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Experiments, Ego, and Expectations

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“Do I need to—hah—break another finger of yours?”

Izuna smirks as Tobirama valiantly tries to avoid his fingers. It really doesn’t help him that Izuna’s tugging gently on his clothes and hair.

And his dear, sweet, tiny husband is squirming! Squirming! Getting all flustered, and his swats at Izuna’s fingers are only half-hearted, at best. (There hasn’t been any more broken fingers, so Izuna’s taking that as a go-ahead.)

One might think that Tobirama enjoys being manhandled so.

(Izuna knows that Tobirama enjoys being manhandled so.)

So Izuna continues playing with Tobirama like a cat would a mouse, succeeding in getting Tobirama all flustered and blushing. A finger rubbing between Tobirama’s legs makes him nearly collapse over Izuna’s hand. Izuna’s dick twitches at the hot, small pants of air that tickle his palm.

Suddenly, Tobirama bites his palm, and it’s only a faint prick of pain, but it’s accompanied by a muffled groan. All that Izuna’s left with is a puddle of perfectly-palm-sized Tobirama in his hand.

Izuna desperately needs to go deal with his hard-on, and looking at Tobirama in his hand and imagining just, wrapping his hand around his dick, Tobirama there, braced by his hand and wrapped around it—

Maybe giving his husband one more orgasm will make him pliant and willing enough to try it. Like this, Izuna could wrap his entire mouth around everything of Tobirama’s—

Izuna has never scurried off to their bedroom faster.