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Every Day Starting Now

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3:25 PM


Apollo’s heart feels like it’s going to jump into his throat. Beating faster and faster with every step he takes.

It’s okay, just breathe. You’re fine.

You can turn around and walk away whenever you need to.

And so he keeps on walking, staring at the ground and thinking. Focusing. Trying to keep his mind off of what he was about to do. Who he was about to see. How his breath kept catching and his head felt light and dizzy. How he just. Kept. Walking—


Oh God.

Apollo turns to face his former mentor, mouth agape. Wide-eyed.

“Did you not realize you were here?" Kristoph shakes his head. "I suppose you were always too caught up in your thoughts. You haven’t changed a bit.”

That sentence makes him feel sick. He scoffs.

“Neither have you.”

Kristoph chuckles at that. “Is that what you came here to say? That I haven’t changed?”

“I... No...”

“...Didn’t I always used to tell you to speak clearly, Justice?”

“S-Sorry... Sorry.” Apollo blushes, and pauses, surprised by his own reaction. “I just...”

“You just came to gloat? Came to apologize? Felt the Halloween spirit and thought, oh, why not visit the local mass murderer?”


“...Or, perhaps, you just missed your old mentor?”

The smirk on his face was infuriating.

“I just wanted to talk. That’s all.”

“Yes, yes, of course. What about?”

He was so... Nonchalant, for someone just recently convicted of multiple murders. So collected. If Apollo didn’t know him better it would have been scary, but Apollo knew all too well how easily Kristoph could adapt to even the harshest of situations. Even at the gates of Hell, he was a natural. Apollo knew that well. He knew that much, much too well.

He’s spacing out again.

“It seems you don’t know, yourself.” Kristoph laughs again. “That’s fine. I’m all for idle chatter— I don’t get much of it here.” He sits down, smiling through the bars of his cell.

“I... was wondering what your plans are, now.”

“Now that everything is out in the open? I’m afraid I don’t have many. Not much I can do from here, as I’m sure you can see.”

Apollo’s hand reaches for his bracelet on instinct, keeping his eyes on Kristoph as he speaks.


“So you’ve given up?”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

Purposely vague- could be hiding something. Could just be that way naturally. Could just be trying to annoy me.

“Are you attempting to analyze me, Justice? I hadn’t realized this was a business visit. I hope you’re aware we aren’t in court at the moment.”

Definitely just trying to annoy me.

Apollo sighs, looks his old mentor in the eyes. “I’m aware. I just wanted to... to ask why.”

“...Why I killed? Why I framed Wright? Why I—“

“Why you took me in! I mean... If you hadn’t, everything might have worked out in your favor...”

“You say that as if you think I haven’t realized it myself.”

“I just want to know.”

Kristoph sighs, adjusts his glasses. “...Because of Wright.”

“M-Mr. Wright?”

“Albeit indirectly, yes.” Kristoph smiles. “...You reminded me of him.”

Apollo takes a moment, processes the meaning behind those words, and behind his mentor’s expression. “But- I thought you hated him!”

Kristoph laughs. “I’ve always been fond of keeping my friends close and my enemies closer, I suppose.”


“You were him, but more naive. Driven, but gullible, a little too eager to please, a little too... trusting.”

“I don’t...”

“Oh, but I didn’t hire you to be gullible, no. You were alike in your intelligence as well. Strong-willed and clever...” Kristoph pushes his glasses up again, thinking. “...In truth, I liked you from the start. I could tell you had potential from the moment I met you.”

Apollo’s hand reaches for his bracelet, but he already knows it hasn’t reacted.

Kristoph smirks. “Just because I’m a killer doesn’t mean I can’t give a compliment and mean it, Justice.”

Despite the praise, Apollo frowns. He’d love to call this unnatural, but it’s... almost too natural. It feels like not a day has passed since he was the simple, hardworking assistant of the famous Defense Attorney Gavin.

But days have passed. Days full of sorrow, confusion, anger, murder, and, most of all, truth.

Apollo feels sick.


He turns and walks away.