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Where's Your Head At?

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Kara couldn't quite believe it.

If someone had told her a year ago that she would be a contestant on one of the biggest TV shows of the summer, she would have laughed in their face and told them to get real. There was no chance in hell that she'd go on a controversial programme that promoted such unhealthy and celebrity-focused lifestyles, especially to find love!

Yet here she was, sat in a swanky million-dollar villa, dressed only in a bathing suit and a pair of Ray-Bans, constantly waiting for that oh so famous text message to arrive on her phone. Yes, Kara Danvers was on Love Island.

She was such a hypocrite. A year ago, she'd have never imagined herself living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Spain, constantly under video surveillance.

The competition rules were simple enough; to survive in the villa she and the other 'Islanders' had to couple up with each other (whether it be for love, friendship or money) for a chance at winning $50,000. And while money and fame were on the mind of many Islanders past and present, most entered the villa hoping to actually find love. 

 Kara's own love life was not going smoothly. In fact, it was non-existent. In the past year, a few failed Tinder dates and a couple of one night stands were the closest she got to 'coupling up' with someone.

 Everything else in her life was going smoothly - She'd started a new job within CatCo as a reporter and she'd recently become a godparent to her cousin Clark's new baby. Her life was pretty amazing...the only thing she wanted was to share it with someone.

 So when her older sister, Alex, told her she was going to apply to take part in Love Island, Kara threw caution to the wind and joined her. The show's producers obviously LOVED the idea of two siblings taking part in the same competition, so both their applications were approved instantly.

 Next thing they knew, Kara and Alex were both on a transatlantic flight to the small Spanish island of Mallorca.

On the first day, the siblings and ten other Islanders were told to 'couple up' for the first time based on initial first impressions of each other. Alex ended up coupling up with a beautiful NCPD officer called Maggie, resulting in the usually stern woman acting like a blushing teenager in front of the Latina. Kara's situation was a little more complicated than Alex's.

She'd initially been physically attracted to a tall and handsome man called James. He was arguably the best-looking guy out of all the Islanders there and it looked like he kept in shape during his spare time. 

 'That could be good, he's a fellow gym-lover,' Kara had thought.

 Unfortunately for the blonde, it looked like her recent spell of bad luck had spilt over into the Island as James ended up coupling up with a brunette girl called Lucy. Not that Kara could blame him...hell, she'd wanna date Lucy if she got the chance!

 So, Kara had ended up being forced to couple up with a guy called Winn. He was okay. The more she got talking to him over the first week, the more she realised how much they had in common - science, Star Wars and all things geeky. However, Kara knew there was no spark between them. She saw him as more of a friend than a potential boyfriend.

 She knew Winn had a soft spot for her, she could tell how smitten he was with her, and she wished she could reciprocate those feelings.

 In the end, a few nights before the 're-coupling,' she'd told Winn that she didn't see anything more than friendship between them. And to be fair to him, he took it pretty well.

 The 're-coupling' was where the Islanders could choose to remain in their current couple or swap and change. The first one was pretty dramatic and took Kara completely by surprise. Pretty much every couple stayed the same, apart from James and Lucy.

 In what Kara could only imagine would be a controversial moment on TV, James shocked the whole villa when he chose her over Lucy. The blonde had sat there slack-jawed at the photographer's decision, especially considering they'd only shared a few friendly conversations since arriving in the villa. 

 As a result of James' decision, Lucy became the first Island to be booted off the show. Kara was pretty sad as a result, and she did feel a little bit guilty. Did Lucy deserve to go? Why did James pick her? And why was she secretly excited that he had?

 That was Love Island. As brutal as it was, Lucy was gone. Kara should waste no time in trying things with James. She was attracted to him and wanted to get to know him better, and it seemed he did too.

 And they did. Another week passed in the villa before they finally kissed. It was after Kara had vented to one of her fellow Islanders, Barry, about how things were moving with James.

 "Uh, Barry was saying..." Kara had began.

 "Barry was saying?" James questioned with a glint in his eye.

  "Yeah, Barry was explaining to me that there could be an infinite number of Earths and they all would vibrate at different speeds so they can occupy the same place, but never actually come into contact with each other."

 The photographer raised a knowing eyebrow at her. Kara continued nerves aside.

"The point is if two of these infinite Earths could manage to find a way to vibrate at the exact same speed, maybe, maybe there's a chance they could be together.,"

"Kara What are you trying to say?" 

"No more saying, I'm so much better at doing," she stated before pulling him into a kiss.

It should have felt like fireworks going off behind her eyes. It should have made her insides burn and jump with joy. Instead, Kara felt nothing. No spark. It actually started to feel like she was kissing a close friend or relative rather than a potential lover. 

It must have been written all over her face when they finally broke apart. James had frowned, but before he could say anything, Kara spluttered out some half baked excuse before she legged it away from him in search of her sister.

Kara had sobbed into Alex’s arms in front of Iris, Felicity and Nia about it all. Eventually, the girls had given her enough words of encouragement to talk it out with James.

You and me together, that's all I wanted. But now when I listen to my heart, I just...I know that we are best as friends.” 

“And we’ll always be friends Kara.”

Like Winn, James had been so understanding. A complete gentleman. Here Kara was, having all these guys throwing themselves at her, yet she couldn’t find a connection with a single one. She hated to think what the public must have thought of her.

The next few days went on as normal. She joked and laughed with Barry, she talked physics with Brainy, and she gave advice to Alex about her growing relationship with Maggie. That was one positive at least. Seeing her sister so happy and carefree with this woman was amazing for Kara to witness.

And then along came Mon-El. 

She’d been relaxing by the pool with James and Winn when her cellphone let out a chime, signalling she had a message from the producers.

“I’ve got a text!” Kara had yelled out, as was required with the show’s rules.

It turned out that a new Islander had arrived into the villa, but before he entered, he’d picked Kara to go on a date with. So, Kara had gotten all dolled up in a nice dress and made her way out of the villa to where the date took place.

They'd been told they'd be having dinner on a beachfront in the Spanish sun. Mon-El was already sat waiting for her when she arrived, dressed in a crisp white shirt, shorts and loafers. The date went pretty well, Mon-El was charming, handsome and had so many things in common with Kara.

It was almost as if the producers had matched them together on purpose...which did make her a little suspicious. But Kara was enjoying herself on the date, and she could see some potential for romance with him in the long run. She just prayed it didn't end up the same way it had before with James.

Luckily for her, it didn't. Another week passed in the villa and Kara and Mon-El were getting along like a house on fire. They did everything together - from giggling and joking around with each other during challenges (which they often won), sharing intimate moments before bed, and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner side by side. They were practically inseparable.

When they kissed, Kara felt different to when she'd kissed James, so she took that as a good sign. Alex seemed to approve of Mon-El too, so what more could she want? 

There was something missing though, she could feel it. But Kara refused to believe it, so she kept pushing it to the back of her mind, out of the way. She'd learn to love him, and they'd both hopefully win the competition together.

These thoughts had been plaguing her for a while, even now as she was sat around the fire pit with the other islanders. James had been sent on a mystery date with a brand new mystery Islander, and they were all awaiting his return.  Kara mentally shook herself and tried to forget how wrong it felt as she cuddled into Mon-El's side.

Stupid feelings! Why couldn't she like him the same way!

"So Kara, what do you think?"

Maggie's question snapped Kara out of her internal rambling and brought her attention back to her friends.

"Hmm?" she replied. "I missed that."

"You always have your head in the clouds, Kara," Alex joked.

"Maggie was saying that we are all wondering what James' date is like," Brainy stepped in. "And if this girl will be compatible and well suited to him."

"Oh right, yeah as long as she makes him happy!" Kara replied at last, with a smile.

"I wonder if she's hot," Mon-El boomed, fist-bumping some of the other guys. 

Kara rolled her eyes in annoyance. That was the other side of Mon-El that she didn't like, the party fratboy image he liked to show off. It wasn't helping Kara with her internal dilemma at all.

"Ahem!" the reporter hissed at him.

"Sorry babe," he muttered sheepishly, leaning down to give Kara a peck on the cheek.

"Well it looks like you won't have to wait long to find out Mon-El, they're back!" Nia said, pointing over to the villa entrance as James and his mystery woman came walking towards them all.

Kara looked away from Mon-E, still scowling, and turned her head towards where Nia was pointing. James came over with a large grin on his face, holding the hand of possibly the most beautiful woman Kara had ever seen.

She was wearing a tight-fitting red dress, that hugged her in all the right places and heels that showcased her long luscious legs. Kara couldn't keep her eyes off the woman, her face was soft and her long dark hair fell behind her back in waves. And her eyes...they were like green emeralds that captivated whoever looked into them. Kara could have sworn the woman winked when she caught her staring.  

"You're catching flies," Alex whispered, making sure she was out of earshot from Mon-El.

Kara glared at her sister, before focusing back at James and this beautiful girl. She gulped as the pair stopped and stood before them all, the mystery woman's eyes never leaving Kara's.

James was the first to speak.

"Hey guys!" he grinned. "This is-"

"Lena. I'm Lena," the brunette rasped, voice dripping with seduction as she cut off James. "Nice to finally meet you all."

Kara's stomach fluttered alive with nerves, and her palms started to feel sweaty. Lena had walked into the villa and made Kara feel things that she'd never once felt with Winn, James or Mon-El.

Kara tried to keep calm as everyone got up to greet Lena, especially when the brunette leaned in to give her a hug. And she fucking good!

"Who have you got your eye on Lena? Besides James of course!" Maggie enquired, giving Kara a sly look.

"Well I don't want to give away too much, but I have to say, I'm a sucker for blondes," Lena smirked. 

Oh god, Kara was so screwed.