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Mirio lips parted as he stared at Izuku. He couldn’t believe this. All of this. The feelings, the pleasure and every bit of this situation that got him hooked on this game of theirs. The hand he placed on the green haired teen shoulder squeezed the flesh underneath. Tightening his hold on the younger male while arms wrapped around his wide waist. Drawing him closer so their bodies were pressed against one another. Mirio relished in the touch. The kind of touch that kept him coming back again and again. Making each time he had to leave so much harder. With each departure he would wish he didn’t have to return to the world of pretend. To continue their private world of magick for longer periods than these brief encounters. But that was hard to do with their busy schedules and the recent hardships that dealt with debacle of trying to get Eri.

Didn’t change the fact his kisses were a threat to him. Devouring a piece of his soul each time they landed on his body. Just like now when felt those chapped lips suddenly against his neck. Burning his skin like the summer heat. A heat that was all too familiar with as sweat coated their skin on this blistering day. Soaking through the thin dress shirts as jackets had been long been tossed to the grass. Miro let go of the shoulder to wrap his arm around Izuku neck. The blond could tell how this was going to end up.  He was already prepared for that. Desiring everything his dominating partner had to offer. The thought caused him to snort as he held back a chuckle. Remembering how Izuku classmates tended to treat the superpower quirk user. Like he was the least dominating person in the world. Oh, how little they knew of the true nature of his lover.

How every touch could send him into a tizzy. How every parting of his lips could get him undressed at the first syllable of any word. That every kiss was deadly to him as one of those quirk destroying bullets. That every night he wished for certain things to change, but never these desires. After this, things were going to change for them. Yes, a good kind of change for them. Mirio grinned at the thought as felt hot saliva on his throat. To have those soft lips press against his neck. Suckling the tanned skinned. Miro took his free hand to comb his fingers through the soft green strands. Letting a sigh escape for he knew another bruise was going to form. One he was going to be question about by Tamaki and Nejire when they see it. And they always see them. Izuku tended to leave numerous large bruises on his body when he gets like this. Marks he proudly shows off, if not to show off he was claimed, but to leave the others confused on who he was with. A rumor he hears nearly daily. Taking joy that he left the school population baffled on who this person was. Never thinking it was this 1-A student who looked like he couldn’t pick a fifty-pound dumbbell. If they knew what laid underneath the thin dress shirt then they could see he could easily pick up the blond but also the rest of the Big Three. A strength that was proven once more when Izuku let go of his waist to grab onto the thick thighs before hoisting him up. Fingers sinking into those thighs as he wrapped his legs around slender waist of Midoriya. Feeling the world suddenly move around him before his back hit the harsh, scratchy bark of one of the trees of the campus.

Mirio was glad he had taken them to one of their favorite haunts now. One that was far off from the rest of the campus. Usually used by the two of them to train but now for a different purpose. Mirio let out a deep groan as Izuku pushed against his body. Rubbing their crotches together. Fully awakened erections wanting attention that went further clothed friction. One Izuku was willing to obliged; just in his time frame though. Fingers tighten on the meaty thighs as he stopped sucking the neck. Forming a smile that was not to far from the bruise. Mirio shuddered while he grabbed a fistful of green hair. Mouth opened wide before Izuku sunk his canines into the tender skin.

Togata gasps as felt his tender skin be punctured by the teeth. Groaning a second later. Feeling warm liquid spread in his pants as a large grey spot grew. What a day to go commando for Togata. A chuckle escaped from the younger as he released his hold from the neck. Grinding his erection against the wet spot while turning his head to stare into blue eyes. Eyes that were still dark with lust. Contrasting against the flushed skin that seemed to make the hair appear even brighter.

Removing his hand from the scalp to place on the shoulder to clasp with the other arm. Embracing Midoriya who just grinned devilishly at him. Mirio was getting excited again. A whine left the blond. Telling his lover that they needed to end this soon. Others will be looking for them soon. The One for All grunted for he understood the time crunch they were in, “I know. I know.”

Removing one of his hands to latch it on the belt Mirio always wears. Undoing the clasp, button underneath and the zipper. The blond undid his legs to stand on the ground once more. Izuku stepped to watch his lover slide his pants down until it was around his ankles. Izuku hummed as he sees that his lover had yet to rover completely. Sensitive, flaccid and not fully erect in its cum covered state. Midoriya made Mirio lean against the tree, bare ass scrapping against the rough texture of the plant, before getting down on his knees. Getting to work by licking the bulbous head clean of the fluid that dared stain it. Enjoying the deliciously salty taste that was given to him freely. Desiring more than that coated the head. Hands grabbed onto the thighs once again. Bracing himself as he engulfs the entire rod. It pulsed and throbbed on his tongue as it continued to swell. Bobbing his head back and forth, tongue swirling around each bump and vein, until it was fully erect. Suckling the engorged end, a little longer to allow some of the pre-cum to pool in his mouth. Releasing it with a pop while the contents was swallowed. Some of it dripping on his lips and chin. Which was promptly licked away. Mirio watched the scene with rapt attention. The greenette always loved teasing with these submissive like scenes. Then easily reminding him that he was far from that. If one didn’t know any better, you could say Izuku was downright villainous with all this teasing. A title he would gladly lord over with every light touch and devious kiss that was given.

Something he was quickly reminded over when he felt a finger trail over a very sensitive vain. Then flicking the reddish head hard. Earning a whimper to escape the happy-go-lucky hero. Thrusting his forward some out of instinct. Desperate for more of those touches and ever hungry mouth. If they only had more time to prolong their venture but they had little of that at it is. This encounter will have to be a rough one if they didn’t want anyone to find them. A shiver of delight ran through Mirio body at the thought. Tongue darting out of the blond mouth to coat his lips with saliva out of anticipation of what was to come. He truly liked it when Izuku gets rough with him.

Izuku smirked when he saw this little display. Though it didn’t stop the concern to fill Izuku mind as he stood up. One that showed in his eyes as he investigated the lust filled blue ones. The blond nodded before turning around to face the dark brown wood of the tree. Placing his hands on either side of the rough wood to brace himself against it. A shoulder rubbing against it as his back was arched to showcase his lover what waited him. Gazing back to give Izuku a pleading look. The smirk Midoriya had turned into a large grin.

Izuku placed a hand on one of the cheeks. Rubbing his thumb over the plump cheek before giving it a good, hard squeeze. Mirio whined and bucked back into the hand. A chuckle was the only response he got.  Feeling the sensation of that hand go from his side and slip between those cheeks. Fingers brushing against the entrance hidden by them.

“Will you hurry the hell up,” Mirio barked out to Izuku. Tired of the game already. An amused ‘hn’ was his only answer. To be followed by a dry, slender finger breaching the tight ring of muscles. Mirio yelped out in pain as the digit entered him. Now matter how many times it was done this way he couldn’t help but yelp. Togata didn’t know why he loved it this way, but he did. Maybe it was the domination, the pain, or he was just a plain old masochist. The finger darted in and out before another joined it. Scissoring the opening wide as his fingers reached deep. The blond panted as he his skin grew hotter under the sun hot rays. Loving the fingers pressing his insides as they searched. Moaning loudly when those nimble fingers found the spot. Making the blue-eyed hero arch his back even more as he took a step back. Pushing those digits even further in. Izuku took his free hand and forced his lover back onto the tree. Yanking those fingers out as he done so. Causing Miro to frown at the lost when he viewed the green haired male. Izuku said nothing as he undone the belt of his belt then his pants. Sliding his pants and underwear down to reveal Izuku pulsing, erect cock. It was slightly longer than Mirio, but it was defiantly much thicker. Mirio nearly drooled at the sight of it. Many a time did he gag on the pulsing rod when he deep throats it. To find his throat sore and hurting after such an ordeal. Didn’t stop him trying or loving it. Especially, when that cock was stuffed up his ass to leave him gaping soon after.

“Daddy… Please,” Mirio begged, nails scrapping against the harsh wood. Eyes pleading to be filled. Izuku couldn’t ever deny his precious sunshine boy when he was like this. Even it meant pain. Izuku took hold of Mirio much wider hips. Keeping a tight grasp on him as his cock slid between the warm mounds before breeching the tight ring. Grunting as he felt like he felt the familiar heat surrounding him. Mirio mewled at the pain he was feeling from being entered in such a way. Loving the burning sensation of not being thoroughly prepared. Bucking back to devour more but was held in place. Shoved against the tree once more. Scratching up the side of his face in the process when it hit the bark. He just moaned when Izuku finally bottomed out. Ass squished against the crotch. Izuku pulled back out soon after to reenter harshly. Repeating the action over and over. Pounding at a fast pace. Grunting with each thrust that were matched by the loud moans and mewls from Mirio. Each delicious sound fueled by the pain and pleasure Mirio by the enthralling sensitivity and passion. Not caring at this point if someone was hearing him in the woods. The tree scratching up the palms of his hands, his shoulder repeatedly hitting the thick trunk to the point it started to tear a hole into the shirt, Izuku tight grip on his hips that will leave a mark, and how his ass was painfully stretched.

Mirio screamed out as Izuku started to get particularly brutal with his thrusting. Hitting his prostate over and over as he done so. Togata was sure by the end of this he would be bleeding. He didn’t care though for it happened several times before. It just made him curl his toes and claw the surface of the tree. Mind lost in everything as eyes screwed shut.

“Ah,” Mirio screamed for a final time as he came hard. Spraying hot white on the tree. Some of it landed on his now ruined pants. Izuku growled deeply as he felt Mirio tighten around him as he continued. He was so close.

“Midoriya,” a voice called out to them. Shocking him out of the focus as he flooded Mirio channel with his sticky, scorching cum. Denying him of the true pleasure he had wanted with his lover. Mirio on the other hand give a weak mewl as the substance burned his insides while some of it escaped his hole. Not caring that they had been caught but Izuku did. Head turned to the group of people that gathered near them. A group of people that consisted of Bakugo, Ochako, Tamaki, Nejire, Iida, and Kirishima. Each one in a various state of emotion. Embarrassment and shock taking the most foot hold with them. No more so with Tamaki when Mirio turned his head to his classmate and smiled at him.  A smile that made the overly nervous teen realized something. A realization that made him take a step back before running away heartbroken. Nejire tried to stop him by grabbing her friend but he was to fast for her. The usually bubbly girl turned to stare at Mirio before running off after Tamaki.

Bakugo on the other hand just glared at the two them anger. Watching with the others as Izuku pulled out of Mirio. Causing the blond to whimper at the loss of being empty as semen gushed out to drip down his legs. Some of it falling to land on the lush grass. Izuku was taking his sweet time for someone being caught. That angered the explosion quirk user even more. The lingering looks as the shared as they got redressed didn’t help. Hands balled into fists before he turned and left with a growl. Ochako watched him go with sad eyes. She would have probably been in the same boat as her classmate if she didn’t give up on her feelings for Deku a long time. It was around the time she figured out Katsuki liked the lovable green haired hero. That his was much deeper than hers will ever go. The gravity user turned back Izuku to see Mirio into a side hug then turned to them. Giving the rest of them a dark glare for interrupting them. The girl shuddered in fear. Unfamiliar with such a look that counteracted the ones everyone typically saw on the daily basis. She had the feeling these were things he only shared with Togata. Ones Mirio was all too happy to bend over for. Ochako lips pursed together. Unsure of what to in this moment. It was best leave this alone and say nothing of what happened here. For now, they saw a glimpse of the true nature that belonged to him. Izuku grinned up at her. Causing her to flinch in fear. Something about that grin proved she was right and that it was time to go. Grabbing a hold Iida and Kirishima to run out of the area. Both parties separating like nothing happened.