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Merciful Ass

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Today was supposed to be a normal day for you but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. The normality ended after you got home from work......

You quietly sat in the taxi listening to your taxi driver talk about stuff you didn't really care about. You were really nobody special and were quite boring, some might even call your life "perfect"

You didn't see how since you literally sucked as a human being meaning you hadn't really had anything bad or good happen to you and some told you that you had no flaws. This you felt WAS your flaw because despite your "no flaws" you could never find anyone to date.

It was almost like people preferred those flawed people over someone like you who was "perfect" not that it mattered to you. Suddenly you were jolted from your thoughts by the taxi driver telling you were there.

You said goodbye, paid and watched the car drive off. You walked up to your house which was the typical two story house with the most bland gray and white color scheme ever. You unlocked the door, opened it and went inside. 

Inside you went into your room and sat down at your computer. That's when you noticed the computer was already on, open to what looked like a game from olden times. The title of the game read "Undertale" You hadn't heard of this game but clicked new game anyway.

It's not like you had anything better to do but upon hitting new game the game screen glitched as a sudden high intensity wind blasted from the computer as you were suddenly sucked in. 


Once upon a time two races ruled over earth, MONSTERS and HUMANS.

It was a peaceful time until the war came.

Humans defeated the Monsters sealing them all under Mount Ebott with a powerful magical spell


You suddenly woke up having no idea what just happened when you felt a heavy weight on your back as a shy female sounding voice spoke "Uhhhh h-hey there" You heard it from above you and tried to speak but you were clearly under something.

You used your hands to push as it but it merely jiggled in front of you. You heard a sudden scream as whatever was on you fell off. You were very confused until you saw what exactly was trapping you.

A huge massive bulge poking out of purple and blue panties.