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That Girl Is A Monster

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>Bebe leaned back against her locker and looked her face over in her phone screen. She fluffed up her hair, fixing some of the many golden feathers that mingled with her matching hair. She moved on to her eyes, wide yellow ones lined in just the perfect cat eye liner that took all morning topped with her favorite sparkly purple eyeshadow.

...That had smudged. Bebe huffed. She licked her finger and then swiped at the corner of her eye. The offending smudge gave away easily, leaving her eye makeup perfect once more. Satisfied, she moved on to her mouth, double checking that her ruby red lipstick hadn’t smeared on her fangs again.

Her phone trilled and then a notification popped up on screen from Red. Bebe clicked on the message, her talon making a definite click again the screen.

"Have you seen the new girl?" The message that popped up asked. Her eyes sparkled in interest.

"What?! No!" Bebe tapped out in a frenzy, her talons clicking loudly. She hit send and waited. Seconds passed like hours before her phone finally pinged again.

"Girl! She's a human! How have you missed her?" The message yelled her. Bebe's interest was peaked now. She scanned the hallways, looking for someone resembling a human, but all she saw were the usual vampires and zombies lumbering through the halls. As she did, her phone pinged again.

"She's over here at coffin 69!"

Thank god for Red. Bebe rushed down the hall, past those zombies still lumbering away, and then around the corner. She followed the coffin shaped lockers down the hall counting down from 90. She hit a wall of students just as she approached coffin 69.

"...Look at me. I'm a dumb little human. La Lala Lala." The unmistakable irritating voice of Cartman echoed in a high pitched impression. A few of the students blocking her laughed along with Cartman's loud cackle. Bebe rolled her eyes at the display.

"Excuse me." Bebe shouldered her way past the spectating students just in time to hear a loud metallic slam.

"Woah!" Cartman held his pale hands up and backed away with a look on his face that said she had given him all he wanted. "Watch out. I think the human's mad!" He smirked, baring his rust stained teeth.

"You think, asshole?" The girl screeched, pushing right into his face. Bebe watched amazed. Her long black hair flew as she jerked her head to the side, her electric blue eyes wide with fury. It seemed as if every muscle in her tensed and coiled in the girl's face, distorting it into something Bebe would swear wasn't human.

"EY!" Cartman snapped. He backed away right quick, his face clearly betraying his anxiety. "Back off, bitch! Or, I'll drain you of your blood." He lunged forward snapping his teeth at her but kept his distance.

"Oh, the only blood you'll be tasting is your own!" Wendy started stripping off her purple jacket to show off her white tank top underneath. She threw the garment aside, putting up her tense arms as if she was boxing. Cartman backed further away from her, his red eyes wide and bumped right into the crowd of students surrounding them. "Put them up!"

"Oh well, I would,'s kind of against the rules."

"I don't care!" Wendy snapped.

"Ah...well, this has been fun." Cartman turned to the students circling him. "I think we've all had our fun now, but we should really get to class. Just-" Cartman tried to push past the students. No one budged. "Come on, just let me by." Cartman tried to shove his way out but ended up shoved himself. Cartman stumbled back into the circle right into the girl's reach.

She grabbed a handful of Cartman's red jacket. Cartman looked terrified at her sneering face as she reeled back an arm. Cartman flinched back with a yelp.

"Hey! What exactly is going on here?!" All of a sudden, PC Princial yelled as his head launched through the air. It landed right at Cartman's feet, glaring up at the two with his dark sunglass. "I know we're not having a microaggression in my school!"

"Oh, thank god, PC Principal." Cartman sighed. "You won't believe this. This human just attacked me out of nowhere."

"Excuse me?" PC Principal asked. "But, what does this woman's race have to do with anything. Did you just refer this smart and capable young woman as a human in a way to othering her?"

"What? No! I'm just saying she started yelling at me like a dumb-"

"I've told you a thousand times we don't use dumb in this school, Eric." PC cut him off. "I think we're going to have another talk."

"What?" Cartman asked blinking. "This bitch literally has her hands on me. Do something!"

"Oh now, we're moving on to sexism!" PC Principal said. "You've done it now, Eric. My office now!"

"What?!" But, he was cut off by a large arm grabbing his shoulder. The girl let go of her on Cartman's shirt as PC Principal's beheaded body bent down to scoop up his head. He placed it square on his shoulders, gave his neck a sickening crack, and then continued to glare down at Cartman. Cartman protested furiously, but PC Principal was relentless.

"Continue on with your day, children." PC Principal gestured at the spectating students. They all milled away, realizing there wouldn't be a fight now.

That is all but Bebe. Bebe started stunned at the girl now left alone. She picked up her discarded jacket and put it back on. Her face seemed to relax into something more smooth and clearly human. She let in and out a few breaths, clutching her stomach.

If Bebe wasn't interested before, she sure was now. Bebe walked up to the girl and let out a whistle. "That sure was something." Bebe commented. "Are you okay? Not a lot of people take on Cartman like that without a few scraps."

"I'm fine. Thank you." The girl sighed. She picked up a purple backpack that looked thrown against the wall of lockers. Papers, pencils, and notebooks were scattered across the floor as well, Bebe realized. The girl groaned and bent down.

"Here, let me help." Bebe snatched up a few things, careful not to let her talons pierce her school supplies. She handed the girl her things when she stood up again.

"Oh, thank you." The girl claimed her things. "I'm glad not everyone in this school is batshit."

"Yeah, that's just Cartman." Bebe laughed. "I'm Bebe."

"I'm Wendy." The girl, Wendy, smiled. "Thank god, I met you. You seem to be the only person not gawking at me today."

That was far from the truth, but Bebe took it with a smile. "Well, I tend to have that have that affect." Wendy sent her a questioning look. "Revealing people's desires I mean." She joked, but she threw in a cheeky wink.

"Well, Bebe-" Just then, the bell rang out, cutting her off. Wendy frowned. "Don't suppose you could get me out of a tardy? I'm late for Hisstory with Mr. Garrison"

"Oh, I can totally do that." Bebe smirked. She nodded down the hall. "Come on, I have the same class. I can show you the way."


As soon as Bebe and Wendy entered the classroom, Mr. Garrison paused, his annoyance clear on his rot pocked face.

"Oh, no. I am not letting you off easy again. You two can turn around to the principal's office." Mr. Garrison said.

Bebe coughed, readying her voice. Before Mr. Garrison could protest-

"But Mr. Garrison, you must listen." Bebe sang low, urging her voice to work its natural magic. It worked like a charm; Mr. Garrison's face relaxed into a neutral expression.

"I will listen." Mr. Garrison responded almost like a robot, mechanical and devoid of emotion.

"Me and Wendy are excused of our tardy." Bebe sung in a high pitch. "We had an emergency." She let her voice lower before tampering off at the end.

"You two are excused of your tardy. There was an emergency." Mr. Garrison repeated in the same voice. The other students groaned, but Bebe gladly took her seat, ignoring the rude comments of how unfair it was. Wendy started at Bebe in awe as she took an empty seat across from Bebe.

"How'd you do that?"

"Siren genes, hun. Gotta love them." Bebe smirked.

"Huh." Wendy blinked, her eyes widening in realization. "Wait. Like in the Odyssey?"

Bebe grimaced. "A bit biased towards humans but yeah. Basically."

"So, you can hypnotize people by singing?" Wendy asked, her face lit up in interest, her pink lips quirking up and her angular nose twitching. It kind of reminded Bebe of a curious bunny in a way.

"It's not that easy." Bebe waved it off. "People are usually much harder to control. Mr. Garrison is just really easy to manipulate. It's like he has a rock for a brain."

"Hey!" Mr. Garrison blinked. He stumbled across the front of the classroom, loosing a rotting leg in the process, and then looked around confused almost like he was drunk. As the situation set in, his face twisted into rage. "Oh, god damn it, Bebe. You could at least shut up if you're going to mind fuck me."

Bebe only snickered in response, but Wendy looked at the man in shock. "What the hell kind of school is this?' Wendy asked.

"Watch your fucking language, new kid." Mr. Garrison snapped.