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No Way

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Jolyne paused as she walked from her bedroom into the living area, a familiar tall figure standing facing away from her, probably speaking to her mother. Seven years. It had been seven years since she had seen him.

She was 15 now, out of her preteen phase of hating both her parents and now just clinging to the one she had. This must have been out of the blue for her mother as well... Jolyne can hear them whispering an argument. Her father stood silently as her mother glared at him, saying something along the lines of "she's not going to want to." Her mother was right. She didn't. She had no desire to see her dad. None. She swore on it.

He turned around at the creak of her heel on the wood, eyes still as icy cold as she could remember. She tried to take in his image as much as possible before it all blurred behind tears and she stomped over to him, gripping onto his thick coat and pressing her makeup smeared eyes into his chest.

"Jolyne..." was all she heard before a silence between them, Jotaro's large hands curling around her as they did when she was a baby, rubbing her head calmly and letting her take in his warmth and scent. He still smelled like cigarettes and saltwater, and Jolyne didn't want to let go.