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Five Nights At Freddies x Reader (Requests Open)

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Heya, Im Niney.

I write imagines for the FNaF characters :)

However, please read the rules before requesting.



·Please do not rush me when it comes to requests, be patient. Im a bit of a procrastinator, but I will still try to publish your request as soon as possible.

·I will not write for scat play, waterworks, vore, rape, gore porn, etc.

·I can write for sensitive topics like self harm, but I'll add warnings first.

·The reader is 20 in all the stories unless the requester says otherwise.

·If the reader is a child, the relationship between the reader and animatronic will be platonic.

·If requests are closed and Im still getting requests, I wont delete them but put them on the side while I work on the current ones I have.

·Feel free to add a plot to your request as well. (EX: Withered Bonnie x reader where the reader is a child and gets lost in Parts & Service?)


And thats.. Pretty much it. Dont be shy either when requesting, I dont bite. :)