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Edgy- Nico di Angelo x Male Reader

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The first time you saw him, you had no clue it would end up like this.
You were already in your sleeping bag on the floor of the Hermes cabin, as of now, unclaimed, playing your DS even though you weren't technically supposed to have it. Some older kids snuck it in for you. It was early in the morning, and you had been awake for a few hours, no big deal, it's just how you were, and you heard a giant splash. It didn't seem to bother the others, but you got up and walked out into the snow in your socks, the delicate morning light sparkling on the snow. A group of young girls walked into the uninhabited Cabin Eight. Artemis' cabin, which was odd, because she didn't have any kids. You approached the group and saw a few kids you recognized. Percy, you had heard about his deal with the Lightning Bolt a couple years ago, and were at camp while he was gone in the Sea of Monsters last year. Thalia, you were there when she got turned back into a human. And, there was this boy about your age, dark hair and eyes, with pale olive skin. He looked a little upset, but was asking about a million questions about what everything was.
"Oh! (Y/N)! Here, why don't you take Nico on a tour, the grown ups and us need to talk." Thalia put her hand on his shoulder and nudged him towards you, before quickly striding off.
"Hi." you said shyly.
"Hey. I'm Nico."
"Do you want to take a look around? It's cool, I promise."
He looked happy with that.
"Yes, yes yes! Tell me everything!"
You gestured out to the fields.
"Those are the strawberry fields. That's how we get money for the camp." you explained.
"What's magic about them?"
"I don't think anything is magic about them, but when the nymphs and satyrs play then music in the summer, they dance and grow faster. As soon as they start growing in spring, I'll show you." you began walking towards where the lake met the forest. "This is the most dangerous part of camp, the woods. There's a lot of dangerous monsters so-"
"Monsters? Like what?" he interrupted.
"Like.... Giant scorpions that could pinch you in half!" you mimed a pinching motion with both of your arms, saying "snip!" as you chased him a few steps. Not an entirely inaccurate representation, either.
You both laughed and he said "Cool!"
"This is the lake. If you look, you might see some of the naiads."
Certainly enough, you peered down into the water and could see a few of them, waving at you. You waved back, and issued a warning.
"Don't make them mad, they'll tip your canoe if they don't like you."
He kept staring.
"How do they breathe?"
"They don't have to."
"Oh, okay, let's go then."
Next, you checked out the amphitheater.
"Here, you can walk around these stands, and can here me wherever you sit!" you projected your voice from the pedestal as Nico moved from seat to seat, listening to you talk.
"We have sing-alongs!"
"Like a normal camp?"
"Yep! Sometimes we can be pretty mundane. Want to see the lava climbing wall?" you shouted.
You went through the rest of the camp, and eventually stopped at the Hermes cabin.
"This'll be where you sleep, because you're currently unclaimed by your parents. I bet I know where they set up your sleeping bag!" You opened the door and invited him in. "Knew it, right next to me!"
He sat in his place next to yours, and started sorting through his bag.
"Wanna play Mythomagic?" he asked.
"I've never played. How does it go?"
You spent an hour or so playing until about six in the morning, learning all the rules and strategies to win, before deciding to turn in.
"Nico, I would love to keep playing, but we've got an hour before it's time to wake up, and I think it would be best to get some sleep."
"We can do that. This is so exciting, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep!" he said, laying back onto his pillow. Just like you, he hadn't realized his own exhaustion, and just like him, you fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.
The Stoll brothers were waking everyone else, but Nico shook your shoulder until you opened your eyes.
"Morning." you groaned.
"Let's go! There's so much stuff to see!" he jumped up, grabbing some clothes. He stood for a moment, looking around, while you also chose an outfit.
"What are you waiting for?"
He glanced at his feet. "Where do I change?"
"Oh, over here." a section of the room was portioned off with dividers. You led him into a stall, and locked yourself in one a few doors down, getting into your usual black skinny jeans and a dark blue Camp Half Blood hoodie. When you left, Nico was already done and raring to go.
"What do we do first? I want to try archery, and sword fighting, and that lava wall!" he tripped over his own words.
"First, we need breakfast."
You walked him down to the overcrowded Hermes table and sat, letting him have the end seat, but preoccupied with observing the Artemis table. Usually empty, it was now full of girls, most of which had a certain oldness in their eyes, except one. She had the same hair and skin as Nico, but seemed to be just a few years older than him. It made sense why he was upset, she must have joined them.
Chiron stood up.
"Attention, campers! Good morning. As I'm certain you have noticed that Artemis's hunters are here. So, per tradition, we're having a friendly game of capture the flag. That is all! Have a good breakfast." he sat back down, and nymphs brought food to the table.
Nico dug into a pepper omelette, but stopped and fanned his mouth, reaching for a goblet.
"Is there anything to drink?" he looked around for a pitcher.
"Just say what you want." you picked up a goblet as well. "Apple juice."
The cup filled, and you took a sip.
"Try it."
He thought for a moment.
"Skim milk, please."
Taking a drink and apparently cooling his mouth, he looked at you and grinned. You finished breakfast, and began explaining capture the flag, to save someone the trouble later, plus, you were super excited to play again, it was always fun, even though you were too young to do any really important jobs.
You walked away from the breakfast tables together, talking and laughing with Nico. Finally, someone who seemed to "get" you.