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I need a miracle

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Being working with the Dowling's for a couple of years formed a really strong impression of Nanny Ashtoreth. Usually, all the employees passed unnoticed, but not Nanny.

Her attire was curious, all that black in a lady, the umbrella with a bird-shaped-head on the top of it, that precious hair that was a mix between dark red and jazzy orange, and, of course, the sunglasses that she always wore. It didn't help either that she looked impenetrable, the face always serious, her strict never changing factions; no one knew the reason of why she was hired.

And the rumours started circulating:
"Maybe she's a secret agent that the masters hired for looking after young master Warlock."
"I heard she never takes off her sunglasses, even for her sleep, quite strange if you ask me."
"I once saw her yelling at the plants"
"Is she even a woman?"

Nanny, of course, was aware of all the gossip around her, and she loved it. In her point of view, having people around would be a inconvenience for her work. Raising the Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Prince of This World, Father of Lies, Spawn of Satan, and Lord of Darkness wasn't an easy job and it would be more difficult if someone hears you when you are trying to tell the Antichrist to destroy the world at certain age.

Nobody ever talked to her more than the formal greetings, and nobody wanted to talk more. Nobody except Brother Francis.

Brother Francis was odd at his own way too and he had arrived the same day as Nanny Ashtoreth, God makes them and they come together. Anyway, he had formed and impression, not as strong as Nanny's, but enough to be recognized. The gardener had some strange teeth that oddly suited him, and all the head that needed a haircut, making him look like some messy jungle. He was very polite and was always spreading love words, but at the same time, he never talked about nothing more than that, making all the people that talked to him uncomfortable.

To everyone's surprise, the young master Warlock was fond of them. Nanny sometimes took him to the garden and Brother Francis was always there for showing him the plants, meanwhile Warlock was distracted, the nanny and the gardener looked at him and, in some ocassions, at each other.

Odd but peaceful, described the life in the Dowling's mansion.

Until the day the new coachman arrived. The old one had found a job in central London, and moved instantly, following his dream of being a profesional artist (little did he know that being a part time graphic designer, as the announcement said, was one of most vile Crowley inventions). His name was Engel Hughes, a blonde-haired chubby man in his thirties, always smiling. As soon as he introduced himself, everyone liked him.

At his first day, he befriended the maid and the butler, at his second, he met the chef, at his third, he knew Nanny Ashtoreth.

As usual, he took Mr. Dowling at the airport, but this time it wasn't just a quick fly, Mr. Dowling was leaving for two weeks. Therefore, his wife and son accompanied him to the base. He didn't see any sad goodbyes or loving kisses, for he was checking the tires, old ones, he thought. In the driving back home, Warlock fell asleep, and Engel didn't notice, not until a loud snore catched his attention. Thank God they were almost home.

The routine was always the same, getting out of the car, opening the door for the person that he was delivering, getting in the car and park it in the garage.

The two first steps of the routine passed without changes. Before the third, his eyes noticed a black figure standing on the front door of the mansion. He looked again, and the complete image made him paralyze.
In the front door, the most beautiful creature was looking at him, (if he hadn't been so dumbfounded, he would have noticed that she wasn't looking at him, but watching the car and it's passengers) the lovely thin figure dressed all black, the misterious sunglasses that keeped him from knowing her eyes, the strange beauty that was breathtaking. A voice took him out of his reverie.

- "Oh, Nanny, thank God." Harriet Dowling said, without noticing the almost offended face that the nanny have done. "Warlock is sleeping, you see, it was a long trip."

- "Yes, well then, it's time to wake him up."
- "Actually, I was hoping for you to stay with him until he wakes up, he seems so at peace." Harriet said, with a forced smile, she had barely talked to Nanny in all the time she had worked with them, and she didn't know how to treat her.
- "I'm sorry, ma'am, but my lessons are extremely strict, Warlock knows his sleep schedule." Nanny wouldn't give in to having an hyperactive boy at high night hours demanding her to tell him a story.
-Oh, right...


Engel, who was listening to the exchange of words, and was currently focused on Nanny's voice, saw an oportunity and took it.

-If I may, he started intercalating looks between the nanny and the mother, I wouldn't mind taking young master Warlock to his bedroom. If that's right with...

-Nanny Ashtoreth. She completed.
-Yes, with Nanny Ashtoreth.

Both of them stared at each other for three seconds that seemed three hours, the coachman standing nervously, waiting for a response, and the Nanny checking him out, a familiar sensation that she remembered.

-Yes, it's right. It's a kind gesture, Mr...
-Engel, Engel Hughes. He said flustered.
-Mr. Hughes, thank you.
-Engel is fine, more friendly.
-Mr. Hughes and I will take Warlock to the room.
The nanny turned her gaze to the mother, who realized that her presence was no longer required, and sneaking out to her bedroom, left alone both of them.

The coachman went to the car and took the boy in his arms.

-I will lead you. Nanny Ashtoreth turned around and began to walk, with the coachman following her.

Most of the way was done in silence, and when, from time to time, the man tried to break the silence, the nanny responded with a nod or simple grunts. The hope was leaving the body of the coachman and in one more attempt to talk, he started:
-He really seems at peace.
-Well, everyone looks at peace in their sleep. Is like dying.
She replied in a sarcastic tone.

-Oh dear, I wouldn't compare it to that. I love sleeping.
The nanny stared at him like she was looking at someone you hadn't seen in a while, and then she formed an awkward smile.
- Funny expression, she said as she opened the door and pointed to the bed.
The man placed the boy in bed and made his way to the door.

-Me too.

The coachman turned and saw the woman standing on the side of the bed.

-I love sleeping too.

Engel smiled at her and before closing the door, he spoke again:

-Good night Nanny Ashtoreth, dream with angels.

But she didn't respond.