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Experiments, Ego, and Expectations

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Izuna’s better prepared this time, he’s shored up his footing, regulating his breathing and—

And Izuna still nearly falls out of the tree he’s in when Senju Tobirama stand up to get out of the onsen. He shamefully watches the water drip down his rival’s full form with a bright red face. For how slow they’re dripping, Izuna nearly thinks they’re taunting him to go down there and wipe them off—

No! No, bad Izuna, what would Aniki say if Izuna botched this mission by doing something so stupid?

Probably throw him into the koi pond before screeching at him that he never learns.

When he refocuses on the Senju, it’s to see an empty space.

Ah, fuck.

Very, very quietly, he palms a kunai, sharingan cataloging his surroundings for an attack. There’s movement—

Izuna lets out a faint hiss as he winds up slicing his finger on the kunai at the sight of his rival through the doorway.

Somehow . . . somehow Senju Tobirama is more indecent wearing a yukata that he doesn’t close properly and oh my fucking Sage his chest looks so good

Focus! Izuna needs to not get caught, not be seen, finish his mission. He can go through these memories later, in the privacy of his bedroom.

Another look shows Tobirama turning the corner, out of sight. Izuna juggles his options, and a quick glance at the moon shows that he still has plenty of time to get to his mark.

With that thought, he trails silently after his rival.