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Adventures at Hoenn Pokemon Academy

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It felt like just another regular tutor period at the Hoenn Pokemon Academy. Ash Ketchum bopped his head to his music as the sun shone on his tanned face. The class around him were so engrossed in their conversations that they didn’t notice the smart blonde haired girl walk into the room. At last their tutor, Professor Sycamore put his hand up for silence. 


“Class, may I have your attention please!” He shouted. The noise died down. “That means you Paul! Anyway, I would like to introduce a new student, Lillie Aether to our tutor group. Please make her feel welcome.” 


“She’s cute.” Ash whispered to his best buddy, Brock Harrison, who happened to be sitting next to him. 


“Now, I need somebody to show Lillie around the school. Any volunteers?” The class was silent. Nobody put their hand up. Lillie blushed with embarrassment. Then the Professor made eye contact with Ash. He smiled. “Ash, please show Lillie around the school.” Ash sighed, he quite content doing nothing, listening to his music. He got up and Lillie was able to see him for the first time. He was a tall, slender young man with soft brown eyes. Underneath those eyes were two ‘z’ shaped scars, which made Lillie wonder where he got them from. His uniform, (consisting of a white shirt and tie) was extremely messy, along with his untidy attire, his hair, which was dark as Mt. Moon at night, looked as if it hadn’t been brushed in months. Lillie honestly found him quite attractive. Ash finally made his way up to the student. 


He looked at her for a second and then said,


“You ready, um… Lillie is it?” Lillie nodded. His voice was quite deep. Ash got the door for her and the two walked out the class together, as Ash left, he could hear the noise of his classmates begin again. “Well, we might as well start here at the lockers. This is where we put our stuff, if you ask somebody, you should be able to get one of your own.” Lillie kept silent. “You're not much of a talker are you?” Lillie blushed. 


“Oh… sorry. I’m just a bit shy that’s all. It’s my first day in Hoenn.” Lillie apologised. 


“It’s alright, I was nervous on my first day too. But I made some great friends.” Ash comforted. 


“Are these the classrooms?” Lillie asked, pointing to a row of oak doors. 


“Yup. There are different rooms for different subjects. Don’t worry, I’ll show which is which.” The tall boy chuckled. Lillie smiled, this guy was quite nice. Ash looked towards Lillie. She was pretty. Her hair was a light blonde, almost white. She had glistening emerald eyes and her skin was extremely pale. She had long, hairless slender legs, which were covered up by stockings. She wore a black skirt, according to the girl’s school uniform along with a neat shirt and tie. Although Ash tried hard not to notice, he could help noticing Lillie’s large chest size. Ash and Lillie continued walking until they arrived at the women's toilets. 


“Are these the toilets?” Ash nodded. “Hold on, I need to go.” Ash watched the beautiful young lady opened the door to the ladies room and disappear. The bell rang indicating it was break. Ash was tempted to leave Lillie as he saw some of his friends go past, but he didn’t want to leave her alone in a school she was new to. He waited for a couple minutes, some of the other girls gave him weird looks, he was standing outside the ladies bathroom after all. At last Lillie came back. “Oh Ash, you waited for me. That’s so sweet of you.” Ash blushed. 


“I’ll show you outside, I’ll introduce you to my friends!” Ash was about to set of when somebody got in his way. 


“Oh hey Ashy boy.” A certain purple haired punk taunted. 


“Go away Paul.” Ash huffed. Paul smirked. 


“Who’s this, your girlfriend?” Paul laughed, pointing at Lillie. 


“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just new and I'm showing her around! Now get out of my way!” Ash attempted to push his way through Paul, but to no avail.


“Well if she’s not your girlfriend, how about we get something to eat sometime, lil lady?” Paul asked. Lillie blushed. 


“That’s awfully kind of you.” Lillie murmured, holding her head down.


“A shy one eh? See you later lil lady.” Paul walked off, sniggering. 


“Who was that?” Lillie trembled. 


“Huh, that was Paul, he’s a dickhead, don’t worry about him. Come on.” Ash and Lilie walked off together and out of the building. Lillie followed the boy until they arrived at where a group of people were sitting. “Everyone, this is Lillie!” “Lillie this is Misty.”


“Hiya.”  A feisty red-head said from where she was sitting on the soft grass. 


“This is Tracey, he’s an artist.” Ash declared. 


“Hey Lillie.” A dark haired boy smiled, notepad and pencil in hand.


“And this is Brock, my best buddy.” Ash introduced. 


“You must be Lillie, Ash thinks you’re cute.” Ash flushed a deep shade of red.


“Moving on! That’s May, Serena and Mallow.” The three girls waved. 


“Hi everyone.” Lillie smiled weakly, she had never made this many friends at once. It was all so overwhelming. “Um… I didn’t bring any lunch.” She told Ash, looking quite concerned. 


“You can share mine!” Ash said kindly, Misty was flabbergasted, Ash never shared his food. 


As Ash and Lillie shared lunch, Misty whispered,


“Ash seems to be hitting it off well with the new girl” Brock and Tracey agreed as they heard the couple laughing together. At last, the bell went, indicating it was time for the next lesson. 


“I’ll show you to Biology.” Ash said, helping her up. 


“No need, I’ll do it.” Paul interrupted, taking Lillie’s arm. “We’re in the same class you know.” Ash felt his temperature rise as he watched Lillie and Paul walk off together. Lillie was quite surprised at being taken away like that, but Paul was taking her to her next class so she didn’t complain. 


“What's wrong Ash?” Mallow asked, noticing his expression. 


“Nothing.” Was his reply and he walked to his next class by himself.