huge hand. 


"We see you. Sassy little thing." Erwin chuckled, sipping on his wine casually. Mike's hands pulled down his panties slowly, letting them hang on his thighs to restrict how much Levi could move. That large hand caressed his cheeks slowly, sensually- groping and touching... Then the touch was gone- and replaced with a hard slap to his left cheek. The raven cried out, jolting and feeling the sting left behind. "That's one." The next slap was on his right cheek- even fucking harder. 


"Ah! Fu-" he bit it back at the last second, amusing the men. 


"I suppose you can correct naughty boys, hm?" That damn arrogant fuck- this was so embarrassing! So...why was he already half hard? The next slap surprised him, a bit lower to the spots he'd feel it when he sat. The slaps became harder and harder, making him cry out and hiss- and so fucking turned on. Levi knew he liked rough sex, but he never knew he was that much of a masochist. By the tenth one, his ass was burning- handprints were definitely on his skin. He was panting and trying to very subtly rut against Mike's thigh. 


"Would you look at that...all hot and bothered from his punishment." Mike commented, caressing the heated skin- squeezing and groping. Erwin yanked Levi onto his own lap then, grabbing a fistful of raven hair and kissing him- deep and dominating. And Levi let him, moaning into it and pawing at his torso covered by a light t-shirt. The next thing he knew, the robe was slid off- the panties were gone too. He was naked and bare for their eyes. Levi was so focused on Erwin's kisses, that he startled when he felt huge hands on his ass from behind. Mike had slid behind him, kneeling on the floor. Pawing at his ass, spreading him obscenely. Levi's face lit up red again, panting and letting out a whimper. 


"Shhh, lovely... It's alright." Erwin whispered in his ear, soft and sensual, pulling him firmly against his chest. He spread his own large thighs, which in turn spread Levi's- the position put his ass prominently in the air. And Mike took full advantage of the position. One hand on each cheek, he spread them far- running his nose along what was utterly and completely Levi. The raven gasped and shuddered, burying his face against Erwin's neck and biting down. "Ah- sharp little teeth." Erwin tsked, moving his hands down to hold Levi completely open for his husband. Mike's thick, long tongue ran up his crack next- starting at the back of his testicles and moving up. He paused at his hole, firmly licking once. Levi keened, moaning against Erwin's neck and arching his back beautifully. "Oh, fuck... Mike, do that again." Erwin groaned, the reaction was absolutely lovely. 


The male kneeling was more than happy to oblige, thick tongue swiping right over the hole again. The choked, needy moan that left Levi's mouth may have embarrassed him- had he not been so insanely turned on at that moment. Erwin groaned from the view he had, watching his husband lick someone else- knowing how good it felt to be in that position, and seeing Levi's gorgeous body bow and bend so sexily. Next, Mike's tongue pressed into Levi's needy hole, thrusting deep and drawing out desperate pleas and rutting hips. Levi had never, ever been rimmed like this. This well, had it feel this good. Mike set up a rhythm, licking and thrusting, sucking and obscenely slurping. Levi was a goddamn wreck. Mewling and squirming, hard as a rock and trying to rut against both Erwin and Mike. Finally, he found a good friction spot- thrusting and working himself closer, and closer and... Erwin's large hands held him still- far from any desired friction. Only then did Levi remember the deal. And regret it. 


No sooner was Mike's tongue gone, leaving him exposed to the chill of the room and whimpering. "Such fucking beautiful sounds." Mike growled, standing with a very obvious (and terrifying) bulge. 


"Take him to the bed." Erwin huffed, Mike snatching the desperate male eagerly. They kissed, and though it slightly grossed him out that that tongue had just been in his was also sexy. Levi was all but tossed on the bed, but left alone for only seconds before Mike’s huge body was caging him in. He was pinned, kissed viciously and helpless to do anything but fucking moan. And he was obsessed with the feeling.


“Erwin, lube.” Mike demanded, breaking the kiss to run his nose up Levi’s throat- deeply inhaling his scent and eliciting a little growl afterwards.


“So bossy.” The shorter blonde teased, rifling through a drawer till he found what he wanted. Ignoring his tease, the beast on top of him huffed for him to roll over- and Levi did so shamefully quick. A large hand groped his sore ass, and he groaned- the feeling exquisite, and the slight pain reminding him- this was fucking real. “Come on now, hands and knees like a good boy.” Erwin tsked, helping the raven adjust to the desired position. And he couldn’t help it…


“Yes, daddy.” Levi hummed, both men stilling and going silent for a moment. Immediately he feared he went too far, glancing with wide eyes to the blondes behind him. But the looks in their eyes…the feral, hungry looks- told him he was about to be fucking devoured.


“Say it again.” Mike growled, popping open the lube, panting with pure carnal need. Levi shuddered, clawed the sheets in anticipation.


“Daddy. Fuuuck-“ He then hissed, as a thick, lube coated finger pressed inside him in one go. Mike moaned deeply, feeling Levi’s tight ass clench around just his finger.


“You are so incredible, in every way.” Erwin praised, stroking a hand down his back, and up again. The touch was soothing, as Mike was impatient- it seemed, as he began pumping that single digit in and out. Levi had prepped himself beforehand, so the burn wasn’t bad- though the second finger pushing inside drew a gasp from his lips. “Mike, darling, slow.” The more level-headed of the two cooed.


“He can take it, don’t baby him.” The larger scoffed, inhaling Levi’s scent as he worked him open. He didn’t exactly rush- though he didn’t take his time either, the second Levi adjusted, another finger was being worked inside him. Levi groaned into the pillow, back arched into a delicate curve. All the while, Erwin quietly observed, caressing the raven’s pale skin- admiring marks already made, and silently plotting where to put more. “Levi, are you ready? Think you can take me?” Mike asked, voice rough and deep- filled with pure lust.


“Yes- yeah. I’m good...” He rambled the affirmative, spreading his legs a bit more. Two sets of eyes were on him as Mike pulled back to remove his pants in a hurry. Then, Levi could feel the thick head of his cock sliding up and down his crack- teasingly rubbing and drawing a desperate whine from his throat. Fuck, he just wanted something inside of him already. The initial push in, Levi’s mouth opened in a silent groan- Mike was fucking large. Not that it came as a shock, but he was really large. Perhaps the biggest cock Levi had ever taken, in his life. It went in slowly, inch by fucking inch- burning and stretching…and it was so, so good.


“You take his cock so beautifully.” Erwin moaned, pure appreciation and awe in his voice- it made Levi whine.


“Shit- fuck- goddamn! Tight- oh my fucking…shit!” Mike rambled out, voice a breathy gasp- rubbing Levi’s hips to entice him to relax. “Yeah, take it baby boy…so good. So fucking good for daddy.” Those words lit a fire anew, Levi groaning lewdly into the pillow and pushing back against Mike’s hips- to allow him to slide even deeper.


“Holy shit.” Blue eyes mumbled, in pure shock and admiration. The two large men locked eyes, and thought the same thing… They found a perfect third. It was early for that kind of thought, but the idea had been there for several years now, to perhaps bring in a permanent third.


“Are you going to stare, or are you going to fucking fuck me?” Levi growled from his ass up- face down position. Mike lifted his hand and slapped that perfect ass roughly, gripping his hips.


“You asked for it, sweet baby.” He tsked, smirking as he torturously slowly pulled out to just the tip- and then slammed home. Levi screamed, grasping the sheets as if they were his lifeline. From there, a pace began; slow at first, rough all the same. Mike picked up pace, hips working and pistoning expertly. Levi was seeing stars, Mike was so goddamn big, his cock brushed against and teased his prostate without even trying. He didn’t need to look to know Erwin was watching them both- aware of the man’s presence by the soothing hands on his back. Surprisingly, Mike was vocal in bed- grunting and cursing, groaning deeply. And dirty talk…oh, the dirty talk. “Take my cock so good…fuck, I’m filling you up. Sweet thing, I’m gonna wreck you. You were made to take this cock.” Every sentence was making Levi float, his cock brushing the sheets occasionally. Mike was clearly reaching his end, pumping his hips faster- more erratic. Levi couldn’t resist, snaking his hand down to wrap around his own weeping cock- giving fast and needy strokes as he moaned in desperate want. To come, he wanted to come so badly- but of course, they’d made a deal. Erwin snatched his wrist, pinning it to his back roughly. Levi whined, Mike bucked his hips hard and came inside that tight ass, and Erwin chuckled darkly.


“Please- I wanna come so bad!” Levi almost sobbed into the pillow, Mike panting behind him and massaging his now bruised hips. He carefully pulled out, leaving the raven so empty and full- not even caring enough to bitch about the lack of condom usage. It was stupid and dangerous; but he trusted them…too much.


“I’m sure you do, but I’ve yet to have a turn fucking you. That would be so rude, would it not? To come before both your men have had a turn?” Erwin hummed, not a hint of feeling sorry for Levi to be heard. “Flip him.” And Mike did, twirling the raven with dizzying ease. The sight that was before Levi made his mouth water. Erwin, stripping out of his t-shirt and pants…in all his fucking glory. Where Mike was hairy, Erwin was smooth. Muscles rippling, cock thick- though not quite as long as Mike’s. It was close, though. Levi actually fucking whimpered, squirming from his position on his back, spreading his legs in pure invitation. “Oh, how lovely you are, baby…” Erwin sighed, almost blissfully, stroking his cock slowly before coating it in some lube. “Mike, darling, Levi’s hands are quite pesky…” Not another word was needed, the larger man smirking and grasping both of Levi’s wrists in his huge hands. These men made Levi feel so fucking small. His arms were tugged above his head, in Mike’s lap so they were out of the way. He was at their mercy, completely- and he was fine with it, too.


“All yours, babe. Take it.” And Erwin did. Hands on Levi’s milky thighs, he shoved them far apart- making Levi once again, thankful for how flexible he was. The blonde settled between his thighs, slow- like a predator stalking its prey…no, Levi had already been caught. Lured into the lion’s den, content to be their fucking meal. With one hand guiding in his erect length, the other bruised Levi’s tender thighs. He’d be marked up tomorrow, that was an understatement. Levi groaned when Erwin’s cock pushed inside, arched and keened- this feeling of being filled by these men…was dangerously addicting. The handsome blonde panted softly, pushing his throbbing cock inside until it was buried deep.


“You suck me in so greedily, little one. Tell me, do you like being held down and fucked?” Something in Erwin’s eyes switched- became…darker, wonderfully dark. Levi swallowed, struggling to speak. When he finally opened his mouth to do so- Erwin gave a sharp thrust out and in, making the words die into a cry of bliss. “I couldn’t quite hear you.” The fucker then hummed, a wicked grin on those reddened lips. Once again, when Levi tried to speak, Erwin thrusted in deep and made his mind go insanely blank.


“Not so good at answering, are you?” Mike teased, rubbing Levi’s wrists- squeezing a bit harder.


“I-I’m trying to!” The raven whined, unable to register- they were fucking with him, and they were thoroughly enjoying it.


“Do you like this, slut?” The crude, demeaning nickname- shockingly- made Levi moan lewdly.


“Yes- yes fuck yes. Yes.” He rambled, panting and squirming, because Erwin was just sitting still now! He needed him to move, to fuck- to tear him apart.


“Look at you…so impatient. So desperate and needy. It really is quite the turn-on.” Erwin sighed, almost blissfully.


“Then why the fuck won’t you move, you fucking giant.” Levi groaned, panting and trying to buck his hips. Amused laughter came from both men, and their grips on him simultaneously tightened. And then…Levi got exactly what he wanted. Erwin’s hips gave a powerful thrust- and they weren’t stopping this time. The pace that began was deep and fast, the grips on his skin bruising. The blonde in front of him was groaning, hair falling into his eyes for the first time Levi had ever seen. The messy look was oddly sexy, and the concentrated look in those blue eyes only made his body feel hotter.


“Look at him, fucking into you like an animal… Does he feel good?” Mike, from above him, asked, sounding a bit amused. Levi could only moan in response, head tilting back and eyes squeezing shut. It felt…incredible. Like the man knew exactly how to work his body. The cum already inside him made the thrusting easier, a smooth slide in and out. Erwin’s hips shifted, and the angle change had every thrust hitting just right. Levi went rigid and cried out, back arched hard. “Look at that, guess you found it.” The largest commented with a smirk.


“Lovely.” Erwin’s gruff voice commented, putting more power into every thrust. Soon Levi felt like he was seeing stars, cock weeping pre-come against his abdomen. He was getting close, and he could only hope he would be allowed to cum. “Mike, make sure he doesn’t come until he’s allowed.” Ah, but of course now. Mike’s one huge hand held both of Levi’s wrists securely, the now free one sliding down his body to squeeze his cock around the base- nice and tight. Levi pitifully sobbed, body tense, limbs aching- needing release, he needed it so badly.


“Please?” It was a breathy, needy whisper.


“Not yet.”


“Please, oh fuck please Daddy?” The nickname drew a deep groan from Erwin’s lips, and his grip on those bruised thighs only tightened.


“I’ll count to ten, and on ten…you may come. But only on ten. Understood?” Levi figured that this must be some kind of test, so he eagerly nodded and agreed. “One. Two.” The hand on his cock now started to stroke, slowly at first. “Three, four.” Faster, firmer, Levi’s toes started to curl. But he had to wait! Fuck he didn’t want to find out what happened if he disobeyed. “Five, six, seven…” Mike’s cruel hand sped up with Erwin’s counting, and Levi was sure he wasn’t going to make it. He leaked so much fluid, moaning in pure bliss- pure pleasure. “Eight, nine…” and by some miracle, he hadn’t come yet. But Erwin was hesitating cruelly on that last number, and Mike’s hand was relentless… Levi focused all his energy on holding back, sobbing from the restraint he showed. Erwin groaned deeply. “Ten. Come for me- that’s it.” And Levi did, bucking into Mike’s hand and screaming his bliss, coming ropes across Mike’s hand and his own skin. The build-up caused his orgasm to be intense, ass tightening and fluttering around Erwin’s cock, sending the man into a frenzy. Erwin’s hips worked hard and erratic, finally thrusting in deeply and groaning- adding to the mess of release inside Levi’s ass.


Both men panted heavily, Mike finally releasing Levi’s wrist to rub them both lightly. “You did great, Levi. How do you feel?” He asked softly, watching as a slow smile spread across the raven’s face.


“I feel fucking great. Dirty…but great.” He whispered, hissing as Erwin pulled out of him and massaged his abused thighs lightly.


“We can shower in a minute. Or rather, there is a large jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.” Erwin hummed suggestively.


“Oh yes… I’d love a hot bath.” Levi sighed in agreement, not protesting as Erwin leaned in and captured his lips in a slow and sensual kiss. When it ended, Mike swooped down to do the same, tongue lightly pushing inside Levi’s mouth. A soft, content moan escaped the worn-out raven. Yes…he could get used to this dangerously fast.