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Looking Good In Red

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The heat is sweltering, oppressing and as Billy looks up from his perch up on the stand he sees ominous clouds forming above Hawkins. A thunderstorm seems imminent but, he guesses, few people will complain about the rain it will bring. Billy leans back on the chair and fishes his phone from his pocket to check up on the weather app and sure enough there’s a warning for a thunderstorm. He lets his eyes roam over the community pool in search of Heather who is on shift with him today but his gaze gets stuck on Steve Harrington and his gaggle of adopted kids. He sees the flaming hair of his sister and it’s as if she can feel his eyes on her. She turns and gives him a small wave and a hesitant smile.

Things have gradually improved between them since that disastrous night at the Byers house. It’s still new, tentative and brittle at best but it is a start and Billy is hard pressed to fuck it up. He has come to the realization he likes Max and her tough as nails attitude. Billy waves back and beckons her over. She frowns and turns away to Steve, presumably to excuse herself but Steve follows her when Max comes bounding up to him. Billy’s heart does a little flip behind his ribs before trying to break free altogether. Steve has no business looking as good as he does in his tiny swim trunks and sun kissed skin.

Billy had, on Max’s insistence, apologized to Steve. In hindsight, he muses, it is probably the best thing he has ever done. Steve for his part had taken his apology with grace and even offered one of his own. For what, Billy still hasn't quite figured out. A few months later when Billy had walked into the library of Hawkins High to find a silent place to eat his lunch and finish his homework for the next class, Steve had waved him over from where he sat at a table with Nancy and Jonathan. Billy who decided he could as well indulge him had walked over and offered a gruff ‘what do you want?’. Nancy looked like she swallowed a lemon, Jonathan couldn't even look him in the eye and Steve had blinded him with a sunny smile. ‘ Nancy mentioned she heard that you are taking a lot of advanced classes and I was wondering if maybe you could help me with my English Lit. I am horrible at deciphering the deeper meanings in books.’ Steve had blinked at him with his stupid big doe eyes, Nancy now looked like she was going to choke on her laughter and even Jonathan had pink cheeks. Billy should have caught on to the ambiguous meaning of Steve’s question since asking the person you have a crush on to help with homework is probably one of the oldest technique’s to get said crush alone, but he hadn’t until later that evening, when he had arrived at the Harrington residence and Steve was all but subtle in his advances toward Billy. Billy at first had been hesitant, thought perhaps this was some sick joke Steve and co had concocted to bring shame to him but when Steve had crawled in his lap, pushing his half hard cock against his hip and his lips hot and wet on his neck his hesitation had flown right out of the window.

And so ensued their whirlwind romance. They kept it under wraps, Billy terrified his father would find out and Steve took that in stride. The residents of Hawkins did however catch on to the unexpected friendship between the two and it had raised a few brows before it was shrugged off with an exasperated mutter of ‘teenagers’ or ‘boys’ and life continued.

Billy did fit surprisingly well within the folds of the party and the adults that came with it. His witty snark matches with Dustin are the highlight of everyone’s day and Joyce, who’d seen Billy’s fresh and fading bruises, coupled with the sadness he hides with serrated sarcasm had put two and two together quicker than lightning and all but adopted him. Billy loves her. They do know that there is more to Steve’s and Billy’s friendship and Billy had received a terrifying shovel talk form Hopper before he’d promptly offered Billy a beer and ruffled up his carefully styled hair. Billy therefore is on his best behavior whenever Hopper is around.

He’s pulled from his thoughts when Max gently punches his calf with a ‘what’s up big bro?’ and a radiant smile. Billy is almost never the recipient of that smile and he can’t help it when he offers her a lopsided grin. “There’s going to be a thunderstorm so we’re going to close up earlier. As soon as I find Heather that is.” Max looks disappointed as Billy comes down from his chair and he shoves her playfully in the shoulder. “If you go to my locker you can grab some cash for the mall alright?” She visibly brightens and runs off toward the lockers with a yelled ‘Thank you!’

“That’s sweet of you.” Steve steps closer and brushes their shoulders together while Billy is busy scanning the grounds in search of the elusive Heather. He still doesn’t see her anywhere but that might also be because Steve’s fingers skim over his ass and give a firm squeeze.

“Harrington!” Billy hisses but Steve only leers.

“I can’t help it that your ass looks so good.” Steve purrs, amusement dripping from every syllable as he pats Billy’s ass.

Billy rolls his eyes and steps away and out of Steve’s reach.

Steve chuckles and the smile that brightens his face is gentle. “How long before you start closing up?”

“Right now I suppose. Why?”

“Thought I could drop the kids off at the mall and pick you up after?”

This time around it is Billy’s turn to leer. “Sure thing, sugar. I came walking anyway.”

Steve turns around and hollers at the kids to start packing up their stuff and Billy finally spots Heather. “Heather hey! There’s a-” “Thunderstorm coming? I saw. Gonna make the announcement.” She jogs away and a minute later her voice echoes over the grounds. There are more than a few disappointed kids and some teenagers are booing but slowly the people migrate towards the changing rooms.

Billy looks at Steve and motions to the personnel only changing rooms and Steve follows. The kids are already nowhere in sight. When the door closes behind them Steve is quick to shove Billy against the wall and kiss him thoroughly. “Hi.” He murmurs once they part for air and Billy chuckles. “Hi dumbass.” Steve kisses him again, slower, deeper and Billy can’t help it but let out a soft moan.

“Alright lovebirds, Billy has work to do and your kids are waiting Steve so break it up already.” They hadn’t heard Heather coming in, presumably in search of Billy. She stands in the doorway, regarding them with amusement. “Plenty of time for that later.” And with that she walks off.

Steve follows her retreating back with a pensive look on his face while Billy tries to shove him away so he can do his job. Steve doesn’t budge, turns back to him and pulls Billy in a searing kiss that makes him slightly dizzy. “You know, I bet you’d totally rock a swimsuit.” Steve murmurs against Billy’s bruised lips and Billy can feel heat blooming in his cheeks before his face splits into a dirty grin.

“What’s that Harrington? An actual kink?”

“Hmm maybe.” Steve smirks, smacks his ass and dislodges himself from their embrace. The pinkness high on his cheekbones gives him away. “See you in an hour, yes?”

Billy nods, shit eating grin still in place and watches Steve go.


The first few raindrops start to fall, accompanied with the rumble of thunder when Billy plops in the passenger seat of Steve’s car.

“Hey babe.”

Steve grabs his hand and places a kiss on his knuckles while driving out of the parking lot and toward his house. He doesn’t let go and Billy smiles, curling his fingers around Steve’s.

“I called Joyce and asked her if she could pick up he kids from the mall so… we have the whole night to ourselves.” Steve says.

“Making plans Harrington? You are insatiable you know.” The words are teasing but Billy sinks further into the seat and pulls Steve’s hand into his lap, content with the knowledge that there are no kids demanding to be picked up or otherwise requiring Steve’s or his attention. He rubs the back of Steve’s hand with his thumb and gazes out of the window. Steve doesn’t respond to his teasing, keeping his eyes on the road as the rain starts to fall in earnest.

 He lets Steve’s hand go when they pull up in the driveway and steps out of the car, running to the front door with his backpack over his head shielding his curls from the rain. Steve’s hair is plastered to his forehead when he makes it up the steps and unlocks the front door. His grumbling is adorable. Billy slips out of his boots and plops his bag down in the corner before bee lining to the kitchen to grab some water.

“What do you want to eat? I can order pizza?”

Steve asks as he too comes into the kitchen and wraps his arms around Billy’s waist.

“Pizza’s fine. Can i smoke inside?”

“Sure. My parents aren’t going to be home for a while anyway.”

Billy fishes the pack from his back pocket and slips two out, offering one to Steve. They light up and lean back against the counter, watching the smoke curl upwards to the ceiling. “What’s a while?”

“Mom said at least for a month. Maybe longer. Doesn't matter really. I am used to it.”

Billy sighs and nuzzles Steve’s cheek. The resentment toward his parents for leaving him alone for extended periods of time ever since he turned thirteen is audible in his voice and visible in the way his eyes go a little tight. Billy has never been good at comforting others and talking about feelings but he leans a little more into Steve, silently offering him some comfort. They’re quiet as they finish the smoke and Steve bends down to grab the ashtray from under the sink.

“You want to order pizza now or...?”

“Nah, gonna take a shower first.” Billy says and Steve nods, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

“You do smell like chlorine and sweat so maybe that’s a good idea.”

Billy smacks his arm in mock indignation. “You better take that back otherwise I won’t give you the surprise I have for you.”

He walks toward the hall to retrieve his pack, Steve trailing after him.

“Surprise? What surprise?”

Billy shrugs, making his way up the stairs with his pack slung over his shoulder.

“Billy, baby what surprise.”

Steve is right on his heels, making his best puppy eyes but Billy ignores him until he walks into the bathroom and turns around with a wicked expression on his face.

“Use your brain Harrington.” He proceeds to slam the door in Steve’s face and locks it for good measure.


After five minutes of knocking on the door and pleading with Billy to open up, Steve had given up and let Billy to it. He could hear his grumbling through the door and Billy chuckles to himself when he steps into the shower and lets the warm water wash away the sweat and grime that gathered on his skin during the day. He quickly washes his body and hair, excited to take Steve up on his words, but when he turns the shower off nerves coil tight in the pit of his stomach. He bites his bottom lip raw when he dries himself off and carefully brushes his hair with the towel slung low on his hips, before he turns to his backpack discarded on the floor.

He shakes his head and grabs it, plucking the swimsuit he'd snatched from the stash back at the pool from it depths. If Steve’s blush when he said he’d look good in a swimsuit was anything to go by, Billy is sure this thing can’t go wrong. While he’s pulling it on Billy wonders if Steve had figured out what his surprise is, and he thinks that maybe he has. It has gone conspicuously quiet behind the closed bathroom door.

He turns to the mirror and cocks his head at his own reflection. Red, he thinks, is definitely a good color on him. He’s surprised at himself when he discovers the lack of shame he feels when looking at himself clothed in a garish lifeguard swimsuit. Well then. He pulls his hair up in a messy bun with a scrunchie he found in his backpack and takes a breath before unlocking the door.

He pokes his head out first and when he meets Steve’s eyes they are already wide.

“Baby, you didn’t actually-” Steve starts to say but Billy steps out of the bathroom and the way Steve’s face goes slack is nothing short of comical.


He breaths and that's about all the warning Billy gets as Steve catapults off of his bed and lunges himself at him. Billy finds himself trapped against the wall with the line of Steve’s body pressing tightly against. He’s already half hard and the feel of Steve’s cock pressing against his stomach has him moaning softly.

“Fuck. Baby.” Steve sounds breathless when he growls in Billy’s ear and his hands flutter everywhere seemingly unsure of where to touch first. “I didn’t... You didn’t have to-”

Billy cuts him of with a kiss, wrapping one leg around Steve’s hips to push his own growing dick against Steve’s.

“I know but I wanted to.” Billy murmurs against Steve’s lips before sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. “Good call to do it too, you look already wrecked babe.”

The grin on Billy’s face is absolutely filthy and Steve hooks his other leg around his hips and carries him to the bed, unceremoniously dropping him down on top of the sheets.

“You would be too if you could see what I see.” Steve says as he hovers at the edge of the bed, looking down at Billy with dark, dark eyes. His hands are wrapped around Billy’s ankles and he spreads his legs, pushing them toward his shoulders.

“Fuck.” He murmurs again.

Billy raises a taunting brow, still looking confident with his legs spread wide and the swimsuit leaving nothing to the imagination. “Eloquent.”

Steve bends his legs further and licks his lips, then drops down to mouth at Billy’s dick through the material of the swimsuit. Billy moans and wriggles his hips in search of more friction but Steve is having none of it. Instead he releases his dick with a wet pop and turns him on his stomach. He wiggles his ass teasingly and it earns him a quick slap which is soothed with Steve’s mouth and tongue.

“Get the lube. It’s under pillow.” Steve says before he bites in the fleshy part of his ass, causing Billy’s hips to snap back.

“Damn, Steve!”

His hands feel under the pillow Steve indicated, wrapping around the bottle of lube. He holds it out over his shoulder with the lid already popped open.

“Impatient are we?”

“Always for you, Stevie.”

Billy looks over his shoulder and can’t contain the moan as he watches Steve squeezing lube on his fingers. Steve looks at him as his slick fingers hook under the swimsuit and pushes it out of the way. His pointer finger traces over his hole and Billy bites his lip, pushing his hips back into the feather light touch, anticipation fluttering in his stomach. Steve tuts him but slips one finger inside. He takes it easily and a second finger joins the first, gently pumping in and out of him.

“I am going to fuck you like this.” Steve murmurs, bending his fingers and brushing over his prostate. His other hand slips under Billy’s hips lifting him up on his knees with his ass stuck in the air.

“Fuck, you’re a fucking vision.”

Billy purrs at the praise and rocks his hips back onto Steve’s fingers. “I know.” He says with his trademark wink because he is Billy fucking Hargrove and generally a little shit. Steve smacks his ass and it sends a spike of arousal directly to his throbbing dick.

“You’re insufferable.” Steve says as if he’s talking about the weather while he adds a third finger.

“Yup. Know that too, but you love it.” Steve looks fondly exasperated when Billy peeks at him but it morphs into something more wicked when Steve retracts his fingers. He wants to protest, already has his mouth opened to do so, but the words die in his throat as Steve’s lips replaces his fingers.


“It’s Steve, but thanks.” Billy pushes his ass back to make him shut up. It makes Steve chuckle against his hole and that should be illegal. He whimpers and his thighs tremble until he feels Steve’s steadying hand on his stomach. “Like that huh?”


Steve’s loosens him up further with his lips and tongue, and Billy leans down, resting his weight onto his left cheek so he can palm at his own dick to alleviate some of the pressure. His balls are tight as fuck, trapped in the suit. The bite at his ass cheek has him yelping but Steve’s voice makes his dick throb with want.

“Nope, baby. No touching.” and he proceeds to yank Billy’s arm form under him. Billy collapses on the bed, ass stuck in the air and Steve rests his hands around Billy’s hips, thumbs resting in the dimples on his lower back, canting his ass up further.

“Fuck, fuck fucking fuck.”

It's half moan half purr and it does things to Billy. His dick twitches and he can feel the wet stain of his precome leaking on his stomach.

“You are saying that a lot today.”

His voice is slightly muffled from where his mouth is pressed into the pillow. Steve retaliates by hooking his finger under where the suit is pushed to the side and pulls. It smacks back with a satisfying slap and his ass burns. He moans loudly, wriggling his ass and silently asking for more. Steve does it again and Billy is delighted when he sees Steve cupping himself and squeezing to the reduce the pressure. The wrecked look that is painted on Steve’s face transforms in something more mischievous and Billy raises his head, quirking a brow.

When he pulls his phone out of his back pocket Billy can almost feel his eyes popping out of his head. “Stevie,” He purrs. “You are dirty today.”

“ I am gonna take a picture.”

“Yah, I gathered.” He lowers his head back down onto the pillow and pastes a sultry smile on his lips. He knows he looks debauched, flushed wearing a swimsuit with his ass high in the air and legs spread wide. He doesn’t care one bit when Steve snaps the picture.

“Promise me you will jerk of to that.”

“I will jerk of to the memory of this asshole.”

“Good good. Will you fuck me now?”

“Hmm, yep.”

True to his words, Steve throws the phone somewhere on the bed and his hand falls to his belt, unbuckling it until he can pull his jeans down and off. Billy licks his lips when his cock jumps free from the confines of his jeans and boxers, flushed nearly purple and leaking from the tip. Steve grins, draping himself over his back, nuzzling his cheek. It is surprisingly gentle considering the position they’re in.

“You’re fucking amazing you know that right?” Steve murmurs in his ear, his hand trailing a path up his throat.

“Sometimes I can be I suppose.”

The kiss Steve pulls him in is sloppy due to the angle, but hot and wet and somehow incredibly tender. When Steve pulls back he momentarily looks like he wants to say more, his throat working and doe eyes doing this fluttering thing, but he doesn’t and with a final kiss he stands back up, hands firmly on Billy’s ass. He spread his cheeks, thumb skimming teasingly over his loose hole and Billy squirms with want and impatience.

“For fucks sake, Steve! “ Billy groans with relief when finally, finally the head of Steve’s dick pops into him. Steve’s hands skim over his hips, his ribs as he fills Billy up with one smooth thrust, and Billy is quite sure he may have let out a sob.

“Look at you.” Steve croons while rolling his hips. “Taking me so well. You love my cock inside you don’t you baby?” Steve fingers skim over the nape of Billy’s neck and Billy whimpers.

“Yeah.” He’s breathless, he’s full and already close. “Now move Steve or else!”

Steve chuckles and the slap he places on his ass stings but Billy loves it. After what feels like an eternity Steve starts to snap his hips in earnest, fucking Billy into the mattress like his life depends on it. Billy’s dick aches but he doesn’t touch, doesn’t have to because he can already feel the tightness on the back of his spine, low in the pit of his belly. He purrs when Steve’s fingers curls into his bun and moans when he pulls, snapping his neck back and baring his throat.

“So fucking good.” Billy pushes his hips back in answer, thighs trembling and just barely supporting him.

“Feels good.” He moans brokenly, bites his bottom lip until it throbs. “M close.”

Steve palms his ass with his free hand, traces over the marks the slaps and his teeth must have left before dropping under his hips and skimming over his aching dick and balls. A moan is ripped from Steve and Billy knows it's because of the wet spot in the fabric of his suit where his dick is trapped against his stomach.

“You’re so wet, shit.”

“Yeah.” Billy’s ability to speak has reduced to next to nothing, the new language he’s fluent in consisting of whimpers, moans and groans.

“For me?”

“Always for you.”

“So good, so good.” Steve’s rhythm becomes more erratic when he pushes his pointer finger between Billy’s balls. Billy nearly screams and he muffles the sound by biting into the pillow.

“Fuck Steve!”

A litany of curses that are to fast for Billy to keep up with escape him as both of his hands wrap around Billy’s hips, tight enough to bruise, positioning his hips just so that it brushes against Billy’s prostate with every thrust. Billy’s lungs feel to small and his ribs feel to tight and he’s pretty sure he’s wheezing but he’s too far gone to care.

“Steve. Steve! Please!” It’s a plea wrapped into a sob.

“I’ve got you baby, I’ve got you.” The pace Steve sets is punishing and the gentleness with which his strokes Billy’s cheek is a stark contrast.

“Come for me, baby.” Billy’s body goes tight and he hears Steve hiss ‘yes!’ before his vision whites out and his ears fill with white noise. His orgasm hits him like sledgehammer, and he’s sure he’s screaming Steve’s name but he can’t hear over the noise in his ears. His body rocks nigh violently when his dick shoots his release against his stomach, Steve’s hands on his hips the only thing keeping him upright. He knows Steve follows him over the edge, can feel his cock twitching inside him and he moans loudly. He wishes he could see Steve’s face but he doesn't have the strength to turn his neck. Instead he pictures the face Steve makes behind his closed lids, all slack and mouth opened in a silent scream.

The mattress dips as Steve falls down next to him, breathing hard and sweat sticking his hair to his forehead. He has a content albeit slightly dazed look on his face.

“If I’d known you’d like this so much,” Billy slurs while pointing to the swimsuit. “I’d worn it sooner.”

Steve chuckles breathlessly and moves to gather Billy in his arms. His fingers dip down and trace the line of Billy’s dick and the wetness he finds there, smirking as Billy jerks against him.  “Sensitive!” He wheezes, and Steve’s laugh is beautiful and honest.

“Sorry.” He looks anything but apologetic. 

They are silent for a while, their breathing slowly evening out.

“I love you, you know.” Steve’s voice is small and he has his face hidden in Billy’s neck. He curls his fingers in Steve’s hair, tugs gently until he can look him in the eyes, move in and kiss his forehead, his nose, his lips.

“Yeah. I love you too.”