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so different but still the same.

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“Sakura dearie, why are you up so early?” Mebuki calls out from her spot on the dining table.


Sakura, awake much to early for her age, peeks into the room in all her pink and red glory, “I’m going to wander around compounds I’m probably not supposed to be in, get lost, and see if magic mountain beasts will take me in and teach me their secret overpowered skills!”

“That’s great, sweetie,” Mebuki sips on her coffee, eyes back on her newspaper, “come home in time for dinner, alright?”

“Bye, Mama!”


With a click of the door, she’s gone.

Kizashi facepalms, “why is this completely normal to you?”

Mebuki shrugs. “Puberty?”

“She’s three years old!” Kizashi retorts automatically, more on instinct than reason, because yes , both of them are well aware puberty doesn’t hit at three years old, but this girl is literally still a toddler! Albeit, a horrifying one, but still.

He slumps into his seat with a sort of exasperation in his posture, “my goodness, it’s only been three years since we’ve had her?”

“She may be young, but this is a ninja land, she’ll be fine,” Mebuki offers hopefully, “but I fear for the future of that child. I already pity whoever fate has set out for her to marry.” 

Kizashi buries his face into his hand, and the groan that rumbles out of his throat reverberates in utter exhaustion.

“If she ends up corrupting little Ino, Inoichi will have my head,” he mourns.

“A little late for that now, don’t you think?”

“Please write my will for me.”