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Now, before I actually start giving you all the actual content of this, a bit of backstory. Months ago I (under the user name rainixdra) began following this kingdom hearts shitpost bot on tumblr because it was funny. The thing is, at some point during this year, I started writing response ficlets and character responses based on which whatever shitpost of the day gave me inspiration. Some of you may have already seen them.

Then last night I may have written a longer ficlet from my norm. It prompted me to kinda contact the dev of the shitpost bot for permission to actually post the ficlets here on AO3. Because reblog ficlets was one thing, but actually posting them as a fanfic is a whole other thing.

They gave me permission.

If you are reading this dev, thank you so much again for giving me permission to do this! I'm really grateful and your bot is still the most hilarious thing ever!

Anyways, some of these were one line responses and I intend on expanding on them a touch more. So not all of it will be exactly the same as what I reblogged on my tumblr.

Forgive me for the disclaimer anyways. Everything here has been prompted by the shitpost bot and the dev is credited with its creation!

Go to the next chapter for the first ficlet.


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As Sora tightened his hold on his Keyblade, he murmured, "I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger -"

He turned his head to glare at Xigbar as he declared, "The people it did choose. My friends, they are my power!"

Xigbar at this point was gaping at the phantom crowd that had appeared right behind Sora... before turning to stalk off, throwing his hands into the air in exasperation. 

"You know what? Fuck the power of friendship! I'm DONE," Xigbar grumbled as he opened a portal to wherever he'd hidden the Box. He was so DONE with his Master's ridiculous mission.

Both Xemnas and Sora were left behind blinking in confusion as to what in the world just happened.

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Another dream.


Of what could have been.

Floating helplessly as he watched Ansem take control of his body.

As he watched Sora try to save him, only to fall to his own hands.

As he watched his Replica, deluded by the memories Namine had manipulated, fight for a cause that wasn't his own.

As he watched himself betray the promise he'd made to Terra.

Riku soon found himself back in that empty chasm of Darkness, with Ansem once again trying to convince him to join. The words never reached Riku's ears, but he'd memorised every single line. But as of late, one had stood out more frequently in his dreams. 

"Set the darkness in you free, and you can rescue your friend."

The words haunted him, even though he'd rejected them outright, even after Sora had been saved through other means. Would it really have saved Sora back then if he'd given in to the Darkness? He never knew.

But he wouldn't try. And he couldn't hesitate against the Darkness anymore. Not when the worst had come to past.

N̖̖o̥̖ͅt̹̜̹ͅ ̟̥̩̦̬͙͟w̷̰h͏̞͖͎̤̣̼ḙ͞n͡ ̧͓̪͈͇ͅR̶̦̹̠͙̥͍i̮̩͈k͉͓̬͎ų h͚̗̩̩a̛̠̪d̳̙̰̳̬ ̯̯͈͘l̦̟͕̟͍e̫̩t͇͟ ͇͉̼̯̙͡S̸̟͕̤o̤͔̹̻̬̲̻͞r̸̺̥a̷ ͍͖͢w̘a̺͔l͓k̴ ̦̰̗̲̻̠̬t̞̬̥͔̳̠̫o̘͍̳ h̡͙̱i̢͎͚͚̝s͕͎̭̪͘ ̯͖̣ḍ̛̱e̠͟a̱͎t̶h̬̻͓̩͠ ͎̙̼̲͇̦̞a̷n̢̮̦ḍ̣͙͓̥̖ ̲w̸̼̼a͕tc̴̯̼̖͓͚̟ͅh̺̫͎̹̜ẹ͔̥͕̳̤̦͟d͔͕̮ͅ ̡͉̻h̻̜͙̫i̷͚̲͉m̮͇ ̩͉̜͈̪f̻͙̖a̪d̞̪̘͖̘͟e̙ ͚f̙͕̘͔͕ͅr̘͚͖̥͕̙͞o͍̙̞m̗̫̞̦̺̟͟ t̸͕͕͖̠͈h̯̘͎e̦͍̰̯̜̱ ̜̟̫̬̻̥W̞͙̺͈o̝̩̞̯r̤͖͚̯̕l̙̬̻͉͝d̴̥̖͓̼s͍͉̠

"Due to personal reasons, promises that I've made, and the people whom I've met, I know I am Light," Riku muttered to himself as he walked away from the Darkness. 

A statement to reassure himself, a declaration of his intentions.

No longer would he be held down by the chains of fear and regret. 

The phantom of Ansem faded from his dreams.

And Riku woke up to a new day on the Islands, resolved once more to search the Worlds for a Light that had been lost.

Sora was still out there waiting for him.

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"I can't believe Vexen's fucking deaaad~

I can't believe he's really really deaaad~

I really doubt it though, Cause I didn't see it, so~

I can't believe Vexen's fucking deaaaaaaad!" Demyx sang the lyrics he'd made mournfully as he began strumming his sitar in a mockingly cheerful tune.

What he didn’t expect to see when he finally turned around, after several rounds of singing, was Vexen tapping his feet, arms crossed and not amused.

"Oh! Haaaaay Vexen!" Demyx sweatdropped taking a cautious step backwards. And took off to his room screaming about ghosts.

Vexen shook his head in exasperation, "I get delayed for several days and of course Demyx writes me off as dead."

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Repliku was bored. Utterly bored. And so damn tired of dealing with the other Organisation members.

Guessing that no one would hear him, he began muttering to himself, "Why is Organisation XIII so toxic?"

Unfortunately for him, Xigbar had been nearby and had caught the muttered complaint. The one-eyed sniper grinned and walked up to the odd replica, mocking him as he ruffled the silver haired teen, "We are Darkness. What did you expect? Sunshine and rainbows?"

Repliku snarled as he knocked the older man's arm off, deciding to direct his anger at one of the most irritating members of the group, "I don't get paid enough for all the Nort shit I've gotta deal with every day. We aren't in the Age of Fairy Tales anymore so all you old men need to understand that wage gains need to keep up with inflation!"

Xigbar was left stunned as he watched Repliku storm off with a huff, muttering about ice-cream dates with Namine not paying for themselves. Once the teen had disappeared though, all Xigbar could give was choked laughter, "I was not expecting him to clap back at all. Like who taught that replica economics?"

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It was another day in Radiant Gardens. The sun was shining, the birds were singing...

And yet another crazy was targeting Sora for some bizarre reason.

Something about Sora's smiles being capable of opening Kingdom Hearts?

"Hand over Sora’s smile and no one gets hurt!" the weirdo snarled as he threatened to bomb the town, his finger poised to hit the trigger that was in his hands.

Riku and Kairi glared as they wrapped their arms protectively around a wide eyed and confused Sora while both Donald and Goofy stood defensively in front of the trio. Roxas, Xion, Ven and Vanitas stood behind the group with very threatening smiles on their faces as they summoned their Keyblades.

The answer was a resounding “no” the man's demands.

"Do you all not care if this town gets destroyed?!" The bomber shouted, starting to sweat at how undeterred they all were... then a flash of movement and he was slammed to the ground, blades pointed directly at his neck.

Looking at who had just attacked him, he paled. Cloud and Leon of the Restoration Committee were glaring angrily at him, while Yuffie Kisaragi waved, the switch in her hands, her smile looking very threatening indeed.

Riku laughed, "It's not that we don't care about Radiant Garden. It's more these guys would not take someone spitting in their face by destroying all their hard work lightly. That and they are very protective of Sora."

Sora's smiles were the treasure of the Worlds and it would do good for people to know that it's owner had many, many, protectors across all Worlds.

Hell no were they ever going to hand over Sora without a fight.

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A chime echoed loudly through the paths of the Realm of Darkness. Riku hummed as he pulled out his Gummi phone and smiled when he saw who the notification was from.

"Is it Sora posting another selfie on Kingstagram?" Mickey sighed "Again?"

"Let him have his fun, Mickey," Riku chuckled as he unlocked his phone to access the application. "At least this way we know what he's been up to."

"True enough," the mouse king shrugged.

"Speaking of selfies, Sora just sent me a selfie with the Unversed in it," Riku informed Mickey as he eyed the obviously struggling Flood (At least that was what Sora had tagged as the name of the Unversed) in Sora’s furry arm, Sora giving a toothy grin at the phone.

Mickey looked at Riku as if he’d grown another head, only for Riku, still looking unfazed by Sora’s bold attempt at wrangling the Dark creature, to hand Mickey the Gummi Phone, showing him Sora’s Kingstagram image.

Mickey could only facepalm.

If only because there was clearly another conversation going on in Sora's post voicing Mickey's very opinion about Sora holding a Flood in his arms.

Look Riku! An Unversed!

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"Hey Axel, Saix!" Xion cheerily greeted as she walked up to the station plaza. Roxas was trailing behind her, a bag of sea-salt ice-cream in hand.

Isa chuckled as Lea groaned, "I get that you knew me only by that name, but really, I kinda want to hear my old name more often. Especially from my close friends."

Roxas tilted his head, "Why would you want to do so Axel?"

Lea threw his hands up in frustration,"Ok, that's it. You two say it with me. 'Lea'. That's my name."

"But... what happened to us getting your name memorized, Axel?" Xion just questioned innocently, amusement glinting in her eyes.

"It's LEA! Not AXEL!"

"Then I guess... Axel, due to personal reasons, we are getting it memorized~" sang both Roxas and Xion in unison with teasing grins, reminding Lea one more time that he told them multiple times to memorize his name as “Axel”. Now they refused to call him anything else. 

Isa just watched as his best friend pouted at the pair making fun of his catchphrase, finally giving up at getting them to call them by his real name. Smiling, he wondering how in the world he’d given this carefree life up in the first place.

Their duo had expanded. And letting these kids into his Heart may not be too bad after all.


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The shores of Destiny Islands were quiet, the only sound, lapping waves and the crunch of shoes on sand coming to a halt.

A sigh and the ruffle of cloth, the figure removing his hood to stare into the night sky.

Sand crunched again at hurried foot falls before coming to a halt.

Sora had to wonder why in the world did he even return here. And for what purpose?

"I bet you didn’t expect the Keyblade War," The Master of Masters smiled as he turned to look at Sora.

Sora glared at the man who had orchestrated everything from the sidelines, rage lacing his tone as he spat, “And I didn’t think that you would have been the one to orchestrate such things. What even drove you to do this anyways?!”

The Master of Masters gave a bark of laughter blue eyes looking bitterly at his younger self, his smile a mere shadow of what it used to be.

“You should know what drove me to do this Sora. You may have averted it in your timeline, but I never found the answer in mine.”

Sora blanched as the unwanted memories of that failed attempt rushed to the forefront of his mind.

And suddenly, Sora could understand the desperation that his older self in front of him went through.

After all, if he had failed to bring everyone back…

Sora wouldn’t hesitate to doom the worlds for that second chance.

As Sora contemplated the truth to his older self's words, the Master of Masters turn to smile at the sky once more. It had been years since he'd seen this very sky.

That second chance had been worth it.


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"I know you asked me to help you both out because we apparently know each other from the past," Ven said as he followed a reborn Lauriam and Elrena to the crossroads of the Graveyard, Chirithy trailing after them.

"That we do," Lauriam chuckled, while Elrena huffed, "Though you were always the youngest of our group. Somehow you still are."

"Now that I get. So what’s the deal with Strelitzia anyways? How's she related?" Ven asked innocently, causing both Lauriam and Elrena to freeze and turn to look at Ven, a touch insulted and horrified at his question. Lauriam's calm demeanor morphed into anger while Elrena let out a hiss of indignation.

“‘What’s the deal with Strelitzia’?! Have you forgotten what happened Ven?!” Lauriam snarled at the younger blond who was now looking at them in wide eyed confusion and panic.

Chirithy on the other hand was quick to diffuse the situation, “Calm down you two. Ven doesn’t have all his memories from the past like you both, so you can’t blame him for not knowing about what happened to your sister. So yes. He has forgotten.”

Lauriam just looked a bit more angry knowing this, Elrena scoffing and muttering bitterly, “Of course he gets to forget. Of course.”

The conversation ended there, Ven now more afraid of learning of his past, and both Lauriam and Elrena more bitter than ever.

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One would have assumed that the Unversed forms were all random. That their form had little meaning. However, that would only have been the case when they had initially formed, outside of his control.

Nowadays, with greater control over his emotions, Vanitas found that he could summon them at will.

And that led to some other interesting discoveries.

Such as altering the Unversed forms.

Thinking about their current forms carefully in his mind, Vanitas muttered a 'nice', and then began to alter the Unversed's forms to better fit the emotion he was trying to convey when he summoned them.

Except the Flood.

The Flood definitely expressed his irritation quite well. It didn't need design changes.

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"I heard that Namine has an eight-pack, that Namine is shredded," Ven said with a straight face. Roxas spat out his drink, while Xion choked at the statement.

“Ok who the fuck told you that?!” Roxas sputtered.

Ven continued to remain stoic… but both Roxas and Xion could see his lip quirk up with barely held back laughter as he revealed the culprit.


Vanitas sneezed.

Namine looked up from her sketch book, “You ok, Vanitas?”

“May be catching a cold,” Vanitas muttered, before picking up his pencil, pointing it at Namine. “But never mind that, you were saying that shades of neon pink didn’t fit my Unversed right? Care to explain?”

Namine nodded and the two dove back into their discussion about his Unversed’s various forms.