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A Daughter of Queens

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Lady Maethild Steelsheen was a brute of a woman, and young Eowyn adored her for it.

“The men say you shouldn’t be allowed to do that.” The small child watched as her aunt swung her massive sword against that of one of her eldest daughter’s. Lady Steelsheen intended for her girls to be ready for battle when they came of age to fight properly, and her older two were nearing that time. Sparring and training them to handle their weapons was essential.

“Allowed to do what, my little dove?” The Lady Of Steel asked, throwing down her daughter’s sword and shoving her own back into its sheath at her side before she turned to face her niece.

“I heard them speaking at Uncle’s table this morning.” Eowyn explained. “They say that war is no woman’s game. Only men can play at it and win.”

Maethild smiled softly at her littlest sister’s girl. She did look so much like her mother.

“What do you think about that, sweet Èowyn?” The Lady asked her niece.

The child scrunched up her nose. “I think men are foolish.” She declared.

Maethild nodded with a great laugh. “Then you are wise, dear child. For that is the only wisdom I’ve ever known to hold forever true.”