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Crocodile x Reader

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The characters I’ve got for the Scenarios book are:
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Sabo, Ace, Law, Kid, and Killer

Others I was thinking of putting in if anyone’s interested are:
Mihawk, Smoker, Crocodile, Doflamingo, and Lucci.

Any other suggestions welcome!

Anyway, thanks platinumillustrator for requesting! I’ve never seen Gakuen Babysitters, so I didn’t know who you were talking about, but I hope you enjoy anyway!



The looming figure of the coated man no longer made you back up, not through fearlessness, but for your body knew well that it only made him angrier, worsening the punishment. Witholding a sigh, you let him slice your skin with his strings as you squeezed your eyes shut, pushing back tears. The scent of blood was immediate and strong.

You could feel every drop of blood slide down your skin, and every string around your body tighten, cutting through skin and muscle like it was nothing.

The laugh reached your ears. The cocky, sadistic laugh of the Warlord that you hated so much, like it was coming from all around you. When you forced your eyes open, he seemed thrice as tall than he usually was, the colours bright and dark at the same time, all so vivid, almost like it was a

“Nightmare. It’s just a nightmare,” the gruff voice that you’d come to find soothing assured.

You opened your eyes and sat up with Crocodile, who pulled you into his lap so you faced him. He wrapped his arms around you, making sure not to harm you with his hook. You returned the action, letting your head rest in the crook of his neck.

With his good hand, he ran his fingers through your hair and murmured calming words into your ear. “It was nothing but a nightmare, he can’t hurt you here. I’ll protect you from him and anyone else that ever tries to hurt you, that’s a promise. I’d fight him away for you. I’d fight even a yonko away for you.”

You could only hum, but you were beyond grateful to him. He saved you once already, and he continued to save you with his words and actions. You didn’t deserve him, but you couldn’t complain. He was everything you ever wanted and needed.

From the other room, you heard crying. You pushed off the wall and went to take care of your son. Crocodile pulled you back for a moment.

“I can take care of it, if you want to try to get back to sleep.”

You planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Don’t worry about it, he’s probably just hungry.”

“Alright, call me if you need help.”

“I will,” you said, pulling away and heading into the nursery. Yawning, you opened the door, curious as to why the sobbing had stopped so quickly.

Anger festered in you, finding Doflamingo using his string power to cover your son’s mouth. Enraged, you stormed over, but he sent you an evil smile and glare, warning you to stop. He placed a string at his small neck.

Knowing how deadly his powers are, you stopped continuing forwards and glared at him. “What do you want?” you muttered.

He laughed. God, how you hated that laugh. “Well, telling you wouldn’t be much fun,” he said.

“Don’t hurt him,” you hissed.

He only chuckled, pushing the string into his flesh, drawing blood. His small body thrashed around, unable to make any noise.

You charged at Doflamingo, trying to injure him. You threw your body weight onto him, not even able to push him over. He tossed you off onto the floor and motioned for strings to wrap around your arms and legs. He used you like a puppet and forced you to stand.

“Little (Y/N) isn’t getting rebellious now, is she?” he taunted. “Better fix that quickly.”

You couldn’t fight the strings, but you tried anyway, trying to break free. All it did is let the strings cut into your flesh more. “Crocodile!” you yelled, angering the giant in front of you.

They dug deeper into you. “Stop!” you screamed. “I’ll kill you!”

“And how do you plan to do---”

The words flowing from his mouth were replaced with blood, and you let your eyes shift down to where a golden hook was jabbed through his torso before being ripped out again.

Doflamingo’s usual wide smirk turned into a pissed expression, and his usual entertained laugh into a menacing one.

Crocodile drifted as sand, picked up your son from Doflamingo’s strings’ grip, and handed the small, distressed bundle to you, which you cradled in your arms. His cries now filling the room, you rushed to the table in the nursery where you kept a first aid kit, in case anything happened. Though, you never expected anything like this.


You disinfected the cut while you tried hushing him. “Hey, hey it’s alright! It’s alright, it’s alright!” you said in the calmest voice you could manage.

You’d just finished when your ability to dictate your own body’s actions was ripped from you.

“Now,” Doflamingo said from behind. “Let’s make this easy, and your precious son won’t be hurt. You come back and work for me, pretend all this bullshit never happened, and no one gets hurt.” You heard him cough up presumably blood.

You tried working against his strings, but it was futile. You couldn’t even turn your head to see your husband. You had no clue what was happening.

Crocodile’s laugh only gave you hope.

“You’ll be the one getting hurt,” he growled, and in a moment, you nearly fell, your struggling against the strings becoming struggling against nothing. Making sure your son was alright from the sudden jerk, you sighed in relief finding he seemed alright. You whipped your head around.

“Crocodile,” you muttered, watching him fend off Doflamingo. He slashed Doflamingo twice with his hook, once tearing through the pre-existing wound from before and expanding it, the second snatching skin from his throat.

Doflamingo clicked his tongue before attaching his strings to the clouds outside and retreating through the window.

Only then did you realise the tears slipping from your eyes. “I hate him,” you whispered.

“I know,” he said, walking towards you and bringing you into his embrace. “But it’s alright, now.” He moved the hair from your forehead to plant a kiss on it before doing the same to your son, who’d calmed down considerably.

“I made a promise, and I intend to keep it. You nor him will ever get hurt while I’m around. I’d die for you, you know that?”

You let a bitter huff escape your lips. “Don’t you dare leave me, Crocodile. You’re not dying on me, promise that.”

He remained silent for a moment. “I promise,” he said, before grinning widely, one that struck fear into you for a moment before remembering who it was. It was Crocodile, your husband. Unlike that terrible man you’d worked for for so long, he’d never hurt you or lie to you.


That ending was super vague whoops