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“Fuck this shit!” screamed Bakugou and grabbed his door to bang it in. He wished to see some of the paint fly off of the door. But his plan was futile – because he couldn’t even grab the door. “Fuck!” he repeated one more time with more feeling. 

The doctor walked into the room and motioned to the bed. “Bakugou, you should rest. The whole ordeal should last approximately thirty-six hours and then you can return home.”

“This is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard, you piece of shit!” replied Bakugou while the doctor remained unfazed as she kept reading her file, not even waiting for him to finish talking. Well, how could she reply? She couldn’t hear him. 

“We’ll need to check your vitals again once you’re corporeal again. But as I can see from the report, you haven’t been injured apart from…” She looked up and seemed genuinely apologetic. 

Bakugou wasn’t exactly mad at her per se. It wasn’t her fault at all, but it felt great to scream at someone, even if they couldn’t hear him. 

“Apart from being turned into a fucking ghost!” Bakugou finished the sentence when it became apparent the doctor wouldn’t. 

“I apologise but there’s no way to cure this. I thought about requesting help from Eraserhead, but if he can’t see you, he cannot know where you are exactly and his quirk doesn’t work. Sorry about this, Bakugou.”

Bakugou scoffed and crossed his arms over his head. He liked this doctor, mainly because she tolerated no shit from him. The first time he got an injury during his internship, Furukawa took one long look at him and said, “Ah, you aim to have a short career, I see. Nice insides you have there. I’m sure they’d look cool smeared across the concrete somewhere downtown.” 

Bakugou was shocked into silence and from there on, he really dialled down the recklessness. This case was supposed to be easy, especially since it was his last assignment. He was due to be back at UA today, but instead he got turned into a ghost. Well, at least they solved the string of disappearances around the district. 

Bakugou sat on the bed which was weird, because the mattress didn’t dip beneath him. It was disconcerting, and he hated it a lot. 

Furukawa left him with a wave. “Quit sulking, and enjoy your day off. Ciao!” 

Bakugou stuck his tongue out and flopped back on the bed. Fuck. Thirty-six hours without being real. Great. Just what he wanted, really.


He planned to stay at the agency, he really did. He took a long nap, but after forty-five minutes of waking up, he got so bored he couldn’t bear it any longer. He turned the magnetic sensor off, so it wouldn't alert the hospital staff of his escape then simply walked out the door. 


Back at the dorms, seemingly nothing had changed. Everything was the same as it had been two weeks ago when Bakugou was last here. However, coming back while being invisible was… honestly terrible. To be around the others while they couldn’t even see him? It felt like a cruel joke. 

Nobody reacted to his presence. Nobody seemed to miss him. Checking on the clock told him that he was late from his return, but there was no sign of anyone noticing the fact. 

Bakugou sat in a chair with his arms crossed, and looked at the others playing around with a heavy heart. 

Midoriya was writing homework at a table with Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki.

Kirishima was playing video games with Kaminari, Sero and Ashido. 

Yaoyorozu was talking with Jirou and Asui, and the others were thrown around the common room, relaxing after a long day.

Bakugou felt like shit. He saw Sato bring out a huge cake from the kitchen and he shared it with the others, almost like a party. Bakugou wasn’t hungry, but he missed food. He missed people.


As the hours passed, most of the people migrated back to their rooms – it was Midoriya and Todoroki who remained last. 

Bakugou scoffed and looked at the two losers, sitting close to each other. Midoriya checked his phone once again, and then Todoroki draped his arm over his shoulders. 

Bakugou stood from his spot and ventured closer. What was going on? Since when did their casual touches were upgraded to arms over shoulders? 

Todoroki hugged Midoriya close to his side and Midoriya relaxed against him with a deep sigh. “It’s late,” he said petulantly. 

“Yes, it is,” replied Todoroki and kissed his hair.

Bakugou’s stomach turned to stone. Kisses?! What fresh nonsense was this? It couldn’t be real!

Midoriya turned his head and kissed Todoroki’s cheek, but then Todoroki put his hand on the side of his face and tilted it up for a proper kiss.

Bakugou screamed as loud as he could, but nobody heard him. Midoriya and Todoroki absolutely did not.

Suddenly Midoriya pulled back and looked around with worried eyes. “Please, not here," he whispered lowly." Anyone could see!"

“Nobody’s around,” shrugged Todoroki, nuzzling his face into the green curls. “Especially not Bakugou, it’s okay.”

Midoriya sighed, and after looking around the room once more, turned his head back for another kiss. Bakugou wondered if he had died and this was it. This was how he had to spend the rest of eternity. His personal hell. 

“Let’s head to bed,” said Todoroki. “There’s no point in waiting up.” He pulled Midoriya up by his hand and led him away.

Bakugou was hot on their trails, not wanting to lose sight of them. How did he miss this? They were a thing? Why didn’t he know about this? 


They went to Todoroki’s room after they changed into pyjamas. Bakugou watched in stunned silence as they got under the covers on the futon and cuddled close. 

“You better not fuck,” snapped Bakugou. “Because I swear I’ll break this fucking quirk and explode the whole building!”

Once again, Midoriya checked his phone, the screen’s light illuminating his face. He looked worried. Bakugou wondered why the long face when he had Todoroki draped all over him. 

Todoroki sighed deeply as he rested his head on Midoriya’s shoulder. “Still no answer?”

“No,” grunted Midoriya. “Kacchan’s not answering.”

Bakugou raised his eyebrow and crawled next to Midoriya to look at his phone. There were countless texts on the screen which Midoriya had sent him asking about his day or when he was supposed to come back.

“Aizawa said he was alright, Midoriya,” murmured Todoroki, pulling the phone out of his hand and putting it down next to them. “I’m sure his agency wouldn’t lie to him. Just a slight delay. And then he’ll be back.”

“I know, it’s just… I’m worried. He usually texts back. What if he’s in trouble? Then we should be out there trying to help him!” 

Todoroki pulled him close and kissed his nose. “Definitely. But we don’t know anything for certain. They said he was alive and well, Midoriya.”

Bakugou sniffed, and grimaced against the weird prickling in his eyes. Then he laid down next to Midoriya on the floor. “I’m here, Deku. I’m right here.”

“Do you really think so?”

Todoroki hummed. “Otherwise I’d be out there with you, breaking into the office to look for him.”

Bakugou’s heart skipped a beat. What?!

“But you heard Yaoyorozu. The police said there was an arrest made. There was no report about bringing anyone to the hospital.”

Bakugou blinked in confusion. Yaoyorozu checked the police scanner for him? And Todoroki cared? Since when?

“You’re right, but they have on site doctors, Kacchan told us. You remember he said the doctor was nice?”

Todoroki snickered. “He said the doctor was an asshole.”

“That’s a compliment in Kacchan’s book!”

Bakugou had to laugh. Midoriya knew him well. 

“See? But let’s make a deal. If he is still not back by dinner on Thursday, we’ll start looking for him.”

“Deal!” said Midoriya brightly, giggling when Todoroki rolled on top of him to kiss him. 

Bakugou knew he should probably leave and not… listen to them go at it like cats in heat. He stood and walked towards the door, thinking about going back to his own room, when he heard Todoroki start talking again. 

“Bet you wish Bakugou was here too, hm?” Bakugou stopped dead in his tracks and turned back to them. “Four hands are better than two, after all.” 

He couldn’t see what Todoroki was doing with his hands under the covers, but it made Midoriya blush hard. There was enough light in the room to see that. 

“Todoroki!” hissed Midoriya with a scandalised voice, and Todoroki laughed at him. They rolled over and Midoriya straddled Todoroki’s waist. “You're one to talk! I know about your long 'my muscles need to relax' showers after your sparring sessions.”

Bakugou blinked slowly. So that was where Todoroki usually disappeared to. Sneaky bastard. 

“Touché,” breathed Todoroki, raising his hands in surrender, smiling slightly. 

Bakugou sat back next to them and looked at them. “I’m here you know!” he said loudly, hoping they would hear him.

They didn’t. 

Instead, they rolled around for a bit, kissing and tickling each other, then they finally remained in one place – Midoriya the big spoon and Todoroki curling up to be the small one.

Bakugou hummed, he wouldn’t have guessed. He listened until their breathing evened out, then laid next to Todoroki, facing him. He put his hand on the covers, just mere inches apart from his and sighed deeply. Just a little more than one day. 


Bakugou woke to the sound of Midoriya’s alarm. It was as annoying as possible with All Might’s voice booming ‘Morning is here! Morning is here!’. 

He rolled away, then sat up. What a way to start his morning. 

“Todoroki, are you up?”

“How can I not be?” grunted Todoroki, then emerged under the covers with the cutest bed hair Bakugou had ever seen. It was… adorable. 

For a moment their eyes met, and Bakugou felt his heart skip a beat. Was he visible? Could it be the quirk wore off sooner?

Todoroki squinted, then rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Did Bakugou text you back?”

Midoriya made an unhappy sound as he scrolled through his phone. “Unfortunately, no.”

Todoroki sighed deeply, and pulled out his phone too. “I’ll text him too. Something… annoying. Something he couldn’t resist.”

Midoriya’s face turned contemplative. “Something he couldn’t resist.”

“I’ll tell him we’re a couple.”

“Todoroki, no!” Midoriya dove forward to grab the phone. “That’s cruel! We agreed to tell him once he’s back. And in person.”

Todoroki rolled his eyes but conceded. “What about a nude?”

Bakugou cried out in indignation. “A nude?!”

Midoriya turned bright red. “No! Someone might see. But a picture… lie down. I’ll take a picture of you.”

Bakugou watched in complete awe as Todoroki laid back, and Midoriya arranged the pillows and the blankets around him, combing his hair a bit, then tilting his head to the side. 

Bakugou stood next to him, his heart beating furiously as he stared down at the beautiful view Todoroki made. 

“Should I smile?” asked Todoroki.

“No, I wouldn’t survive,” replied Bakugou.

“No, we don’t want him to have a heart attack,” hummed Midoriya. “Smirk a bit. Yes, like that, perfect!” 

Once he was done, he sat down next to Todoroki, and they both browsed through the pictures before agreeing on the one they should send. 

“What should we tell him?” asked Midoriya, teeth worrying his bottom lip.

Todoroki tapped the side of his face as he was thinking. “Definitely not that we miss him. He would think it’s fake.”

“Issue a challenge!”

“Tell him I’m going to use my ice and my fire on you during practice. There’s no way he won’t reply to that.” 

Bakugou clicked his tongue and glared down at the idiots. “I’m not that predictable, idiots!”

“Are you sure?”

“He almost lost it when he saw me use that move on a group of villains, so I’m pretty confident it’s going to work.”

“You are both terrible bastards!” screamed Bakugou. “Horrible monsters!” 

And because he was invisible, nobody could see his happy smile as he watched them send the picture to him. Not only did they miss him, they cared about him a lot… who would have thought?


He followed them to class, because even if he couldn’t take notes, he could still pay attention, and not miss any more important stuff. 

Bakugou sat at his desk, suddenly unhappy again with the situation. It was so annoying to be invisible all the time. He didn’t know how Hagakure suffered it. At least she could be touched and heard!

“He’s still not back?”

Bakugou looked up to see Uraraka and Asui stand next to his desk. They were looking forlornly at his seemingly empty desk. 

“No,” replied Midoriya. 

“Did you try to call him?” asked Asui. 

“Several times, but he’s not answering.” 

“Ryukyu said his agency didn’t report any serious injuries,” said Uraraka. “Maybe it’s just some last minute… something. Like a celebration.”

“Ah, yeah, that must be it!”

Bakugou recognised Midoriya’s fake smile. It was too wobbly to be convincing enough.

“Try not to worry too much,” advised Asui, smiling at Midoriya encouragingly.

“I’ll try my best.”


After they were gone, Bakugou turned around fully to look at Midoriya. He really seemed to be on edge but tried to hide it. 

“Hey, Midoriya!”

Oh, no. Shitty hair…

“Kirishima, hey.”

Kirishima looked at Bakugou’s chair with an openly painful expression. “Still no answer?”

Midoriya shook his head, and Kirishima’s face fell. “I asked Fatgum. He said there were several arrests done by his team but nobody talks about the details. They would… they would tell us, right?” Bakugou’s heart squeezed together from the devastated look on Kirishima’s face. “If something… if something…”

“I’m absolutely certain they would.”

“Are you really?”


Kirishima took a deep breath, and nodded weakly. “As long as you’re certain, I’ll trust your judgement.”

“I’m alright, Kirishima!” shouted Bakugou. “Please, stop worrying!” 

But Bakugou remained unseen and unheard as Kirishima dragged himself towards his seat. 


After the first period, Iida and Yaoyorozu stepped to his desk to put down their notes on top of it.

Bakugou stared at them with an open mouth. He never asked them for help.

“Midoriya, please make sure he knows this is not charity,” said Yaoyorozu.

“It is our duty as Class Representatives,” added Iida.

Midoriya nodded with a knowing smile. “Of course, of course.”


Bakugou couldn’t stay in his seat, he followed Yaoyorozu back to her place. “Pony tail, what do you mean it’s not charity? What do you want in exchange?”

“Bakugou’s gonna throw a fit when he sees the notes,” pointed it out Todoroki. 

“Then make sure he won’t,” shrugged Yaoyorozu. “And stop worrying. You’re worse than Midoriya.”

“I’m not worried,” replied Todoroki sulkily. He even pouted which didn’t really help him make his lie more believable.  

“How many times have you checked your phone in the last minute?”

Todoroki quickly threw his phone back into his bag. “Stop prying,” he hissed. 

Yaoyorozu laughed softly. “I know what would cheer you up.”


“Shh, don’t look!”

Bakugou peered over her desk but quickly averted his eyes when he saw her pale stomach. What was she doing?

“There you go!” Yaoyorozu put a tiny plushie on Todoroki’s desk. 

A plushie that looked like Bakugou in his hero costume.

“You even did his silly grenades,” murmured Todoroki, quickly raising the toy to inspect it.

“Fuck you, those grenades are awesome!”

“The detail is amazing, Yaoyorozu.” Todoroki tightened his hand on the doll, then quickly hid in before anyone could see. “Thank you.”

“Just until you get the real one back, okay? Bakugou will bite my head off if he realises I do these stunts.”

Bakugou gaped at her. “These stunts? In plural? What the fuck?!” 

“It would get to his head,” smirked Todoroki. His expression smoothed out, when he turned to the doll. And smiled at it.

Bakugou’s heart skipped a beat. “Am I in the upside down? Is this real?”

“Trust me, he’ll be back in no time,” said Yaoyorozu.

“Um, guys?”

Bakugou turned to see Satou lean closer. “Just tell me in advance when Bakugou gets back so I don’t bake another cake in vain.”

“Another? So that cake… that cake was for me?” Bakugou couldn’t believe his ears. The class was really waiting for him to get back… they had prepared for him. And he had let them all down when he didn’t return.

“It wasn’t in vain!” comforted him Uraraka. “It was a taste test. And I can tell you it was amazing! Bakugou’ll be the happiest porcupine when he gets back and tries it.”

“Who are you calling a porcupine, eh?!” 

Bakugou stomped back to his seat, and threw himself down on his chair. It didn’t even budge. 


During the next time they had a break, Bakugou caught Sero whispering with Jirou.

“I do hope Bakugou comes back soon,” said Jirou. “Midoriya looks like a kicked puppy, I can’t bear it.”

“Yeah,” agreed Sero. “And we can’t have Todoroki as the #1. He has too much power already being pretty like that.”

Bakugou choked on air. “#1?! You shitty losers think he’d be #1? Are you blind? Deku would be #1! Stupid Soy face.”

Bakugou stormed away, then stopped suddenly. A couple of nerds were standing at the board, talking about the last episode of ‘Keeping up with the Heroes’. Which wasn’t bad. Or anything. However! Todoroki had his arm slung over Midoriya’s shoulder, while Midoriya’s arm curled around his waist. Bakugou couldn’t believe it. Just how long was this going on? Was he really the only person who didn’t know about it? Were they hiding it only from him? Why?! 

Bakugou desperately wanted to make something explode. He glared at the clock, willing the time to go faster. He still had another day to spend like this. Being invisible. 


During afternoon practice, Bakugou walked between his class, itching to join them. 

Kaminari was exceptionally lucky that day, managing really complicated moves by combining his quirk with Mei’s newest creations. Bakugou would have applauded him – if only he could make a sound.

“Kaminari, you’re on fire today!” clapped Ashido. 

“Right? Too bad Blasty can’t see me.”

“Ah, pfft!” Ashido went to hug his neck, ruffling his hair affectionately. “He’ll be back soon to roast you over your sloppy routine.”

“I hope he will, yeah.” 

Bakugou rubbed angrily at his wet face. He wasn’t crying, not because shitty Dunce face was missing him. It wasn’t that he cared or anything about what these stupid extras thought. This could have been a good day to spy on them about their true feelings, but all he gathered was that Midoriya and Todoroki were disgustingly touchy-feely, and everyone missed him. Everyone

To get away from it all, he went back to the empty classroom and sat down at his desk. It didn’t matter that he was alone. Even in the bustling cafeteria he was alone. Unseen. Unheard. Untouched. Like a damn ghost! Bakugou couldn’t wait to be corporeal again. He would appreciate what he had a lot more. 


Bakugou looked up from his moping when the door opened, and Aizawa walked inside.


Bakugou perked up, looking at Aizawa with unmasked eagerness. “Yes? Can you see me?”

“All Might had gone to the hospital, and you weren’t there. So I can only guess that you’re haunting the school.”

Bakugou banged his head against the desk. He didn’t feel anything, but it was satisfying to do something. “So you can’t see me.”

“I hope you’re not using your invisibility irresponsibly.”

Bakugou shook his head. What did he expect? That he would go into the girls’ lockers? 

“Everyone deserves their privacy. Even Midoriya. Or Todoroki.”

Bakugou almost fell out of his chair. “What are you implying? I’m not a pervert!” 

“And you cannot judge people about the things you’ve seen or heard like this.” 

“Whatever,” grumbled Bakugou. 

“Furukawa says you’re going to turn back between 8pm and 9pm. Don’t do anything reckless.”

Bakugou glared at Aizawa. “Alright, I won’t be standing in the showers after 8, got it!” 

Aizawa sighed tiredly. “I can’t even know if you’re in here,” he mumbled unhappily, then pulled out his phone. “I told Toshinori this was a stupid idea.” 

Bakugou stood up. “No, I’m here, I heard you!”

Aizawa raised the phone to his ears. “Toshinori? Yeah, I talked to an empty room like a lunatic. Should I try his room next? I’d rather not go inside.”

Bakugou walked closer, straining his ears to hear All Might on the other end of the line. 

“What now? Put you on speaker? Great,” groaned Aizawa. He reached his phone out, then tapped the screen.

“Young Bakugou! Do not be afraid, your doctor assured me that it’s only temporary. She also told me you’re dead meat for leaving the hospital. She has an odd sense of humour.”

Bakugou snorted. Fukuzawa was definitely not joking. 

“Just be patient for a little more. It’s going to be alright!”

“Can I hang up now?” asked Aizawa. “This is horribly awkward.”

“Of course, Shouta.” 

Bakugou blinked in surprise. Shouta? Since when were they this informal with each other?

“You idiot,” hissed Aizawa, quickly turning off the speakers. “Not in front of the kid.”

Aizawa quickly exited the classroom but left the door behind himself open.

“Wow. If Deku hears this,” muttered Bakugou, staring after Aizawa in disbelief.