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He knew he shouldn't do it. Prime had lectured him Primus knows how often about it... but Prime was  a Truck. He simply didn't understand what racing meant for him. The addictive rush that ran thru his systems whenever he found someone worth conpeteting with... it was more fulfilling than any drug he knew of. So of course he was here. Again.

He checked his surroundings.  This time the scan came back positive, finally. One of these days it could end up being his last race. It could very well end up being a trap, he was an easy target out here for sure. He knew it, accepted it and simply lived with it. No risk no fun, right?

Besides him Barricade pulls up in his altmode. Teasing the black and yellow car with a few engine rews.  Not wanting to waste any more time the Autobot transformed as well shifting into his sleek muscle car self. Silently both drive up to their made up starting point, this time though Barricade broke the silence. 

"Don't you think it's getting boring? Always the same patch of asphalt, since you insist that we can't by the love of Primus endanger any of the native fleshbags... always the same weather... by now I really wonder if I shouldn't just go for Knock Out... he might be a complaining nuisance but he wouldn't have any problems driving somewhere more populated, spicing things up a little.."

Bumblebee signed. He could agree with the fake cop car, it was getting dreary, sure but racing somewhere where humans could  see him? Not gonna happened. Besides the dangers they would put the other species in, chances that Prime would find out of his little dirty pleasure was simply to high. "Yeah, well invite mister 'don't touch my finish' to one of these races... one more competitor in the mix should do the deed of making the race more interesting, shouldn't it?" The scout suggested. Sure meeting up with not one but two 'Cons in the desert, with no back up and no one knowing where he was or what he was doing  was maybe not the safest way to satisfy his craving for speed and races, but it was better than racing in the city or totally refrain from speeding.

"I thought more about... a little price maybe? Wouldn't it make the race more exciting when the winner could actually gain something from it? I for example have several locations of our disused mining projects which still contain some Everton though... couldn't you need that?" The decepticon practically purred. That... sounded to good to be true... so tgere was somethibg off with it. Especially since this wouldn't work just with the 'Cons offer in the ring. "I don't have any Intel to give" he flat out admitted.  Barricade maybe had no problem to share some locations that weren't of use for the Decepticons any longer but everything he had was their base's location... of course he wouldn't risk that.

"Bold of you to assume I'd be interested in Intel at all... No... I rather have something more exciting.  Like your valve, around my spike for example" the camaro's idling engine gave a startled hiccup at that. "I'm not a buymech Barricade! I'm not selling my frame for the chance of some stupid informations!" The scout hissed angry, not even thinking of considering the offer. Even if it was more than true that they could make good use of that energon. "You really have some nice temper, too bad you lack the ability to listen, i never saud we trade favours. It's you gaining intel or ne getting off. Or maybe you did listen and you simply know that you have no chance to win against me... anyways, if you aren't interested I guess I see if I can find some fleshbags to drive over..." Barricade went into reverse, clearly ready to drive off.

"Wait, wait I'll do it.  I'm in" Bumblebee called out going into reverse as well just to park his frame infront of the cop car's path, preventing him to leave. Bumblebee was fast and the few times the other had won their little races the Camaro had not even really tried. If he concentrate this time and gave his everything there should be no reason he shouldn't win. "Great, good that even you can see reason" Barricades grin was nearly audible. Bumblebee didn't react to that and simply made his way back until both cars were parked at their starting point again.