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Aizawa Shouta was going to be the death of him.

Hizashi should probably start at the beginning, or, at least, as close to a beginning as possible for this particular story, and this particular story began at the Sports Festival.

Hizashi was in the final rounds of the one on one fighting at the very end of the festival. Most rounds had been a cinch for him-using his quirk immediately to cause his opponent to go out of bounds.

This was done in a variety of ways, including just screaming really loudly at his opponent to catch them off guard and leave them defenseless. Other times he used his quirk to make his voice somewhat outside of the normal hearing range to unsettle the opponent. Either left the person he was fighting off guard and ready to get their asses kicked by him, which made most of the rounds reasonably easy.

That didn't mean he was going to underestimate his opponent though-even if his quirk wasn't all that noticeable. Hizashi barely even knew what the quirk did, which was a dangerous situation to be in. Regardless, he was on guard.

The person he was fighting was an exhausted-looking boy with about chin-length messy black hair. Hizashi was somewhat disappointed to admit that he was actually pretty hot and mysterious looking.

Disappointed in himself, of course-he couldn't stand to get distracted here, no matter how much of a bisexual disaster he was. Hizashi was also disappointed at missing the boy's name because he was too busy checking him out.

The match started, and Hizashi tried to use his quirk to unsettle the boy. He figured that, even if the boy knew what his quirk was, he would still be caught off guard if Hizashi started humming at around the frequency of 18-19hz, which was generally considered the frequency of fear.

Hizashi had registered headphones so that he wouldn't get more damaged from his quirk and had also removed his hearing aids for the competition, but it also meant that he couldn't hear himself while he activated his quirk.

Hizashi was expecting his opponent to show some kind of reaction, but he had none-only his eyes flashed red.

The boy moved quickly, darting towards Hizashi almost faster than he could see-it was almost a miracle that Hizashi managed to dodge the first hit.

Hizashi tried to unbalance him by sweeping a leg beneath his feet, but the boy jumped and kicked Hizashi mid-air, forcing Hizashi backwards.

The boy didn't give Hizashi a single second of reprieve as he let his feet touch the ground before sending a round-house kick Hizashi's way and following the move up with a punch that extended out sideways from the boy's chest.

Once Hizashi was too disoriented to fight back, the boy pretty much threw Hizashi out of the ring, and Hizashi was left laying on his back as he was pretty sure the announcer called that he was out of bounds.

Hizashi kind of just stayed there for a moment, thinking back on the fight. Not on the fact that he lost, but of the fact the boy was somehow even hotter than he was before.

The sky suddenly went dark, and Hizashi blinked a few times before he realized that his opponent was leaning over him and holding out a hand.

Hizashi took the hand, and the boy pulled him back up to standing height.

"Thanks for the fight," The boy must have said, if Hizashi's lip-reading was correct at all. He had a small smile on his face though, which Hizashi's mind registered as being cute.

"Oh, yeah, no problem!" Hizashi responded and frowned when the boy winced. Hizashi did his best to lower the volume of his voice when he spoke next. "Sorry, I don't have my hearing aids in-I can't really hear the volume of my voice. Let's talk later though, yeah?"

The boy nodded and left, and Hizashi found that the interaction left him with a crush on a person he didn't even know the name of.

Hizashi was left pining for a couple of days after that incident, thinking of the boy's dark hair that was styled in the most effortless way and his brooding eyes that flashed red in the middle of battle. This wasn't even mentioning how skilled he was in a fight, and how he thanked Hizashi for the match after the fact. It was almost too much for his heart to handle.

Of course, Tensei got the brunt of the pining, and, as patient as Tensei was, even his patience was tried as Hizashi rambled off about his mysterious opponent.

"I think you really should get to know his name before planning your wedding," Tensei snarked, and Hizashi almost choked.

"I am not planning our wedding!" Hizashi's voice cracked in the middle of his sentence, his embarrassment evident from the occurrence.

"Everyone shut up and sit down!" Their teacher, Sashimasu-sensei, shouted out, brash as always. Both Tensei and Hizashi sheepishly took their seats as their teacher waited for everyone to get seated. "We have a new transfer that will be joining us today and for the foreseeable future in Class 1-A. I expect you all to welcome him. Say hi to Aizawa Shouta."

The boy that had beaten Hizashi up during the Sports Festival walked in the room. Hizashi completely blanked on anything and everything he said, only processing the fact that his voice could easily turn him into jelly or some other gelatinous substance.

"Go take a seat in the back, next to Yamada," Sashimasu-sensei stated, and Shouta looked towards the back of the room and locked eyes with Hizashi. Hizashi immediately felt the blood rushing to his cheeks, and his mind was practically made of static when Shouta gave a small smirk as he strode over to the seat next to Hizashi and sat down.

"Hey," Shouta greeted, and Hizashi was wrong about earlier.

Shouta's voice could turn him into liquid.

Hizashi gave a nervous wave in response, and then they were too caught up in paying attention to class to actually talk any further than that. Hizashi would try passing notes, but he was honestly still kind of terrified of his teacher since he got detention the last time.

Hizashi shuddered at the amount of extra training he had to do during that time. It was hell, and he did his best to avoid it at all costs.

Shouta had no such restraints if the note he just threw on Hizashi's desk was any indication. Hizashi glanced over to Shouta, but he was busy looking towards the teacher, seemingly enraptured by the lesson.

Hizashi looked back down at the note. It was small, and it was folded once. Hizashi was almost scared to open it, fearing the contents that lie within.

It was a ridiculous fear, of course-the only thing Hizashi should be afraid of in this room was Sashimasu-sensei. Although, being somewhat afraid of Shouta was probably within common sense parameters, given how royally he was capable of kicking Hizashi’s ass.

Hizashi carefully opened up the note and smoothed it out to read what it said:

"So, what's your place in class?"

Hizashi wondered for a second what the note was talking about before realizing it was probably referring to the grades he got.

"I'm at the top of the class! If you have trouble with anything, feel free to ask!" Hizashi scribbled down. He flipped the note over and quickly wrote a couple of notes regarding the lesson on it so that if they were caught, Hizashi could claim he was helping Shouta fill in the gaps of a few key points he missed.

Hizashi waited until he was sure their teacher wasn't looking before passing the note back to Shouta and going back to focusing on the lesson.

He didn't get to focus on it for too long, as the note was back in his hands like magic. There was only a single line added:

"I like a smart man."

Hizashi's heart was doing weird things in his chest, and his face was probably on fire.

Hizashi took a moment to relax, breathe, and continue focusing on the lesson. He couldn't get top scores if he didn't pay attention!

He did his best to ignore the note and stay calm. He couldn't let himself get distracted, no matter how much the note made his stomach tingle.

Hizashi chanced a glance at Shouta, who caught his gaze and gave him a wink.

Hizashi wondered if he was even going to survive this class.

Turns out he could survive just fine if he ignored Shouta completely during class. It was a little more difficult to ignore him after class ended, but he supposed it was less necessary during that time.

"I'm Aizawa Shouta," Shouta introduced himself like he wasn't practically torturing Hizashi all class. "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise!" Hizashi said, perhaps a little too loudly if the glares he got from other students was any indication. "I'm Yamada Hizashi! Feel free to ask me if you need anything! Although, you might also want to ask Tensei for help since he's the class president-oh, his family name is Iida-you know that family? Tensei plans to carry on the name of the hero Ingenium. I am the vice president though, so if you're more comfortable asking me questions, that's perfectly fine too. Oh! I should maybe properly introduce him to you, shouldn't I?"

Hizashi dragged Shouta over to Tensei to introduce him.

"Tensei! This is Aizawa Shouta! We should help him become comfortable in Class 1-A! It's our duties as president and vice-president of the class!" Hizashi rambled. "Aizawa, this is Iida Tensei!"

"It's nice to meet you, Aizawa," Tensei held his hand out for a handshake, and Shouta recuperated.

"It's nice to meet you too, Iida," Shouta said. "I'll be sure to come to either of you if I need any help with anything."

"And I'll be sure to assist you to the best of my ability," Tensei responded.

"Hey, Aizawa! Would you like to eat lunch with Tensei and I? Oh, and you should probably know we'll be joined by an upper-classman who I'm sure will be delighted to meet you. Her name is Kayama Nemuri-she's a bit of a flirt, but she's really awesome and cool once you get to know her!"

"No thanks," Shouta stated. Hizashi pouted but respected his decision.

"Alright, but you're free to join us at any time! You're also free to join us at any time in the future if you want!"

"I'll keep that in mind."

"If it's the number of people that bother you, then we could always have some one-on-one time," Hizashi grinned, seemingly unaware of what he just said.

Shouta almost choked before responding.

"Yeah, of course," Shouta’s face was tinted pink. "But I'm just going to eat lunch alone today."