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Golden Girl Gone “Bad”

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"Emmelia! Emmy!"

Emmelia was startled from her serene state by Hermione's voice calling her from about twenty feet away.

"Emmy. I need to talk to you. Something absurd happened last night. You won't believe it."

By now, more than a few Slytherins were listening. Some with more malicious intent than others.

Emmelia placed a placating hand on Hermione's arm, "Maybe right not now, 'Mione? How about we wait until we're in a more private place?" She said with a meaningful glance records her housemates.

"Oh. Right, yeah. My bad. Sorry." She looked genuinely startled at the fact that other people would be eavesdropping on their private conversations.

With a quick, "Talk to you later, Emmy! You too, Daphne, Pansy!" Thrown over her shoulder she scuttled back towards the Gryffindor table.

Looking around at her table, Emmelia glared at the Slytherins around her that were sneering at the bushy haired lion.

Turning her nose up especially to Malfoy, she moved her attention back to her eggs.




"Alright, what is it?" Pansy asked with an exasperated sigh. They'd managed to find an abandoned classroom to use. Pansy had warded it to potentially dangerous listeners, showing off her surprisingly advanced expertise in the subject.

"Alright, so did I tell you about the duel, that Malfoy challenges Ron too after he insulted his father?"

"Oh Merlin, don't tell me that idiot actually went." Pansy groaned.

Hermione grimaced, "He did. Anyway, I went with him, obviously. To try to stop him."

She was interrupted by an incredulous Emmelia, "How, exactly, is that the obvious answer to that problem?"

"Well, I couldn't just let him go alone. He'd get caught in an instant! Do you know how many house points we'd lose?"

Pant rolled her eyes, "Anyway, continue. What happened?"

"Alright, so Malfoy, the little weasel, he didn't show up."

"No, really?"

"And the two of us ran into Filch. He almost saw us too, but we both managed to hide behind this door. But!"

"What? What happened?" Daphne asked with wide eyes, clearly enthralled.

"There was this horrifying, three hearses dog behind the door! Oh Emmy, it was terrible, slobbering all over the place. That's when I realized that we were sitting in the third floor corridor!"

Daphne gasped and Emmelia looked at her, "Giant, three headed dog means hellhound, right?" Daphne nodded, "What in Morgana's name is Dumbledore doing keeping a bloody hellhound in the castle?"

"That's not even in though! The dog-er hellhound, whatever- was sitting on something. I'm nearly positive it was a trap door, too!"

"A trap door? Oh Merlin, it has to be guarding something, something important." Pansy said in fascination.

"Whatever it is, I want absolutely no part of it. If Dumbeldore wants to go around endangering his students, then he can do that. But not me. Good God. A bloody hellhound." Emmelia declared.

"I agree. It sounds dangerous." Said Daphne.

"But-" Neville protested, finally speaking up from his spot in the corner. "What if someone tries to steal it? And don't you want to know what it is?"

"I suppose, it really must be valuable if Dumbeldore is keeping it in the castle. Tell you what, 'Mione," Emmelia said, turning her attention back to the bushy haired girl, " I have a hunch. I was talking to Neville the other day, and he told me about the Gringotts break in. You've heard about it, right?"

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, "Of course! The first successful break on ever since the bank was founded in-"

"Yes, well, earlier in the day, Professor McGonagall and I went to the vault that the thief attempted to steal from. The only thing there, though, was a small, boring looking object with a shockingly potent magical aura. Obviously, it must be extremely powerful if someone is willing to risk breaking into Gringotts of all places. But think about it, Gringotts is supposed to be one of the safest places in the world, so where would they put the object if it isn't in the back anymore? The other safest place in the world."

"Hogwarts." Neville said quietly to himself in realization.

"Exactly. That's probably what they're hiding underneath that trap door."

"Oh~" Hermione said dreamily, "I wonder what it could be..."

It does...sound interesting." Emmelia reluctantly agreed.

"So you'll help me find out?"

"Only if it continues to be interesting, Hermione. I'm not wasting my time on this little research project if there's no reward."


"I'll help too." Surprisingly, Pansy was the first one to offer her help.

"So will Daphne and I, right Daph?"

"Oh, uh-yes I suppose. Me too."

"Lovely, I'm glad we're all in. I don't exactly know where to start, though. It's not like I'm actually going to go down there."

"Well, I can research magical artifacts that Dumbeldore worked on personally. I mean, it's gotta be his object, right?"

"True, Professor McGonagall did say that she was on an errand for Dumbeldore."

"Exactly. Maybe Daphne and I can work on that together." Hermione suggested.

"Me? I mean, if you want too."

Hermione smiled at the shy girl, "I'm glad."


"Still, there's not much the rest of us can do, is there?" Pansy pointed out.

"Yeah..." Neville trailed off, twirling his hair in what seemed to be an odd habit of his, especially since his hair was too short to actually twirl.

"We'll, then I suppose out meeting here today is adjourned. Well see you all later. Daphne, Pansy, lets go."

All five students rushed past each other on their way to their next classes.