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I bought a new game yestersday

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Well, I say “new”
New to me, anyway, I hadn’t played it before
I found it, half price from the normal, in an antiques mall
Where I also acquired an image of the Madonna, 
And those with me bought teacups and dishes
Picked from among thousands of other items
The game cartridge has no case, only
A price tag on a string taped to it.

The game is Pokemon Y
One I’ve wanted to play since I played X
And absolutely loved it, my first ever Pokemon game
But I’m a bit surprised when I put it in turn it on, and
There’s still a file
Not terribly surprised, I don’t think I would delete mine
If I happened to sell any of them
But I still wasn’t expecting it.

The person who had this before me played
As a girl named Tamara
With long platinum blonde hair and
Blue blue eyes (like how I started)
Her starter was Fennekin
And Calem’s was Froakie
And Shauna’s was Chespin
(just like me).

None of their pokemon have nicknames
(did they give them nicknames and then,
knowing they would sell the game, erase them?)
They had just recently beaten the Elite Four
(they hadn’t even opened the PC since, 
new wallpapers unremarked)
They stood in front of the Pokemon Daycare Centre
(two pokemon still there, egg unreceived).

They never made a Trainer PR Video
Never even set foot in the studio the whole time they played
They hadn’t changed their hair 
The stylist didn’t recognize them
Only purchased three hats, four shirts
Four bottoms (three skirts) and one dress
Some socks, some shoes, a purse
I think they liked the colour purple.

Their pokedex had seen three hundred sixty (360) pokemon
Only one hundred fifty-five (155) of them are fully registered
Their main team is Delphox (level 83), Emolga (level 82),
Blastoise (level 84), Aerodactyl (level 81),
Lucario (level 83), and Yvetal (level 85)
But I think that used to include
Malamar (level 64), and Doublade (level 54)
It makes me wonder which pokemon were chosen over them, and why.

I wonder who this person is (was?)
Did they know they weren’t going to keep their game?
Had they meant to come back to it?
Were they the one who chose to sell it?
Was it someone else, going through a collection given to them, not keeping doubles?
Maybe they were someone who vanished, picked up and left
Maybe it was just a case of that their 3DS broke and they didn’t get another.

Would they mind, knowing I’m going to delete their file?
This mystery person I’ll never know
I’ll save some of their pokemon, try to send them to my file or
Trade them away to others
There’s some items I’ll send with the pokemon
Most I won’t 
I don’t know if I’ll save the Delphox
Or let it disappear with Tamara, the one who raised it.

I know we talk about ghosts
On Facebook, and YouTube, and Tumblr, and Twitter
Memories and accounts of people who don’t 
Exist anymore, beyond other’s recollection of them
But what about the ghosts in old second hand games
Forgotten until the next person picks them up
And turns them on?
Do they take the same space, discoverable by people who never knew them, who will never know the flesh and blood person behind the character?

But I guess what I mean by all this is
Goodbye, person who played as Tamara
Who never opened Pokemon Amie or Super Training to play with their pokemon
Who seemed to have only kept this until they could beat the Elite Four
Who had a team they must have cared about, built of pokemon who brought them joy
Who only ever used great balls, except for when they captured Yvetal, where they used a quick ball
Who may have meant to come back to their game with Tamara
Who may have decided they were finished with it
Who exists, or existed, as a person on this world
I hope you are happy, wherever, whoever you are
Thank you for the game.