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Two Villains and an Egg

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It was an average evening for the crazed mallard and his rat partner in crime. Running through the streets of Saint Canard from the masked hero Darkwing Duck after another failed scheme. Megavolt looked behind him to see how far away their opponent was.

“Quacky he’s gaining on us!” Megavolt looked back in the direction he was running. Quackerjack had been running ahead, but now he was gone. “Where did he-” upon running past an alleyway, the rat got his answer.

Quackerjack grabbed Megavolt by his battery strap, slamming him into a building wall, covering his mouth. The two hid in the darkness and silently waited for Darkwing to drive by. After seeing the lights of the Ratcatcher disappear into the distance, Megavolt shoved Quackerjack back sighing in relief.

“That was way too close!” Quackerjack turned around as his partner walked over to pick up the bag of light bulbs he’d dropped. “I’ll say!” Quackerjack responded, “That fuddy-duddy almost completely ruined our fun!’’ his smile quickly disappeared, however when his partner turned around to give him an annoyed look.

“Well maybe we would’ve had more time if you hadn’t led Dorkwing right to us.” Quackerjack looked shocked before crossing his arms and furrowing his brow. “So you’re saying this is my fault?” “Well, you’re the one who decided it was a good idea to leave a trail for him so tonight would become a ‘game of tag’, so yes! Actually, I am!” Megavolt retorted, getting close to Quackerjack’s face. Quackerjack angrily stared down the rat before huffing and going to sit next to a trash can.

The electric villain watched as his crazed partner went and sat down to pout before sighing and going back to check on his bulby brethren. He heard Quackerjack start sniffling behind him and felt bad. Sure, they argued and fought, but he had never made Quacky cry!

“Listen, Quacky, I’m-” the rat started before the crazed mallard interrupted him “Megsy,”. Megavolt turned around to look at the Mallard, “Y-yea-” what he saw upon turning around stopped him mid sentence.

Quackerjack was holding an egg and crying, “I'm gonna be a mommy”.