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Long nights still bring the morning

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Even the longest nights turn to morning

Only two hours into his patrol and the Erasure hero knew it was going to be a long night. Having to stop two Black Diamond gang members from mugging innocent civilians and putting one drug dealer out of commission. Eraserhead left the dealer tied up, walking further down the alley, he reached into his pocket for his phone, calling in a tip to the police of where to find the criminal. Ending the call he put the phone back in his pocket.

Startling Eraserhead, looked back down the alley where he could have sworn he heard someone shuffling, the criminal was still tied up, so it couldn't be him. More shuffling, and Eraserhead readied himself for a fight, ready for anything. Suddenly an alley cat ran out from digging through the trash. Eraserhead let out a sigh of relief, in this part of the slums stray cats and villians were never in a shortage. Despite the cat being the explanation for the noise he couldn't shake the feeling that something of evil intentions was lurking in the shadows. But nothing came, so the young pro continued his patrol.

It was hard to believe that the slums that the young pro worked in had had crime rates much higher when he had first interned in the area and after seeing the desperate need for more heroes in the area he had decided to become an underground hero. It was true that underground hero's didn't receive as much praise or time in the spotlight, but that had never been a reason why Shouta had become a hero. After graduating UA he had started working solo in the area, his first year had been filled with learning experiences and small successes. Now four years later and at the young age of twenty-two he had made a reputation for himself as a hero, a warning to villians, gangs, and sense of peace for civilian's.

Eraserhead looked out from atop the roof of a run down apartment complex, his capture weapon gently blowing in the wind. He liked having a higher vantage point, more to see. He still couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching or following him, sooner or later he was hoping to draw them out better then having a stalker watching his every move.

not five minutes later a whoosh of air the umistakable sound of a sharp projectile coming straight towards him. Jumping out of the way at the last second, Eraserhead turned towards where the weapon had come from.

"So you decided to come out of hiding?" Eraserhead observed aloud also opening for conversationon on his opponents side.

"Yeah, yeah, never been much for waiting" A mans voice answered, as he stalked forward into the hero's line of sight.

Eraserhead quickly took note of some sort of knives in the others hands, so that was what had been thrown at him he realized, also confirming the other was not there on friendly terms.

"Waiting for what?" Eraserhead questioned, dodging two more knives.

"To kill you of course," The man said as if it where the obvious. "you've been causing a lot of trouble for the Black Diamonds, they just can't have that." The man stretched his arm out to the ground the the building roof rumbled, cement and rock shot to his hands forming a knife. So that was his quirk, Eraserhead observed someme sort of manipulation of rock. The villian then reached for the ground again, but this time Eraserhead was quicker, activating his quirk, his eyes flashed red and his hair flew up. A look of surprise flashed over his opponents features, but soon replaced with a crooked grin.

"So this is the quirk I've heard so much about. I have to say it is impressive, but I don't need my quirk to still kill you!" The villian charged towards him a war cry on his lips and brandishing his knife.

Even with the villians quirk erased he was a quick and strong opponent. Dodging a blow to the stomach Eraserhead jumped back activating his capture weapon it wrapped around the villians hand instead of disabling the villians arm, he roughly jerked the weapon towards him causing the Raven haired hero to stumble forward using that momentum the villian grabbed Eraserheads hair pulling it down hard and bringing his face to connect with his knee.

There was a audible crack and blinding pain shooting across his face as his goggles broke and fell to the ground. The villian let go of his grip on the hero and Eraserhead stumbled to his knees a hand gingerly placed over his aching face, eyes tightly shut.

Crap, Shouta had closed his eyes, the villian would have control of his quirk again. Eraserhead knew that he needed to end this fight, and quick. Getting to his feet a feral determinationl in his eyes, fresh blood flowing from the hit to his face.

Using his quirk the villian caused the ground to rumble and errupting two thin jagged rocks Eraserhead narrowly avoided what would have impaled him by inches.

Erasing the rock manipulater's quirk he charged foward jabbing his elbow in the others stomach followed by a well placed kick to the man's chest. Grunting the villian fell, a hand griping his chest. 'So his kick had caused some damage' Shouta thought.

In his peripheral vision he saw something in the others hand. 'the knife' his mind supplied, it's a faint!

The villian was already on his feet running at frightening speed. The impact was hard and fast, it felt like a punch to the stomach, then they were on the ground rolling, fighting for control, then they were falling, falling. When did roof edge get so close?

The wind rushed by quick but the ground came quicker. The impact hurt like hell, knocking all the air out of his lungs it took a few shaky breaths before breathing somewhat normal. The villian looked pretty beat up, he had (thankfully for Shouta) taken the brunt of the fall, but Eraserhead couldn't take any chances if he woke up to fight again. Shouta knew the odds of him winning would be slim.

Shakily, Shouta pushed himself on his hands and knees, his abdomen stung where he had been punched, except, blows to the abdomen normally didn't bleed. His hand traveled down to the wet spot of warm blood, there was no denying it, the villain had succeeded in causing injury with his knives, he kept his hand close trying to apply some sort of pressure to stop the bleeding. Grunting against the pain, at his body screamed in protest, he tried to sit up, the building behind his back.

First thing first, the man needed to be tied up, activating his capture weapon the man was tied up in seconds. That should keep him till the police could get there.

Now he just needed to let the police know where he was. Reaching into his pocket Shouta hoped that it hadn't been broken during the fight, and by some miracle it was no worse for wear then when he had last used it. Letting out a sigh of relief, he searched the contacts for the closest police station in the district, and then hit call.

A dispatcher soon answered.

"This is pro hero Eraserhead, I have taken down a villian, and require officers to pick up and take into custody. The location is-" Shouta then proceed to tell his location.

"Officers will soon be there at the scene." The dispatcher said.

Ending the call, there was still one more person he needed to call. He scrolled through his contacts and hit a familiar name, one he would call his friend. Pressing call he raised the phone to his ear listening to ring, over and over.

"C'mon answer the phone."

The phone rang again, then a loud but sleepy voice answered.

"Shouta, do you realize what time it is? It's three in the morning, normal people are asleep at-"

Shouta cut in knowing how long his friend could rant. "Ran into some trouble. Can you come and pick me up?"

"Yeah, of course."

"I'll text you the directions. Thank you Hizashi."

"No prob, I'll be there soon."

The call ended, and the adrenaline from the fight was leaving his body, and making his injuries know the full force of the pain hitting him. Groaning against the pain Shouta applied more pressure to the wound . Closing his eyes, shutting out the world, all Shouta wanted to do was go home pop a few Advil and crash in his futon and sleep for a day, or two.

Brought out of his reverie, the sound of a police siren in the near distance and getting closer every second, they would be here soon. He would have to to report to the officers what had happened, he braced himself to stand. It was true he didn't care much what people thought, but he did care whether or not he looked weak, and sprawled out on the ground like a weak kitten, eye swollen, clutching his wounds, and breathing still heavy, was not how he wanted to be seen.

By the time the patrol car pulled up, he was standing, though, with a lot of time and effort. But by the officers looks he still looked horrible.

"So this the perp." The blond officer asked.

Since he was the only person tied up in the alley, yeah, probably. Holding back the snarky comment. Shouta answered simply.

"Yeah, he is. Came at me, mentioned the Black Diamond, from what I put together he was hired to kill me. He failed."

"Well that's good!" The blond officer exclaimed, he was young, a rookie.

"We'll take him off your hands now," the older officer said, "will you need any assistance, will you need someone drive you to a hospital?"

Did he really look that bad Shouta wondered.

"No, I'm fine. My ride is here." He had just seen Hizashi's drive up and had just parked close by. As he walked, more like shuffling, towards the car he heard the police men say a thanks and farewell.

"Well look what the cat drug in," Hizashi said as Shouta opened the car door and sunk into the passenger seat, "Holy crap! Shouta what happened to you?! Wait is that blood?"

Aizawa looked down at where Hizashi was gaping at his abdomen, bringing his hand away it was covered in blood.

"Okay, that is not good." Hizashi said stating the obvious, "I'm taking you to the hospital."

"No hospitals." Shouta groaned.

"At least let me take you to the clinic." Hizashi pleaded.

Shouta's silence was consent enough for Hizashi. His foot was on the gas racing towards the clinic. Hizashi knew if Shouta had to go to the doctors he would go to the clinic before the hospital. The clinic was used to patching up pro hero's and they were more leaniant on letting people go home just because they wanted to not because they were cleared by a doctor.

Hizashi made it to the clinic in record time. When the two of them came in, there was no one other than them and the receptionist, Shouta stumbling in and looking like death warmed over.

"Hey there listener," Hizashi greeted the receptionist, "my buddy here needs some medical help quick, can help us out?"

At first the young receptionist was flustered, "uh, yeah. Go through that door. Hey go get Fujioka this guy needs attention," he said off to the side, "takes these men to a exam room."

Through the door they were instructed by a nurse, "follow me, it's just through here."

They followed her to a small exam room. "You can go on lay down." She gestured to the examing table, and Shouta gratefully laid down. "I'm just going to go get Dr. Fujioka she'll be her in a moment if you could fill this paperwork out," she said handing Hizashi paperwork that had seemingly appeared from no where.

Hizashi took the papers and started filling them out to the best of his abilities, asking Shouta the questions when he didn't know the answer.

"Are you allergic to any medicines"

"I don't know Hizashi, I'm tired." Shouta complained rubbing his swollen and dry eyes, hands fumbling over to his utility belt for the familiar small bottle of eye drops.

"C'mon think, I don't want them giving you anything that could kill you." He was maybe being a bit over dramatic, but still.

Shouta sighed in thought, uncapping the bottle and squeezing a drop into his not swollen eye "um, Methocarbamol and Amoxicillin. I think that's it."

The door clicked open and an elderly woman wearing a white lab coat came in.

"Mr. Aizawa, so we meet again. I thought I told you to stay out of trouble."

"It couldn't be prevented." Shouta responded.

"I know" she said sadly, "I need to take your vitals, while I'm doing that, go on and list your injuries so I know what I'm dealing with."

She strapped the blood pressure cuff to his arm and nodded for him to start talking.

"It's nothing too serious, I was in a fight, mostly just punches and kicks, but also a knife wound." Shouta lifted his shirt to show the injury.

"That looks serious to me, it will need some stitches, but for now your blood pressure is normal. Do you think you can take your shirt off ?" She asked going over to the cabinet and grabbing various supplies.

Aizawa nodded, and started struggling with the fabric of his capture weapon and shirt, after a few moments Hizashi jumped in helping him pull it over his head.

Fujioka brought over the supplies, before starting to clean the knife wound, she asked if Aizawa wanted to be numbed he eventually relented.

Fujioka talked as she worked telling him what she was doing and informing them about shards of the rock knife were in the wound, and needed removed.

Hizashi seemed more freaked out by the process than Shouta, if his face said anything and started rambling about how it didn't look that bad and that Aizawa shouldn't worry about it.

Once she finished cleaning the wound, removing the shards, and putting ten stitches, and finally adding a thin layer of ointment and neatly bandaging the injury.

"Your ribs looks like they might be bruised," she ran her hands gently inspectingly over the bruiseing. Shouta hissed through gritted teeth as she touched one particular dark bruise.

"You're lucky, just bruising, no actual broken ribs." She informed. Aizawa didn't feel lucky, he just felt tired.

"Looks like you got hit pretty hard," she gestured towards his swollen face, "I'm just going to check you for a concussion." She clicked a flashlight on and shined it in Aizawa's eyes, humming to herself at the results. "Okay, Mr. Aizawa, I want you to follow the light with your eyes." Aizawa did as she said, she soon came to an end of her exam.

"So no concussion, but I want you to keep an ice pack on your face to help the swelling go down, the same goes for the bruising on your ribs ice it, and for the pain I would like you to just take Advil, but if you need something a little stronger just call me. The bandages will need changed and wound cleaned tomorrow just keep it clean and dry today. I think it would be best to take it easy and rest for at least a week. Next week I want you to come back in for a check up so we can see about taking the stitches out, and we'll see where we go from there."

"So no concussion," Hizashi asked, "does that mean he can go home and sleep? He's going to be alright?"

"I've seen your friend pull through worse than this, he's strong. Home and sleep will be good for him to heal so yes."

"Thank you Dr. Fujioka."

"You're welcome. You should get going. You can ask one of the nurses for an ice pack on your way out."

Hizashi handed Aizawa his shirt and scarf. Aizawa slowly started to get dressed. Once fully clothed, they said their goodbyes, and Hizashi asked a nurse for an ice pack, giving it to Shouta.

Walking out of the clinic the sun was starting to rise. "It's already morning. Wait, you're going to be late for work." Aizawa realized.

"Don't worry about it," Hizashi replied, "texted the boss, told him wouldn't be able to make it in today. He said it was fine anyway. So I'm keeping my eyes on you all day."

"Oh," Aizawa said, at least no longer worried his friend wouldn't get in trouble at work.

They made it to the car and Hizashi started to drive back towards Aizawa's apartment. Shouta was sitting back in the passenger seat ice pack resting on his face. Hizashi had talked for awhile, but it was only when he asked Shouta a question, had he realized that he had fell asleep.

It wasn't the first time Hizashi had to drive Shouta home after a long rough night, and it probably wouldn't be the last. The voice hero hated seeing his friend injured, heart skipping a beat when waking up in the middle of the night to Shouta calling for help, and on edge of what state the Erasure hero would be in when he got there. It was something one just had to get used to, while being a pro hero. Hizashi pulled up to Shouta's apartment complex and parked the car. Shouta was still sound asleep, it was the few moments that he actually looked peaceful. Hizashi hated waking him but he knew he would be much more comfortable in his own bed.

So in a uncharacteristically quiet voice Hizashi woke up his friend, "Good morning! Shoooota, wake up, you're home."