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You Only See Me when You're Hurt

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The first time you met Kurono Hari he was bleeding to death. 


You work at an underground clinic. Those who seek help at the clinic aren't exactly hero types if you know what I mean. The patrons there range from low life thugs to full on villains. Sure, a few families might stop by if they are unable to afford an actual hospital but it's quite common for you to see more crime bosses than not. Sure the work is shady, but it pays.


You were heading into work one day when it happened. You walk towards the backside of the building towards the employee only entrance when you see him. He's young, looks to be around your age. He's handsome. He has thin dark eyes, pointed eyebrows and pale silver chin-length hair that forms arrow shapes. Oh, and he's also bleeding out right by the door. 


You rush towards him. "Sir, are you Okay?!" No he's not okay dummy, it looks like he's been shot.


The man looks up at you, his tired eyes fighting to stay open, "I'm fine. Who are you?"


"My name is (L/N)(Y/N), I work here." 


"Where's here?" He asks his eyes now totally closed. Crap, you need to get him inside now. You throw his arm over your shoulder and kick the door open so you can get him help.


"It's a clinic, and don't worry. I'm going to help you."




That wasn't the last time you would see him.


Kurono, as you would come to know him as, would occasionally stop by after that. He'd come in with a stab wound or bruises from a fight. Whenever you asked why he was so banged up all the time, he was completely honest with you, telling you about his ties with the Yakuza. You didn't know if he was just an honest person, or wanted to scare you, or maybe even impress you.


You didn't know what your relationship with Kurono was. Whenever he came into the clinic to get patched up he'd always request you to be his nurse. Eventually he would just come through the employee's entrance in the back and tell you to fix him up. You were okay with this, even doing so free of charge. 


Talk of your and Kurono's deal had spread throughout the nursing staff of the clinic. The girls would tease you asking 'whens your boyfriend coming in?' and whining about how jealous they were of you. You would just laugh it off.


"Hey, got time to fix me up doc?" You hear Kurono ask from the doorway as you wipe down counters in your work area.


You turn to look at him. He has a black eye and busted lip. You sigh as you take off your surgical gloves and place your hands on his face.


Your quirk, Mending, is a variant of a healing quirk. It allows you to put things back together, provided you have all the pieces, it works better as a healing quirk as it lets the body put itself back together.


"I hate it when you take the easy way out, why can't ya just do it the old fashioned way doc?" Kurono says smirking teasingly at you, his face now restored to it's original unharmed self.


You return the smirk and say, "really Kurono-kun? I thought you liked it when I touched you."


Kurono's smirk falls and he narrows his eyes at your teasing. "Shut up, smartass."  This causes you to giggle.


You hop up on the examination table and swing your legs back and forth, sitting there. 


"(L/N) why do you do all this?" He asks you after a while, leaning against the table youre sitting on. 


"What? Put up with you? " You tease before taking a dramatic pause, as if you are thinking about your answer real hard. "Maybe because you are my patient." You think you almost catch him smile but you aren't sure. You decide to go on, "Besides, it's fun watching the other nurses get all jealous because the cute gangster would rather have me be his nurse."


"You think I'm cute?"


"Well, I never said that." You say, a small blush dusting your cheeks.


Kurono rolls his eyes. "You did say that I was your favorite Patient, though." He says leaning in closer to you. 


"K-Kurono-kun i- I-" you stutter out. He was so close. The two of you had flirted before but it never escalated this far.


Then he laughs. "Ha, you should see your face doc." 


Your brows furrow. Wow what an asshole. You punch him in his side, "Stop being such a jerk."


He grabs your face by your chin and pulls it in close to his own. Now your noses are practically touching. "Then you better stop being such a Bitch."


This is more like how your conversations usually go. With the two of you fighting. But something is different this time. You can feel it. You can see it in his eyes.


You take a chance, follow your instincts, and crash your lips into his. He hungrily kisses you back. You are pushed onto your back, on the table while Kurono makes his way in between your legs. You can feel his hands up and down your body until they reach the hem of your scrubs. 


In one fail swoop Kurono pulls both your bottoms and underwear off. Kurono hastily unbuttons his own pants tugging them down and pumping his unsheathed member.


You gasp as he wastes no time slamming into you, making your entire body shake. He pistons in and out faster than you thought possible. "K- kur- K-Kurono-kun!" You moan his name.


"God. You're so. So tight. Fuck!" He says as slams into you his pace getting faster. 


"Fuck! This is- is why you're m- my favorite p- p- patie- Ahhh!" You scream out. God, what even are words?


"Ha, look at you. Can't even, ah, talk." He smirks.


"Shut u- Aaah. Kur- K-Kurono-kun I'm gonna- gonna-"


"Do it. Cum." He says as your fingers tangle into his pale locks. That's when you burst. A wave of euphoria washes over you as you reach your limit and finally release. He doesn't stop though. Kurono keeps pounding into you, chasing his own release. Your eyes roll to the back of your head from the over stimulation of him pounding away in between your legs. 


Ring ring


He stops. He pulls out of you and picks up his phone. 


What happened? You look up at him confused and still a bit dazed from what just transpired, "Kurono-kun, why'd you stop? You didn't-"


"You came, so stop whining." He says before he answers his phone. "Hey Kai…. Yeah…. Uh huh…. Yeah I'll be right over…. Bye." He hangs up. "Bye Doc, see you next time I need help"


"You know, you can come visit me sometimes even if you're not beat to shit." You say rolling your eyes because you know that he never stops by just to chat, it's not his style.


"Who said I was talking about you healing me?" He says zipping his pants back up.


"Har dee Har. See ya."


"Yup. Bye." He says as he turns towards the door throwing up a hand to say bye as he saunters out.


And he leaves. 


You don't know what your relationship with Kurono is. He's cold sometimes, but you think he's warming up to you. He'll pick on you and joke sometimes. You think you two might be friends. And you like the thought of that, but after today, after the kiss, after what the two of you did, you would be okay if it became something more.