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Sawada Tsunayoshi will be the first to tell you that being the next boss to a Mafia Syndicate was the absolute last thing he had foresaw himself doing as his job, especially since his teenaged self had so forcefully refused the job.

But fate had a funny way of going about its business, the representative battles, the Shimon incident, the damage Daemon had made to his already paranoid and stressed Mists. It introduced him to the job in a way that he could never refuse, if only to guarantee that his Family was safe. He needed his position for Hayato settle into his own skin, for Takeshi to feel free to take life at his own pace, for Kyoya to do what he was always meant to do, for Ryohei to run free, for Lambo and I-pin to grow up for his Mists to develop.

Without the power behind his title as Decimo, his guardians could not stand strong against the world, they could try of course and they would bring half the whole mafia down with them when they fell but they would inevitably fall.

So he signed and took an active role in the mafia, he learned to lie and deceive, to tell a good deal from a bad one, to tread his words with razor sharp silver and his eyes with menacing sunset, to negotiate lives like they were cards in a game but he also leaned to trust in his family, not only his guardians but the entire Vongola that stood behind him, to sooth frayed nerves and heal the wounded, to practice patience and mercy when blood would have been previously split in payment. Il Santo di Cielo was a nickname that he earned in his life for all his efforts, it was a name that he carried with pride. So his life went.

He married a woman from another powerful family in a somewhat tense political arrangement but his wife surprised him by being a balancing factor not only in his guardians lives but on his own. All of them married and had children onto who they passed on their knowledge and though it was with reluctance on their own part, the children all decided to keep the legacy of their Family.

Tsuna’s oldest daughter, who inherited his Sky Flame and was named Neo Vongola Secondo, had laid down her resolve to create a legacy even greater that the one made by her father.

“The first Vongola Secondo put a stain in our history” her eyes screamed of determination “I respect his resolve, but it fractured our Family. I will NOT let it happen again” her Will flared so brilliantly that the flames in her eyes turned them the brilliant orange all his children inherited from him. It was silent in the hall where the succession ceremony was taking place, his daughter’s guardians stood resolute at her back. There was no going back.

“We the Vongola accept your resolve” he rose from his chair and with the tenth generation Guardians help, entrusted the new Vongola rings onto their successors, the previous ones being far too entangled with their users to be of any use to their heirs. “Welcome, Neo Vongola Secondo, to the family” The room erupted into claps and roars.

His life progressed, he gradually started pilling his duties into his daughter until she could handle it on her own, her accention to Boss drew a lot of fanfare in the usual chaotic Vongola style. Finally Tsuna was living his life for the sake of living, only helping when experience was needed but nothing more. In the end Sawada Tsunayoshi died surrounded by family, biological and by choice, well after all his friends had left the world. Perhaps he will get to see them one final time...

... ... ... Or not... ...

Because when he opened his eyes again he was not in any sort of metaphysical plane but staring up at a woman with startling grey eyes and a toddler with split hair, half red and half white.

“Mama he woke up” the child said, wonder in his eyes. “Yes, but don’t shout Shoto, we don’t want your little brother to get upset” Little brother??????

 As he later learnt, he was now Todoroki Tsunayoshi. And in this world heroes and villains were not only stuff of comic books, but actual professions that people aspired to be. It was a bit of a culture shock to say the least, the Mafia while possessing outrageous powers and abilities that rivaled the ones of this world, were always a secretive bunch and the majority of the world was kept in the dark. Here it was considered strange and a downright disability to not be born with a quirk.

His elder brother Shoto was 3 years old to his own 1 year, and the boy was fascinated with heroes and their duties. Most notably with the newly established Symbol of Peace, All Might. It was trough him the Tsuna learned more about his new life, including the fact that a child’s quirk manifested around 4 years of age. And as Shoto approached the age, their mother became skittish and nervous.

Todoroki Rei was a kind woman, patient and sweet to her children. It actually took nearly a year for Tsuna to meet the rest of his siblings with the exception of the oldest one who was away training with their father.

10 year old Fuyumi was as sweet and responsible as he remembered Kyoko to have been at that age and 8 year old Natsuo was as wild as Ryohei in his pre-boxing obsession.

“And Toya! Tsukkun you will love him, once dad has to go back to his agency we will have niichan back and you will see for yourself” Toya was 12 and was so far the only Todoroki child to have inherited their father’s fire, while none of them past the age of four were quirkless the unique interaction of both quirks within Fuyumi meant that she could not materialize them outside of her body, she could change her own body temperature to the extremes with no negative side effects but it was not really a flashy hero quirk.

“Besides I don’t want to be a hero” the girl said with all the conviction her age allowed her “I will become a private detective and solve the cases that the heroes can’t!” Natsuo on the other hand did have a proper quirk having inherited the full extent of their mother’s quirk but with no fire in sight their father had simply looked over him and turned his attention to fathering the next child.

The more Tsuna learned about his supposed father, the more he resented the man. Even in his previous life, for all of Iemitsu’s flaws and mistakes he was so foolishly in love with his mother that it was painful and embarrassing to watch. It was to the point that the moment that Tsuna was officially announced as the Tenth Boss, the man plunked Lal Milch as the head of CEDEF and exiled himself to Japan to life the rest of his life with Nana, he didn’t have the will to even be mad when his mother called him in such a happy mood to tell him the news. So noticiably was the stain that Endeavor had left in his family that he was not surprised to see those cold green eyes gaze upon him the fist time he met the man, Toya was back from whatever training the elder Todoroki had him do and would be gone for six months while he tended to his own agency. Even so the three days he stayed at the house were tense to say the least, Toya refused to say or do anything out of line for fear that their father would fly off the handle as he often did during their training sessions and the other children didn’t really know how to interact with the man.

Shoto had approached him out of curiosity but had been told to go back to his mother rather promptly and Tsuna himself had been handed over to him for a while.

“Perhaps you’ll be the one” was all he received before he was put on the ground and left alone, not even having the grace of actually handing the baby back to Rei, if Tsuna hadn’t been mobile by then he would have been stuck until Rei found him. Fortunately crawling was an easy task for the boy now. Perhaps it was because she thought that her youngest boy would not understand but when Endeavor finally left, Todoroki Rei breathed her relief to him.

“He’s gone for now, we’ll be alright for a while” The relief was short lived, Toya like their mother revealed his secret training to his youngest brother, perhaps for the same reasons Rei did. If Tsuna did’t like his present biological father before, now he hated him. Endeavor’s training didn’t hold a candle to the stuff Reborn had made him do in his previous life but most of it had been under his watchful eye and never anything that he couldn’t handle, events out of their control non-whit-standing, the fire masked man asked too much too fast of his young son and when it wasn’t accomplished, he beat Toya under the guise of combat training.

The 12 year old was traumatized and Tsuna feared that six months will not be enough to fortify his mind for the next round of so called training. He needed an anchor to keep him grounded until the younger could get his own flames back. His sky flames were lurking in the back of his head, but were unreachable and he suspected they would remain so until he turned four.

The only thing he could do was give his elder brother something to fight for, and he knew just the thing. So far there had been only one word the reborn child had uttered, Mamman to refer to Rei. Borrowing the name given to Nana by Reborn and the children in his first life. And no matter what the rest tried to do he would not say anything else, now it was time to unleash his second word to the rest of the family, well it was a mixed word but he hoped the meaning and feeling behind it would get across. It was  during dinner that he toddles over to the quiet kid and plopped himself on his lap, the older red head startled out his thoughts gazed on his baby brother with curiosity.

“Whats the matter Tsukkun?” The rest quietly observed, curious of the baby’s actions as he reached over to tap the other’s cheek missing only once. Finer motor control was still a work in progress.

“Tounii ski” he babbled and the effect was almost instantaneous, there were jaws hitting the floor and excitement going trough the roof but the only reaction he cared for was in front of him. Toya’s eyes grew misty before he was pulled into a fierce hug, he kept repeating the same words for the benefit of the rest but he knew the message had been received loud and clear.

Toya niichan daisuki

Toya I love you

“Ne Tsukkun, arigato” it was quite a while before Mamman managed to separate her two boys. It wasn’t perfect and it was bandaid fix to a gushing wound but it was a start.

*End of Chapter 1*