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Reunited and Reignited

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“nope, no, no way in hell.” Agatha shook her head violently.
“You have too.”
“I don’t have to do shit” Agatha stubbornly refused. Sophie huffed in exasperation. Why did her best friend have to be such a stubborn shit.
“Agatha please, it’s our high school reunion. 10 years out of that hell hole.”
“I get that but do you not remember what happened in the 5 ½ months I was there.”
“It wasn’t that bad.”
“I fell in love with your boyfriend, you cheated on him, I comforted him, we dated, you got jealous and tried to ruin us, failed, he asked me to prom, I said yes, the next week he cheats on me with one of your ex friends who also happened to expose you, then we had a sleepover, I cried, got ready for prom, he left me a corsage and said I love you, then we went to prom, I won prom queen, had to dance with him, heard people calling me shit, ran away from him, lost my tiara like some kind of wannabe Cinderella, then we went home, I cried some more, went over to his house, saw him all sad, wanted to hold him, instead gave him his jacket and he gave me my crown, cried some more, skipped school, saw him heartbroken, and then graduated high school, finishing the year off with some more crying. Should I go past the months of April and May?”
“Ok so maybe it was crap but at least go so we can stunt on them bitches.”
“Come on, you own a hella successful self made fashion company out of nothing. You’re engaged to a man who is hot as fuck. You are young and hot as fuck. I mean come on if we weren’t friends I would hit that.” Agatha laughed at her friends remarks. I mean she was right. Agatha had been hugely successful in her recent years. Why not go. She doesn’t need to but it can’t hurt to put these bitches in their place.
Agatha had said no but once again Sophie had conquered. It was currently 5:30pm. Agatha was in her office waiting to see how long she could spend before Sophie called her and dragged her out of work to get ready.
“Knock Knock”
“Come in, Ashley”
“I’m sorry ma’am. I tried to keep her from coming but-“
“What are you talking about?”
“Well-“ Sophie barged into the office.
“Come on, we have to get ready”
“Sophie? Why are you here?”
“Because I knew you’d wait till the last minute then we wouldn’t have time to dress nice.” Agatha grimaced. She forgot how well Sophie knew her.
“Fine I’m coming” Agatha grabbed her purse and coat and the two of them headed for the elevator. They stopped on the 1st floor of the building and headed out to the parking lot. Agatha went to her car and they both got in. Sophie started giving out directions and Agatha listened. What could go wrong.
“We’re here” Sophie stepped out of the car and headed to a familiar store.
“Why are we stopping at my store?”
“Because we need some outfits and what’s better than an Agatha Woods original.” Agatha followed behind Sophie. They walked into the store front and were immediately welcomed by the staff.
“Hi loves, so we’re going to our high school reunion, which means we’re going to see Agatha’s ex. This means that my girl here needs you to help us out by giving her an outfit that is going to leave every single one of those hoes in the dust.”
“I have just what you need.” Tiffany replied. She was the manager of the store. Agatha grimaced she was not ready for this. She was not ready for what would come next. She was taken to the dressing room. Quickly one after the other workers would bring in different outfits. Agatha would change into one step out and Sophie would say yes or no. Agatha stepped out in a long silky body con dress that stopped under her knees. It was accented with a simple silver belt.
“Next you look like a hotter Morticia Addams.”
Sophie was choosing her own outfit as well. Agatha on the next outfit. It was a pale yellow romper accented with a small white purse with yellow detailing.
“Next, big bird”
“But it doesn’t even have feathers”
The third outfit was a baby pink a-line dress with a light pink, almost white, trimming. It was backless and floor length.
“Oooo that’s cute. Take it off”
“What? but you said it’s cute”
“Yeah on me. You look like pepto bismol”
“It’s light pink!”
“I- this is the last one I’m trying on. If you don’t like it I’m taking the first thing I grab.” For a fashion designer Agatha sure didn’t like fashion.
Agatha stepped out of the dressing room. Everyone was in awe. Agatha stepped out in a navy blue strapless jumpsuit. The jumpsuit had white detailing around the waist that made it seem like butterfly wings. It accentuated the curves she had grown into over the years and the color complemented her pale skin tone nicely.
“This is the new design we were working on the other day right”
“Yes ma’am. We had a mock-up created to model but I guess this is as good of a time as any to show it off” Tiffany smiled as she began to take a few reference photos of the jumpsuit.
“We’ll take it” Sophie called out. The girls came out of the store with their bags in hand ready to make everyone drool.
“Good luck with your ex!” Tiffany closed the door as the girls got into their car.

The drive to Camelot high was an awkward one.
“I don’t know if I can do this.” Agatha was panicking.
“You can do it. I’ll be there. Gabriel will be there later.”
“I know but I’m having second doubts. I mean going back and seeing all these old friends...and boyfriend.” Agatha mumbled the last part.
“I know what will make you feel better.” Sophie turned into the next street and stopped in front of an old beige house.
“Come on.”
“Sophie why are we here?” Sophie was already halfway up the porch steps when she answered.
“There’s something I need.”
They stepped out of Callis house.
“Bye mom, I’ll see you later”
“Bye honey, have fun ladies” Callis walked back up the steps. The two got back in the car with their trinkets in hand. Sophie had the pair of butterfly earrings from prom in one hand and Agatha’s prom queen tiara in the other. Agatha put the earrings in and they headed to the high school. They didn’t noticed the familiar blonde haired man watching them from the safety of his car.
Tedros’s heart raced when he first got the invite to his 10 year high school reunion. Sure it was an overall fun experience but there was just some awkward negativity around his senior year. There was so much he had wanted to tell the once love of his life. Sure he had dated people over the years. He was a famous singer who had a lot of cash and had traveled the world. Of course people were just waiting in line to get a chance to be the future Mrs or Mr Pendragon (Tedros is bi and no one can change my mind) but Tedros hadn’t found anyone who he had made a genuine connection with. Sure there were a few flings that he thought would last a while but all in all no one seemed to replace the void left in his heart by Agatha. It may have been a bit pathetic to still have feelings for an ex you broke up with you 10 years ago but that’s just who Tedros was. He ultimately decided to go after getting a lot of persistent messages from Chaddick and Tristan. He was nervous to say the least. Thinking of going back to that place, gave him a bit of nerves. Fortunately for him, he had a great mother who still lived in the city. She had heard the news about the reunion and begged Tedros to come home and get his crown. Tedros complied. He had a soft spot for his mom in his heart. He had gone to his moms house at around 6:30 knowing it would be a while before she would let him leave. He was nervous as he knocked on the red door. He hadn’t been home in a good 3 years. Guinevere opened the door with a huge smile plastered on her face.
“Is that my baby?” She pulled her son in by the cheeks.
“Hi Mom” all of a sudden Guinevere smile became a frown as she slapped him upside the head.
“Ow! Why did you do that!” Tedros rubbed the spot she had slapped.
“You haven’t come to see me in 3 years. 3 years!”
“Not even a measly phone call to let me know your ok”
“I’m sorry I’ve been busy.”
“I know honey, but I’ve missed you. Please, call your mother next time.”
“I will mom.” Tedros smiled at his mom. He didn’t realize how much he had missed his mom. She shut the door behind him and they sat down on the couch and got caught up with each other’s lives. It was around 7:15 when Guinevere had sent Tedros on his way. He quickly headed up the stairs to his old room. Everything is just the way I left it. He looked around the room and saw the crown resting on his bookshelf. It was next to a fallen picture frame. Tedros lifted up the frame. He didn’t remember this. His eyesight became glassy when he realized what the picture was. It was a picture of him giving Agatha a piggy back ride. He remembered this day. They were out with Kiko and Tristan on a double date. The 4 of them were walking around in the spring afternoon when Agatha said she was tired. Tedros being the great boyfriend he was had picked her up and was giving her a piggyback ride. Kiko thought this was a cute moment so she snapped a pic. Agatha has sent it to him later that night. Tedros has joked about framing it. Agatha laughed, she didn’t believe him. He did it just to prove a point but he ended up liking it.
“Honey, you’re going to be late.”
His mom's voice snapped him out of his trance.
“Yeah mom, heading out right now.” Guinevere headed downstairs, leaving Tedros alone in his thoughts. He set the picture down, upright this time. He grabbed the crown and headed downstairs. His mom gave him a quick peck on the forehead before sending him on his way. Tedros found this kinda funny. Seeing the little woman stretching on her tiptoes just to reach his forehead. Tedros has to bend down just to ensure that she didn’t kiss is eyeball or nose. Tedros gave his mom a kiss on the cheek before heading out to his car. He opened his car door and tossed his crown on the passenger seat. He was about to drive to the school when he got a text.
Chaddick: Where u at?
Me: Omw
Chaddick: K, hurry tho. Peeps weird
Tedros laughed and tossed his phone on the passenger seat. He had turned the car on when he noticed the 2 girls walking out of Callis’s house. He didn’t know who it was until he saw the tiara glint in the street light. The girls had taken off as Tedros had tried to calm his racing heart. He hadn’t caught a good look at them but damn did Agatha look good.
Agatha was nervous as she walked into the high school auditorium. She hadn’t had the best experiences in this gym. (*Cough* Sophie cheated, she ran away crying at prom, *Cough*) She walked in faking confidence with her best friend by her side. She said her hello’s to a few close friends when she heard a shriek. It was Kiko.
“Omg it’s been so long, you look so pretty.” Agatha smiled at her old best friend.
“Bitch you too, you still look as young as ever.”
“Thank you I try.” Kiko smiled widely.
“What’s new with you?”
“ Oh nothing much just that I’m...engaged!” Kiko threw up her left hand showing off the impressive diamond that Tristan has gotten her.
“Oh my I’m so happy for you!”
“What are we happy for?” A voice from behind them spoke up. It was Hester with Anadil on her arm.
“Kiko’s engaged!”
“Guess What?” Anadil asked
“So are we!” Anadil raised her hand and showed off the matching blood red diamonds on her and Hester’s hands.
“Omg” Agatha was overwhelmed.
“Well I have news too.”
“Me too” Agatha pulled up her hand showing off the diamond that Gabriel had gotten for her.
The girls took turns shouting in excitement.
“Look at us all in healthy relationships.”
“Can I join?”
Nicola came out of the crowd with a drink in her hand.
Agatha’s eyes dropped down to her left hand that wasn’t holding anything. She noticed a slight glint coming from her left ring finger. Agatha grabbed for Nicola’s hand and pulled it up. The girls stared in awe at the diamond on her finger.
“What’s happening over here?” Sophie asked walking over after saying hi to a few old friends. She noticed the girls staring at Nicolas hand.
“Who’s the lucky guy?”
“That would be me.” Hort walked out of the crowd and put his hand around Nicolas waist as he held her from behind. The girls mouth’s went agape.
“The one and only.”
“Wow I did not see this coming.”
“Wait, am I the only single one of us?”
The girls all raised their left hands as a nonverbal agreement.
“Oh my, the world is ending.”
“I need to find me a man, and quick before I die alone.” Sophie walked away to the refreshment table as the girls laughed at her antics. Agatha has gotten so caught up in catching up with her old best friends that she hadn’t noticed the tall blonde that had walked into the room.
Tedros was nervous as he walked into the gym. The nerves settled as soon as he saw his old friends. He walked over to the group of his old football friends. He was immediately greeted with a yell from Chaddick.
“Can you believe Tristan had the balls to propose to Kiko?”
“Oh my god shut up with that already.” Tristan grunted, face flushed with embarrassment.
“Tristan ignore him, he’s just jealous that he can’t even get a girl to date him for longer than 3 months.”
“You said you wouldn’t tell anyone!” Tedros laughed hard.
“You’re one to talk Mr. I’m still in love with-“ a hand quickly clamp over Tristan’s mouth.
“I defended you so shut up”
“Sorry” Tristan said sarcastically.
“Sorry for the interruption folks but I hope you’re enjoying your night so far” Beatrix spoke from the stage
Agatha noticed the diamond on Beatrix’s hand.
“Who the hell wanted to marry that witch?” She whispered to Hester. Beatrix saw her from utop the stage. She ended her quick speech and soon walked off the stage and towards Agatha and her friends.
“Fuck she’s coming this way- Hi!”
“Omg Agatha? Is that you? It’s been so long.”
“Ha yeah it has. 10 years now.” Agatha spoke nervously as her friends held back their chuckles.
Beatrix just smiled and nodded.
“So who’s the lucky man?” Agatha gestured towards her hand.
“Actually it’s lucky lady,” Reena took Beatrix’s hand. Agatha’s eyes widened.
“You guys don’t mind if I steal my fiancé for a second, do you?” Reena asked.
“Uh no go ahead,”
“I’ll talk to you guys later.” Beatrix walked away with Reena.
“Raise your hand if you weren’t expecting that.” All of the girls raised their hands at the same time. The girls burst out in laughter.
“Ah I need a drink. You guys want anything?” The girls shook their head no and Agatha walked over to the refreshment table.
Tedros needed a drink. He didn’t know how he could handle Tristan and Chaddick without alcohol. He walked over to the refreshment table. He poured himself some punch and headed over to the snack table. Might as well kill two birds with one stone he grabbed himself a plate and began to pile it full of snack knowing damn well that the guys were going to start picking food off his plate when he walked back. He was on his way back when he noticed Agatha at the drink table. I can’t do this Tedros panicked internally for a second before building up enough confidence to say hi. He was making his way to her when she kissed another guy. His eyes landed on the ring that was around her finger. He felt his heart shatter. He walked back to the boys devastated. He handed his plate of snacks to Chaddick.
“I think I’m gonna head home early. I have a busy day tomorrow.” Tedros left without any other words. He walked out to the parking lot. He got in his car and just sat there, lost. I guess she moved on, unlike me. Tedros went to turn on the engine when he heard a slight tap on his window. He turned and saw Sophie. He raised a questioning eyebrow before unlocking the door.
“Hey” Sophie got in the car.
“What are you doing here?”
“Just visiting a friend.”
“Mmhmm what do you want.”
“Can’t I say hi without any ulterior motives”
“Not usually, no”
“Fine, I came to talk about Agatha.”
“What about her?”
“You guys need to get back together.”
“Sophie, it’s been 10 years, also she’s engaged. She seems happy. I don’t want to ruin it like I did all those years ago.”
“Oh come on! We all know it was Beatrix not you.”
“Yes! The day that it happened, Agatha had fallen asleep early. Me and the girls had gone downstairs to talk about it for a bit. We ultimately came upon the decision that it wasn’t your fault. I mean you and Agatha were so in love. I know, because you never looked at me the way you looked at her.” Sophie’s eyes were watering.
“We also figured it out because you hated Beatrix. You never showed interest in her before or while we were dating. How could you just suddenly be interested in her after you had found Agatha.”
“You’re not wrong. She was the one who ambushed me during practice. I didn’t even kiss her back. I tried to pull away but she wouldn’t let me. Once she was satisfied she let go of my face and whispered something in my ear. I will never forget the words she said. “I hope you run fast.” At first I didn’t know what she was talking about but when she turned to look at Agatha I knew. Agatha had seen everything.” Tedros was crying now. Sophie could see the tears glinting down his face.
“I felt so bad. I tried to chase after her but the coach wouldn’t let me. Her and the girls drove off and I was left there. Shattered. I know I broke her heart but it hurt so much Sophie. I wasn’t myself. I cried myself to sleep that weekend. I felt hollow, empty, like a shell.” He wiped the tears off as he continued.
“I didn’t feel like doing anything. But it was prom. I was getting ready when I saw the corsage I bought for her. I wrote a little note and left it on her porch. I didn’t have the strength to give it to her in person.”
“Tedros...I read the note. You said I love you.”
“Because I did, I do. She was the one and I let her go. I didn’t even realize something was wrong at prom. I was so caught up in finally being with her that I didn’t realize what people were saying about her. She ran away from me and I couldn’t catch her. I let her get away. She doesn’t deserve to be with me. All I do is hurt her.”
“Tedros that’s not true. This was one moment. You know how many good moments came along with this one bad one. Agatha was at her happiest with you. I wasn’t jealous because you were dating her. I was jealous because you made her so happy that she had forgotten about me. She started seeing you as her best friend. She ran after you that day in the gym instead of asking me what happened.” Sophie’s eyes began to water.
“That’s why i tried to ruin you guys. I didn’t want you back, I wanted my best friend back.” Tedros enveloped Sophie in a hug. Both of them crying messes.
“Ok no more reliving history.”
“Let’s talk about the future. Why do you want me to get back together with Agatha.”
“Because Gabriel isn’t good for her.”
“He seems nice.”
“Yeah seems. We were at a photo shoot together and he kept flirting with me and with the other models.”
“Ok that’s bad,”
“They’re engaged and he’s thinking of cheating on her. He also didn’t even want to support her when she moved to Paris to open another boutique.
“That’s also bad.”
“Yeah no shit. Haven’t you noticed how he looks familiar.”
“Well yeah he’s a model.”
“No I mean study his features.”
“Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, fit…”
“And he’s hot?”
“No you dense cucumbers. He looks like you.”
Tedros hasn’t caught a good look at him but I guess he did look pretty similar to him.
“What’s so bad about that?”
“It means that Agatha clearly still likes you.”
“That doesn’t mean she’ll leave him for me.”
“I never said it would be easy just try. Please,”
“Fine, but at least give me her number or something.”
“Give me your phone.” Tedros handed Sophie his phone and she quickly typed in Agatha’s phone number.
“I put mine in there too so we can discuss”
“Ok.” Sophie’s phone dinged. It was Agatha. Hey where are you. Reunions over. Let’s go home.
“I have to go.” Sophie opened the door to the car.
“Bye, talk to you later I guess.” Sophie left and Tedros drove off.
Agatha saw Sophie get out of Tedros car. She felt a twinge of jealousy seeing Sophie get out of her ex’s car.
“Hey, why are you out here?” Agatha asked as if she didn’t just see her friend walk out of Tedros’s car.
“Nothing just needed some fresh air.” Sophie smiled sweetly as she got into the car.
“Oh” Agatha said nothing as she drove away.
Tedros was struggling whether or not he should text. One one hand it would be stalkerish if Tedros texted out of nowhere. Tedros stared at the screen for the longest time before ultimately decided to send the message.
Tedros shut off the phone screen and began to write in his notebook. After the events of today, He felt a song in the works.