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Stronger Together

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Castiel was reaching the age limit for respectable bachelor-hood. In the world since the ABO virus, thirty-five was the oldest an alpha would be allowed to take a mate. Omegas had even less time, they had to mate by twenty-five. Castiel had five years left to find a mate.

His instincts were starting to get a little out of control. His most recent rut had been quite an ordeal. His cock was still a little tender from all the friction, even with his liberal use of synth-slick. He was finally headed to check in at the office now that his hormones were back to mostly normal.

Castiel was sitting near the front of the bus headed downtown when he caught a whiff of honey and leather followed by the barest hint of cinnamon. He tried to look around subtly to find the source to no avail. The scent started to grow stronger, sweeter. Finally giving up all pretense of looking respectable, the alpha stood and searched for whatever omega was giving off the most appealing smell he had ever experienced.

His eyes finally stopped on a head of dark blond hair that was just long enough to touch the shoulders. The omega was a boy who must have just finished his first heat. He wouldn’t meet the older man’s eyes, but kept glancing over. The seat next to him was empty and the alpha took advantage of the space quickly. “Hello. My name is Castiel,” he offered his hand out to the young omega.

“‘M not supposed to talk to nobody,” the boy said looking out the window. He wore jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie, none of it without holes.

“I’m not ‘nobody’. Like I said, I’m Castiel,” the alpha responded dryly, earning a small huff of amusement from the omega. “What’s your name?”

Finally looking up, “name’s Dean.” His bright green eyes looked nervous. He had freckles scattered across his nose and cheekbones. His lower lip was caught between his teeth as he took in the alpha. Almost black messy hair, bright blue eyes, tall tan body with broad shoulders all covered in a dark suit and tan trench coat. “How come you smell so good?” He blushed once he realized what he’d said. “S-s-sorry! I-I d-don’t know w-what’s wrong with m-m-me!” Dean was trying to press himself up against the side of the bus to put space between them.

Castiel grinned and crowded into the boy’s space. “There’s nothing wrong with you, little omega. You smell delicious to me as well.” He took a deep inhale leaning closer, almost touching. “Mmmm. Did you just finish your first heat, Dean?”

“H-h-how'd y-y-you know?”

“I can smell how fertile you are. How much you need an alpha. I want to be your alpha. Can I have you for my own, Dean?” He stared into the omega’s eyes as gold began to crowd out the green, knowing his own were changing from blue to red.

“M-my d-dad s-said I-I n-need t-to r-register d-downtown.”

“I’ll help you with that and then we’ll go home and mate. How’s that sound to you, Dean?” Castiel spoke soothingly and allowed some space between them.

“I-I d-don’t know what to say,” the omega was searching the alpha’s eyes. “Why would you want me?”

“I know you can’t really smell yourself, but you are enchanting. Plus, if you’ve ever looked in a mirror you’d realize what a silly question that is.” Castiel had a hard time believing such a beautiful omega didn’t understand his own appeal.

“But, I’m too skinny, bow-legged, and I’ve got freckles all over. No alphas would want me,” Dean put his eyes down and spoke sadly.

“I like that you’re smaller than me. Your bowlegs will wrap around my waist nicely when we’re tied together later. And I’m looking forward to kissing and tasting every one of those freckles to wind us up for round two.” Castiel was having difficulty restraining himself, but took a deep breath through his mouth to avoid Dean’s scent. “I want you. Very much.”

“You’ll be my alpha? Forever?” Dean looked hopeful and frightened.

“Yes,” Castiel growled. He reached out to take the boy’s hand intertwining their fingers. They both finally broke eye contact to look down at their hands. The alpha’s large tan one holding the omega’s pale freckled hand looked and felt right. “I have to call my assistant to postpone my visit to the office for another day.”

“I should let my little brother know I won’t be back tonight. Dad, too, I guess,” Dean looked less than thrilled about speaking to his father.

“Would you rather I speak to your father, my omega?” He put his attention back on the boy.

“Would that be too much? I don’t want you to think I’m useless. I want to be a good omega for you,” Dean put his head on the alpha’s shoulder.

“What time does he get home from work?”

“Usually around six. Why?”

“It’s 8:30 now,” Castiel thought quickly, “We’ll get you registered as my omega and head back to our house to complete the bond. Take a break for lunch. Enjoy each other’s company for a little while longer. Wash. Then, we’ll take my car to your old house. Give you time to collect whatever belongings you want. Spend some time with your younger brother and wait for your father to get home. How does that plan sound to you, Dean?”

“T-that sounds like a great plan, alpha. But, if you have a car why are you taking the bus?” He looked almost incredulous at the idea.

“I’ve had too many bad experiences driving and parking downtown. The bus also allows me to prepare for the day, especially when a deadline is coming up. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Like beautiful young omega boys named Dean.” A wry grin spread across the alpha’s face, growing more genuine when Dean smiled back.

The two, not quite strangers, let go of one another to pull out phones and set their plan into motion. The city’s omega registration center wasn’t too much farther even with the frequent stops for passengers to enter or exit the bus. Castiel’s assistant was more than happy to take care of things a little longer to allow him time to bond with his newfound mate.

Dean had put his phone away by the time Castiel had finished his call. Peering around the omega out of the window the alpha said, “we’re almost there. Are you ready to be my omega for life? It’s a big decision and you’re very young, I’m twice your age.”

“I’ve never met someone that smelled so nice. I’ve traveled around a lot too, so I’ve had a lot of chances to run across quite a few scents. You look like a good, strong alpha. My omega instincts might be new to me, but I can feel the pull to be with you. To submit to you. To mate with you.” The last was said in almost a whisper as Dean stared at Castiel, green eyes jumping from blue eyes to pink lips.

“Careful omega. My alpha is barely under control right now,” the older man tore his eyes away from the temptation on the bus seat.

“Yes, alpha,” Dean said quietly. He held his hand palm up on his thigh, Castiel took the offer to enjoy some intimacy while they waited for their stop.

When it came, they remained connected, the alpha leading the way with his larger frame. With both males standing the size difference was significant, almost a foot separated their heights. Castiel was determined to take care of registering his omega with the city officials quickly.

Omegas were required to report to their city government since the ABO virus broke out. They were the only ones capable of bearing children anymore. It was a blessing and a curse. Wars had broken out between the nations long ago and decimated the human population globally. Some scientists had worked on ways to improve fertility and somehow made the ABO virus, changing the world forever.

Castiel thanked their good fortune that the line was short at omega registration. He looked around to see where the forms to fill out were, but Dean had already seen them and was letting go of the alpha’s hand to retrieve the right ones. Castiel unabashedly read everything the omega wrote, committing it all to memory for later. Full name, birthdate, address, everything you’d give to your doctor combined with all the information government documents require.

The omega could feel the alpha’s eyes watching his every move. Dean was such a bundle of nerves he didn’t know how he was still able to function. He finally reached the end of his portion of information. Without missing a beat and moving forward a bit in line, Castiel took over and began filling in similar information, happy to see Dean reading everything he wrote as well. He heard the small little gasp when he got to “yearly income and current holdings” and smiled subtly knowing his wealth impressed the boy.

They were finally done and only had two omegas before them, both with a parent. Three windows were in use making the wait that much shorter. Castiel had taken the forms and Dean started chewing his nails on the hand that wasn’t connected to the man, but a look from him stopped the nervous habit.

Finally their turn, a window with a beta brunet was open to the left. He took the forms from Castiel, giving Dean a lecherous grin. A growl from Castiel snapped brown eyes back to the task at hand. “My apologies, sir. You have to admit he’s gorgeous though.”

“Of course he is, he’s also mine. I don’t appreciate short no-knots like you eyeing him,” Castiel kept his tone even and his voice low, but it made him seem all the more menacing because of his self-control. Dean shivered next to him as he started to suspect this alpha had more strength than any he had met before. “How much is the fee?”

“Just $50 for filing both parts of his paperwork,” the beta was all business after being reprimanded. Payment remanded, the newly mated pair left promptly. Castiel hailed a taxi rather than waiting for another bus.

Dean did not like the space that the alpha forced between them. “Why can’t we be closer, alpha?”

“I am finding it difficult to keep from essentially assaulting you, little omega,” Castiel almost growled. “I don’t live too far out. I hope you’ll like your new home.” The omega didn’t let go of the alpha’s hand, but he did turn away to watch the scenery outside the window. “I can’t in good conscience let you return to your regular school, but I will hire a private tutor for you to complete your education. Perhaps a beta female to become an all-around companion for you?”

“I don’t need to finish school, I’m not all that smart anyway,” Dean once again derided himself.

“No one is ‘all that smart’ without effort and education. You are my responsibility and it would be my pleasure to ensure you have completed at least the high school level. Maybe you’ll even find something that sparks an interest for you to pursue further,” Castiel spoke encouragingly.

Dean looked skeptical, “if you say so, alpha. How much farther?”

Leaning towards the middle to look through the windshield, “we’re turning onto my street now. Five more minutes.”

Dean watched eagerly trying to memorize everything he saw. The street was mostly empty, lined with trees preventing passersby from seeing the houses clearly. The cab stopped outside a rather large gate. Castiel paid the driver and entered a code into the control panel, never once separating from Dean.

The house was massive. The driveway curved around a flowerbed and off to the right. Large windows on either side of the large front door promised plenty of light. Both stories seemed to have a lot of windows. The house had a hint of Colonial mixed with Victorian styling. Grey stone with white trim and a black roof. It was beautiful, elegant, simple, but also big, bigger than any house Dean had seen in person.

Castiel wasn’t rushing them inside even though he clearly wanted to get Dean in his bed. The initial shock of seeing just how wealthy his alpha was was causing the omega to begin to doubt whether he could really be this man’s omega for life. “Alpha, I-I d-don’t know if I’m good enough for you, for this.” He looked desperately for guidance from the older man and waved his free hand toward the large house.

“My instincts have never failed me before, why would they lead me to an unworthy omega? You will be perfect for me. If you don’t like the house we could always move. But, I’m afraid we can’t live closer to the city. I need space for gardening and my apiary,” Castiel looked contrite, but resolute.

“You have apes?” The boy was very confused.

“‘Apiary’ a collection of beehives. For bees. Are you allergic?” The alpha smiled a bit at the omega’s naïveté.

“You keep bees. Huh. No, I’m not, as far as I know. I wouldn’t want to move. I’ve never seen a place so big or so nice in my entire life.” He looked at the house and the alpha again. “We’ll trust your instincts, but I don’t know how a loser like me got so lucky.”

Only a few feet from the door, the alpha had finally lost his patience. He let go of Dean’s hand. Bent down. Grabbed under the omega’s knees and around his shoulders. Startled, Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel’s neck as he was carried bridal style through the front door. Passed the foyer. Left down a short hall. Quick right into the bedroom.

Dean was thrown onto the four poster king size bed, landing with a little bounce on the firm mattress. Alpha red was all the young omega had eyes for at the moment. Strong hands ripped his shirt off as he toed his shoes off. “My omega,” Castiel growled as their lips met. All teeth and heavy breathing into each other’s mouths. His pants and underwear were shoved off his body. He helped along as much as he could from under the larger man.

“Please, alpha,” he whimpered and displayed his neck.

“We need to be naked first, little one,” the alpha had calmed a little. He could smell Dean’s slick thickening the air in his room. His own alpha arousal was blending with it and creating their scent. It was magnificent.

“I am naked. Why aren’t you?” He bunched Castiel’s shirt up in an effort to help.

The alpha chuckled darkly, removed the omega’s hands from his body, pinning them above his head. “This is your last chance to truly deny our bond. Do you want me? I’ll take care of you, but I will also own you. You will only have decisions that I allow. If you misbehave, I will punish you. Do you understand?”

Omega gold blossomed in Dean’s eyes at the idea of being owned by this strong attractive alpha. With his neck bared, “I am yours alpha, forever.”

Castiel ran his nose, followed by his tongue, from Dean’s collarbone, across his mating gland, up to his ear. “Forever, my omega.” He took a nibble from the soft flesh of his lobe. The older man leaned back onto his knees on the bed between Dean’s spread legs. He looked his fill as he ripped his own shirt open, scattering buttons as they popped off. He expertly removed his belt from his pants, rolling it and leaving it on the foot of the bed. Undoing his fly released some of the pressure that had been growing painful from his prolonged self control. Regretfully moving away from the omega that was creating a puddle of slick on his bed, the alpha was able to finally divest himself of all clothing. His eyes watched Dean as he straightened. The small gasp and wide eyes were quickly followed by the omega instinctively moving to present himself.

Castiel feasted his eyes on the perfect round globes of the boy’s ass. His pretty pink hole glistening with slick as the muscles of his rim flexed and winked to entice the alpha. Taking advantage of the offer, the dark haired man crawled back on the bed. He stopped to breathe in the scent of honey, cinnamon, and leather coming from Dean. “So sweet. I need a taste.” He ran his flat fat tongue from behind the omega’s small sac to his hole, stopping to suck on the rim for a fresh wave of flavor to leak eagerly from the boy. “Mmmm. So good. And all mine.” Castiel’s hands spread his cheeks farther apart. He rubbed his thumb over the hole, earning a high-pitched moan from his partner. “Yes, make all the noise you want. Tell me when I find something you like.” He added a sharp smack to the right cheek. “But, be careful, my sweet, I won’t listen to demands.” He evened it out with another to the left.

“Please, take me, alpha. I need you. I need you so much. I want you inside me. I want your cock. Your knot. Please. Please. Please. Please!” The young boy was zealously pleading.

The begging had gotten more desperate as Castiel loosened Dean’s hole open. The man knew it wasn’t necessary to stretch the boy’s tender flesh, but the alpha also knew his omega was untouched and his knot was on the large side. Quickly working up to four fingers he spread them wide enjoying the whimpers and begging falling from his intended mate. His cock was hard, thick, dripping with precum, and flushed red as Castiel lined up his hips behind Dean’s wonderfully open ass. The alpha gripped both hips tight once the head had breached the rim, waiting there for them both to adjust.

Dean’s high keening settled into whimpers and more begging, “please, alpha, more, need, more, want, full, knot, mate me, please, bite me, please, need, alpha.” Constant near babbling that Castiel loved hearing as the boy fell apart easily. A twitch of the omega’s hips spurred the alpha into pushing his long cock in where it belonged.

Hip bones digging into a rounded ass. Knot beginning to form behind the slick soaked rim. Hands gripping tightly to slim hips to hold them still against himself. Castiel bent over Dean, licking and nipping at the tender skin of his neck, behind his ear, back down to his shoulder, across the back of his neck, behind his other ear, down to his other shoulder. He sucked some marks to the surface on the way causing more moaning and begging from the omega. He rewarded the begging with sharp thrusts of his hips. He murmured praise for the boy when he was near his ears, “good omega, take my cock, squeeze my knot, want you, need you, need to make you feel good, does it feel good my omega?”

“Yes, feels so good, alpha, please, will you-, ah, nh, will you please bite me? Want to be yours, alpha, your omega,” Dean was growing desperate. The alpha’s massively thick cock was stretching him, but the short motions he was getting weren’t enough anymore. He could feel his small cock dripping uselessly underneath his belly. His hole felt wonderfully full.

“You only come on my knot, do you understand?” Castiel growled in Dean’s ear, whimpers and panting the only response as the dark haired man began to thrust rapidly with long strokes in and out, in and out, in and out of the blond boy’s tight wet heat. His knot began to form and the omega’s hole began to clench him tighter, tempting him to breed, to fill the young fertile womb surrounding him.

Dean couldn’t believe he was able to stretch further as Castiel forced his massive knot into his hole and held it there grinding his cock in deeper than before and with the knot creating the most delicious pressure inside his channel. Searching and snuffling for just the right spot to complete the bond, the alpha found the perfect place and just before biting he pulled out far enough to create a bit of pain for both of them. He slammed in again as his teeth broke the skin.

Dean screamed as he came, small dick dribbling his release, his hole rippling around the enormous alpha knot and cock. Castiel licked his neck as he pumped the boy full of his seed, cleaning the blood away from the bite, one hand still gripping a hip firmly, the other wrapped around the slim body beneath him offering support. “My omega, so good, so perfect,” the alpha said sweetly.

“Yourrss, allwaayss,” the omega slurred, still strung out from mating. He whimpered as Castiel moved them to lay on their sides, but sighed as he was settled away from the wet spot they created and held close as he drifted off.