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Parallel Lines

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Jun finally closed the numerous spreadsheets and documents on his computer and pinched the bridge of his nose. He needed some release from the high pressure of his work at the end of a particularly bad day.

He glanced to make sure his office door was firmly shut before tapping an app on his phone, hidden by many work apps. A simple icon of a red flame on a white background—simple like his needs right now.

Hey, what’re u up to? He typed in a chat box.

Just finished work, wbu? The reply came quickly for once.

Same. Are u free tonight? He didn’t want to seem desperate, but after the presentation that he had prepared all month for was over…

But he knew not to hold too much hope in his chat buddy because they both were always busy and never found a good time to meet up. They had been chatting for a while now, but rather than being annoyed, Jun found the stranger’s busy schedule quite relatable.

Lemme check…yeah i am, dinner plans got cancelled.

Wanna get a drink? Jun held his breath waiting for the reply.

Yeah, meet me at Diamond in 30? I don’t know where you’re coming from so…

Jun quickly agreed and packed up to head out. Conveniently, Diamond was so close to his office and home that he had time to go back and change.

Jun walked into the bar and casually looked around. He had a black mask and matching black cap pulled low to conceal his face. He felt a tap on his shoulder and spun around.

Jay? It was a slender guy almost as tall as him and dressed quite similarly with a black mask on, brown hair peaking from underneath a black cap. Huh…maybe he has something to hide too.

Are you Min? They only knew each other’s heights and hair colors as both had their face intentionally covered in their Tinder profiles. They shared a quick hug, a bit awkward for it was their first meeting after 4 months of chatting on and off.

Grabbing a seat in a booth with drinks now in hand, the two talked about their days vaguely until Jun finished his drink in one last gulp.

So are you free all of tonight? he wiped a stray drop off his lips and smirked as he noticed Min’s eyes follow the movement and flick back up.

Until an 8AM meeting. I prefer Flower for convenience, Min deadpanned. Jun’s smirk stretched wider at his straightforwardness.

Let’s not waste any time then. Jun left a generous tip on the table and had to keep himself from sprinting to the hotel down the street.

They stumbled into the dark room, masks still on. Lights off, non-negotiable, Jun hastily took off his mask and Min did the same.

You took the words right out of my mouth— Min barely had time to finish his sentence when Jun grabbed the back of his head and roughly crashed their mouths together.

Jun was always careful with his hook ups to the point of paranoia. He was careful to keep his face covered, fuck in the dark, and leave right after. He changed his hairstyle dramatically the next day to make it even harder to connect the dots. He never talked with them again.

But something about Min made him a little less careful that night. Because he didn’t realize he had fallen asleep until the sunlight was streaming through the thin curtains. 6:15 AM.

Shit shit shit. Jun swore quietly to himself, easing himself out of bed to not stir the warm body beside him. As he searched for his scattered clothing, he couldn’t help but admire his hook up’s face, now uncovered and framed with sunlight. He had messy light brown hair, long eyelashes, and fragile features. He looked utterly beautiful. Too bad I can never see him again.

Maybe it was the multiple rounds of mind-blowing sex. Maybe it was the exhaustion from finishing that important presentation. He didn’t even drink much. He had no idea why he had fallen asleep.



He also had no idea that the boy laying in the bed with his eyes closed had woken up a few minutes earlier and was actually awake the whole time.