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Pleasant Nightmares for a Captured Soul

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Little gasps and breathless mewls fill the air as pleasure courses through his body.  From the tips of his toes to the top of his head is engulfed in mind-numbing pleasure.  His cocklet flaming red and achy from not being allowed to cum, the cock ring securely cutting off his orgasm.  His hands fist his cotton sheets damp with his sweat to try and ground himself. His head thrashes back and forth as tears spill down his cheeks from the intense, searing pleasure. 

“M-more!” He manages to gasp out, able to control his mouth for a moment.  “Please!”

“Shh, little one.  I will give you what you want.  Just have patience.”  

Izuku looks up at the gorgeous creature hovering over him, unsure of how he even got here. 


“Kacchan, why are you giving me this book?”  Izuku looks down at the book of demonology in his hands.

“It’s your dare, Shitty Nerd.  I dare you to summon a demon!”

“Bakugo, that is not the proper behavior of an officer of the law!” Iida exclaims, standing up.

“Sit down, Glasses!  We’re playing Truth or Dare.  Proper behavior doesn’t exist,” Bakugo retorts.

Sighing heavily, Iida sits down and adjusts his glasses.  “You make a good point.”

“S-seriously, Kacchan?”

“Seriously.  I want you to summon a demon.”

Sighing because he knows he won’t be able to get out of it, Izuku stands up and walks into his kitchen to look for the things he needs.  “Right. Of course, you do.”

“You’re really just gonna do it?” Uraraka asks as she watches Izuku rifle through his cabinets.  

“Kacchan’s dares are serious.  He’ll never let me live it down if I refuse to do it.”

“But you know you shouldn’t play with that kind of stuff.”  She shivers.

“I’ll be fine, Uraraka-kun.  Thank you for your concern. While I’m gathering everything, I’ll go so we can keep this game moving.  Denki, Truth or Dare?”

“Hit me with a dare!”

“Hmm…”  He sees something in his cabinet that makes him grin.  “I dare you to go give Peanut a treat.” Peanut is his cat who hates Kaminari.

Everyone laughs as Kaminari pales and sputters.  "Aww, come on!" He whines, standing up and walking into the kitchen to get the bag of treats.  "Here you go, Peanut," he coos nervously, tiptoeing up to the cat tree where said cat rests. 

The cat looks down at the blond, unimpressed, before standing up and stretching. 

Kaminari flinches and holds out a treat on a shaky palm.  "Here's a treat for you, Kitty." 

Sniffing the treat, Peanut moves back and swats Kaminari's hand away like it was offending him and hisses. 

Kaminari shrieks in fear and scrambles away, cradling his hand to his chest.  He instantly goes and hides his face Sero's neck. 

"It's okay, Baby," Sero coos while shaking with laughter.  "Peanut will leave you alone now." 

"That was cruel, Deku," Bakugo snorts.  "But I like it!" 

Letting out a few chuckles of his own, he grabs his handful of supplies and walks back out to the living room.  "Peanut just adores you, Denki." 

"Lies!  You are spouting so much bullshit it's not even funny!" He cries, clutching Sero tighter. 

"Got all your shit, Deku?" 

"Yeah," he sighs.  "But keep in mind that it probably won't work. I don't know how to pronounce Latin very well." 

“If you don’t summon the demon, then you fail the dare and have to take the penalty.”

“Now that’s just cruel, Babe,” Kirishima speaks up, gently smacking Bakugo on the bicep.  “Most people can’t summon them.”

“I guess.  At least try to make something happen.”

Sighing and nodding, Izuku clears off the coffee table and opens the book to a random page.  “I hope you’re not expecting a certain one, Kacchan.”

“Nah.  I’ll just be impressed if you manage to do it,” he replies, throwing his arm around Kirishima’s shoulders.

“Thanks, Kacchan.”  Carefully setting up the summoning circle and the barrier circle, he begins to chant the Latin words in the book needed for the summoning.  As he chants, he’s surprised to see smoke beginning to curl up from the salt that makes up the circles. Taking the steak knife he borrowed from his kitchen, he makes a slice on his finger and allows the blood to drip onto the circle.  When it hits the salt, it bubbles and fizzes and everyone gasps. Taking a step back, Izuku falters for a moment in his chanting but quickly picks back up again. The lights in the room begin to flicker and the apartment begins to shake.  Lightning arcs off the summoning circle in short little bursts, but when Izuku is done chanting, everything goes back to normal. The lights stop flickering, the salt in the circle stops bubbling, the lightning disappears, and the apartment stops shaking.

Everyone looks around with wide eyes, expecting some horrifying creature to be lurking somewhere in the room.

“That...was even more terrifying than Peanut,” Kaminari breathes, holding onto Sero for dear life.  “I’d take Peanut any day.”

“Y-yeah,” Bakugo stutters slightly before clearing his throat.  “You did more than I thought you would, so you don’t have to take the penalty.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Izuku grabs the bandage he brought out and bandages his finger.  “Phew. I’m glad that’s over.” He looks over at Bakugo. “I told you, Kacchan, that nothing would probably happen.  I doubt that I would’ve been able to summon anything with my terrible Latin pronunciation.”

“Yeah, yeah.  Sparky, it’s your turn.”

“R-right.”  Clearing his throat, he looks around the circle.

“Uraraka, Truth or Dare?”


The night passes swiftly and soon everyone is leaving the apartment.  Breathing a sigh of relief when he walks back into the quiet, Izuku goes about cleaning up.  He throws away all the food wrappers and beer cans littering his floor (most of them centered around where Bakugo was sitting) before getting the vacuum out to take care of the crumbs on the floor.  As he vacuums, he accidentally knocks into the coffee table, making his own drinking class slide over and mess up the barrier circle.  

“Oh no!” He gasps, stopping the vacuum and staring at the circle.  “I should probably get rid of this too. Definitely.”

However, before he can turn the vacuum on again, the lights begin flickering and the apartment shakes as the salt in the barrier circle bubbles and fizzes before dissolving.  Peanut begins yowling and running around in circles before it suddenly stopped. Officially freaked out, he vacuums up the rest of the salt and puts the vacuum away. Casting one last nervous look back at his living room, he shuts the lights off and heads into his room.  Taking a quick shower, he falls into bed without any clothes because of how exhausted he is.

I’ll put clothes on in a few minutes.   He yawns and his eyes drift closed, his body naturally pulling blankets over himself and curling up underneath.  Just a few minutes…


Waking up with a gasp, Izuku sits up and looks around wildly.  When he realizes that he’s all alone, he shakes his head with a groan and runs a hand through his hair.  “I need water.” Standing up and not caring about his nakedness, he walks out into his living room and grabs his glass from the coffee table and heads into the kitchen to get some water.  Filling up his cup, he takes a sip when movement out in the living room catches his eye.  

"What the…?" He mumbles, flipping on the kitchen light and blinking in the sudden light.  Peering out into the living room, he sees something on his coffee table. Walking closer, he notices the summoning circle made out in salt on the table.  Now, he should've remembered that he vacuumed it up earlier before he went to bed, but because he was half asleep he didn't think anything of it and turned to go back to bed.  "Probably was nothing." Heading back into his bedroom, he puts his glass on his nightstand and collapses into bed. 

Just as he's finally falling asleep, he feels large, warm, calloused hands sliding up his thighs.  He lets out a confused shriek and sits up, looking around. Finding no one, he rubs his hands over his thighs and shivers.  What was that?  Laying back down, Izuku sighs and tries to relax.  It's not long, however, before those hands are back on his thighs.  Reaching down to brush those hands away, he whimpers in fear when he cannot find the hands and arms the feeling is coming from.  His eyes frantically search the dark room, but he cannot find anything or anyone. “Wh-who’s there?”

He receives no answer and the hands disappear.  Then suddenly, Izuku feels the same large hands stroking his cheeks from above.  He looks up in shock to see a pair of blue eyes glowing in the dark. A strange hissing sound comes from the direction of the eyes before the light on his desk eerily flickers to life.  With the light on, Izuku can clearly see a person--no, a creature--hovering over him.

“Wh-what?”  A scream threatens to bubble out of his throat as his breathing picks up.  What is going on?

“Hello, little morsel.  Thank you for inviting me into your bed.”  A deep voice comes from the creature

“Wh-what are you?”

“What am I?”  The creature seems surprised.  “You summoned me; you should know what you summoned.”

“I...I just flipped open to a random page!  It was a dare!” Izuku splutters, not moving an inch lest the creature--no, demon--hurt him.

Letting out a disappointed sigh, the creature moves off of him and goes to sit on the edge of the bed.  “Why is it always dares?!” The creature moans. “I’m so hungry!”


“I’m an incubus, little morsel.  Every time I get summoned, I usually get to eat.  Or, at least that’s how it was over a century ago.  Now I only get accidental summons because nobody believes that we can actually be summoned.”

“W-wait, I thought incubi could just infiltrate our dreams.”  Izuku is puzzled at this bit of new information.

“Being that I’m a high-ranking incubus, I live by different rules.  I have to be summoned during certain periods of the year.”


They fall into an awkward silence, each of them turning to observe the other.  Izuku looks on to see that the creature is very well-built, not too muscular, but not super lean either.  The creature’s eyes aren’t the standard red, but a beautiful, sparkling blue. The creature’s skin is flawless, sporting a few scars here and there on its arms.  Its hair is blond and spiky, slicked up into an odd-looking cowlick with two curved horns poking up from its head. The creature has claws on its fingertips and a tail protruding from the base of his spine.  The creature’s legs are encased in what looks like black leather pants while it’s top is bare. Its ears are pointed, like an elf’s and scattered all across the bare skin are patches of scales. Two sharp teeth peek out from under the top lip of the creature.

The creature smirks.  “Like what you see?”

Blushing, Izuku averts his eyes.  “S-so since I accidentally summoned you, you can leave, right?”

Taking a moment to look Izuku over, it sighs.  “No. I cannot.” He licks his lips in anticipation as his eyes drift over Izuku’s body.  Those beautiful blue eyes take in the slightly muscular, naked form that is sprawled out in front of him.  The messed up green hair, bleary eyes, rosy cheeks, and slight form all contribute to make Izuku look even more alluring to the creature.  “I can only leave after forming a contract and fulfilling it.”

“W-wait, what?  That doesn’t make much sense.”

It frowns.  “Yes, I realize that.  However, that’s how a summoning works.  So what do you want?”

“What do I...I don’t know!”

In a flash, the creature is back in his face.  One of those large, warm, calloused hands is stroking his face while the other grabs his hand.  And , Izuku realizes, he's kneeling over me.  "Oh, I know what you want.  It's what everyone wants. And I'm fully prepared to give it to you," he purrs.

"Wh-what do you mean?" 

"I could sense your arousal as soon as you laid eyes on me, little morsel.  You like how I look."

“I-I…”  Izuku trails off when he realizes that the creature is right.

“What’s your name, little morsel?  Or would you prefer being called ‘little morsel’ for the entirety of the time I’m here?”

“I-Izuku.  My n-name is Izuku Midoriya.”

The creature grins ferally and licks its lips.  “Well, Izuku, my name is Mirio Toogata. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Gulping, he nods.  “R-right.”

“Now, you have to verbally tell me what you want so we can form a contract.  Once I fulfill it, I'll leave you alone until you summon me again." The creature--no, Mirio--smiles seductively at him. 

Izuku balks, unsure of what to do.  He feels overwhelmed. What do I do?   With the hands cupping his face and holding his hand, he feels trapped.  But a good trapped. Why do I not feel scared?

Mirio frowns.  “I’m overwhelming you, aren’t I?”  He steps back a moment. “Sorry.” He starts, feeling not like himself.  What the hell am I doing?  Why am I caring that I’m overwhelming him?  Overwhelming him is a good thing; it means that I get to eat!

“U-uhm, M-Mirio-s-san?  Are you o-okay?”

The hesitant voice of his meal snaps him out of his thoughts.  Glancing over, he finds the little morsel looking at him with concern swimming in his eyes.  “I’m fine,” he answers shortly, upset at himself for getting distracted. Turning on his seductive aura and pumping out pheromones, he turns to Izuku again.  “So? Wanna tell me what you wish for?”

He blushes.  “U-uh, well, I’d like to find my soulmate,” he says quietly.  “But if you help me do that, I’ll let you eat till you’re full.”

Feeling stunned to the point of freezing, Mirio just stares at Izuku in shock.  He wants to find his soulmate?  And he’ll let me eat? You don’t see this kind of morsel often.   “You sure that’s what you want to wish for?” He asks after shaking himself out of his shock.

He nods decisively.  “Y-yes! That’s what I want!”

“Very well.”  Focusing his magic, he enchants Izuku’s eyes so he can follow the red string to his soulmate.  Once he’s finished, he turns to prepare to eat when a soft voice stops him in his tracks.

“It’s you!” Izuku whispers in awe, staring up at Mirio with an unknown emotion swimming through his eyes.

Instantly enchanting his own eyes, Mirio sees that he does, indeed, seem to be connected to Izuku.  Immediately his hunger changes to passion and he’s on Izuku in a second. “So we are,” he purrs. “And that means I can feed off of you without hurting you.”

Pain fills his eyes.  “I-is that all you want f-from me?” He whimpers.

Mirio freezes, panic welling up in his soul.  “N-no! I just meant that it was a bonus!” Crap!  I don’t know how to deal with this!   “U-uh!”

A giggle erupts from Izuku’s throat.  “You’re really awkward at this, huh?” He asks.

He frowns.  “Well, I’ve never had a soulmate before.”  Mirio pouts and looks away from him.

Small, delicate hands turn his face back to Izuku.  “It’s okay. We’ll both have to figure this out together.”

Mirio goes to say something but is stopped when his stomach growls extremely loudly.  He turns bright red and stuffs his face into Izuku’s neck, making him squeak. “I’m so hungry!” He moans.

The sudden, sharp smell of Izuku’s arousal floods the air.  “U-uhm, I did say that if you helped me find my soulmate, you could eat,” he says, slightly panting and squirming at the uncomfortable tightness in his pants.

Ah, it seems my pheromones got to him.   “You did.  However, since we are soulmates, I don’t want our first time to be just because we made a contract and I was hungry.”

“I don’t mind, especially because I know that you and I will have plenty of other times together.”

Mirio begins to reply when a sudden thought has him stopping.  “You accepted me really easily, even though I’m a demon. Shouldn’t you be freaking out right about now?”

Izuku stares up at him.  “I mean, it is a little bit scary that you’re a demon, but we’re soulmates so I trust you.  Don’t you trust me?” He asks, his eyes going wide as tears make them look like shimmering emeralds. 

His own eyes go wide as the distraught look shoots straight to his dick.  “That’s not it!” He exclaims in a panicked tone. Watching Izuku begin to worry his lower lip between his teeth, he groans.  “I just don’t want to do something and then have you panic later and throw me out when it finally hits.”

"Oh."  He turns his head away and fights the urge to cry.  "Okay." 

Groaning again, this time because he can feel how hurt Izuku is, Mirio grabs his chin and tilts Izuku's head so they're facing each other again.  "Look, I'm not saying no. I'm just saying no right now." 

"B-but you're hungry," he mumbles, a pout clear on his face. 

Mirio's stomach grumbles again and his arousal spikes at the mention of his hunger.  "I already told you that I can feed off of your arousal, Sweet One." 

“What if I want you to eat?” He asks, his eyes wide in an attempt to stop his tears.  “Please?”

He gulps, his resolve crumbling at the looks Izuku is giving him.  “A-are you sure?”

Izuku nods.  “I’m sure.”

“If I start now, I’m not going to stop.  And there’s a high risk that I might turn you into one of my kind, most likely a succubus, just because we’re soulmates.  Compatibility for transformations runs high in demon/human soulmates.” His voice has dropped to a low growl, barely able to hold back.

“I trust you.  Whatever is supposed to happen will happen.  Now, please eat.” Izuku bites his lower lip again and pouts slightly.  “Stop delaying!”

Unable to hold back, Mirio swoops in and connects their lips in a hungry, desperate kiss.  His tongue teases the seam of Izuku’s lips, coaxing them open so he can properly devour the greenette.  His hands softly begin to roam over Izuku’s bare skin, tracing each dip and curve of the surprisingly muscular, but still soft body.  He would make a perfect succubus .  The irrational part of his mind starts speaking.  Just imagine him feeding off of you just as you would feed off of him!  

A whimper breaks him out of his thoughts and he parts their kiss so Izuku can breathe.  Izuku slumps back against the bed and tries to catch his breath. His eyes are glazed over and glassy and his chest heaves.  “P-please!”

“Calm down, Bunny.  Have patience and you will be rewarded,” he coos, smoothing a hand over Izuku’s cheeks as he makes his clothing disappear.  “Move back for me.”

Like he’s under a trance, Izuku moves back so he’s in the center of his bed.  He watches as Mirio’s muscles flex as he crawls over him. I probably should be scared because I have a demon as my soulmate, but I don’t think I am.  I don’t think I will be at any point.   He bites his lip and chances a glance down in between Mirio’s legs.  I think I’m going to pass out!  He’s huge!

“What are you thinking about, Bunny?” Mirio purrs with a smirk, catching where Izuku is looking.

“H-how is that g-going to fit?” He asks, his eyes wide with apprehension.

“It will trust me.  We’re soulmates. We’re made for each other.”  Leaning down, Mirio connects their lips again to distract him from his fingers.  His fingers trace down, circling around Izuku’s weeping cock and stroking it lightly before bringing his hand even further down and circling his hole.  “Such a good boy. Just relax.” Gently pressing his finger in, he hears a hiss from Izuku.

“It hurts,” he whimpers.

Frowning, Mirio tries to think.  Human males don’t self-lubricate.  I need to figure out something…

“I-I have l-lube i-in my n-nightstand,” Izuku stutters, reaching down to pull Mirio’s finger out of him.  “L-let me get it.”

He watches as Izuku turns over and shimmies his way over to his nightstand where he pulls out some lube out and places it on the bed.  He barely has a chance to turn around and situate himself again before Mirio is snatching up the lube and squirting some on his fingers.  "W-wait, do you even know how to use that?" 

Mirio pauses and takes a moment to stare at him.  "Of course I do. I'm an incubus after all." 

Izuku blushes.  "R-right." He settles back and watches as Mirio moves back in between his legs.  I wonder if he actually does know how to use it; he seemed confused when I said his finger hurt.

“Are you ready?” He asks, moving his hand back down to in front of Izuku’s entrance.  At his hesitant nod, Mirio gently presses his finger back in. “Does this feel better?”

Izuku’s head drops back as a surge of pleasure races up his spine.  “M-much,” he murmurs, biting down on his lower lip and fighting the urge to roll his hips.  “P-please!”

“I have to go slow, Bunny, or else I’ll end up hurting you.”  As he’s saying this, he adds in another finger and begins scissoring him open.  “Let me hear you, Bunny. I wanna hear all those delicious moans coming from your mouth as I make you feel good,” he rasps, leaning down and nibbling on Izuku’s ear.

The tips of Mirio’s fingers brush against something in him that makes him see stars as white-hot pleasure washes over him.  “Ah!” He cuts off his scream by biting down on his lip again, his hips bucking up.

Mirio pulls back and stares down at him with a smirk.  “Found it,” he whispers, reaching over and pulling Izuku’s lip from his teeth.  “I thought I said I wanted to hear you?” Keeping his fingers in Izuku’s mouth to keep it open, he adds another finger and begins pumping them in and out of the greenette roughly.

As Mirio’s fingers continually brush against his prostate, moans spill from his opened mouth.  His hands fist the sheets in an attempt to ground himself while the pleasure courses through his veins.

“How does it feel, Izuku?” He asks.  “How does it feel to be eaten by an incubus?”

When the fingers are removed from his mouth, Izuku swallows before replying, “I don’t know, why don’t you show me?  Because as far as I know, no incubus has ever had a taste.”

Groaning himself, Mirio removes his fingers and lubes up his cock.  “You’re about to find out!” He grunts as he shoves inside.

Moans of pleasure escape the two of them as they each struggle not to cum.  Izuku feels full and sated, pleasure racing through him. He’s so big!   Mirio feels blissed out as Izuku’s walls clench around his cock.  So this is what it’s like with your soulmate!  I’m never having sex with another person other than him again!   His eyes roll back in his head as Izuku’s walls go impossibly tight around him before relaxing slightly.

“M-move!  P-please!” Izuku whimpers, his hips thrusting up.

Growling, Mirio grips Izuku’s hips and starts hammering into him.  “Let it out, Bunny. I wanna hear you scream !” He taunts, a hungry smirk on his face.  He watches as Izuku’s mouth drops open and a slew of moans and groans spill from it.  He would make an irresistible succubus!   Mirio blinks and falters slightly at his thoughts.  No, no.  I have to wait to turn him until I get his permission.

“P-please!  Mirio!” Izuku begins chanting his name as he struggles to hold on to himself.  Each time Mirio bottoms out, his cock pegs his prostate dead on and it sends waves of pleasure shooting up his spine.  So good!

“Tell me how I’m making you feel, Izuku,” he whispers in Izuku’s ear before leaning down and kissing right behind his ear.  “I wanna know.” He moves so his lips travel up and down Izuku’s neck.

“S-so good!”  His back arches as Mirio’s lips graze against a sensitive spot at the junction where his neck and shoulder meet.  “S-so full! I f-feel s-so f-full!”

“Yeah?  Keep going.  Tell me more!” He purrs.

“You’re c-cock feels s-so big and g-good inside!”  His words start to slur and his hips start to thrust into Mirio’s thrusts.  “G-gonna c-cum!”

“Yeah?  So am I.  I’m gonna cum because of how tight you feel around my hard, throbbing cock!  I’m gonna cum so deep inside you that you’ll never be able to clean it out.” He can feel his canines sharpening.  Gotta keep control.  Can’t mark him and turn him without his consent.   “I just wanna bury my teeth in your neck and make you mine!  So that no one else can have you! You’ll be my Bunny for all of eternity!”

Izuku, who up to this point had been teetering on the edge, jumps into his orgasm as Mirio possessively growls out his claim.  “AH! MIRIO!” His back arches up as he latches on to the sheets. His head snaps back and his eyes roll back into his head as he cums, shooting onto his and Mirio’s abdomens.

Mirio’s eyes go wide as Izuku’s walls clamp down on his cock and he finds himself cumming.  As the pleasure washes over him, he finds himself biting down on Izuku’s sweet spot. He shoots deep inside Izuku and his hips stutter as he rides out their orgasms.

The last thing he remembers is realizing what he’s done before drifting off into oblivion, his tummy full and his hunger sated.  Izuku isn’t far behind, his last thoughts being, I finally found my soulmate!


A strong, burning hunger rouses Izuku from his sleep and makes his eyes flutter open.  He scents the air and smells something absolutely delicious. Hmm, I wonder what that smell is…   Before he can ponder too long on his thoughts, the hunger sends pangs through him and his mind becomes a little bit hazy.  Sitting up, he follows his nose around his house, looking for the source of it. He finds Mirio lounging on his couch, watching some random cartoon on television.

“Morning, Bunny,” he rumbles, glancing over with a smile.  The smile soon turns into an expression of surprise as Izuku straddles his waist.  “Well, this is a surprise.”

“I’m hungry and you smell so good!” He moans, circling his hips over Mirio’s bare lap.  


“Mhmm.”  He reaches down in between them and grabs Mirio’s cock.  “I’m hungry for this!” He bites his lip and strokes the blond’s cock to life before putting it to his hole and beginning to sink down.

Mirio moans and grips his hips.  “Wait, Bunny, we need to talk about some things first!”  

Izuku cuts him off with a kiss, his tongue delving deep into Mirio’s mouth.  No talking.  Just eating!

Shit, he’s going to be so upset when I tell him that I lost control and turned him last night!   The wet heat of Izuku’s new genitals makes it hard for him to concentrate.  I hope he won’t be too crushed when he’s done eating.

Izuku rides him roughly, loving the feeling of Mirio’s cock dragging along his sensitive walls.  “G-gonna c-cum!”

“That’s it, Bunny.  Milk my cock! Take it all!” He grunts, slamming in one more time as he cums deep within Izuku’s tight, hot channel.

Wailing with pleasure, Izuku slumps against Mirio.  “Mmm...heavenly,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to Mirio’s neck.

It’ll hit in…

Izuku jolts up.  “Oh my god! What did I do?  What am I feeling? Why does down there feel so weird?”

“Shh, calm down, Bunny, and let me explain.  But please refrain from judging me until you hear everything, okay?”

“Okay,” he whispers, cuddling close as Mirio runs a hand through his hair.

“So, I believe I told you that there was a high probability of me turning you, right?”

Izuku thinks back to the night prior, trying to sort through the fog that surrounded him once he found out Mirio was his soulmate.  “Uhm, yes, I believe I do remember. Why?” Mirio just looks down at him, smiling uncomfortably. “Oh. Oh !  You turned me, huh?”  

“Yeah.  I’m sorry.”  His voice comes out uncharacteristically small as if he’s afraid of Izuku’s response.

“It’s not like you didn’t warn me.  If I wasn’t okay with being transformed, I wouldn’t have let you feed off me.  I don’t regret my decision one bit!”

Mirio perks up, smiling largely at him.  “I’m so happy that you aren’t angry with me!”

“No, I’m not angry with you.  But you’re gonna have to explain to me what the hell is going on with my body.  Because as I become more aware of myself and that I went through some changes, I’m beginning to feel some things that I should not be feeling as a male and it’s starting to freak me out!”

“Oh, right.  Let me explain what you’re going to be experiencing now…”


“Okay, so, let me get this straight: the incubi are the alphas and they’re the ones that impregnate others.  The succubi are the omegas and they’re the ones who become impregnated?”

“That’s right.”

“And incubi and succubi can be either male or female?”


“And if a female is an incubus, she’ll have both parts.  And if a male is a succubus, he’ll have both parts?”


“So, I have both a penis and a vagina?”

Mirio winces slightly.  “Well, technically your penis would now be a cocklet because of how small it is.  And yes, you also have a vagina.”

“Oh boy.”  Izuku doesn’t know how to react to that revelation.  Well, I know how both work, so I think if I just ignore it for now, I won’t freak out.

“Anything else you’d like me to go over?”

“Uhm, so, can humans be turned into both incubi and succubi?  Or is it just succubi?”

He pauses to think for a moment.  “Uhm, let’s see how I can explain this…so, you know how I explained alphas and omegas to you?”  At Izuku’s nod, he continues. “So, humans could technically be classified as betas. They’re neither alpha nor omega, they don’t produce slick like omegas, and they can both impregnate and be impregnated as a male and female respectively.  However, they’re dynamic can be easily changed if they’re marked and mated by an incubus or succubus. If an incubus marks and mates them, they will most likely be changed into a succubus. If a succubus marks and mates them, they will most likely be changed into an incubus.  I say most likely because of the compatibility for transformations. Some humans cannot be changed. We’re not sure why, either. It could be a mental block they have, or they just do not have the physical capability to be changed.”

“That’s so interesting!  I can’t wait to learn more!”  Before Izuku can say anything else, however, he doubles over with hunger again.  “So, if I’m a succubus, then this hunger means I want sex, right?”

“Right.  As a newly turned succubus, you’re going to need to constantly feed off of me.  I hope you don’t need to go into work.”

“How long will this last?  I have sick time and vacation I can use if need be!” He gasps, clenching down hard on Mirio’s cock that still rests inside him.

“Ah, usually a week.  Sometimes less.”

“Okay.  L-let me just go get my phone and text my boss.  I’m sure Kacchan or someone will be able to take my shifts.”  He whimpers as he pulls off of Mirio and stumbles into the bedroom.  Shooting a quick text to his boss, he collapses onto the bed as a voracious hunger takes him over.  “Oh gods! Please!” He whimpers.

Mirio suddenly appears, smirking as he takes in the sight before him.  “Now that you’re a succubus, we can have so much more fun!”


Little gasps and breathless mewls fill the air as pleasure courses through his body.  From the tips of his toes to the top of his head is engulfed in mind-numbing pleasure.  His cocklet flaming red and achy from not being allowed to cum, the cock ring securely cutting off his orgasm.  His hands fist his cotton sheets damp with his sweat to try and ground himself. His head thrashes back and forth as tears spill down his cheeks from the intense, searing pleasure. 

“M-more!” He manages to gasp out, able to control his mouth for a moment.  “Please!”

“Shh, little one.  I will give you what you want.  Just have patience.”  

Izuku looks up at the gorgeous creature hovering over him, unsure of how long he can hang on.  “Mirio! Please!”

Grunting, Mirio can feel himself getting closer to cumming.  “Are you ready, Bunny? Do you want to cum?”

“Yes!” He begs, a sob breaking through.  “Please! I wanna cum! I’m so hungry!”

Mirio removes the cock ring from around Izuku’s cocklet.  “Cum!” He orders.

With a loud wail, Izuku cums.  His walls clamp down on Mirio cock and his back arches to an obscene degree.  “MIRIO!”

When Izuku’s walls clamp down, Mirio cums.  His hips stutter, helping to ride out both of their orgasms.

With both of them drained from feeding each other multiple times in the last few hours, they both collapse onto the bed and immediately fall asleep.  Their bodies move subconsciously so they’re cuddled up together with not a care in the world.

But it wouldn’t always be this way...



Here's what Incubus Mirio looks like curtesy of a friend of mine, HayleyB on tumblr!

Chapter Text

After spending a week having the hottest sex ever, Izuku feels full and sated.  He reclines back in his bed, running his fingers through Mirio's silky hair.  "I have to go back to work tomorrow," he hums out loud even though Mirio is asleep.  "I wonder how you'll do when I'm gone for my regular shifts." 

Mirio lets out a little grumble, mumbling something incomprehensible, before nuzzling his face into Izuku's stomach with a soft purr. 

Smiling to himself, Izuku lets himself be lured to sleep by the sound of Mirio's breathing.  However, it's not long before his phone starts ringing, waking them both up fully. 

"Noisy!" Mirio grumbles, rolling over and stuffing his head under a pillow. 

Letting out a groan of his own, Izuku reaches over and grabs his phone.  "Hello?" 

"Deku?  Did you finally pick up, you useless nerd?!" 

He sighs.  "Hello, Kacchan.  What do you want?" 

"I'm just calling to remind you that you come back to work tomorrow!  You can't be sick anymore!" 

“Kacchan, you can’t tell me that I’m not allowed to be sick anymore.  It doesn’t work like that.”

“I can do whatever I want, Nerd!  I’m tired of picking up your shifts!  You’d better be coming back in to work tomorrow!”

Before he can respond, there’s loud arguing on the phone before someone else comes on the line.  “Midoriya?”

“Oh, hello, Kirishima.”

“Hello.  Don’t mind Katsuki.  He’s just worried about you.”

“Yeah, I kinda guessed,” he chuckles, hearing Bakugo’s loud protests over the phone.

“But, I gotta ask: are you coming in soon?  I know that your sick leave is technically up tomorrow, but I just wanna make sure.”

“Don’t worry, Kirishima, I’m coming in tomorrow.  I feel so much better and can't wait to start work again!" Izuku says, reassuring his friend.  “I also have some exciting news that I can’t wait to share with all of you tomorrow!  Who’s on tomorrow?”

“Uhh, most of us, to be honest.  We got slammed with a bunch of small cases that Captain Aizawa and All Might want solved right away.  They even hired some new people.  Especially because Iida and Uraraka went away to visit Iida’s family for a week.”

“Wow.  Okay.”

“Hey, Midoriya, can I ask you something kinda personal?”

“Of course, Kirishima.  What’s wrong?”

“You got sick the day after we played Truth or Dare.  Katsuki dared you to summon a demon.  Do you remember all the weird shaking and smoking that happened at your place?”

Izuku frowns.  “Y-yeah, I do.”

“Nothing...happened, right?  No...demons showed up?  You’re okay?”

He laughs nervously.  “N-no demons showed up.  I’m completely fine!”

Mirio snorts.  “Damn straight you’re fine!”

“Midoriya, who was that?”

Izuku pushes Mirio’s head back into the pillow.  “Haha, no one!  It was no one!”

“Midoriya, are you sure you’re okay?  You sure nothing happened that night?  You don’t feel...drained or anything?”

“I-I’m totally fine, Kirishima!  Thank you for worrying about me!  I’m sorry, but I have to go!  My m-mom’s calling me!”  Without waiting for an answer, Izuku hangs up the phone and breathes a sigh of relief.

“You’re a horrible liar, Bunny,” Mirio chuckles, sitting up.

“Thanks,” he replies dryly.  “You’re part of the problem.  Kirishima heard you!”

“Kirishima?  That name sounds familiar…”  Mirio dives into his thoughts, leaving Izuku to flop back onto the bed.

“I’m going to go back to sleep.”  Closing his eyes, it doesn’t take him long to fall back to sleep.


“Bunny, you need to get up.  It’s dinner time and your phone has been ringing nonstop for the last ten minutes.”  Mirio gently shakes Izuku, running a hand through his hair.

“Urgh, who’s calling?”

Mirio picks up the phone and squints at it.  “Urm, someone named Uraraka.  You also have lots of text messages from her and someone named Iida.”

Bolting upright, Izuku just narrowly avoids Mirio’s head.  “Oh no!” He groans, quickly leaping to his feet and running into the bathroom with his phone.  “Get dressed!  Get dressed right now!  I don’t wanna chance either of them showing up with us being undressed.  There are way too many things for them to pick at if we stayed undressed.”

“Okay.”  Snapping his fingers, Mirio dresses himself in a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt; his hair coiffed perfectly, he stands and strides after Izuku.  “You know, all you have to do is use your magic and you’ll be clean and dressed in no time at all.”

Izuku turns and looks at him blankly for a moment before snapping his fingers.  Instantly, his body feels clean and a pair of briefs appear on him.  “Whoa!” He breathes.  “This will definitely be handy if I’m running late or something.  But I’ll probably still shower and get dressed the old fashioned way most times.”

“Well, you’ll need practice to completely dress yourself.  But at least you have underwear on.”

“That’s true.”  Quickly heading into his closet, Izuku throws on a pair of joggers and a sky blue t-shirt with the words ‘Tank Top’ on it.  Running a hand through his hair, Izuku quickly moves out of the bedroom and into the living room.  “Do I still need to eat human food now that I’m an incubus?” He asks as he scrolls through all the text messages left for him by Iida and Uraraka in the last few hours.

“You don’t need to, but you can if you want.  It’s an easy way to stay unassuming in front of other humans if you’re trying to blend in,” Mirio replies as he takes a seat on the loveseat and props his feet up on the coffee table.

“Ah, I’ll be doing a lot of blending in.”  He goes quiet for a little bit before letting out a small shriek and a string of curses.  “Oh no!  No, no, no!”

Mirio glances over at him worriedly.  “You okay, Izuku?”

“They’re coming here!  They’re supposed to be visiting Iida’s parents, but they’re on their way here to check on me!  Iida’s going to lecture me for taking a sick leave and having you over!  Uraraka isn’t going to leave me alone until I tell her why you’re here!  I’m never going to get out of this!” He moans.

“Oh.  Well, you could say that I’m your boyfriend and that I’ve been here taking care of you this entire time.  And if they ask when you got a boyfriend, just say we dated back in high school or college or something.  Or that we’re mates and we met a while ago, but didn’t say anything to anyone until we solidified our relationship a bit more.”  

Taking a breath, Izuku realizes he's right.  "That makes so much sense!  They’ll believe that!”

Smiling, he walks over and pulls Izuku into a hug.  “Glad I could help.  Now, why don’t you cook something so it will look like we didn’t spend almost the entire week in bed.”

“Good idea.”

Quickly making their way into the kitchen, Izuku quickly begins cooking some katsudon.  Mirio hovers close, watching Izuku work.  “What are you making?”

“Katsudon,” he replies quietly.  “This is--was my favorite meal that my mom made all the time.  I also eat it whenever I’m just getting over being sick.”

“That’s smart, making something like that.”  They fall into silence.  “Oh, you said that this was your favorite meal.  What’s your favorite meal now?” Mirio asks, watching Izuku move around the kitchen.

Pausing, he turns to look at Mirio.  “You,” he answers seriously before turning back to what he was doing.

Choking on his own spit, he blushes bright red.  “O-oh.”

“Please tell me that you did not get embarrassed just from that,” Izuku groans, putting katsudon into two bowls and grabbing chopsticks.

“What?!  Why can’t I be embarrassed!” He exclaims, trying to scramble and defend himself.

“You’re an incubus for crying out loud!  You’re the picture of sexy and suave!  Why the hell are you getting embarrassed when I say that my favorite meal is you?  You’ll end up saying it to me lots of times in the future!”  Izuku shakes his head and sets the bowls on the table and looks at his phone.  “We have two minutes before my door comes flying off it’s hinges.  Sit down and start eating.”

Grumbling and pouting, Mirio falls into his seat and begins eating the food.  Just as he goes to put a second bite of food in his mouth, the front door of Izuku’s apartment flies open and two people stomp in.

“Izuku Midoriya!  Why the hell haven’t you answered any of my phone calls or texts?”  Standing there, with her hands on her hips, is a short, busty, brunette with a permanent blush on her cheeks and a glare on her face.  Her eyes scan the room and her fierce stance falters when she sees Mirio.  “Who the hell are you?!”

“Midoriya, please tell me that you did not take off work just to spend time with someone!  You know that is very unprofessional of you!” Iida exclaims, doing his signature air chop as he speaks.

“Of course not!” Izuku exclaims, setting his chopsticks down and standing up.  “I really was sick.”

“Then why do you have a boy over?”

“I can explain that.”  Mirio stands up and walks over to stand next to Izuku.  “Hello, my name is Mirio Toogata.  I’m Izuku’s soulmate and I traveled here to take care of him when he was sick.”

“S-soulmate?!” Uraraka shrieks, pointing her finger at Izuku.  “We’re best friends and I’m only just finding out now about your soulmate?!”

Izuku chuckles nervously and raises his hands in a placating manner.  “We haven’t said anything to anyone, Ochi.  We found each other only recently and he lives far away.  We didn’t want to say anything until we figured out how to move him closer.  He’s in the process of moving in with me.”

“Oh.”  Her arm falls to her side.  “I see.  Well, then I’m glad I’m one of the first to find out.  It’s nice to meet you, Mirio Toogata.  You’d better take care of my boy or I will hurt you!”

“Yes ma’am!”  He salutes.

“Oh, I like him!”

Izuku coughs.  “A-anyway, why are you here?  I thought you were going to visit Iida’s parents?”

“Oh, we are.  We ended up staying this week because of all the cases that came in, but Aizawa said we could take our leave once you came back.  And since our shifts are over, we decided to stop by here before leaving.”  Iida watches Mirio while he speaks.  “What do you do, Toogata-san?”

“I’m what you could call a consultant.  People contact me and I go and help them with whatever they need help with.”

Izuku snorts but tries to cover it up with a cough.  “Yeah, and he only just took a long enough break to come here and take care of me and move in.”

Uraraka gives them both a look.  “That’s nice.  Are you going to continue doing your consulting here?”

“Probably not.  I’ve been looking for a new job here for a little bit.  A bit of a change, you know.”

“I guess I can see that.  There are lots of good place around here to work.  I’m sure you’ll find just the right place,” Iida says, nodding confidently.  “Well, we just wanted to make sure you’re okay and now that we know you’re okay, we’re going to head to my parent’s place now.”

“All right.  Have a nice time, guys.”

“We will, thanks, Deku.”

They see Iida and Uraraka out and quickly finish their food.  As Izuku washes dishes, Mirio sits at the table and watches him while thinking deeply.

“I can feel you staring at me, Mirio.  What do you want?” Izuku asks after a while.

Mirio blinks.  “O-oh, uhm, nothing.  I was just thinking.”

“About what?”  Izuku dries the last dish and turns to look at him.  He cocks his hip and tilts his head to the side.

“About what I’m going to do.  I don’t want to be a complete dead weight now that I’m going to be staying here, so I want to get a job.  I just don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, don’t worry too much.  My salary as a police officer is more than enough to support the two of us.  I bought this place when my salary was much smaller and I just didn’t want to move.  Don’t feel like you have to do anything,” he replies with a wave of his hand.

“I know, but I want to help.  Plus, it’ll give me something to do while you’re at work.  I might be an incubus, but I do get bored.”  Plus, as an alpha I want to be the one doing the providing.  Or, at least helping with the providing.  But I’m not going to tell him that.

“Hmm…”  Izuku purses his lips as he thinks.  “Well, I suppose I could help you look for a job.  But for now, I think you should just relax and just get used to living here with us mortals.  Well, the mortals since I’m not a mortal anymore.  Plus, all of my friends will want to meet you, so you’ll need to get used to spending time with a bunch of mortals.  So, can we wait on finding you a job for a week or so?”

“I guess that’s acceptable.”

“Good, because that’s literally the only choice we have right now.”

“Hmm, that’s true.  Then, when will you tell your friends about me?” Mirio asks, leaning his chin on his hand.

“Oh, I won’t have to.  Ochaco will take care of that for me; she can’t keep a secret to save her life.  In fact, I expect that pretty soon my phone will be blowing up because of this.  My coworkers will be so excited.”  He chuckles wryly.  “I’m kinda not looking forward to this.”

“Not looking forward to what?”

“All the attention.  Don’t get me wrong, finding my soulmate is awesome and I’m so happy!  But all the attention I’m going to get is not going to be fun.  Since I’m so high up in the chain of command at the station, I’m constantly on the news.  That means I have a media presence and once it gets out of the station that I’ve found my soulmate, neither of us are going to have any peace because everyone will want to know who you are.”

Mirio wraps Izuku in his arms.  “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  But for now, let’s finish eating and then you can tell me about your work and friends.  Tomorrow, I’ll drop you off at work and pick you up after your shift so I can meet everyone.”

"Okay.  That should work.  I'm sure they'll all be excited to meet you-oh."  Izuku interrupts himself.  "With me being a succubus, will I suddenly go into a list craze and do anything?" 

Mirio puts a finger on his chin.  "If you eat before you leave, you should be fine.  We can meet up for lunch if you want so you can eat as well.  As you grow, you'll find control comes easier and easier.  It helps that we're soulmates, so you will normally find other incubi or succubi repulsive and humans are generally just seen as food.  We can literally feed off their arousal, so you will probably feed unconsciously as you go throughout the day."  He scratches the side of his head.  "If you ever go into a lust craze, I'll know and I'll be able to show up to help you.  But you should be fine."

Izuku breathes a sigh of relief.  “That’s good to know.”

“Of course, sometimes you’ll come across incubi and succubi that you’re compatible with and they can rile you up.  If we end up finding one, we talk with that person and figure out a way we can, and this is going to sound bad, use each other in case of emergency.  Like, if I can’t come help you and you fall into a lust craze, this other incubus or succubus is able to help you out.  Does that make sense?”

“It does.  However, I’m not sure I like that.  You’re mine and I’m yours; I don’t want anybody touching you just like I don’t want anyone touching me.”  He frowns.  “You said that there are people who are compatible with us?”

“Well, sometimes.  Not everyone has one.  And it’s more of a demon to demon thing.  The only time you’ll find a human you’re compatible with and don’t drain their life essence completely when having sex with them is when you find your soulmate.”  Mirio bites his lip.  “I-I have something to tell you.”  He glances away and reaches up to rub the back of his neck.

Izuku, immediately worried, reaches out and takes Mirio’s free hand into his and rubs it soothingly.  “Hey, you can tell me.  I won’t be mad, I promise.”

“I…I have someone I’m compatible with that I have met with on occasion.  He’s my best friend, which I think is why we’re so compatible.  His name is Tamaki Amajiki and he helped me through some of the harder times for the centuries I was alive before I was summoned by you.”  He tightens his grip on Izuku’s hand, almost afraid that Izuku will leave.  “I promise to you that you’re my soulmate, my one and only.  I will never do anything without talking to you first and getting your okay!  I promise!”

He chuckles.  “Don’t worry, I know you wouldn’t.  plus, the past is the past.  But, since he’s your best friend, I’d like to meet him.”  He reaches out and pulls Mirio’s other hand away from his neck.  “Okay?  You meet my friends, so I want to meet yours.”

“I think we can pull that off, Bunny.”

“Good.”  Izuku releases his hands and stands up.  “I’ll reheat the food and then we can clean up a little in here.  It still smells like sex.”

Mirio takes a deep breath.  “Oh, it does, huh?”

“Yeah.  Not that I mind it, but I don’t want to always have that smell in here because I don’t always want to be turned on.”  He takes the bowls of katsudon and places them in the microwave.  “Sound good.”

He chuckles.  “That sounds good.”

As he waits for the food to heat up, Izuku looks down at his hand and notices something.  “Hey, Mirio?”

“Yeah?”  Mirio looks over to see Izuku examining his hand closely.

“Remember how you gave me the ability to find my soulmate?”

“Yeah.”  He frowns and turns to look at Izuku more closely.  “What of it?”

“Well, I can see the string that connects me to you, but I have another string.”

Instantly, Mirio is on his feet and looking at Izuku’s hand.  He notices the red string as well.  “Hmm, I see what you mean.”  He looks at his hand.  “I have one too.”

Izuku looks up at Mirio with wide eyes.  “Does that mean we have another soulmate?”

He nods.  “We do.”  He purses his lips.  “We’ll have to go find them when you have some time off, okay?”

“Okay.”  The microwave goes off.  “Go sit, I’ll bring the food over.”

“Okay.”  He ambles over to his seat and watches as Izuku brings the reheated bowls of Katsudon back over.  “After cleaning we should probably head to bed.  I know it’s the middle of the day, but we did just spend a week having sex.”

“That’s true.”  Setting the bowls down, they both begin eating.  I wonder if he would be up to it…just one more time.  Stealing glances at Mirio every so often, Izuku gets lost in thought about what they would do if they had sex again.

Swallowing his last bit of human food, Mirio looks up when he smells the want wafting from Izuku.  “Bunny, are you, by chance, hungry for something?”

“I-”  He cuts himself off.  “Not hungry.”

“So…you just want something then?”

He blushes.  “I-uh-I guess so.”

“Finish eating while I go prepare.”

“O-okay!”  Izuku begins to practically inhale his food. 

“Don’t choke.  And make sure to was the dishes.”

Izuku whines as he slows down eating and looks up at Mirio with shimmering eyes.

“Don’t give me that look, Bunny.  I need time to prepare.”  He saunters into the bedroom and heads straight to the bathroom.  Hmm, I think I have an idea.  He quickly sheds his shirt and turns the water on in the shower so it has time to get warm.  Then, he grabs two large, fluffy towels and places them on the counter by the sink.  Once he’s done, he walks back into the bedroom and sits on the bed to wait for Izuku.

Five minutes later, Izuku practically teleports into the room, flushed and panting wildly.  He looks around the room and when his eyes land on Mirio, he stalks forward.  “Mirio!” He whines, reaching the blond and straddling him.  “Please!”

“I know, Bunny.  Come on.”  Mirio stands while holding Izuku, loving the feel of the greenette’s plush thighs in his hands. 

Izuku groans and wraps his arm around Mirio’s neck while subtly grinding on him.  “Please!  Please, Bugsy.”


His eyes go wide and he blushes.  “S-sorry.  It’s just…you gave me the nickname ‘Bunny’ so I thought I would give you a nickname too.  It’s okay if you don’t like it, though.”

“I love it, Bunny.  You can call me ‘Bugsy’ if you like.  It might take a while for me to get used to responding to it, but you can call me it.”  Mirio pecks Izuku on the nose, pausing in his tracks.  “Okay?  Sound fair?”

“O-okay.  Thanks, Bugsy.”  Izuku grins at him and returns the peck to Mirio’s nose.

He smirks.  “Now, I believe we were in the middle of something, huh, Bunny?”  He nibbles on Izuku’s earlobe, making him keen as the pleasure shoots straight to his cocklet.

“Please!  Just one more time and then we’ll clean?”

“That’s the plan, Bunny.”  Mirio quickens his pace and they soon find themselves in the bathroom.  Mirio places Izuku on the counter next to the towels and quickly strips down.  Then, he helps Izuku out of his clothes before picking him back up and taking them both into the shower.  By now, the water is steaming hot, fueling their passion. 

Izuku lunges forward and connects their lips in a hungry, searing kiss.  Their tongues tangle in a fierce battle of dominance, neither one wanting to give.  However, Mirio harshly gropes Izuku’s ass, causing him to yelp and allowing Mirio to dominate the kiss.  He presses Izuku up against the wall of the shower while he devours the greenette. 

When they pull away to refill their lungs, Mirio sets Izuku down on his feet.  “You wanna try out something new?” He rumbles, slowly grinding onto Izuku.

He whimpers.  “P-please!  I want it so badly!”

“Okay.”  Leaning down, Mirio pulls Izuku’s leg up and raises it so he’s doing a split in the air.  “The good thing about being an incubus or succubus is that we’re really flexible.  This is just the beginning of your flexibility.”  Reaching down, he traces his fingers along Izuku’s swollen lips, where his slick mixed with the water running down their bodies makes it easy to glide along them.  “Look at you, so wet for your alpha.  Do you want my cock?”

“Please!  Please, I want your cock, Mirio!”  Izuku whines and tries to rut against Mirio’s fingers, but finds his position makes it difficult.

Chuckling at Izuku’s failed attempts at moving, Mirio wraps a free hand around his cock and nudges the tip of it against Izuku’s hole.  “Are you ready, Bunny?  Are you ready for my big, fat cock to split you wide open?”

He nearly sobs at how much he’s being teased.  “Please!  Please, please, please!  I want your big, fat cock to split me open!  I wanna feel it for days!” He cries, reaching out to grab hold of Mirio’s broad shoulders.

Deciding to stop teasing Izuku, he slowly pushes in and relishes the way Izuku’s head drops back with a low moan.  The tight, wet heat clenches around his cock as buries himself to the hilt.  “Look at that,” he croons.  “Look at how well you’re taking my cock.”  He pulls out slowly, feeling Izuku’s walls ripple around him.  He pulls out until his cock is just barely inside before slamming back in suddenly.

Izuku’s back arches as a scream is ripped from his throat.  His fingers clench hard onto Mirio’s shoulders, nails probably leaving indents in the smooth skin.  With each thrust, Mirio hits Izuku’s g-spot.  He babbles.  “Please, please, please!  Please let me cum!  Your cock feels so good!  And so big!  It’s splitting me open!”  The leg he’s standing on starts to weak from the pleasure.  “’m gonna fall!”

Without missing a beat, Mirio lifts Izuku’s other leg up, causing his cock to hit deeper inside of him.  “You like that, Izuku?  You like the way my cock is hitting so deep inside you that you’ll feel it for weeks?”

“YES!” He screams, his eyes rolling back from pleasure.  “Gonna feel it for weeks!  So big!  Gonna cum!”

Mirio grits his teeth and starts thrusting even harder.  “You’re not gonna cum until I say so!  Understand?”

Izuku wails.  “Yes!  Please!  Please let me cum!”

Feeling his own orgasm coming, Mirio adjusts his hold on Izuku.  “Are you ready?  Do you want to cum?”

“Yes!  Please!” He begs, pleasure coursing through his system and frying his brain.  His whole body is shaking and twitching with pleasure; his toes are curled and his mouth hangs open as moans spill past his lips.  He’s almost drooling.  His eyes roll back as Mirio’s cock hits a sensitive spot inside of him.

Feeling Izuku’s walls spasm around his cock before clenching down hard sends Mirio over the edge.  “CUM!” He roars, releasing his seed deep inside Izuku.

With another wail, Izuku cums.  The orgasm hits him hard, making him see white.  He twitches from overstimulation as Mirio rides out their orgasm.

Coming down off his high, Mirio looks down to see Izuku slumped in his arms.  He chuckles.  “Did that tire you out, Bunny?”

Izuku groans and raises his head.  “Yeah.  Let’s get cleaned up so we can clean the apartment.  Then we can go to bed,” he mumbles.


The two of them finish their shower, stepping out and drying off.  Izuku ambles over to his bureau and picks out a large shirt that he stole from Bakugo long ago.  Slipping it on, he heads out to start cleaning up and airing out the apartment.

Mirio watches as the hem of the shirt brushes against Izuku’s thighs.  He quickly snaps on some sweats before padding out after him.

The two work in relative silence, occasionally murmuring something to the other.  Working together, it doesn’t take long for them to clean up the living room and straighten the furniture that had gotten disturbed during their week-long romp.  Izuku quickly works to open windows to air out the apartment. 

“Should I light some candles to help with the smell?” Izuku asks, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Mirio wants to coo because of how cute he looks.  “No.  We’ll be asleep soon, so I don’t want to risk fire.  I’m going to go change the sheets while you finish up out here, okay?”

“Okay.”  Izuku glances around him.  “It’s a really good thing that Ochi and Tenya didn’t question the state of the apartment.  I don’t know how I would’ve explained that to them.”

He chuckles.  “Yeah, that would’ve been interesting.”  He turns and starts back towards the bedroom.  “Just come in when you’re done.”

“Mmm, okay,” he replies distractedly as he continues straightening up the apartment.

Walking back into the bedroom, Mirio quickly strips the bed and throws the soiled sheets into the hamper before heading to the closet into Izuku’s closet and pulling out new sheets.  He works at putting the sheets back on and is almost done when Izuku comes stumbling into the room.

“Is the bed ready yet?” He whines, rubbing at his eyes again and yawningly loudly.

He barely suppresses a chuckle as he puts the quilt on top of the bed.  “Yup!  It’s ready.”

“Good.”  Izuku dives into the bed and almost immediately starts falling asleep.  “Night, night, Bugsy.”

Shutting off the light, Mirio climbs in beside Izuku.  “Sleep well, Bunny.  Pleasant dreams.”  He pulls Izuku into his arms and holds him tight, crooning to relax the omega even further. 

“Love you.”

Just as Mirio is drifting off to sleep, he hears Izuku whisper those words that make his heart skip a beat.  I love you too, Izuku.  I love you too. 

Chapter Text

Waking up the next morning was an ordeal.  Neither Mirio nor Izuku wanted to get up and face the day ahead of them.

“I don’t want to go to work!” Izuku groans as his alarm goes off.  “I just want to sleep for the rest of my life!”

Mirio groans as well, but chuckles.  “I know, but you’ve got to.  You took all of last week off just to have sex with me, so you owe it to your coworkers who covered for you.”  He sits up and runs a hand through his hair.  “Today, I’ll go back home and start bringing some things over.  Maybe I’ll even do a bit of job searching today.”

He groans again and sits up.  “Fine.  You’ve motivated me to get up.”  Swinging his legs off the bed, he heads into the bathroom to start his morning routine.  After doing his business, he walks back out into the bathroom to pull out his uniform.  “Would you make the bed for me?” He asks as he hangs the uniform up on the back of the bedroom door.  “That’d be really helpful.”

“Sure.”  Mirio gets up and sets to work quickly making the bed as he listens to Izuku move around the room and start his shower.  Then, he gets an idea.  He sneaks into the bathroom and into Izuku’s shower before the greenette can even realize what’s going on.

“Hey!” He squeaks as Mirio presses him into the tile.  “I have to get ready for work!”

“I know, but I figured I’d give you a morning feeding,” he answers, leaning down to mouth at Izuku’s neck.  “Breakfast in the shower is rather efficient, is it not?”

“Hngh!” He whimpers, tilting his head to give Mirio more room. 

“Good boy, Bunny,” Mirio rumbles, his hands sliding down Izuku’s wet body and wrapping around his plush thighs and lifting him up.  “Let me hear you.”

Izuku’s head drops back against the tile and his mouth falls open, a moan rolling past his lips as Mirio slowly pulls him down onto his cock.  “Oh my gods!” He groans.  “You feel so good!”  He can feel every ridge as Mirio’s cock presses against his sensitive walls.  He clenches down.  “C’mon, Mirio!  Give it to me!”

Very slowly, Mirio begins thrusting in and out of Izuku.  He reaches out and takes Izuku’s hands, which are scratching at his back, and pins them above their heads.  He listens to the little gasps and moans leaving Izuku’s mouth and grins.  “Does it feel good, Baby?  Let me hear you.”

A groan leaves the greenette’s mouth.  “It f-feels so good!”  He arches his back, trying to get Mirio in deeper.  “Please!” He gasps when Mirio’s cock brushes against his g-spot. 

“There you go, let it out, Baby.  Let it out and tell me how you feel.”

“Mirio!  Please!  Go faster!”

Mirio chuckles darkly.  “Oh no, Bunny, I want to make sure you get nice and satisfied.”  Each thrust becomes increasingly rougher, jolting Izuku each time.

“P-please!”  Izuku practically sobs as Mirio continues to slowly, roughly thrust into him.  “Faster!  Go faster!”

Suddenly, Mirio’s cock hits a spot inside of the greenette that makes his vision go white.

Mirio watches as Izuku’s orgasm hits him.  His mouth drops open in a scream and he thrashes back and forth.  His eyes are glazed over as the pleasure rolls through him.  His walls clamp down on Mirio’s cock, squeezing a grunt out of the blond. 

When Izuku’s vision clears and he comes down from his high, he looks at Mirio.  “What happened?” He asks in a rough voice, his throat sore from screaming.  His body twitches in the aftershocks of his orgasm.

“That, Bunny, was your very first food orgasm,” he answers, watching Izuku closely.  “When you’re feeding, be it from me or from someone else, there is a chance for your body to become so sated to the point of ecstasy.  Other than when you’re with your soulmate, this will be the best orgasm you will ever have.”

“Oh.”  Izuku glances down at where the two of them are still connected.  “Are you done yet?” he asks weakly.

Mirio chuckles and pulls out.  “I am.  I know you have work today.”  He sets Izuku down on shaky legs.  “Let’s get you washed up and off to work.”

The two of them finish their shower quickly and Izuku quickly regains the use of his legs.  He swiftly puts on his uniform and stands at the mirror to try and tame his hair.

“You are never allowed to do this to me before work, Mirio, or else I’ll never get out the door.”  Giving up on his hair, he walks into the bedroom and grabs his wallet and his keys.  “My lunch break is around 12:30 in the afternoon.  My phone number is on a sticky note on the fridge and—gods, I sound like a parent talking to a babysitter—feel free to call me if you need anything.  The station is a fifteen-minute walk from the apartment downtown.  It’s also super easy to find.  Ask and anybody can give you directions.”  Walking out into the living room, he grabs his phone and slips into his shoes.  “Okay?”

Mirio follows Izuku with a smile.  “Okay.”  When Izuku stands up, he pulls the greenette into a kiss.  “You look hot in your uniform.”

Izuku stares at him, dazed, for a moment before snapping out of it.  “No!  None of that!”

“Alright, alright!”  He holds up his hands in surrender.  “Have a good day at work, Bunny.”

Izuku quickly leaves the apartment before Mirio can suck him back into anything else.  He decides to take his car to work this morning.  Plus, maybe it will help people believe that I was sick.  I never drive to work; only when I’m not feeling well or if I was working late the night before.  And I definitely wasn’t working late last night.  He jogs to his car and hops in, pulling out of the parking garage.  He makes his way downtown quickly and parks behind the station.

As he walks inside, hoots and hollers sound from around him.  “Deku’s back!”  “Midoriya’s back!”  “Welcome back, Deku-kun!”

“Hey, guys!  It’s good to be back!”  He heads towards the chief’s office.

“Glad you’re feeling better!”

He laughs nervously.  “Aha, yeah.  Me too.”

“Midoriya!”  Kirishima calls out to him, making him pause.  “Good to see you back, bro!”

Glancing over, he sees his deskmates standing there.  “Hey, guys.  Hey, Kirishima.  It’s good to be back.  I have to talk to Chief and then I’ll come talk to y’all.”


Izuku continues walking to the office but pauses again.  He glances back to where Kirishima and the others are standing and frowns.  Something’s…different.  I wonder what it is.  Shaking his head, he turns and continues on his way.  Reaching the door to the chief's office, he raises his hand and knocks on the door.  "Sir? It's Midoriya."

"Come in, come in!" A jolly voice booms.

Opening the door, he steps inside.  "I just wanted to check in with you, Sir.  I'm back from my sick leave."

Taishiro Toyomitsu, affectionately nicknamed Fat Gum for his love of sweets, stands up from behind his desk.  "Welcome back, Midoriya-kun!  I hope you were able to recuperate well last week."  He walks around his desk and pulls Izuku into a hug.

He laughs nervously.  "Aha, yes. I definitely was able to."  He returns the hug.  "I'm ready to jump back into things though! I'm all rested, probably too rested, and am raring to go!"  

Fat Gum laughs loudly and slaps Izuku on the back good-naturedly.  "Good, good!  We're short-handed this week with Iida-kun and Ochaco-kun taking their vacation.  There has been an influx of small crimes lately, so everyone has been working their butts off."

"Just put me where you need me!"

"Right now, I need you and your deskmates to work on filing.  After your guys' lunch break, you're switching with Bakugo's deskmates for patrol.  I'm rotating things so no one gets stuck doing the same thing for a really long time.  Trust me, I know how tedious that can get."  Fat Gum gestures to his office and grimaces slightly.  "Can you do that for me, Midoriya-kun?!"

Izuku nods vigorously.  "Mhmm! I definitely can!"


Fat Gum motions to his desk.  "I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on concerning some criminals Kaminari-kun and Kirishima-kun brought in last week, so I'll leave you to head out and ask your deskmates what to do."

"Okay.  Thank you, Fat Gum, Sir!"  He waves and turns to walk out of the office.  He makes sure the door closes gently before striding over to his desk.  "Hey, guys!"

Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, and Tusyu all look up when he arrives.  "Hey!"  Instantly they surround him and give him big hugs.  "It's great to have you back, bro!"

Laughing, Izuku returns their hugs before sitting at his desk.  "It's good to finally be back.  Tell me what I can do to help you guys!"

"We're literally just filing things away, but electronically.  Basically we're taking handwritten notes and scribing them into the electronic files.  Fat Gum is working hard to get us to an all-wireless system, but until that happens, we're stuck doing a lot of this during big waves like this."  Sero props his elbow on his desk and leans his chin on his hand.  "Something's different about you, Midoriya," he murmurs, his brows furrowing as he stares at the greenette.  "Did something big change while you were sick?"

Izuku freezes.  "U-uh, a b-big change?" He stutters.

Kirishima squints at him.  "Now that you mention it, Hanta, something is different about you, Midoriya-bro.  Does it have to do with the person I heard talking on your side of the phone when I called last week, does it?"

"O-oh, th-that..."  Izuku's brain scrambles as he tries to come up with a convincing lie.  I'm shit at making am I going to get out of this one?

The redhead leans forward and his gaze turns accusing.  "Midoriya-bro, were you lying to me on the phone?"

"A-about wha-?"

"When I asked if you were feeling drained after that night.  You got sick right after we played Truth or Dare.  Katsuki's dare was kinda freaky."  He frowns.  "Something happened, didn't it?"

"Whoa, Kiri, are you seriously suggesting that Midoriya-bro actually summoned a demon?"  Kaminari scoffs.  "That's ridiculous.  You're also making him super uncomfortable.  The bro just got back from sick leave, give him a minute to get used to working again before you give him the third degree."  

"N-no, it's alright, Kaminari-kun.  Thank you, though."

The blond beams.  "Of course, Midoriya-bro!"

"The guy you heard over the phone was my soulmate.  He came over to take care of me while I was sick.  After you guys left that night, I cleaned up and showered, but didn't dry my hair properly.  I must've eaten something weird too because I threw up.  I called my soulmate to see if he would help take care of me.  You heard him telling a shitty pun over the phone."  Izuku takes a deep breath, convinced that his lie will work.

Kirishima doesn't look convinced, but he backs down.  "Oh."  He goes quiet for a minute before beaming at the greenette.  "You mean you found your soulmate?"

"Shh!"  Izuku looks around wildly.  "I did.  A while ago actually.  We've been keeping it on the down-low to get to know each other and figure things out.  My mom still doesn't know.  The only reason I'm telling you guys is because Ochi and Tenya broke into my house and found out."

"Damn, dude, nice!"  Sero says, smiling.  

"Congratulation, Midoriya-kun," Tsuyu states, smiling at him warmly.

"Bro, you'll have to bring him by the station sometime soon!  We'd love to meet him!" Kaminari exclaims.  

"He should be stopping by today at lunchtime, I think," he says, pursing his lips.  "We'll see though."

"As much as continuing to find out about Midoriya-kun's soulmate would be, I think we should all get to work."  Tsuyu speaks up and holds out a stack of paper for Izuku to take.  "Here, Midoriya-kun, you can work on this bit.  If you get done with that, just ask someone else for some."

"Thanks, Tsu-chan!"  Taking the paperwork, Izuku settles down at his desk and logs into his computer.  He's thankful for the distraction away from the previous conversation.  I don't know how much more I'm going to be able to keep lying to these guys.  They're too sharp.

They fall into silence, the only sounds coming from their keyboards or from around them. Occasionally, one of their phones rings and they take the call, but other than that it's silence. They're all concentrated on their work.

"Kirishima-kun, I've finished the stack that Tsuyu gave me.  Do you want to give me some?" Izuku asks once he's finished the last note from Tsuyu.

"Sure, bro."  Taking a bunch of papers from his stack, he holds them out for Izuku to take over the top of his computer.  "Here ya go!"

Their fingers touch as Izuku takes them, sending an electric current traveling down their arms.  They both gasp and stare at each other in surprise before Kirishima's eyes narrow in suspicion.  Izuku laughs nervously.  "Aha, thanks, Kirishima-kun."

"You're welcome," he responds haltingly, watching Izuku closely.  Was it my imagination, or...hmm...  He shakes his head and goes back to his paperwork.  It's impossible. He said that he wasn't feeling drained after Truth or Dare, so it couldn't be that. But the way the arrangement reacted to his blood just wasn't normal...  He grabs a sticky note and scribbles down a note to Sero.

--> Do you think Midoriya-bro actually summoned a demon?

Sero reads it with a frown before writing back.

--> He does seem…different.

They both glance up at the greenette and watch him for a few moments as he works.  Kirishima turns back to the sticky note.

--> Is it just me, or has he gotten sexier too?

Sero’s frown turns even deeper.  He hums, making Izuku look up.

"Did you say something, Sero-kun?" He asks, cocking his head to the side, like a puppy.

Sero bites his lower lips and shakes his head.

Izuku's eyes zero in on the movement and his pupils shrink.  "O-oh. You sure?"  He nibbles on his own lips now.

Sero releases his lips and swipes his tongue across them.  "I'm sure," he answers, his voice uncharacteristically low.  "I was thinking and must've made a noise."  He smirks.

Izuku gulps. "O-oh."  He sends one last glance to Sero's lips before heading back to his work.

Sero looks down at the sticky note.

--> Is it just me, or has he gotten sexier too?

He shakes his head.

--> It’s not just you.  He’s also reacting towards my teasing differently than normal.  Almost like he knows what I mean when I do that.

Kirishima reads the note and taps his nose.

--> Let’s corner him at lunch.  Then we can figure out what’s going on.

Sero nods and they quickly get back to work.

The rest of the morning passes by relatively quietly. The officers in the station are quiet, working on transcribing the handwritten notes into the electronic files. The silence is occasionally broken by a phone call or by someone asking someone else a question.

Kirishima and Sero keep an eye on Izuku as the morning goes on, trying to figure out what's different. Likewise, Izuku will occasionally glance up at Sero and Kirishima to try and figure out what is different about them.

"Hey, Midoriya-bro?" Kaminari looks up from the note he's transcribing. "Can you help me with this?"

"Sure!" Walking over to Kaminari, he looks at the blond's computer. "What's up?"

"Can you tell me what this says? Bakubro's handwriting is awful and I've learned that not even Kirishima can read it." He holds up a note clearly written by Bakugo.

"Hey!" Kirishima looks over, clearly offended. "It's not my fault that my boyfriend's handwriting is worse than chicken scratch!"

Kaminari chuckles. "I'm not blaming you, it's just that you can't read it. Midoriya-bro has been friends with Bakubro ever since they were kids, so if anyone can read Bakubro's handwriting, it's Midoriya-bro."

Taking the note from Kaminari's hands, Izuku squints at it. "It's been a long time since I've had to decode Kacchan's handwriting. Give me a minute."

Kaminari stands up. "Take your time. I'll finish the note you were working on for you."


While Izuku stands there and tries to read Bakugo's chicken scratch, Kaminari walks over to Izuku's desk and sits down to finish transcribing the note Izuku was in the middle of.

"Hmm, I think it says something along the lines of, 'This bastard tried to get away from me so I knocked him out and then threw him in the back of the police car.' It would probably be better to save this one for Kacchan to do himself. He might feel offended if you don't transcribe it right."

They all burst out laughing. "You're so right!" Kaminari exclaims, standing up and walking back over to his desk.

"That's a good idea!" Sero snickers. "Both Kirishima and I have been piling up Bakubro's notes because we couldn't read them. I'm surprised this is the first one you got, Kami."

The blond blushes. "Ah, yeah." He scratches his head. "Me too. Considering Bakubro makes the most arrests."

Fat Gum walks out of his office. "Alright, you guys, take your lunch." They all glance up at the clock. "After your lunch, you'll head out on patrol. Except for Asui-san. She's going to head up and work with Uraraka-chan in Forensics."

"Okay!" They all quickly finish up their notes before piling them up and setting them over on Bakugo, TetsuTetsu, Yoarashi, and Yaoyorozu's desks.

"Midoriya-bro, wanna come with us to the cafeteria?" Sero asks, glancing at Kirishima.

Izuku pulls his phone out and notices a text from an unknown number.

--> I’m on my way to bring you food 😊

He barely holds back a squeal and saves the number under 'Bugsy'.

--> Can’t wait <3

"My soulmate is coming for lunch. I'm going to go down and wait for him." He skips away before either of them can protest.

They rush after him. "W-wait! Midoriya, wait!"

Before either of them can catch up to him, they see a blond man walk in the front door of the station. Instantly, their hackles rise as they feel the surge of power emanating from the man. Their jaws drop, however, when Izuku squeals and runs over to him. He jumps on the man and their lips connect. Sero and Kirishima look at each other in shock. What is he doing? "Hey, Bunny," the man chuckles once their lips separate.

"I brought you lunch."

"Yay!" Izuku climbs down him and hugs him. "I missed you, Mirio."

He chuckles again. "You just saw me this morning, Izuku."

"I know! But still!" He pouts.

Mirio presses a kiss into Izuku's curls. His eyes drift up and lock onto the unmoving forms of Kirishima and Sero. He narrows his eyes and grabs Izuku's hand, pulling him over to them. "Hello, I'm Mirio Toogata, Izuku's soulmate!" His tone borders on threatening, his eyes staring daggers at the two of them. "Who might you be?"

Kirishima and Sero gulp audibly and shiver slightly under the piercing gaze. They look between each other. How in the world does Midoriya know him?

"This is Eijirou Kirishima and Hanta Sero, my coworkers. We're deskmates and patrol together quite frequently," Izuku chirps.

Mirio frowns slightly, then slowly changes it into a strained smile. "Oh, it's so nice to meet you." He laughs lightly. "Would you care to join the two of us for lunch?"

"S-sure." Sero can feel his soul leaving his body. "We'll join you. We have to grab our lunches from the cafeteria, but we can meet you out in the courtyard then?"

"Sounds good." Mirio wraps his arm around Izuku's waist. "We'll see you there." They turn around to walk to the courtyard. "Don't take long."

Sero and Kirishima look at each other, fear swimming in their eyes. Instantly, they scramble to the cafeteria to get their food. I'm scared to find out what he'll do to us if we take too long!

Izuku leads Mirio out to the courtyard and they sit at one of the many tables. "What'd you bring me for lunch?"

"I packed you a tuna sandwich, apples cut to look like bunnies, some onigiri, and a brownie." Mirio watches proudly ask Izuku's eyes sparkle when he opens his bento box.

"This looks amazing, Mirio!" He exclaims. "I can't wait to eat this!"

Mirio continues watching Izuku as he examines his food until he hears footsteps. He looks up to see Sero and Kirishima walking towards them nervously, just barely stopping themselves from tripping.

"Look at what Mirio made me guys!" Izuku gushes as Kirishima and Sero sit down across from them.

They laugh awkwardly. "Aha, yeah." Sero gulps and picks up his chopsticks so he has something to toy with.

Mirio waits for some people to pass by before clearing his throat. "What do you two want with my Izuku?" He asks, his voice low and his tone threatening. "He's mine and I don't take kindly to people trying to steal what's not theirs."

Izuku looks up. "Wha-?" He looks between Mirio, Kirishima, and Sero. "What are you talking about, Mirio? These are my friends. I've worked with them since forever and I even went to school with Sero!"

Mirio glances over at Izuku in surprise. "You mean you haven't figured it out yet?" He asks.

"W-wait!" Kirishima exclaims, his eyes flashing with fear. "L-look, we-we're just friends! We have our own, so we don't touch others! P-promise!" He's gripping onto the table so tightly that he's surprised he hasn't broken it yet.

"Yeah!" Sero adds, putting his chopsticks down so he doesn't break them. "We would never hurt our friend like that!"

Izuku pouts as he's ignored and he stuffs an apple into his mouth.

"You say that, but how can I trust that you haven't put your hands on Izuku before or won't in the future in a moment of weakness?" Mirio crosses his arms over his chest and glares at them. "Please, I know how people like you work."

"W-we promise!" Sero exclaims. "We would never!"

Finally getting fed up with being ignored and talked about like he wasn't right there, Izuku slams his hand down on the table. "I am right here, you guys!" He growls, glaring at all three of them. "Does anyone wanna tell me what's going on right now? Because if not, I'll just go find someone else to eat lunch with while you guys continue measuring dicks over here!"

Sero and Kirishima stare at him in awe while Mirio cowers slightly. "Bunny, you know I didn't mean it like that!" He coos, trying to diffuse his mate's anger before anything happened.

Izuku glares at him. "I don't know what you meant because you weren't telling me anything! What have I not figured out yet and why are you threatening my friends?"

"Bunny, these two are an incubus and a succubus."

He blinks. "Oh, so that's what was different when I walked into the station."

"What are you doing?" Kirishima hisses, panic overtaking his features. "Mate or not, are you crazy? Telling a human about us?"

Izuku chuckles. "I am the farthest thing from a human anymore, Kirishima-kun. Let's redo the introductions since it's apparent that things have changed." He holds out his hand to his friends. "Hello, my name is Izuku Midoriya and I'm a succubus. This is Mirio Toogata, my soulmate, and he's an incubus." He fixes the two of them with a look that has them scrambling to comply.

"I-I'm Eijirou Ki-Kirishima," he stutters, weakly shaking the greenette's hand. "And I'm a succubus."

"And I'm Hanta Sero, an incubus."

"There." Izuku withdraws his hand, satisfied. "Was that so hard?"

"Yes," Sero and Kirishima mutter under their breath.

"Now, Mirio, I know you're pulling your possessive mate card, but these two have never laid a hand on me before. They have their own crushes and don't think of me that way."

Mirio squints at the two of them. "Are you sure?"


"Well, fine! But if I find out that you've laid your hands on what's mine then I will come and end you!"

"L-look, I already have a mate, so I'm never going to lay a hand on Midoriya-bro. We're just bros and it's totally not manly at all to do that to your soulmate."

Sero nods. "I already have a mate too, so you have no worries here!"

Mirio relaxes slightly. "That makes me feel slightly better. Slightly. My warning still applies." He reaches over and hesitantly grabs Izuku's hand. "Are you still mad at me?"

Izuku giggles. "No, you big baby. But next time, don't go threatening my friends."

He pouts. "Or else what?"

"Do you really want to find out?" He raises an eyebrow.

"N-no!" The blond shakes his head quickly, not wanting to incur his mate's wrath.

Kirishima watches the exchange with a small smile.  "I'm not asking because I'm trying to weasel in, but does Midoriya have an emergency food source in case he's nowhere near you or able to get in contact with you to get to you or you to get to him?" He asks. "Because that's something you should probably think about. Especially in our line of work, we can end up working long hours that require us to stay holed up in the station for days. Or we might be quarantined and not allowed to have visitors. It would probably be best to have one or two of those."

Izuku's eyes widen. "Oh, I didn't even think of that!" He exclaims.

"Hanta and I are each other's emergency food source. Plus, we're really compatible, so it works out."

"Yeah." Sero nods. "It's definitely a good idea to get an emergency food source lined up. Preferably someone who you either work with or someone that work trusts."

Mirio hums and looks between them.  “True.”

Izuku suddenly thinks of something he was told before.  “Mirio, didn’t you tell me about how some of us have compatibility?”

“I did.” 

He bites his lip.  “How do you know if you’re compatible with someone?”

Mirio watches as Kirishima and Sero’s eyes lock onto the place where Izuku’s teeth worry at his lip.  “Oh, there are ways.”  He turns and watches Izuku’s eyes dart between the redhead and the blackette, the greenette’s pupils shrinking.  “I’m pretty sure you three are compatible.  Very compatible.”

The three of them snap out of it and their cheeks turn bright red.

“O-oh, really?” Izuku asks, looking at Mirio to avoid the other two’s eyes.  We’re compatible?

“Oh yes.  The three of you were turning each other on just then.”

Sero chuckles.  “You know, I’ve always felt somewhat attracted to you, Midoriya.  Now I know why.  With you becoming a succubus, the attraction has intensified.”  He stops and thinks for a moment.  “Though, I’m definitely attracted to my mate more.”

“Ah, I feel the same way,” Kirishima breathes.  “Hope this doesn’t weird you out, Midoriya-bro.”

He laughs nervously.  “It kinda does, but that’s just because I’m getting used to all this.  I’m more weirded out at how I’m feeling down there than anything right now.”

The redhead blinks.  “Oh, that’s right.  Human males only have one.  You’ve now got both.  Yeah, I can see how this would take some getting used to.”  He scratches his head.  “Well, I’m a succubus, so if you ever need to talk or you have questions, you can come to me.  You have my number, so you can call me too.”

Izuku opens his mouth to answer, but a loud shout rings out across the courtyard.  He sighs.  “I guess Kacchan and the others are back.”

Kirishima nods and shoves the rest of his lunch into his mouth.  “Yup!  And you know what that means.”

Mirio purses his lips, confused.  “What does that mean?”

Izuku turns to the blond and smiles, pressing a kiss to his lips.  “That means that lunch is over.”  He stands to his feet.  “I’ll make sure to eat the rest of this while on patrol, okay, Bugsy?”

He smiles and nods, also standing up.  “Okay, Bunny.  I’ll see you when you get home.”

“Okay.”  They kiss once more before Mirio leaves.

Izuku squares his shoulders and grabs his bento box.  “It’s time to face my death,” he says seriously, making Kirishima and Sero giggle.

“Aw, c’mon, Midoriya.  I’ll protect you!” Sero exclaims, puffing out his chest.

“Oi!  Shitty Nerd, where the hell were you this week?!”

Izuku groans.  How am I going to explain this to Kacchan?

Chapter Text

Hey guys!  So, this isn't an update as you can probably tell, but please don't just click out of this!!  I have some important information for y'all.  I've gotten a few requests and pleas and had people beg me to keep Izuku loyal and to not mess around with the others.  I just want to explain where I'm going with this idea so y'all hopefully won't boycott my story.


With incubus and succubus mythology, I decided to twist it a little while throwing in ABO dynamics and soulmates.  This means that this AU is a little bit different than your normal, run of the mill Soulmate/ABO dynamics/Incubus AU.  Yes, everyone has their soulmates.  For humans, they rarely find their soulmates because they don't have the ability to use magic to "see" who their soulmate is.  However, incubus and succubus do have the ability to find their soulmates because they have magic.  Kinda like how Izuku asked Mirio to let him see his soulmate in exchange for sex in the beginning, right?  Well, with humans, if they find their soulmate then that person is the only one for them.  They will only ever be with that person for the rest of their lives.  For incubus and succubus (other demons too, but these guys especially), because they live such long, immortal lives and their sole purpose is sex, things are a little different.  


Most incubus and succubus relationships with their soulmates are open, as long as it's with someone they're compatible with.  I talked about compatibility.  That's when an incubus or a succubus finds another incubus or succubus extremely attractive.  Think of it like almost soulmates.  They're just one step away.  That means they can form a close bond, but not a mating bond like with a soulmate.  


I also talked about "emergency food source" in the last chapter.  Let's see how I can explain this....think of it like this: it's midnight and you're starving.  You don't know what you want to eat, all you know is that you want to eat.  You head to the fridge and grab just a little bit of everything.  This is called impulsiveness.  You're not thinking about anything other than eating because you're so hungry.  You'd go for just about anything and everything.  Now think about this: it's midnight and you're starving.  You don't know what you want to eat, all you know is that you want to eat.  Last night, you had prepared some healthy snack options because you know that you get really hungry in the middle of the night.  Heading to the fridge, you grab those healthy snack items.  

An incubus or succubus's "emergency food source" is like those healthy snack options in your fridge.  An incubus or succubus can suck a human's life right out of them and kill them.  So, they have emergency options so this doesn't happen.  


Now, let me put this all into context:

  • Mirio and Izuku are soulmates
  • Mirio has a compatibility partner that he used to have sex with before Izuku
  • Izuku has two compatibility partners so far: Kirishima and Sero
  • Kirishima has a mate and is a succubus
  • Sero has 2 mates and is an incubus
  • Sero and Kirishima are each other's "emergency food source"
  • Sero and Kirishima will soon be Izuku's "emergency food source"


There will be NO cheating in this fic.  Everything that happens concerning relationships and sex is all pretty much okay'd by everyone.  Incubus and succubus relationships with their soulmates are pretty much open relationships.  There will be other pairings in this fic as characters are introduced and come into awareness about incubus and succubus.  Also, just because I list a pairing doesn't mean there will be any sexual relations between them.


This is just me making a fic where I can cater to my multi-shipping needs.  If you don't like certain pairings, don't read the parts.  I'll make sure to correctly label things so you can choose to skip if you feel like it!  


Hope this cleared things up for y'all!  Thanks for staying and reading my word vomit!