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One Step At A Time

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"I'm sorry, um, Mr.Todoroki, but your son is quirkless."


Quirkless. So he has no quirk?


"What do you mean he's quirkless? He shows perfect signs of having the ability to have not one, but TWO quirks!"


"I know it may seem like it, but as I said, he's quirkless. As you can see from the x-rays we took, he has in many rare cases that I've taken, TWO joints. Having these two joints makes him one of the rare cases of having no quirk at all. I'm truly sorry, but your son wouldn't and could never have a quirk."


So he doesn't have a quirk, and can never get one. That's okay, right? He'll just have to find some way to live with it. Shouto fiddled with his fingers as he sat on the chair beside his father as the rising heat from the flames caused him to feel worried and tense up. It was okay, right? His father had always told him that he would have the quirk that he had been always wanting. Now, he has none. When he looked up to look at his father's expression, all he saw was awaiting anger to finally explode. His mother should have been the one to take him, she wouldn't be angry like his father was. She would tell him it was okay, and that he can always find other ways to help people like he wanted to. Mother always got yelled at by his father when he's angry, and sometimes she gets hit too. When it happens, he stays hidden in his room covering his ears to try, and make the yelling go away. He wanted help his mother and others like All Might does when they're in trouble. Looking back down at his feet, he looked at his foot that they took a picture, or an x-ray as they called it, wondering how he has two joints if his foot looks normal like his other foot. 


"Come Shouto, we'll discuss things at home."


Jumping down from his chair, he waved at the doctor goodbye before running to catch up with his father who was already halfway down the hall towards the elevator. Shouto stuck close to his father even though the flames were too close to his body for comfort. He looked around like any curious child would, finding the plain walls and floor to be more interesting to look at than face his father. The silence between the two was heavy, something that he didn't like even though they were surrounded by noise from everyone being so busy. As they reached the elevators, his father didn't say anything as he pressed the button, and waited for the elevator's door to open. Maybe if he told his father that it was okay, then he would say it was okay, and everything would be okay. 




"Don't say a word quirkless brat."


Okay, that didn't work. The doors opened finally as a few people got out of the elevator leaving only him and his father as the only ones riding down the elevator. Standing beside his father, Shouto tried to focus on the walls or the carpet floor beneath his feet to not makes things any worse by looking at his father. The pull of gravity as they descended made his body feel light than it did when they were going up. It was like his body was growing heavy, and had to grab onto the railing that was in the elevator to keep himself from falling over. Once the doors opened again, he walked out quickly before he could get trampled by the people trying to get inside walking a little faster to keep up with his father. Sure he could grab his hand, but the last time he did it, he pulled away quickly. The silence dragged on until reached the car, his father opening the car door to the backseats letting him get in before slamming it shut. Used to the loud sound, he buckled himself in his booster seat staring out the window since there wasn't much to do in the car, but to sleep. Maybe listen to music, but only his mother does that, not his father. Without the music, the heavy and tense silence grew making the hairs on his arms rise.




How dare that woman! That brat showed perfect signs of having the perfect quirk he's been trying to create. Both fire and ice. Perfect to defeat All Might, but the disgrace of son had to be quirkless. What's worse is that woman was injured during her pregnancy with the child, and can't give birth to any more children. They're all defects. Failures to become the masterpiece he had been trying to create with that woman. They're all worthless now, more so the boy. He cannot have a quirkless child under his family name. Every child under his family name had quirk or quirks, but never quirkless. Now to have a son that could have had not one, but TWO quirks, is quirkless and worthless to him. Enji gripped the steering wheel tighter as he looked through the back rear mirror to look at the 4 year old boy, glaring hatred and anger at the small child that looked out the window with interest. He needed to get rid of him, and he'll pull every string he could if it meant to make that boy disappear for good.




By the time they arrived back at the house, Shouto was nodding on and off to sleep until he heard his father's door slam as he got out. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he got out of the car after it was opened walking ahead to get inside quicker, and with his mother. Pulling his shoes off like he was taught to, he put them neatly beside the door before running down the many halls in their house until he reached the kitchen where he knows his mother will be cooking something for everyone to eat. Fuyumi would come down when he is sent to go call her to come to the dining room to eat. Natsou moved out into some big building called dorms at a big school he's going to study some stuff that he would probably learn when he gets older. Upon entering the kitchen, the delicious smell of food as it hit his nose making his stomach grumble in response. Giggling to himself, he ran over to his mother hugging her legs causing her to jump in surprise before feeling her hand gently touch his head.


"Welcome back Shouto, how did the hospital visit go?"


"It was okay, th-"


"You ungrateful woman, he's like all the other of the defects, but worse."


"What do you mean? Doesn't he have-"




A stain? What does he mean by that? Shouto stared at his father confused and hurt as he hugged his mother's legs tighter trying to make himself smaller as his father's piercing gaze fell on him. He was angry. Angry to the point he looked like he could explode any minute, and it'll all be at his mother. He didn't want her to get yelled at again, he hated it when she did. Feeling his mother's hand freeze, he looked up to only see a sad look in her eyes as she pushed a few strands of hair away from his face. Why was she sad? Did he do something wrong? Was it because father yelled at her?


"You're quirkless Shouto?"


"That's what the doctor said mama."


"Oh Shouto..."


She put the wooden spoon she had in her hand down on the counter before kneeling down wrapping her arms around his small body. Returning the hug, Shouto hid his face between where the shoulder and neck touched finding comfort in her cold embrace. He could hear his father's heavy footsteps fade as he walked out of the kitchen, leaving the two in the sorrowful silence. When his mother finally pulled away, he still held on not wanting to leave her cold embrace, but the comforting hand on his head made him finally pull away as well to look up at his mother. There was the same sad look in her eyes as she smiled down at him before handing him the wooden spoon that was on the counter, picking him up in her arms to show him the food cooking inside the pot. Getting the idea, he put the wooden spoon inside the pot, and started to steer it slowly to not spill anything. They stayed like that in silence until the food was finished, letting his mother set him back down in the floor to put the bowls and chopsticks on the table.


"Thank you Shouto. Why don't you go, and call your sister to come to the kitchen for dinner."


"Yes mama."


Setting down the chopsticks by the bowl, he rushed out of the dining room heading towards his sister's bedroom hearing only the tap tap from his own small footsteps. As he got closer to the side of the house where the bedrooms were, he slowed down to a walk making sure to not cause any noise. 


'Papa can be sleeping. Can't wake papa up, or he'll be mad.'


Walking down the hallway that held his and his sister's room, Shouto knocked on her door quietly waiting for her to open it. When she didn't, he knocked again, but louder. Hearing shuffling on the other side of the room, he backed away one step as she opened her door looking down to see her baby brother. 


"Oh! Sorry Shouto, I was grading some work, and didn't hear you the first time. Is dinner ready?"


"Yeah! And I helped this time!"


"I'm sure you did great. Let me put the papers away, and I'll be on my way to dinner."




Running excitedly and quietly back down the hall towards the dining room, Shouto giggled to myself as he rushed passed the rooms ready to eat dinner. Making a stop in the kitchen, he opened the cabinet under the sink to take a small stool that he uses to reach the sink when he wants to help with mother with the dishes. He turned the faucet on after getting on his toes grabbing the soap that was beside the sink his mother left for him to use when getting ready for dinner. Scrubbing his hands thoroughly and carefully, he shut the faucet off drying his hands with the towel hanging from the oven's handle. Putting the stool away, a cold yet comforting hand touched the top of his head as he looked up at his mother grabbing her hand to head towards the dining room where the food will be waiting. As his sister promised, she was already waiting at the low table sitting in a kneeling position beside the spot where he normally sits that was across from his mother's spot. Rushing over to his spot, he knelt down beside his sister putting his hands on his lap as they waited for their father to arrive. His mother kept down across from him waiting as well, knowing he'll arrive on his own. 


They waited for what a few minutes, feeling like 10 minutes, before finally his father arrived not bothering to say a word to anyone. Staying silent, they waited until he took his first bite giving their thanks before digging into the food he made with his mother. Shouto grasped the chopsticks between his small fingers the best he could as he dug in, savoring the delicious taste that was left in his mouth with every bite. No conversations were made, but that was fine. It wouldn't be the first time that dinner was eaten in silence. Bite after bite, the food slowly started to disappear from his bowl even though he had been told by his mother many times to slow down when he eats. It wasn't until he took his last bite that his father decided to break the silence that covered the room like a blanket. 


"Don't ask for seconds brat."


"Enji, if he wants seconds, then he can have a little bit more."


"The child has eaten enough food as it is, and it would be no use for him to eat more when he'll never grow up to be the masterpiece I wanted him to be."


"That's enough, Enji. He's only a child, and it doesn't matter if he's quirkless, he's your son."


"He's no son of mine if that child doesn't have a quirk."


Shouto could feel and see the frost cover his mother's arm as the room grew colder only to be overpowered by the heat of his father's flames. The room grew into a deadly silence as his father and mother glared at one another, forgetting that their children were there this time to watch their argument. It was his first time seeing his parents actually argue in front of him than hearing them arguing in their bedroom. Was it always this tense? Picking up his bowl and chopsticks, he walked over to the sink putting them down inside the sink breaking the silence with the clashing of the bowl hitting the bottle of the sink. No one moved from the seats, even when he walked over to his mother's chair to give her a hug. Cold arms wrapped around his small frame embracing him tightly. He can feel his father's eyes on him, but pushes against the nervous feeling as he turned his head to look at his father from the corner of his eyes. 


"I-I'm not hungry mommy, can I go play in my room now?"


"Yes you can...I'll be there to go tuck you in when it's time to go to sleep."




Without any further questions, Shouto left his mother's side to run past his father's chair to head towards his room. The pitter patter of his feet were the only sounds in the hallway as he headed towards the side of the house where the bedrooms were at. After opening his bedroom door with a little difficulty, he shut the door behind him walking towards the small box he had full of toys. Most of the toys were still baby toys, but some were for his age like the wooden blocks that he was able to convince his mother to buy when he saw the wooden block figures they had. Picking up the wooden block figure of All Might he put it on top of a small stack of wooden blocks to make it look like he was standing on a building. He played with the blocks for nearly an hour and a half before the door to his room opened. Grabbing the All Might figure, he hid the piece of toy under a small bridge created turning around to only see his sister standing at the doorway. Where's mama? Wasn't she supposed to come to tuck him in bed? Fuyumi walked over next to him sitting down on his knees to look at the small city he created, fixing a few blocks that looked out of place. They stayed in silence until finally his sister decided to speak.


"Mom is talking with dad right now, but she'll come over here to tuck you in soon."


"They're fighting again, right?"


"What? No! No no no no, they're just...talking things out right now about your doctor's appointment."


"Is it because I'm quer-qur-"




"Yeah! Is it because of...that?"


"No! It's not because you're quirkless..."




Sticking out his pinky finger, Shouto waited for his sister to wrap hers around his to complete the pinky finger. She leaned down close to him wrapping her finger her around his smiling as she did so.


"Promise. Now lets get you ready for bed, okay?"


Grabbing onto her hand, he stood up from his spot on the floor before they walked over to his closet to pick out some pajamas for him to wear for the night. There wasn't much clothing, but he had a fair amount of each pair of clothing to not have to worry about not having any clothes for the next day. Picking out a baby blue night shirt with a pair of shorts as well, they worked together to slip off his old clothes to the new ones making no sudden sound the whole time. He walked over to the connected bathroom to get ready to brush his teeth while his older sister picked up his clothes to go put them in the laundry basket. Maybe he could brush his teeth by himself this time. Dragging the stool they left in his room for this type of purpose over to the sink, a faint sound of the bathroom opening and closing barely passed his ears while dragging the stool. A hand came up from behind him to grab his toothbrush and toothpaste causing him to pout when he tried to get it back.


"Fuyumiiii, I can do it myself!"


"That's what you said last time before toothpaste somehow ended up in your hair, and all over the floor."


"It wasn't my fault I squeezed it too hard!"


"Whatever you say Sho, but for now, lets get those teeth of yours cleaned."


Not pushing the argument any further, the small boy grabbed his toothbrush from Fuyumi's hand before looking up into the mirror to brush his teeth. Up, down. Up, down. It went like this for exactly two minutes as his sister said it should be before spitting the toothpaste out, letting it fall into the sink. Shouto turned the water on first cleaning his toothbrush, then the sink, and finally, his mouth and chin. A small towel was handed over to him to dry off his chin, hopping off the stool to push it back into the corner of the bathroom. He grabbed his sister's hand before they headed out of the bathroom back into his room where the bed was waiting for him to sleep in. Getting put into bed was easy, but falling asleep wasn't. His mother was the only one to help him fall asleep when he couldn't, so he waited in bed even when his sister tried to get him to rest.


"Shouto, go to sleep."


"No, I'm waiting for mama."


"It's almost past your bedtime."


"But mama..."


"...Fine, but if she doesn't come by then, at least try to sleep, okay?"




Kissing his forehead, he watched his sister leave the room after turning on the night light that was beside his bed smiling at him one last time before closing the door. Shouto sat on his bed as he waited for his mother to come, and tuck him into bed like she always did. Sometimes she would read him a story, or sing him a lullaby. Her voice always put him to sleep just like how her soft, cold touches brought comfort. There were times when he would sleep his mother in her room when their father isn't home due to hero work which would cause him to be out of town for a few days or a week at most. As the minutes went by, he could feel exhaustion start to take over causing his eyes to grow heavier. He couldn't sleep, he wanted to wait for mama. So he forced himself to stay awake by getting out of bed to walk around the room a bit. It wasn't until fifteen minutes later that the soft sounds of footsteps were heard coming down the hall getting closer to his room. Rushing over to his bed, he got back under the blanket ready for his mother to tuck him in. As the door opened, his mother's shadow appeared from the doorway walking in shutting the door behind her.


"Hey Sho...aren't you supposed to be sleeping, young man?"


"I was waiting for you mama."


"But it's past your bedtime sweetie."


"B-But I want you to sing me that lullaby."


"If I sing you the lullaby, then will you promise me to sleep early tomorrow?"


"Uh huh!"


It's time for sleep my little one


Fly away in dreams


And I will be there to watch over you


I'll hold you and sing you a lullaby tune...




The sound of a car was the first thing he heard as he slowly woke up from his slumber. Opening his heterochromia eyes, Shouto looked around only to find himself in his father's car. Rubbing his eyes, he looked over to the driver's seat only to see his father's red hair in the dim lighting of the buildings and street lights. Deciding not to question why they were driving in the middle of the night, the child turned his head towards the window to watch the lights pass by until they came to a stop somewhere he doesn't remember ever visiting. His father got out of the car before opening his door to let him out into the street. As he got out, and stood on the street he heard the car door open and close again. Turning around, he stared confused as the car was started up again, and then it started to move. Wait, what? As it moved forward, he started to run towards the car to try and get his father's attention. Why did they come here if there was nothing here? 




The car started to speed up causing his legs to get weaker, and the air was leaving out of his lungs fast. 




Then the car sped off as he bent over to catch his breath, looking up towards the slowly fading car. 




He'll come back. He has to. He will probably notice, and turn around. So he waited.














And waited.














And waited.














He's not coming back.

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Tugging on the capture weapon from the street light, the underground hero sat down on the edge of a old apartment complex rubbing his eyes as he tried to get the sleep out of his eyes. Coffee sounded nice now that he thought about it. Setting his goggles down on the rooftop floor, Eraserhead, mostly known as Aizawa Shouta, looked down at the empty streets as the only light sources were the street lights from down below. There was barely any activity tonight, the streets clean of any low life criminals. Maybe he could leave his shift early to get back to bed with his awaiting cats and husband. The thought of curling up in bed made his decision final. He wrapped his capture weapon back around his neck while walking to the other end of the rooftop that had a ladder he could use to get down. Sure he can use his binding cloth, but getting down the ladder would be more safer as Yama would say it. Grabbing onto the side railings, he slid down the ladder with practiced easy barely even seeing the small body leaning over a dumpster just on the other side of the alleyway. The figure was too small for an adult, so they had to be a kid. What was a kid doing out in the night by himself? And in a dumpster nonetheless. Deciding to answer his own question he walked with caution towards the child. When he was just a few feet behind the child, he could hear the kid talking, so he listened carefully to the child's words.


" must be at least a can of tuna for you Coco. Do you want tuna? I can deal with tuna..."


Coco? Looking down at the boy's feet, Aizawa noticed a small brown colored kitten that sat patiently beside the boy as it waited for food to eat. So the kid was looking for food. Making the decision to make his presence know, he gently tipped over a tin can that was probably thrown into the floor by the child while on his search. The said child froze at the sudden sound nearly falling into the dumpster when he spun on his heels while standing on a pile of old boxes. The shadows covered his face, but he knew that the kid had to have some sort of frightened look on his face at being caught trying to look for food. He thought the kid diseappeared for a moment when he ducked down only to reappear back into the dim light keeping his face hidden by facing towards him than away. There was shifting in his arms, followed by a soft mewl from the little kitten. Automatically, he took a few steps to close a little bit more distance between them until he knelt down on one knee stretching a hand out to the young child.


"I'm not gonna hurt ya, kid. I was just finishing my patrol before I ended up seeing you."


He didn't get a response, but he wasn't expecting one. So he decided to ask only yes or no questions to see if the kid will answer those.


"Are you guys hungry?"


There was a pause before a small nod could be seen from the way his hair shook, and a mewl from the cat saying they agreed as well.


"We can go back to my place to see if I have anything in the kitchen. I don't have money on me at the moment. Is that okay?"


Then he saw the hesitation from the way he shifted on his spot, but he waited patiently. He was taught to be patient if he ever got into situations like this. Let the person make a decision, and don't pressure them. Let them take their time. So he waited until a hesitated nod was finally given to him as an answer. Keeping his hand stretched out, a smaller hand, smaller than any hand he ever held, grabbed onto his fingers with less hesitation than before. Standing back up to his full height, they walked towards the entrance of the alleyway to head back towards his house where Yama would be sleeping already. From the corner of his eye, Aizawa saw how small and skinny the kid looked in the street lights. His hair was dirty, long, and beyond tangled, and by the looks of it, his hair seemed to have two hair color tones than one. He couldn't see his face, but it should be as dirty as his hair if he's gonna be honest. The clothes looked too small for his age, the coloring barely recognizable from all the dirt and grim, and were tearing at some ends. When he looked down, the kid wasn't wearing any shoes, or socks at all.


In short, the kid was filthy and malnourished. Because of his line of work as a underground hero, he had seen many things that others wouldn't be able to handle, yet he still pushed through it. To see the kid digging through a dumpster just for food brought back memories of a orphanage he once investigated due to reports of some sort of human trafficking happening inside. Each of the kids found inside were just only skin and bones covered in bruises with collars that had chains attaching them onto the wall. Some even had quirk suppressing cuffs on. Aizawa brought down the orphanage the moment he broke into the basement to see the older children trapped inside while the younger ones stayed on top to keep the human trafficking under wraps. The investigation brought back too many memories that day, but it was all in the past now. Now was the present, where he was walking a random kid he found on the streets to his house where he promised food for both him and the kitten. Wonder what Yama will say if he woke up when he walks into the house. Now that he thought about it...


"Just to warn you, I have three cats in my apartment, so don't be surprised by the three bundles of fur laying around the apartment. My husband should be asleep in our room, so we'll be staying in the kitchen or living room until it's time to sleep."


"W-Wait, I'm staying?"


"If you want to kid, I'm not forcing you."


"I-I want to!"


"Okay, then I'll look for some clothes for you that I used to wear as a kid since yours seem to be at their limit by the looks of it. You'll take a shower after eating, and take one of the guest rooms to sleep in for the night."


He didn't get a response back, leaving them in a awkward kind of silence as they walked together towards his apartment that was only a few blocks away from where they started. The silence continued to stretch on until an apartment complex came into view that had a few lights on indicating that some of the residents inside were still awake. They walked inside passing by the front desk where a woman sat behind, giving them a small nod after looking up from her computer, taking their time to go to the elevators. Fortunately, she didn't question about the kitten the kid was holding in his arms since in his defense, she had seen him carrying stray cats almost in every week or so. He would let them out after feeling they were nourished and healed enough before being put into an animal shelter that he knew would treat the cats right. The three cats he had adopted were gifts from two of his friends, and the fool he so happened to be married with. He still questioned how he ended up marrying the loud blonde.


When the elevator's doors closed after stepping in, he pressed the number that led to his apartment level. Most of the residents there didn't question the married couple, or what happened in their lives, some would come over to pay a visit, or leave gifts for the cats that were inside. He looked down at the child when the elevator came to a stop, feeling the tight pressure on his fingers when the doors opened. The hallway's lights were still on, but the lights from the rooms were off. With his free hand, he digged around inside his pocket for his keys pulling them out as they walked towards his apartment in silence. Sticking the keys inside the lock, he opened the door to the apartment letting the kid go in first to look around first while he locks the door. The soft sound of the kid's feet hitting the wooden tiled floor was the only sound inside the apartment besides the distant sound of snores coming from the bedroom. The kid stood in the middle of the living room looking around with curiosity while hugging the kitten closely to his chest before spotting the three troublemakers on the couch.


"Those three are troublemakers, but lazy around most of the time. The brown one with white on his chest sitting on the left, his name is Sonic. God, I don't know why Tensei called him that. The pure black one in the middle, her name is Midnight. Thankfully Kayama had some sort of sense when naming her unlike Tensei. And finally the orange cat, his name is Garfield. Hizashi couldn't have picked a stupider name like Tensei. Anyways, you can put your cat down, and see if they will like to walk around."


"Uh, okay..."


The kid bent down to let the kitten jump down onto the floor, slowly walking it's way towards the couch where the three cats laid down staring at the new feline in the house. Aizawa bet a can of tuna on Midnight being the first one to step forward, and as always, he was right. The black feline jumped down from her spot on the couch to approach the newcomer. She walked around the young cat before stepping close to lick his matted fur trying to clean him off. Soon the other two joined in, taking turns to clean the kitten, and any unnoticed injuries the feline could be hiding. There was some shuffling to his side noticing the kid was smiling at the scene in front of him. He didn't even realize the kid was missing a tooth until now.


"He likes them."


"And they like him. Now change of plans, you take a bath first before eating since we can't have you eating with dirty hands."


"Okay, but you promise food will-will be after the bath?"


A small hand outstretched towards him with only the pinky sticking out. A pinky promise, huh?




He wrapped his pinky finger around the smaller one, shaking it a bit as he kept eye contact with the kid. Two different eye colors looked back into his. A turquoise ocean blue, and a stormy gray. His hair was a mix of two colors thanks to how tangled and messy it was. The right side by the looks of it, was white with the stormy gray eye while the left was red with the turquoise ocean blue eye. Wouldn't be surprised if the kid had two quirks. Aizawa stood back after kneeling down, making a gesture with his hand for him to follow as they past the four felines to head towards the small hallway that attached three bedrooms and a bathroom. Opening the bathroom door, he let the boy walk in while continuing to walk towards his shared bedroom to maybe find a box of old clothes he once wore as a kid. Or did he throw them out already? The snores then grew louder after opening the bedroom door barely giving the bed a glance as he headed towards the closet to look for the box of old clothes. Yama always tried to stay up when he was out on his patrols, but fall asleep after only an hour or so. Box after box, but he couldn't find the box full of old clothes until finally an old, worn down box was found in the corner of the closet. Yup, that's definitely his box.


Dragging it out of the closet, he opened the box to find a few clothes that he wore at a young age, but some were torn at the edges or had holes. He can stitch them up some other time, right now, the kid needed new clothes to wear. Taking out a plain black T-shirt, gray shorts, and some plain navy blue underwear, he left the box on the floor as he headed back towards the door to get back to the bathroom. Backing tracking towards the bed, the black haired adult bent down to kiss the sleeping blonde's forehead before leaving the room. When he reopened the door to the bathroom, the kid sat on the edge of the tub swinging his legs back and forth waiting for the underground hero. Looking up, heterochromatic eyes widen in surprise before zeroing in on the clothes in his hands. 


"Ah, these are some clothes that I found that you could use for tonight. Need help starting the bath?"




Putting down the bundle of clothes on top of the sink counter, Aizawa pulled back the sleeves of his uniform turning on the water putting a plug in the drain to keep the water from draining. Pointing to the middle of the tub, he tapped it to get the kid's attention making sure he was watching.


"When the water gets this high, just turn the knobs this way to turn off the water. You can choose which body wash you want to use, same with the shampoo and conditioner. Okay?"


Nodding his head, the older man decided to leave the kid to take a bath alone while he headed towards the kitchen to make them a late night snack. Do they still have some of those ramen in cups? It wouldn't exactly be healthy, but eating from a dumpster isn't exactly healthy either. Rummaging through the cabinets, he didn't find any of the cups until finally, in the very back of one of the cabinets, was a few cups of ramen. While taking one of the cups out, the sound of the water turning off reached his ears indicating that the kid at least listened. No flooding for him to worry about tonight. If the kid can turn the water off, then he should be able to take a bath by himself. Tearing off the lid halfway, he put hot water inside the cup until it reached the top putting it inside the microwave. As the ramen heated up, a faint yell from the bathroom caught his attention. Welp, looks like the kid needed help after all. Leaving the ramen to heat up, he headed towards the bathroom only to see bubbles almost everywhere around the floor, and a pouting kid. Oh boy.


"What's wrong?"


"I can't wash my hair."


"What do you mean?"


"It hurts to pull on it."


"Let me see."


Getting down onto his knees, he fixed his sleeves by pulling them up a bit before gently massaging the bubbly mess of hair. There were knots beyond knots of hair as he tried to run his fingers through the mass of tangled hair. Yup, found the problem. Pulling his hands back, he dangled his arms on the edge of the tub staring at the kid as he tried to put the words together.


"You're hair has knots that won't be easy to comb out. We can try to..."


"To what?"


"Cut your hair?"


"Do we have to?..."


"Sadly, yes."


Aizawa watched with sympathy as the kid started to pout, swishing the water back and forth with his hands. He remembered having to cut his hair once when it got too long as a kid. Never go for a bowl cut, that's his advice. The room filled with silence besides the soft swishing of the water until the kid looked up still pouting, but understanding in his eyes.


"Okay, we can cut it."


"Alright, lets get you out of the water first before we start cutting that tangled hair of yours."




After getting dried, getting to get the kid to sit still, and eating a cup full of ramen, the kids looked cleaned, and a little better than before. It took longer than he would have liked when he tried to get the kid to sit still in order for him to start cutting his hair. He had to cut the most noticeable of knots that were too tangled for even a comb or brush to detangle. The kid kept fidgeting when he would cut the pieces off, and it kept getting worse when he started to cut the tips off to make it shorter. It wasn't until he mentioned a cup of ramen he left in mircowave to cool did he finally stopped moving, slurping it in silence. He would admit, he wasn't the best at cutting hair, but in the end, it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. Brushing it was easier since it was only minor knots to detangle, and finally the swirls of red and white were separated to split perfectly down the middle. With a small towel, he wiped away stray pieces of hair off his neck, and make sure none fall inside the nearly empty cup of ramen. Kid was definitely hungry. Letting the kid finish the rest of his ramen, he decided to feed the cats as well, but giving the kitten some cat food with milk to help making it more chewable for his still growing teeth. 


" 'is is gowd."


"Don't speak with your mouth full, kid."




"Good. Now, why don't we get ourselves into bed since it's pretty late as it is."


"Okay! Can I take Coco with me?"


"Sure, I don't see a problem with that."


Taking the smaller boy's hand, they walked together down the hallway towards the one empty bedroom. Why he got a three bedroom apartment instead of one? He doesn't know. Just seemed like a good idea, and the two bedrooms that were unoccupied now had a new purpose instead of collecting dust everyday when they first moved in. Aizawa scrunched up his nose when they opened the door to one of the bedrooms, trying to contain the sneeze that threatened to come out thanks to all the collected dust. He'll have to clean the room tomorrow if the kid was going to stay. Grabbing onto the unused sheets, he yanked it off only for dust to fly everywhere. Okay, now he can sneeze. His sneezed followed by a, must he say, most adorable kitten sneeze as the dust started to settle back down onto the floor or any other furniture. Dusting the bed off was easy, yet hard challenge when you're trying not to sneeze every few seconds. After cleaning the bed off, the kid jumped into bed letting the older male to drap the blanket over his body. Just as he was about to turn around to head to his room, a gentle tug on his shirt made him stop.


"You will still be here in the ma-morning, right?"


No, he wasn't. He was going to leave early to get to UA before any of the other teachers did to get some more rest. But if it meant to make the kid not start freaking out...


"Yeah, I'll probably wake up early, but I'll be waiting in the living room just in case you wake up."


"Okay, and thank you..."


"Aizawa, Aizawa Shouta."


"Can I call you Ai?"


"Sure, but you have to tell me your name, kid. Can't call you kid forever."


"Okay! You can call me Shouto."

Chapter Text

When he first opened his eyes, the first thing Hizashi saw was a empty bed side. Ah, he must have left early today. The blonde reached over to the bedside table to put on his hearing aids while picking himself up into a sitting position. Soon the faint sounds of cars passing by outside, and the morning bird's chirping filled his ears. Now that's more like it. Throwing the covers off, he started to get ready for the day while thinking of the new students he'll be teaching this year. Putting on a plain white T-shirt, he picked up his leather jacket that was left on a hook by the closet door. Maybe he could fix himself some breakfast before heading out, and take some for Sho when he gets there. However, as he walked towards the kitchen, the sweet smell of pancakes filled the air and his nose. Mmm, pan-wait, pancakes? Who was making pancakes? Didn't Sho leave? Raising an eyebrow in suspicion and curiosity, he walked inside the kitchen only to see the 24/7 sleeping husband of his making pancakes. Making breakfast. Making food in general. The one thing he rarely did. Was today some special occasion he didn't know about? Walking up behind the other male, he slowly wrapped his arms around the Sho's waist pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek. 


"Where's my real husband, and what did you do to him?"


"Ha ha, really funny Yama, but I'm doing this willingly."


"Is it because of some special occasion I haven't heard of yet?"


"No, just for you, me, and the kid."


"Oh great, thanks ba-wait, kid?"


"Yes, Shouto, this is Yama, my husband. And Yama, this is Shouto, a kid I found last night."


Turning around from where he was standing, the first thing Hizashi saw was a bundle of red and white hair. Looking further down, there was a child, maybe six or seven years old at the most, standing in the middle of the kitchen staring at him with two different colored eyes. 












SO ADORABLE!! Squealing loudly while accidentally activating his quirk, Hizashi rushed forward picking up the surprised child spinning him in circles. He cooed at the boy in his arms, hugging him tightly when he got an adorable giggle in response. Where did Sho find this kid?! He's too adorable to have been on the streets! Feeling the kid's thin waist, a scowl formed on his face shaking his head. Nope. This will not be accepted. The kid's gotta eat if he wants to grow! It's like he barely anything at all! 


"You're too skinny for a kid your age! How old are you anyway? Six? Seven?"


"I'm, uh, I-I'm six!"


"Then I'm right about you being too skinny! Sho! Are the pancakes ready?"


"If you would be patient, then yes, they would be ready. I already left a small pile on the table, so if you want to eat them now, then go ahead."


"Lets get food in that stomach of yours little listener!"


Setting the small child down on a chair, the loud blonde started to make a plate ready for him by piling two pancakes after adding butter on both of them, putting a good amount of maple syrup on the pancakes, and finally, whip cream with a strawberry on top. Putting the plate down in front of the kid, he put a fork down beside it, and a napkin on the side. Okay, he may have gone a little overboard with the pancakes, but at least he'll have something to eat. He's nothing, but skin and bones! Anyways, he does the same thing with his pancakes, so there's no problem there. Making a plate for himself, he sat across from the small boy that was taking a few bites from his pancakes already. The strawberry and whip cream were gone, so he guessed the kid ate that first. No biggie with that! He does it too with his pancakes. They started to eat their breakfast before the other male, relaxing in the peaceful silence. The stove was turned off as his husband walked over to the table with his own small pile of pancakes. Leaning over, he kissed his cheek after taking a seat beside him barely noticing the watching eyes of the small child in front of them. 


"Is that what people do when they're in love?" 


"Hyaaaah little listener! There's no problem with a man kissing another man. It's just like any other regular couple would do."


"Yama is right. Love is love as people would say, so there's nothing with us being married."


"Then what does it mean if they fight?"


"Well...couples do have arguments here and there, but you're just talking about just yelling right? Do your parents fight?"




"Y-Yeah...but sometimes papa would hit mama when he's really mad...He was mad at me and m-mama when we went to the doctor...Th-They said I didn't have one, and he got mad...Fuyumi said they would stop fighting, but they always fight every day..."


Did he come from an abusive home? Hizashi frowned when the kid started to talk about his parents. The frown deepened when he saw tears. Standing up from his seat, he went over to the other side to wipe away the tears with a napkin. 


"You don't have to talk about it if it makes you sad Shouto."


"Yeah, I'm sorry little listener. I'm sure things would get better, but what did you mean by you didn't have one?"


"I-I don't have a quirk."


Oh. He's quirkless. And the boy's father was angry about it. What's wrong with not having a quirk? Not everyone will get one sometimes! The blonde smiled gently as he wiped a few stray tears making sure the kid looked at him than at the table.


"It's okay to not have a quirk, kid. You'll still be able to do cool things even quirkless! Like become a police officer. A doctor. An astronaut."


"Okay Yama, I think the kid gets it, but he's right Shouto. There's still things you can do, even quirkless."




"Yes, now tell me this. Where's your parents? Did you run away?"


" papa...he...he left me on the street at night."




"I...I don't remember...I was, uh, four."


The age when most kids got their quirks. Hizashi felt nauseous as he took in the new found information. This kid, the most adorable kid he ever met, was abandoned at a such young age because he was quirkless. His father abandoned him on a street, in the middle of the night he bet where no one would be awake to see it happen, and didn't look back. How bad did it effect his mother? Or was she apart of it? Did she try to find him if she wasn't part of it? He didn't need to look at Sho to know he was angry by hearing this. Who would do this?! What motherfucking bastard would think of abandoning their child like that?! Taking a deep breath, he returned his attention back to the sniffling child than his own angry thoughts about the bastard. Sho stood up from his seat to walk over to the other side of the table with him, and knelt down on one knee to rub Shouto's back gently while clenching his other fist on his knee. A sudden blur of brown fur jumped onto the quirkless boy's lap, meowing as it pawed at his chest. Cats must have heard the soft sniffles as they started to walk over to the kitchen sitting down on the floor around the three. Then they started to meow loudly. Okay, maybe they're hungry instead, but the little one was actually trying to comfort the child by purring and nuzzling his chest. It was working since the kid started to hug the kitten tightly to his chest as the tears finally stopped falling.


"You okay, kid?"


"Y-Yeah...thank you, Ai, and Za."




"A nickname he gave you, and in return, you can call him Shouto."


"Aww, can this kid get any cuter?!"


"If you count his kitten sneezes as cute."




"Yama! Your quirk!"


Soon enough, they all burst into laughter as the atmosphere in the room lighten up. The laughter died down which left them to finish their breakfast, and get ready for the day. They left together to pile up inside a pure black 2019 Ford Mustang GT Premium. What can he say? When you work three jobs, and your husband works two, you can buy something pretty nice with the paychecks combined. Hizashi got into the driver's seat while Sho sat beside him with Shouto in the back, looking at HeroTube videos he put on his phone for the kid to watch. Sho decided to take the twenty minute drive as an excuse to sleep a little which he didn't mind. He had grown used to his husband sleeping at random times during the day, so he wouldn't fall asleep during his late night patrols. Starting the car, he pulled out of the parking lot getting ready to face the chaotic class.



"He's fast asleep. Do we have to move him?"


"Yes, just pick him up, and we'll put him in the teacher's lounge until he wakes up."


"But what about the others?"


"We'll just explain to them we, uh, adopted?"


"We're adopting him?! Awwwwwwwww, Shooooooo! When are we gonna tell Shinsou?"


"Shhhh! We're...just...ugh, I don't know! Just shhhhh! He's sleeping!"


Why did he have to say they were adopting him? But the idea didn't seem bad, just had to see if they could get the papers ready to sign, and maybe find out who was the bastard that abandoned their own child. They took Hitoshi in the moment they first saw him when they were married for the first few years. Twenty five years olds adopting a ten year old that was jumping from foster homes to foster homes cause of his quirk. Well no problem with that. Aizawa used his quirk when Hitoshi would accidentally use his quirk on Yama, or on him sometimes which would take a while since Yama had to help the kid calm down to deactivate his quirk. It took them awhile for them to make the small male get rid of his old habits from the past foster homes like expecting some sort of punishment if he did something wrong, or out of line. Which he never did. There was a lot of old habits, and like they always said, old habits die hard. So they taught him sign language when there were times that he didn't want to speak. Yama was better at it, so he left the blonde to do that with the lavender haired boy. As he grew older, he decided to teach the kid how to battle hand to hand, and train a bit if the kid wanted to be a pro or underground hero in the future. Of course he had to keep his end of the deal of not getting into fights at school, and to keep his grades at a good grade. Eventually, through his recommendations, the kid was able to get into UA, and in his class surprisingly. The kid probably wouldn't be expecting the fact that he would have a little brother. Wonder what the kid will say, or react to when he ends up realizing he'll be a older brother. 


Aizawa kept the door open as Yama reached in to pick up the sleeping child, barely holding onto the blonde's phone in his small hands. Shutting the door, he followed after the blonde after making sure the car was locked properly. They walked together to the school building while making sure not to move Shouto too much since the kid seemed tired this morning. Did he not sleep alright last night? Or was he just emotional exhausted? It could be both since the kid had some bags under his eyes when he walked into the living room that morning. His eyes were puffy and red, hair a mess, cheeks flushed, and the kitten hugged closely to his chest. He only assumed that he had a nightmare, and he was right when the smaller male walked over to the couch sniffling as he talked about something that broke his heart a bit. So he decided it was best to make something nice for breakfast to maybe cheer him up. Only to discover he was abandoned by a father, and maybe whole family, just because he didn't have a quirk. He was seething in rage, but controlled himself. How could they do that? The boy was barely four years old at the time! After that, he was slowly making a plan. Find out who his family was. Call them out. Adopt the kid. And raise him to be the best police officer or doctor. Hell, he'll even fight Nedzu just to make the kid the first ever quirkless hero. During the kid's time explaining his nightmare, he would talk about how he tried to be his own mini hero. Helping complete strangers even though they only pushed him down because he was quirkless. The kid had a kind heart, and it broke his heart because people didn't see that. They only saw his flaws. They only saw the fact that he was quirkless. A child that had no future ahead of him, but really, he did. A bright future ahead of him. He also made a promise, a promise he will keep until his death.


Clenching his fists tightly inside his pockets, the black haired male stared at his husband, and the sleeping child walking in front of him. Yeah, he was definitely gonna adopt this kid. The kid was making him soft, but that's a good thing in his case. He was soft for two things. His family and cats. Defintely cats. But mostly his family. They walked together in the halls towards the teacher's lounge, not bothering the peaceful silence between them. Aizawa barely gave any of the wondering students or staff a glance when passing by them in the halls. Occasionally there would be a few lingering gazes, but would look away when he sent them a glare that always seemed to send a chill down anyone's spin. It was like he was promising death in their near future if they ever recieved his glare. When they reached the teacher's lounge, Midnight and Thirteen were already there hanging around. The first thing the two did was stare, then it was like he could feel the stares go away from the two married couple to the child in the blonde's arms. Soon enough, Midnight ran over squealing and cooeing at the sleeping child. She gushed over his baby cheeks, his fluffy, soft hair, and the list went on. How could she gush over every single little thing? 


"Oh my gooood! Did you adopt another kid?! He's so adorable!"


"I know right?! He's definitely a keeper."


"Shhhh! And well, yes? We still haven't found his family, or get any papers started."


"Oh, did you find him on the streets?"


"Yeah, last night, but right now that's not important. Right now, we have to put him somewhere to sleep."


"Oh! Put him on the couch!"


Midnight led the way, Aizawa and his husband following closely behind. He watched with a small, hopefully, unnoticeable smile as Yama knelt down to put Shouto down on the couch as gentle as possible. The blonde was already in his hero costume, but just had his hair down and civil glasses on. He'll probably go change later after talking with Midnight about how they ended up finding the kid. Thirteen walked over when they noticed the two teachers gushing over a sleeping child that was on the couch. 


"Ah, hello Midnight. Present Mic."


"Hey Thirteen! Guess what? We're adopting another kid!"


"Oh! Congratulations you two! Is the child by any chance the one sleeping on the couch?"


"Yup! Sho was actually the one that found him."


"Oh? Where did you find him Eraser?"


"It's kinda hard to explain, but to sum it up, the kid was abandoned at the age of four because he didn't have a quirk, and now he's staying at our house until I can find out who his family is to maybe give them a piece of my mind."


"I think his father deserves more of your anger than the rest of his family. From what Shouto said, his mom got beatened when his parents got into arguments."


"We still don't know the rest of the story, what if she was part of it? And then there's Mimi? What if he has siblings? I'm not letting this go so easily Yama."


"Okay okay, I get it. Just try to get the mom's end of the story before giving her a piece of your mind."


"Can't keep promises."




"Ugh, fine."


He knows that Midnight and Thirteen are watching them in amusement. Apparently their arguments always amused them since they always argued even when they were in high school. Fortunately, Tensei and Kayama can't use "you fight like a old married couple" anymore. They used that joke too many times in high school. Glaring at the two, Aizawa buried himself deeper inside his scarf trying to hide the faint embarrassed blush on his face. He can hear Yama laugh under his breath, but also blushing in embarrassment. At times like this, he wished they didn't take the offers of being UA teachers in the beginning. Yet here they were, dealing with students at a daily basis besides the weekends. 


"Alright, whatever. Classes are about to begin, and I haven't even got my morning nap in school. Yama needs to go get ready since he didn't do his hair at home, but we can't leave the kid alone."


"I can stay! I can catch up with some unfinished work, or do something quiet until the kid wakes up. Oh my god! I have a perfect idea! Why don't I look up some toddler books, and toys online? I'll make sure they're shipped quickly, so while you teach the class, he can be busy catching up to learning!"


"I...That's actually not a bad idea. Just don't freak the kid out when he wakes up, okay?"


"Don't worry, I'm great with kids."


"That's what you said the last time you had to watch a kid."


Before Midnight could say anything else, Aizawa grabbed Yama's wrist rushing past Thirteen to get out of the teacher's lounge, and into his sleeping bag that he left in his classroom the other day. When he realized he was still holding his husband's wrist, he let it go to stuff his hands inside pockets. He had to keep the love and affection low since they didn't exactly make their marriage public, so no one else knows besides their close friends who attended the small wedding. But he knew that sooner ot later that it'll have to go public, so they decided that when they would redo their vows that they would do it public this time. Feeling a gentle kiss on his cheek, the underground hero turned around quickly to scowled at the loud blonde only to see him running down the hall already. Lucky bastard. He'll have his payback after school for sure. Deciding to try and catch a few minutes of sleep, he continued his way towards his classroom ready to get inside his sleeping bag, and just sleep for life. When he first opened the door, there was no one inside, so thank goodness cause he needed the silence. He grabbed the giant yellow sleeping bag that was laying on the floor, wrapping it around himself before zipping it up. Now he can just close his eyes, and sle-








"Why did I marry a loud cockatoo?"




"Not as rude as you interrupting my sleep."


"Okay, okay, you got me there."


"Of course."


"Love you Sho!"








"...Love you too, now let me sleep."


"Okay my k-"




"Alright, k-"



Chapter Text









It was the first sound he woke to instead of the sound of passing cars. Or the sound of a car starting, and driving away. Opening his sleepy eyes, heterochromatic eyes sweeped around the room taking in the new surroundings. Where was he? Ai said something about UA, was this UA? It looked boring. Shouto sat up rubbing his eyes until the sound of a door opening caught his attention. Out of instinct, he got down on the floor, and hid under the couch as he watched a woman he didn't recognize hold a box while smiling. Why was she smiling? Was it because of something in the box? He continued to watch until she put the box down, and started to take the things out. It was books. Why was she happy about books? And then there were toys. Toys? Why did she have toys? Then a fluffy, chocolate colored, stuffed animal was taken out. It's so fluffy! Was it for him? Can it be for him?! The six year old forgot completely about the alarms going off in his head about stranger danger as he pulled himself out from under the couch, running towards the woman grabbing onto her sleeve tugging on it excitedly. Ignoring the surprise look on her face, he started to point at the stuffed animal jumping up and down in excitement.


"Is-Is that for me?! Is it?! Is it?!"


"Yeah! Do you like? I didn't know what to get you, but when Shouta mentioned you had a little kitten with you after texting him, I knew I would be great!"


He loves it even more! Shouto squealed in happiness as he took the stuffed cat from the woman's hands, hugging it close to his chest. It was so soft! He ignored the light flashing from her camera as he giggled and laughed while hugging and tossing up the stuffed animal. He can name it Coco! So when Coco is at Ai's house, he'll have another Coco here! Smiling brightly for what felt like in a while, the small boy felt genuinely happy today. Then he thought to himself when he eyed the toys and books with wondering eyes. Does that mean the toys and books are for him? 


"Are does for me tooo?"


"Of course! I ordered them online while you were sleeping. Gosh you were so adorable when Yamada and Shouta first brought you in! You're name is Shouto, right? That's what Shouta called you, but I just want to make sure. I hope you don't mind, but wanna take a selfie? We can send it to Shouta together!"




After the woman, who must be a friend of Ai and Za, knelt down for him to stand beside her, he pulled the stuffed animal close to him to be added into the picture. Shouto giggled as he smiled before a flash of light went off, and a photo of him, the woman beside him, and his stuffed animal appeared on the screen of her phone. They stayed leaning against each other as he watched her send the photo to someone named "Grouchy pants." Giggling at the funny name, he walked over to the table standing on his tippey toes staring at the toys and books with wide eyes. There was a soft laugh before he was picked up, and put down on a chair, making it easier for him to reach the objects. With bright eyes and a wide smile, he reached forward looking at the new toys, and opening to flip through the pages of the books. There were a few words he couldn't read, but that's okay, maybe Ai will help him. But where's Ai? Closing the book in his arms with gentle care, heterochromatic eyes looked up at the woman frowning a bit as he looked around the room for the man that found him yesterday.


"Where's Ai?"


"Ai?...Oh! You mean Shouta? He's teaching his class today! I think today they were going to go to USJ to practice rescue missions."


"Can we go see Ai?"


"Of course! I'm sure Shouta would be happy to see you."


"Okay, but what's your name?"


"Nemuri, Nemuri Kayama."


"Okay Ne, lets go."


Taking Ne's hand, Shouto started to pull her towards the door while holding onto the stuffed animal in his other hand. She followed along with no problem whatsoever, helping the small boy to open the door, and together they walked through the hall to head towards the parking lot. When he asked about the dark haired woman's hero name, she said her hero name was Midnight just like the cat Ai had at home. She explained that they would need to drive there since it would take them longer to get there walking than driving. He then started to ask questions out of pure curiosity as they made their way through the school. What does UA mean? What do they do in UA? What's Ai's quirk? How about Za's quirk? What about yours? Is everyone here a pro hero? What is USJ? Can he do the practice thing too? Is there other people there as well? The questions went on and on, and every time, he got an answer from the dark haired woman. The answer was short or long, but at least he got an answer, right? They barely walked through the front door before the sound of a phone went off. Heterochromatic eyes looked towards the source of the sound spotting the phone in the process hero's pocket. With a small smile, she took the phone out, letting go of his hand to answer the call.


"Hey Yamada."


It's Za. What did he want to talk about?


"What?...Wait, hold on...Yes, I'm with him right now...we were about to head towards USJ-what do you mean there has been an attack?...Okay, okay, let me just...Okay, but I need to make sure he's safe...Look, I'll be there as soon as I can."




"Hey, uhm, why don't you go back inside, and go to the nearest classroom, okay? I need to go help Shouta real quick with something."


"Can I come too?"


"No! Ah, I mean, no. It's something adults have to deal with. Just go back inside, and don't come out until one of the teachers tell you to."




Ne left before he could say anything else, watching her run towards what he thought maybe Ai could be at. She said USJ, right? They were going over there anyways, so it was okay to go. Maybe. She said something about an attack during the call. Was there villains? Taking in a sudden sharp breath, Shouto felt his hands tighten their grip on the stuffed animal. There were villains. The bad guys that he saw the heroes fight every day. And Ai needed help. Before he could think of anything else, his tiny legs started to move forward than towards the school barely holding onto the stuffed animal by it's arm. Adrenaline ran through his veins like venom as he ran towards the direction Ne ran off to. Ai promised. He promised to him this morning. He promised.




"Hey, what's wrong kid?"




It was nothing. Well, for Shouto it was.


"It doesn't look like nothing to me. Wanna talk about it?"


"I-I miss mama. I miss Fuyumi. She promised. They promised they wouldn't leave me. Th-They promised. A-And mama said I-I could still be a-a hero. She promised. She said I could say-save people like you do. I-I tried. But everyone was mean to me."


"Come here."


Shouto sniffed while rubbing his eye, but walks over to Ai making sure to not step on Midnight's tail. 


"I'm gonna be honest kid, and never repeat what I say to anyone else, but sometimes people are assholes. They don't see that you're a hero. They only see you as quirkless. But I know some of those people you helped really appreciated your help, and thought of you as their little hero. Who knows, maybe your mom was right. Maybe you could be a hero if you work hard enough. So I'm gonna make you a promise. I promise that if you ever need me, whether it be to stay with you at night, or need my help, then I would be there. And that promise won't be broken until I die."


Heterochromatic eyes widen as he looked up when he heard that. He would? Shouto felt new tears start to form in his eyes before he reached forward to hug the older male's chest crying tears of joy. A hand patted his back gently, letting himself shut his eyes as he heard the gentle heartbeat through his chest. 


"Don't cry on me kid. I wanted to make you better, not cry, so come on. I'm gonna make us some pancakes cause we need something to lighten the mood."




Tears were already falling without him noticing, rubbing them away fiercely when he saw a large building up ahead. He legs were burning, but he pushed himself forward as the sound of sirens were getting closer. A large building with police cars and ambulances came into view when he came to a stop in front of a group of funny dressed people. Shouto grew impatient when he couldn't see anything, deciding to push through the crowd ignoring the surprised shouts and yells. Now he can see Ai, and-and...Heterochromatic eyes stared at the stroller being pushed by medics, eyeing the blood and limp hand feeling his blood freeze as the scene in front of him sunk in. H-He promised though...Choking on a sob, the two tone haired boy ran over to the ambulance dropping his stuffed animal as he ignored the shouts from the people behind him. He promised! Leather covered arms wrapped around his waist, picking him up, and holding him close to their chest. He started to struggle against the hold while reaching his arms out towards the closing doors of the ambulance shouting at the top of his lungs, even as tears poured down his face like a river.




"Shouto! Please calm down! I know, I know. Please listen to me. I'm sorry. It's going to be okay...He's going to be okay..."


The arms around his waist held onto him tightly when he finally went limp in his arms, turning around to cover his face in Za's shoulders. Shouto choked on a sob before breaking down clutching onto the blonde's leather jacket tightly. He promised! He shouldn't be dead! A comforting hand pat his head gently, running his fingers through his hair like any parent would to a crying child. He can feel his hold tighten when someone walked over, but he didn't pay attention to them, he could only focus on the image of a bloody hand laying limp on the side of the stroller. When he felt himself being pulled away, he started to panic, gripping onto the blonde's jacket tighter. He words went right through his ears when they noticed his struggling. It seemed futile, but he continued to hang on until finally the hands let him go, letting him hide his face deeper into the other male's shoulder. He didn't want anyone to take him away, not even from Za right now. Something soft touched his arm, turning his head to the side to see his stuffed animal being handed to him by a purple haired male. Tired, liliac eyes stared at him as if he was waiting for him to take it, so he did. After rubbing his eyes, he fixed himself to look at the male properly seeing some similarities with the way he dressed. A scarf that looked like Ai's was wrapped around his neck making him confused a little. Why did he have Ai's scarf? Biting the bottom of his lip, he tried to think of what to say until the other male decided to speak first instead.


"Who's this Yamada?"


"Oh, uh, gosh. I didn't want you guys meeting like this. Were were going to wait until we all went home, but...Hitoshi, this is Shouto, your soon to be younger brother. Shouto, this is Shinsou Hitoshi, but call him Hitoshi, and he's my son."


"I-Is that why he has Ai's scarf?"


"Yeah, that's right little listener!"


"Wait, you got another kid?"


"Look, I know you weren't expecting this, but he was alone and is barely six years old!"


Shouto looked up at Za, and then down at Shin, noticing the calculated look in his eyes. There was some spoken between the two, but no words were exchanged. 


"Lets get you guys back in class before we go see Sho at the hospital."


And with that, they turned back towards the small crowd that he passed by when he ran over here.












Hizashi stared at the unconscious form of his husband, worry shown in his eyes when he scanned over his body again for the umpteenth time. There were bandages almost everywhere on his body, and it worried him. They said his elbow had heavy damage since a quirk that appears to be able to disintegrate things made contact with his arm during the battle. Disintegrate. He could have lost an arm if he didn't move fast enough! A single cut was made from under his right eye, but was only a minor injury than the major concussion he had due to his head getting pounded into the concrete floor. Can the injuries get any worse? Yes it can. Both of his arms were heavily broken from brute strength alone after the doctors looked at the x-rays carefully. Getting slammed onto the floor caused some bruising on his chest, but no ribs were broken luckily. He might as well started growing gray hair from stress. The blonde male rubbed his eyes once more, trying not to think about the condition he found his husband in when he first looked at the dark haired male on the floor surrounded by a few of his students. Letting out a shaky sigh, the older male looked over to the two boys sitting behind him. Hitoshi wasn't exactly expecting a younger sibling, but decided to warm up to the kid when Shouto started to ramble on and on with questions. When his son explained his quirk, he could see the surprise in his eyes when the younger boy only smiled, and said that his quirk was amazing. The poor kid didn't get a lot of compliments about his quirk when he was younger. Yet here's his, hopefully, soon to be younger brother saying his quirk was cool like any other kid would say. However, when the brainwash quirk user asked the kid what his quirk was, it broke his heart when he had to explain about being quirkless, and the reason why he was staying at their house. That's when he saw the protective look in his eyes, and the twitch in his fingers. After that, he pulled the kid onto his lap, and told him to fall asleep since it'll be awhile until Sho woke up. He's definitely Shouta's next generation twin.


"Growing soft on the little listener I see."


"He is going to be my younger brother, right?"


"We gotta look for his biological family first. We can't just take him in like that. Sho will probably try to bring the father down since he sounds like an abuser from what little Shouto described, and get custody over the kid before signing the adoption papers to make it official."


"Can't we just beat the bastard, and take the kid?"


"We don't want to be kidnappers Hitoshi! Besides, we don't exactly know for sure if his mother was part of it or not. She will probably want him back unless the case gives us full custody over the kid than giving him back to his mother."


"Damn, why couldn't the system be easy to handle than going through all this?"


The voice quirk user chuckled at the question as he shook his head, tugging a piece of blonde hair behind his ear. Before they came to the hospital, Hizashi decided it was best for them to go home to change, and then headed their way towards the hospital. Classes were canceled for the rest of the day, so he didn't worry about going back to UA. The students were sent home with their parents while given an explanation as to why they're sent home, and to give reassurance that no one was hurt. Shouto still had tears in his eyes when they got inside the car, fortunately, Hitoshi helped take care of the little kid while he drived back to the apartment complex. They waited in the waiting room until the doctor came in to tell them about the injuries, and that they were free to visit even though he was unconscious still. Now they're here waiting for black/dark gray cloud eyes to open from their slumber. Shuffling from behind him caught his attention, but not enough to make him turn around. A hand gently gripped his shoulder, so he turned his head to the side seeing liliac eyes meet his. He knew that he probably looked like a mess from all the stress the past few hours. It just felt like this was all a bad dream. His husband laying in a hospital bed, close to death if they hadn't arrived on time to stop the villains from hurting anyone else. It hurt him more when he saw the look in his son's eyes as they stroll Shouta's unconscious body out the building. Then the kid screaming after seeing him trying to run towards the ambulance. God, today wasn't his day. 


"It's okay dad, he'll be fine."


"If I just tried to get Sho to let me go with you guys, then maybe-"


"Don't feel guilty from something you couldn't stop or control."


"Then you shouldn't be feeling guilty either Hitoshi."


"I didn't say-"


"Don't think that I don't know you aren't feeling guilty little listener. You were there, and I know you would feel guilty for not being able to do anything."


"...I was right there...But I froze up...I could have done something, but I just-"


"Hey, it was your first time seeing and fighting villains, so it's natural to freeze up. Sho would have told you to run, and hide somewhere than have you guys fight against the villains."


"He was right in front of me though! I watched him get beat up by this freaking monster, and I didn't do anything!"


Finally, the walls have broken. Hizashi stood up to hug the now crying teen, rubbing his back as he cried into his chest letting it all out. He knew the kid was holding it in, he always did. It was an old habit of his, but they were able to get him to let it out when he needed to let it out. So he decided to comfort him while he cried and talked it out. No kid, not even a hero in training should face villains, and watch their parent or teacher get nearly beaten to death. Are his other students feeling like this too? Guilty and scared? Maybe he should talk with them tomorrow just to make sure they're okay. He could maybe bring Shouto along so the class can meet the kid. It'll distract both the kid and the class from the events that happened today. Rubbing his back, the older male led the younger male back towards the chairs sitting him down beside the sleeping kid on the other chair. He decided to pull his chair over, and turn it around to face the other male. There was a moment of silence, but words were exchanged between the two by using their hands. When he would let his emotions out, Hitoshi would end up stop talking, and use sign language to talk when he couldn't form words. They talked like this until there was a small yawn beside the two, turning their attention towards the now awaken two hair tone boy.




"Hey little listener, how was your nap?"


"It was okay...What were you guys doing?...With the hands...?"


"You mean sign language? It's a way for people who are mute or deaf to communicate. Hitoshi doesn't want to speak right now, so we're using sign language."


"Sign language? Can I do it too?"


"Sure kiddo! Here, lets start with some simple stuff."


Deciding it was best to distract the two from all the events that happened today, Hizashi turned over towards Shouto moving his hands, and explained what each movement meant while the other followed. Maybe they could be a happy family of four.


Chapter Text

The moment he opened his eyes, a blinding light hit him causing the dark haired male to shut his eyes quickly groaning softly in discomfort at the sudden brightness. Taking a deep breath, black/dark gray cloud eyes opened once more adjusting to the light faster than the first time. Aizawa blinked a few times before taking in his surroundings finding himself in a hospital room than Recovery Girl's office. He didn't need a genius to know that he was covered in bandages like as if the tight sensation of the white medical cloth covering his face and chest wasn't a big give away already. Two casts were covering his arms and hands after trying to move them to sit up. Turning his head over to the side, he could see someone's back towards him, and what he could probably make out hand movements based on how their shoulders moved. Unfortunately, when he moved his head back a little too fast causing a wave of dizziness hit him like a train. Groaning a little more louder, there was the sound of a chair scrapping against the tiled floor before a hand gently moved a piece of hair off his face to the side. When the blurriness from his eyes faded away, lime green eyes looked down at him with worry. It was impossible to think as the drugs in his system, and the drowsiness of being unconscious for who knows how long made it hard to think at all. The bed started to move up making it easier to look at the person in front of him better without moving too much.


"Oh thank goodness! I didn't think you were gonna wake up! You gave me a scare Sho! You gave everyone a scare! Even little Sho!"

"Is he awake?"

Hearing two set of footsteps, Aizawa looked over to the side to see Hitoshi with wide eyes while holding a equally wide eyed Shouto. Next thing he knew, he was being surrounded by bundles of arms hugging him tightly, but not tight enough to disturb his injuries. Shouto clung onto him tightly, laying on top of the bed curling his legs in close to his stomach. Hitoshi was on the other side, hugging him just as tightly as the other kid, but was mumbling words that he couldn't comprehend at the moment from the drugs running through his system. Finally, Yama was leaning over the smaller male completing the small family hugging and surrounding him after waking up for the first time in probably a day. The hug went on for a minute or so before they pulled away to give him some space. Blinking a few more times to adjust his eyesight, he looked over at his husband to get a few questions answered.

"How long was I out?"

"You were out for the whole day yesterday when the incident happened...I was really worried Sho."

"Me too! I thought you broke your promise..."

"You had everyone worried basically, school was canceled for today to give everyone a rest from yesterday's incident."

"Like Hitoshi said, everyone was worried. Lucky your injuries aren't life threatening."

"What are the injuries?"

"You broke both of your arms, bruising on your chest but your ribs are not broken thankfully, a single cut under your right eye, and a major concussion. Unfortunately, because of your head getting pounded onto the floor it caused some complications with your quirk."

"What do you mean 'complications with my quirk?'"

"Your time to keep your eyes open will be shortened due to the head trauma you suffered through."

As the words repeated inside his head, a small hand touched his shoulder gently causing him to focus back on the present than the rampaging thoughts inside his head.

"But you'll be okay Ai! You're a hero, so it'll be okay!"

"You'll still be my favorite pro hero, dad. A set back from your quirk won't change anything."

"It's going to be fine Sho, I know you can figure out something to make things work even with this small set back."

Black/dark gray eyes met lime green eyes finding the reassurance he thought he wouldn't need until now. Shutting his eyes, Aizawa took a deep breath feeling the growing headache from the overflowing thoughts fade away to leave behind nothing but reassurance from his family. After opening his eyes again, Shouto started to go in slight detail about what they did the whole day yesterday, and showed from a few sign language that Yama and Hitoshi taught as they waited. They stayed the night in his room apparently, sleeping on the chairs as comfortably as they could in the small space they had. He cared for their well-being, but was glad when they said they went to get breakfast, gave the cats some food as well while there, and took a small walk to help with their stiff muscles from the uncomfortable positions they slept in last night. Yama showed him some cards that were dropped off in the room in the morning after they returned from their short walk, finding that it was a few of his students that sent the cards with wishes of getting well soon. His phone was also full of messages after having Hitoshi unlocking his phone, and open the messaging app to see the muted teachers chat full of messages from the fellow teachers and staff members in UA. Then there was the chat between him,  Yama, Nemuri, and Tensei. Deciding to send a message to both chats, the underground pro hero changed the setting to send messages by using his voice since he couldn't type with his hands. 

UA, more like U-GAY

Comatose: I lived bitches


Mosquito: Glad to know you're okay

Meteoroid: You're alive! Thank goodness!

YeeHaw: Ah, the reaper has awoken

MYLEG(s): The class will be thrilled to know you're alive, they've been worried about you yesterday

Blockhead: You finally answered I see

Mitochondria: Gave us quite a scare Eraserhead


Band-aid: Finally woken up from your recklessness 


McChef: When you get back, you're not getting your fruit pouches back 


Comatose: Hitoshi is old enough to say such words Yama


Comatose: ...

Comatose: Fuck

Aizawa looked up from his phone to look over at Shouto noticing the confused look he had on his face. Oh boy.

"What does bitches and fuck mean?"

"Don't ever say those words until you're older, okay?"

"But why?"

"They're bad words."

"Okay...who were you talking to?"

"Friends of mine, do you want to say hi?"


"Okay, just-Wait!"

UA, more like U-GAY

Comatose: Hi!-wai-I'm-t until I-Sho-fini-uto!-sh speak-Nice to-ing Shou-meet yo-to!-u!

Mosquito: What?

Cockatoo: SHO! PFFT-

Rated18: What is going on? SHOUTA?!

Comatose: Sorry, Shouto wanted to say hi, but didn't let me finish speaking before my phone ended up sending both of our voices mixed together

Comatose: Now then

Comatose: Hi! I'm Shouto! Nice to meet you!

Rated18: Shouto! It's good to see you're okay! How are you doing little guy?

Comatose: I'm doing okay Ne!

Cockatoo: Two can play this game Shouto

Comatose: Shiiiiiin! Give Za's phone back!

Rated18: These bois are too pure for this chat

YeeHaw: Wait, when did you get another kid?

Comatose: Long story short, kid got abandoned, so I took him in, and will now be living with Yama, Hitoshi, and I until we can get full custody over him after finding his real parents

Meteoroid: Who would leave their own child?!

Cockatoo: People that only want children with quirks apparently

Rated18: ...

YeeHaw: ...

Meteoroid: ...

McChef: ...

Blockhead: ...

Woof: ...

Mosquito: ...

Band-aid: ...

Mitochondria: ...

Comatose: ...


Y'allMight: That's not very plus ultra of them

Rated18: Can we adopt this child?

Comatose: My child, back off

Cockatoo: Aww, the rarest sight of a soft Sho

Comatose: I will make sure you sleep out in the hallway, and stay there until I get out of here

Cockatoo: Sho! How dare you?!

Comatose: Be glad I sent the kids to go get snacks, or I wouldn't have threatened to throw you out the room

Cockatoo: Shooooo!

A sly smirk formed on his face as he read the message looking up to see a pouting Yama looking down at his phone before looking up to meet his. Rolling his eyes, Aizawa shook his head looking back down at his own phone to reply back.

UA, more like U-GAY

Comatose: Fine, just stop pouting like a kid

Cockatoo: Hey!

First the blond was by the door, and then he was by his side hugging the living shit out of him making his chest protest from the pressure on his injuries. When he groaned from the uncomfortable pressure, Yama pulled away smiling sheepishly while apologizing. Aizawa turned his attention to the door when he heard the door open revealing the two younger males holding snacks and a few drinks in their arms. Shouto walked over to the bed with a wrapped mini sandwich and a small carton of apple juice as Hitoshi walked in giving the other older male a bottle of water with a wrapped sandwich. Deciding to push everything aside, the dark haired male leaned forward to sit up better getting help from the blond as well. Small hands gripped onto the hospital sheets as the smaller boy lifted himself up onto the bed fixing himself back onto the spot beside the older male. After the child finally sat back down, the purple haired teen pulled a chair closer to the bed to get close to the other three until the door to the room opened. A tall male entered the room holding a clipboard in one hand while the other held the handle looking down at the clipboard before finally looking up to see the small family inside. 

"Ah, I see everyone is here. Good. Aizawa Shouta, correct?"


"Well, I'm sure Yamada has told you about your injuries, and about the results of such injuries?"

"Yes, I've been informed about my injuries and the results of such, but I'll be completely fine with it. I've been situations or trained myself to deal with such things when it comes to not being able to use my quirk."

"I'm glad you didn't take the information to heart, most heroes would see it as a weakness, or that they wouldn't be able to be heroes when, in fact, it's still possible just with a slight setback. Now, your prescribed eye drops will be slightly changed to help with any pains you receive if you use your quirk for too long. As for the other injuries, the bones will take awhile to heal, but there won't be any scarring besides the skin around your elbow. Disintegrating quirk if I'm correct. Your ribs are just only bruised, so just keep any heavy pressure from the area, put ice if it causes any pain, and take any of the following medicine to help with any chest pains you receive during the day. The concussion, however, was quite severe, so you would need to be careful from banging your head against anything too roughly."

"Thank you for the aid in my injuries, and of my well-being."

"Oh, there's no need to thank me. It's my job to help the ones that protect us, and the world of villains."

"Yet without you, then there wouldn't be many heroes getting back on their feet to protect said world."

"I suppose you're correct. Now, you can be released now, or in the afternoon after going through some papers."

"Now would be fine."

"Okay! Let me just sort through some papers, and then you can leave with your family. I'm sure you have his clothes Yamada?"


After that, Yama pulled out a bag of clothes from under the chair Hitoshi sat on smiling at the doctor before he opened the door once more to leave, and get the papers sorted out for the married couple. Aizawa leaned back into the slightly comfortable pillow shutting his eyes preparing himself to get changed when all he felt at the moment was to sleep. When he opened his eyes, three pair of eyes were looking straight at him as the bag of clothing was left at the end of his bed. Looks like he won't be getting out of this one then. 

"I'm not getting out of this one, am I?"

"Nope! Now lets get you to the bathroom to change.""I'll stay here with Shouto, just shout if you need help."

"Ha-Have fun Ai!"

Ah crap. Swinging his legs over to the side slowly with the help of the voice quirk user, Aizawa could hear his back popping from laying down for nearly a day and a half. Shouto moved to the side as the two other males walked towards the restroom installed inside the room. Thin, yet strong arms wrapped around his waist since the drugs were still running through his veins, making his movement sluggish slightly. Hitoshi stood up from his seat to open the door waiting until they were fully in before shutting it to give them some privacy. Bright, white lights turned on in a flash making him groan as he shut his eyes to make the spots in his eyes disappear. Moving his leg forward, the dark haired male found the toilet shuffling over to it carefully before sitting down letting himself rest a bit. The sound of a plastic bag opening filled the small room until it fell on the floor with barely any sound. Opening his black/dark gray eyes, the erasure quirk user saw a pair of his black pants with a dark gray T-shirt along with a light gray jacket that must belong to Yama, not remembering ever buying the jacket. The blond smiled softly at him as his husband knelt down to help remove the hospital gown to change him into more better, fitting clothing. Slim, gentle fingers pushed the thin clothing off his shoulders to leave his chest bare to the cold air. Folding the gown, the blond male put it down against the sink before grabbing his dark gray T-shirt moving onto the harder part. Putting the T-shirt on. Smiling sheepishly, he rubbed the back of his neck while holding the T-shirt in one hand trying to think of a way to do this. This is gonna take awhile.



"Will I be able to go with you tomorrow again?"

"Of course, but you won't be doing the things the class will be doing. Have you seen the books and toys Nemuri bought you?"

"Y-Yeah! Ne also gave me this!"

Turning his eyes towards the rear mirror, the older male could see the little boy hold up a stuffed animal that looked like a simple teddy bear, but after closer observation, he could see it was a cat instead. Under the bandages he was smiling slightly at the way Shouto smiled as he started to ramble about the books and the toys "Ne" bought him after waking up from his nap the other day. Hitoshi fell asleep the moment they started to leave the parking lot of the hospital after signing some papers, and saying their farewells once more. Yama suggested they should get some proper rest, and relax for the rest of the day until tomorrow when school starts again. Everyone agreed to it, not one complaint about the idea. The smaller boy decided to stay up this time while the older boy sleeps this time, watching videos on Yama's phone again while holding the stuffed animal in his arms. The ride back home was in silence besides the background noise, and the sound of the videos the kid watched. Black/dark gray eyes stared out the window spacing out as the thoughts from before started to run wild again. Can he really continue to do hero work? What if he wasn't able to hold the quirk as long as he usually did, causing a life to be lost cause of it? What if it was his students? What about Yama? Hitoshi? Shouto? A sudden image appeared and then just left immediately after that, but it was still there. The corpses laying in their own puddle of blood, making his blood run cold at the thought. Turning his head over to the side, he tried to remind himself that they are there. They're there. Driving. Watching videos. Sleeping...Breathing. 

"Hey okay?"

"Yeah...yeah, just thinking."

", feel tired? Pain? You can sleep if you want."

"I'm fine, and haven't I slept enough as it is?"

"I guess you're right, but at least you should rest. We can watch a movie while we put the kids to bed."

"I'm not a kid."

"And I'm not tired!"

"Nope, you guys are going to bed, and that is final."

"Yeah! You guys didn't really sleep well last night, now did ya?"

"Not really..."

"Fine, but we're doing a family movie night this weekend."

"Ya got it little listener!"





"The kids asleep?"


Aizawa sat right in the middle of a nest made of blankets and pillows, finding it hard to move around without causing any of the pillows to fall. The moment they got out of the car to return home, Yama ushered the two boys in the house while also making a call for some pizza for dinner tonight. He sat on the couch most of the time since the "mothering" blond gave him a "sit and rest, or you're not going to work tomorrow" look. The said blond guided the boys upstairs to change while they waited for dinner to arrive, coming back downstairs with two or three blankets in hand along with their pillows from their room. After that, he started to make a cozy nest on the couch, so when the kids sleep, they could start their little movie night together. When the pizza came, the blond male took the pizza for the kids on the table, separating the one for themselves on the living room table in front of the couch. Moments like these were rare in Aizawa's opinion. They never really gone out much due to hero work or work in general, and when they do, it was mostly to go to the theaters, eat out at one of the few restaurants they went to in their younger life, or stayed at home to have movie nights while Hitoshi was in bed sleeping. Sometimes the younger boy would be nice enough to hangout with Nemuri or the Iida's when they wanted a day alone to enjoy themselves. He didn't know if he meant it, or he meant meant  it, but either way, they did enjoy themselves. A little too much sometimes. Now with the kids sleeping and stomachs full, they could enjoy a movie or two until they go to bed to sleep. 

"So what movie are we watching tonight?"

"Weeeeeell, I was looking through Netflix, and saw this American movie called 22 Jump Street. Apparently it's a comedy, so why don't we watch a funny movie to lighten up the day? Oh yeah! There's also this one movie called Unbroken? It seems interesting, but it's a drama movie. Think we could watch two movies tonight, or just one?"

"I'm fine with watching two, but I wouldn't be surprised if you fall asleep during one of the movies."

"Will not!"

"We'll see."





Lime green eyes stared down at the sleeping form of his husband's, running slender fingers through slightly tangled, yet soft black hair forgetting about the movie playing altogether. It wasn't that interesting, but at least he was able to prove Sho wrong! He stayed awake for the second movie! Smiling brightly, Hizashi looked back up to the TV thinking that his friend to boyfriend to husband fell asleep probably from his body needing to rest from all the injuries he received. At least his injuries are healing, right? Shifting his legs around from the messed up nest of blankets, the blond moved his unoccupied arm to grab the TV remote turning it off while getting off the couch to push his arms under the sleeping male's neck and under his legs. It was easy to pick him up, but the extra weight of the two heavy casts made it slightly more harder to get a better grip on him. Fortunately, he was able to get up the stairs and into their room before gently putting the male down onto the bed. After doing so, he went back downstairs to grab one of the blankets he took, and the pillows he took down as well. The house was silent and still as he returned to the room putting the pillows back where they once were, throwing the blanket over himself and the other. It must have been on instinct, or maybe just unconsciously, but the sleeping form of his husband rolled over to rest his head against his chest with no signs of discomfort from the casts on his face. Maybe he was really out tonight. Chuckling softly, the blond wrapped his arms around the other's waist pulling him closer to his body hugging him tightly like it was their last day together, which will never come hopefully. 

"Goodnight Sho..."

Kissing the top of his head, Hizashi closed his eyes letting his worries finally rest as the sound of the peaceful silence, and the warmth of his husband put him to sleep.  



Chapter Text

"You're not gonna leave again, right?"


"No, you'll be joining Hitoshi and I in class, and see Yama as well when he has to teach the class."


"So he's meeting the class today?"


"Of course! The little listener will be with us since we can't leave him at the house alone."


"I guess that's reasonable."


Liliac eyes stared out the window as they drive down the busy roads to get to the Hero Academy, or U.A. High School, that they all went to besides the new family member. He was surprised that he was getting a younger brother, never expecting to get one after nearly ten years went by from being adopted by the two love birds. It wasn't easy in the orphanage, but when Aizawa and Hizashi came to the orphanage and took him in, it all changed. There's no way in hell will he want to go back in the hellhole he dealt with for six years after getting his quirk at four, and getting adopted into the best home ever. Lucky the kid didn't and wouldn't ever have to go through that like he did. The kid was too innocent for his own good to be put in there. He's too innocent to be on the streets as well. Who would do such a thing? To a four year? To their own child? They both came from a abusive home, or homes for him. But the reasons were different. He wasn't abused and neglected for having a villain quirk, but for being quirkless. When he first met the kid, it was when they were at the USJ. A small kid pushing through everyone only to run towards his father before his other father came to pick him up, hugging him the way a real parent should. It was like the orphanage all over again. 




"Come on freak! Say something!"


"Shut up! He can use his quirk on you if he makes you answer a question!"


"Why do you think he has a muzzle on dumbass? This place knows he's a bad guy, so he's gonna stay muzzled like the villain he is."


That was all he was to them.


A freak.


A bad guy.


A brat. 


A monster.


A...a villain.


Hitoshi looked back down at the splintered, old wood floor beneath his skin and bones limbs. Bruises and small scratch marks filled his whole body, not a single piece of skin left unscathed. They always treated him like a monster. The woman that worked at the orphanage barely feed him, and always left the muzzle on him. Always told him to be quiet. To never utter a word, or he would get locked in the closet again. His parents dropped him off at the orphanage if he remembered correctly, and they never looked back. They never came back to get him. His mother's words hurt the most than his father's beating before they left him. He never made friends, so he didn't have anyone to go to when he had nightmares. The kids weren't any better than the workers. They didn't clean his clothes or his blanket when it's laundry day, so he did it himself. They gave him the worst out of the food they're given when they finally remember to feed him, or when he asks for food. When he got sick, no one tried to help him. He would get pushed around by the older kids, and the younger ones would run away from him. Even when a family was nice enough to take him in, it never got better. His so called "father" and "mother" would make him clean the house like his life depended on it. Which it did. If he could finish his chores, then he could eat and sleep in a bed for once. If he couldn't, then he was left to sleep in the basement, closet, or outside. Some of his foster homes would let him keep the muzzle off, but most left the muzzle on, only letting him take it off when he eats. Most of the foster homes always treated him like a villain, but there was one family that was nice. 


They treated him like they were their own son. He was fed well, got to take a bath, got new clothes, and even got to play games than do chores. It all seemed like a nice dream until the gun was pulled out. It was like he snapped. His "father" just snapped. Took a gun out, and shot his wife when she tried to intervene between his own suicide. When the triggered was pulled, the sound of a gunshot filled the house, and still rung in his ears before the sound of a body hit the floor. Hitoshi looked up at his "father" before seeing the gun pointed towards him. He was going to die now, and no one would miss him. Shutting his eyes tightly, he waited for his miserable life to end, but no gunshot came. Not for him at least. Another gunshot went off, and another body fell to the ground. Opening his eyes slowly, lilac eyes stared horrified as the two bodies of the only foster home he came to love die. Blood started to pool around their heads until their bloods merged together to create a large pool of blood. It was like his life finally started to break apart all over again. A family he could call his own taken away from him once more. Taking in a sharp intake of air, Hitoshi clenched his hands into fists as he stayed on his knees with his head down as silent tears fell from his eyes. After fifteen minutes of sitting in the pool of blood of his parents, police and ambulance arrived finding the small, crying child sitting in the pool of blood of his now deceased parents. He was sent back to the hellhole everyone called and orphanage, and relived the cycle all over again. Until they came.


"Mr. Yamada. Mr. Aizawa. Nice to meet you. I'm assuming you've came to adopt a child?"


"Of course, Mrs. Yukimura. We decided it was time to take a step forward after getting married for a few years."


"Ah, well I can assure you that these children will be respectful to your circumstances, and wonderful marriage."


But they can't be respectful to the other kids? Hitoshi walked back down the hall towards the children's sleeping area of the house, entering the third door to the left after moving away when two kids ran down the hall playing tag apparently. When he first entered, a few kids stopped playing while the rest continued to ignore him walking quietly towards the corner of the room to sit silently by himself like everyone wanted him to do. Always sit in the corner, and don't talk. No one wants to play with a "villain." After sitting down on the dusty, rotten, old corner of the room, he started to trace the cracks on the wall with his finger scratching the edge of the muzzle as the skin started to grow irritated and red from the tightness. One of the older kids put it back on him after he finished eating the small meal for breakfast, purposely tightening it than usual. Children played and everyone ignored him until there was the faint sound of footsteps. They're coming to look for a kid now. He could feel himself shrink as he tugged his legs closer to his chest to make himself as small as possible. The room went from loud to extremely loud as kids started to show off their quirks trying to make themselves known to the two adults. What's the use for him? His quirk is a villain's quirk, and the muzzle is the only thing keeping him quirkless until they decide to take it off. Deciding to ignore all of the commotion, he went back to tracing the cracks on the wall barely even noticing the approaching figure from behind. A small thud was heard from behind him grabbing his attention as he turned around only to see a man with long, black hair, and a gray scarf wrapped loosely around his neck staring at him from the corner of his eye.


"Why do they have you on a muzzle? Does it hurt? I swear to god orphanage's these days get worse and worse."


Before he could give his response, large, warmer hands wrapped around the muzzle loosening the belt in the back feeling the tightness go away as the muzzle was pulled off his face. The sudden air hitting the irritated, red skin made him wince a bit, but the relief from it felt amazing.


"Is that better, kid? Damn...those your cheeks hurt? Yama! Can you speak with Mrs. Yukimura for a moment?"


"'s fine..."


But his voice wasn't heard as the other older male already left the room, leaving only him, the rest of the kids, and the other adult. 


"Want me to show you my quirk?!"


"Look! I can control metal! It's awesome, right?!"


"I can do better than that!"


"Hey! I can-"


"I didn't ask to be shown your quirk, nor do I really care. Now instead of asking me questions, I have questions for you. Why the hell do you have him in a muzzle? Is he the only one? Or is there more kids being treated like this? Do you guys even care?"


He was worried? About him?




"He-He has a mean quirk. He could hurt us."


"What kind of quirk?"


"He will control your mind l-like-"


"Like a villain! He could make one of us kill ourselves!"


"That's why we keep him on a muzzle."


"He's just a f-"


"So what? Do you even know my quirk?"


"N-No, but-"


Then it happened before he could blink even once. One of the kids still had their quirk activated, causing the metal in one of the toy cars to slowly get bent before it stopped completely. Looking up, he could see the man's eyes glow bright red as his hair stood up staring at the kid with a death glare. His quirk. He erased his quirk.


"Wh-Where's my quirk?! I can't use it!"


"What did you do?!"


"I erased his quirk. That's my quirk. Now you must be thinking, 'He has a villain's quirk too.' Sorry, but I'm actually an underground pro hero. Even with a 'villain's' quirk, I'm a pro hero nonetheless. It doesn't matter if you have a quirk that is bad, it all just depends how you use it. From how he was using it, he could have destroyed that toy. Not a big deal, right? Now imagine it a real car with a family inside. He's the villain now isn't he? But he isn't. It just depends if he uses it to become a villain. So answer me this. Has he used his quirk against you before? Has he tried to make you kill yourself before?"


Silence. It was like they didn't have a snarky remark this time. Hitoshi stared at the scene before him in awe.


"Exactly. He didn't. There's really no reason to make him wear a muzzle like a dog, and treat him differently for it. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a kid to adopt."


And just like that, his hair fell back down, and his eyes were back to a black/dark gray color. Hitoshi sat still on the floor as everyone else moved away for the underground pro hero to get to the door, not uttering a single word. He stared in shock and awe at the man not even noticing the stares he's receiving from some of the children inside the room. After he left, none of the kids said a word standing silently in the room before they continued on with what they did early. Looking down on the floor, he realized the muzzle wasn't on the floor, or anyone else around the room. Did he take it with him? Are they not going to get it back? Moving his hands up to his face, he could feel the slight irritated skin above his cheeks rubbing it gently. It was finally off. He didn't have to put it on anymore. He didn't realize he started to cry until the salt in the tears stung the skin a bit, getting his attention as he tried to wipe them away so no one else could notice. 


"Shinsou Hitoshi. Can you follow me to my office real quick?"


It felt weird to talk to Mrs. Yukimura when he normally wasn't allowed to speak, so he nodded rising up from his spot over my the corner towards the door ignoring the stares he got from everyone else. Why was he being called to her office? Was he in trouble? Was it because he didn't have his muzzle on? He could feel his hands start to shake a little, so he put them behind his back to try and distract himself by playing with his fingers. They walked together towards her office in a tense silence until the hallways towards the front of the orphanage where her office was located became familiar to him. When they reached the door, there were hushed voices behind it making him suddenly confused. Who's inside her office? A small bit of curiosity got the best of him as she opened the door only to see the two adults from before sitting inside her office. Suddenly confusion and surprise replaced his curiosity. What were they doing here? Wait, did the dark haired man say he was adopting someone?


"Shinsou, I would like for you to meet the parents that are adopting you today."


They're adopting him. They're adopting him. They're adopting him. They're adopting hi-


Tears started to form in his eyes as he started at the warm smiles from the two males, finding it hard to hold back the small sobs as he ran over to the two adults even though he barely even knew them. Two pair of arms wrapped around his small frame pulling him close to their warm bodies making it feel like he was back with his old family. One that actually cared. They're adopting him. They care. They really care.


"Hey little listener, name's Hizashi Yamada, but you can call me whatever feels comfortable with ya!"


"My name is Aizawa Shouta, but you can call me Shouta if you wish."


"What's your name little listener?"


"Shinsou...Shinsou Hitoshi."




Now he's here with two fathers that love him, and a new little brother that went through the same things as he did. Hitoshi focused his attention back out to the window seeing the giant building come into view. Glancing over to his side, he could see Shouto staring out the window bouncing on his seat as he left Hizashi's phone on the car seat next to him. Full of excitement to see what a hero school was really like than sitting. Wonder who that reminds him of. Letting his lips quirk up a bit, liliac eyes went back to staring out the window ready to get back into the chaotic classroom, and with the chaotic classmates he likes to call "friends". Who knew he would make friends when he first walked into that classroom. He may have taken in interest in someone, but he won't go into details besides that his stupid smile made his heart skip a bit sometimes. Watching his blond father park in the staff parking lot, they started to get out of the car grabbing their things. He grabbed his school bag putting it over his head to hang on his shoulder before shutting the door while waiting beside Shouta as Hizashi picked up Shouto from the other side. Soon, they started to head towards the entrance of the school where a few students and teachers/pro heroes were already walking in. It was like any other day, but with an excited, bouncing, and too innocent for his own good kid. Sure he would have gone to meet with Mei, but he wanted to see how his chaotic class would react to a little kid joining their class. A sly smirk started to form on his lips as Bakugou's pissed off face came into mind. Wouldn't he be pissed at taking care of a little kid when he can't? He could take care of Shouto, but where's the fun in that? They would need to practice on taking care of a kid if they're going to become heroes. 


Pushing opening the building's doors, they walked through the quiet hallways barely containing any aound besides their footsteps, and the small talk from a few students. The kids rambled on about what he learned about Aunt Nemuri, and yes, he calls Midnight aunt. She played as a babysitter a few times when he was younger, along with one of his classmate's older brother. They did stupid things when his parents were gone, and lets just say he wasn't allowed to be alone with the two chaotic adults for awhile. The kitchen incident will never be brought up again. He didn't realized they stopped until a small hand grabbed his sleeve to get his attention. Turning around, the UA student saw his fathers speaking with one of the teachers.


'Well, speak of the devil.'


"...the books and-oh! Hey Hitoshi and little cutie! How's your morning going?"


"It's going good Ne! I'm going to be with Ai and Shin today!"


"You are! Then let me grab some of those books of yours from yesterday real quick."


After that, she quickly left her earlier conversation to walk back inside the teacher's lounge. When did they get here? He didn't get to question it any further as the familiar figure of his "aunt" came back out with three small books that seemed like for kids Shouto's age. The young child didn't have to be told twice before running over grabbing the books out of her hands smiling widely. Wish he could be that excited to read books. Hitoshi watched with a barely noticeable smile on his face as the kid thanked the rated 18 pro hero over and over again while jumping up and down in excitement. How much energy does this kid have? He can't be that excited even if he ate a shit load of candy. Turning his attention towards the other to pro heroes present, he could see Hizashi's phone peeking out from behind Shouta's shoulder recording the whole thing. He'll probably add it to his album of photos and videos of the small family. Wait, does that mean he has pictures when he dressed up for Halloween? Well fuck. When the overexcited kid finally stopped jumping up and down, he could see the underground pro hero of the three heroes walk over with the bandages covering most of his face besides his eyes.


"Alright, if you're down jumping up and down, we have to get to class before the bell rings."


"Yeah, don't want to leave your new classmates waiting."


"Okay! Bye Za!"


"See ya later, little listener!"


Rolling his eyes, the brainwash quirk user turned back around to head towards the classrooms, noticing that more students are filling the hallways. It was out of instinct, a new instinct, one of a brother, as Hitoshi reached his hand out to grab Shouto's as they walked past by a few groups of students. A small squeeze gave an indication that the smaller male understood, walking closer to walk by his side. He was too small for people to notice him, so it was best to keep him close even though he could have gone with his father instead. Glancing back behind him, he could see that the dark haired male was following closely behind barely giving anyone a glance besides watching them carefully. Father instincts must have went off too. Hizashi was right, Shouta was like a protective mother hen when it came to his kids, and yes, he also means the class. Putting his focus back in front of him, he could see his class from up ahead hearing muffled explosions from inside already. Bakugou must be in a sour mood then. Good. Suddenly, he felt the squeeze on his hand grow tighter causing him to look down confused.




"It's not gonna be scary, right?"


'He's nervous now?'


"No but there's this big as-I mean, big meanie in our class, but don't worry. Shouta, or Ai, will take care of him. Right?"


Turning his heas to the side, he could see his parent now teacher walking up to the two like a walking mummy from all the bandages.


"I'll make sure they learn to not raise their voices, and to treat you nicely. They'll need to learn how to take care of kids when during rescue missions, so this will be a good opportunity for them."




Hitoshi decided to give him an encouraging smile before putting his handle on the door opening it for the three. Eyes immediately landed on the three, but most went straight towards the hiding figure behind his teacher's and his legs.


"Alright, listen up problem children. You'll be having a new classmate in class. Everyone, meet Shouto."

Chapter Text

"Alright, listen up problem children. You'll be having a new classmate in class. Everyone, meet Shouto."


'What. The. Fuck.'


Bakugou felt his eye twitch as he stared at the little kid hiding behind his teacher and one of the extras in class. He could softly hear the girls cooing and awing at the kid in front of the class while soft whispers were going around. The kid was obviously nervous as fuck from all the sudden attention he was gaining from the stupid extras, but took a few shaky steps forward to stand in front of the other two. In his opinion, the kid was way too fucking thin for his age, and maybe even short too if he was probably six or seven years old. The shirt gave it away from how it was hanging slightly on his shoulders, and was baggy a bit hiding his body form. Of course he didn't need to see 'cause he knew that the short brat was probably skin and bones. By the looks of it, he could be wearing a belt if the shorts weren't made to adjust to the waist. To top it off, small shoes covered his feet. His hair was split right in the middle, strawberry red on one side, and snow white in the other. Reminded him of a fuckin' candycane, or maybe even a strawberry shortcake if he tilted sideways. His eyes weren't any different. Ocean blue on the red side, and cloud gray on the white side. Is he literally just two people split in half, and put together? Suddenly, heterochromia eyes were looking up, down, left, and right, but not at anyone directly by the looks of it. The standing candy cane was too fuckin' anxious to focus on one thing, or make any direct eye contact with anyone. Finally, they landed on the white tiled floor before he spoke in a soft tone.


" name is S-Shouto. It's n-nice to meet you."


'Fuckin' stutters too much like fuckin' Deku. Doesn't help I can't hear any of the shit he said. Just had to fuckin' leave my shit at home'


"What? Can't hear ya brat, you're too quiet."


"Kacchan, he sa-"


'Hi, my name is Shouto. It's nice to meet you.'


Heterochromatic eyes stared directly at him as small hands fell back down to his side. The surprised blond blinked for a second or two to make sure he saw that correctly. 


"What the fuck."


"Language Bakugou."


"How the fuck does he know sign language?"


"I've actually been teaching him along with Present Mic. He wanted to learn when he caught us doing so when visiting Aizawa-sensei at the hospital."


"Looks like I was out long enough for you guys to teach him the basics."


"Uh huh! And Shin is gonna teach me more after school!"


He could hear a few of his classmates aww at the nickname making the fucker blush slightly at the comments. There wasn't a point hiding it as he snickered at the name staring at the mindfucker while leaning his head back a bit.


"Shin? Ha! Mindfucker got a lame ass nickname."


"Now then, if we can get back to topic, we won't be getting to the lesson today. Instead, you'll be introducing yourself to your new classmate, so he can get comfortable around you guys faster. He's staying with me, so I wouldn't hesitate to expel anyone that decides to mess with him physically or verbally. Shinsou will be in charge of him when I'm not around, but you guys will be if he's not."


The dark haired male moved over to his sleeping bag that was discarded on the floor, flopping down on his back while shutting his eyes to fall asleep. After the previous words finally sunk in for everyone, all hell broke loose.






"Is this part of our training?"


"Can we keep him too?!"




"This is fuckin' stupid!"


There was no way in hell he was going to take care of a kid. No way in hell. Bakugou felt his palms started to release small pops, loud enough for anyone near him to hear. He slam down his hands on his desk about to yell out his disagreement to the idea until he noticed the small, but barely noticeable flinch from the toddler that now walked back behind his makeshift wall. The flinch was small, just a slight jerk of his shoulders, but it didn't go unnoticed by him. It didn't bother him. It shouldn't have bothered hit. Yet it did. He knew too well of a flinch when he saw one. Even as a kid, he would explode which caused some of the other kids in his class to flinch from the loud sound. It didn't bother him back then, yet the the small flash of fear that appeared in the heterochromatic eyes made his heart twist a bit. Goddamnit. It was like he was going soft by just a single kid that looks like a kicked puppy. Just like Deku back then. Is that the kid's quirk? Make himself lovable or something? Groaning to himself, he sat back down on his seat causing it to scrap against the floor, but decided to ignore the screeching sound as he shut his eyes to try and ignore everyone else that was still voicing out their excitement about the idea. It was stupid in his opinion that they're getting excited over taking care of a kid, but that wasn't his problem. Not like he was going to help take care of the kid in the first place. He could hear two different footsteps heading towards his way to the back of the class. One that was very light that he could barely hear it, and the other a more normal soft thud of shoes hitting the floor. Then he felt a small tug on his sleeve causing him to crack his eye open to look who it was.


The brat. 


Of course.


"What's your name?"


"Why do you wanna know, huh?"


"Just tell him your name Baka-gou."


"It's Ba-"




It was as if time itself froze as the two toned brat yelled the name for everyone to hear. There was barely any noise in the room, that he could hear his own heartbeat in his ears. Then hell broke loose once more.






"Can you give me a nickname too?!"


"K-Kacchan! Please don't do get mad! It's just a nickname!"


"As nice as nicknames would be right now, shouldn't we be introducing ourselves first before going into that?"


"Of course! It's best to introduce ourselves first before we can get into first name bases and such."


"I'm surprised he chose Bakugou of all people."


"What the hell is that supposed to mean aux cord?!"


Small explosions started to form in his hands glaring at the aux cord wannabe chick until a small hand grabbed his sleeve pulling his hand down on the table. When he glanced down at the kid, there was awe in his eyes as two toned eyes stared at the still small pops and explosions his hands made. It was like looking at a awestruck Deku all over again. Bakugou scoffed at the memory of Deku's stupid face when he first showed off his quirk to the other kids. He decided to control the explosions to make them pop instead of exploding letting his hand relax on the table, so the kid can watch it for his own entertainment. Suddenly, it felt as if the multiple eyes that stared at the kid were now trained on him like lasers on a sniper gun. When he glanced back at the purple haired fucker, he could see a smirk on his face before walking calmly back to his seat leaving him with the kid. Just absolutely fuckin' great. Instead of surrounding the freak's table, the stupid extras started to surround his introducing themselves, and showing off their quirks just a bit gaining the kid's attention like a moth to a flame. Heterochromatic eyes darted from left to right looking at everyone's quirks with wonder and awe, asking questions as if he was a mini, two toned version of Deku. Somehow he ended up worming himself onto sitting the top of his desk. How? He wouldn't know. Not like he helped him or anything. The kid sat criss-crossed while tucking in his small hands between his legs to keep them still. Now, it was the class's turn to ask questions.


"Who's your favorite quirk?"


"It has to probably be Shinsou's or Aizawa's. They are his family, so I wouldn't be surprised."


Bakugou decided to start ignoring everyone else. Red ruby eyes started to shut before he felt a soft tap against his arm making him open his eyes to glance down at the small hand on his arm.


"I like Baka's!"


'Of course he wou-wait, what?'




"I-I like your quirk Baka! It goes boom boom!"


"Oh my god! This is so adorable! I need to record this!"


"Already on it!"




"Aww man! I thought he would like mine for sure!"


"Hold the fu-"


"Is it okay if I can call you Shouchan?"


"-ck up!"


"What's your favorite color?"


"What's it like living with Aizawa-sensei?"


"Hey guys, maybe we should ask questions sl-"


"What's your quirk?"


When he heard the question out of the thousands of other questions thrown around in the air, it caused him to glance down at the suddenly quiet and less excited then he was before. It was like the sparkle in his eyes dulled a bit as he looked down on his lap while biting his lip. Bakugou scrunched his eyebrows a bit, finding the kid's sudden change of behavior and mood as odd. Did the question bother him? The sound of a chair scrapping against the floor caught everyone's attention, even his surprisingly. Red ruby eyes landed on lilac purple eyes as the mindfucker started to walk over to the small crowd staring directly at the kid then anyone else.


"You don't have to-"


"N-No, it's okay. I told you right? And I told other people too, so..."


'Tell them what? What the ever loving hell is going on?'


There was an unsettling silence as the two stared at each other with some sort of intensity before the purple haired teen finally gave in with a heavy sigh.


"Fine, buuuut..."


His stare changed into a glare as he looked at every single person, especially him.


"If any of you decide to fuck with him, then I won't hesitate to use my quirk on you."


Everyone nodded stiffly and nervously as they all could feel that his threat wasn't just some other threat he would throw out just for show or fun. No. It held real threat to it. Bakugou decided to ignore the glaring eyes, focusing down at the now nervous boy who was fiddling with his fingers. Shouto looked up from his lap, but avoid eye contact with everyone before finally speaking loud enough for everyone to hear.


"I'm...I'm quirkless...I...I don't have a quirk...It still won't stop me from being a hero though. Shin told me th-that everyone here wants to be a hero, s-so I wanna be a hero too with you guys!"


As the words left the kid's lips, the mostly known angry blond was now shocked. Everything was put into some standstill as the words sunk in making him clench his fingers to form them into a fist. It was like as if the words triggered something in him. The memories of certain parts of his childhood started to flash through his mind one by one. Deku saying he was quirkless. The stupid smile he always fuckin' wore even when he would be covered in scraps and bruises. Determination still sparkling bright in his eyes as he followed him around like a lost puppy. It made a sick feeling in his stomach start to form. He didn't know what it was, but it didn't sit well with him. Was it guilt? No, it couldn't possibly be that...Or can it? Even when he stilled put Deku down, the fucker had the fuckin' guts to confess his feelings to him when they first saw each other during the summer. Fortunately and unfortunately, the feelings were mutual. The blond couldn't deny it any longer as he held the other's hand when they decided to make it official before they started high school. A switch was flipped, and he started to try to make up for everything that he did as a kid and middle schooler. Whether he took him on a date, or had to say the three godforsaken words to him, it still didn't bring some sort of satisfaction. Now he knew why. He hadn't tried to prove that he was changing for the better to anyone else, just towards the Deku. So when the fuckin' br-kid decided to spill the beans, and tell everyone he's basically quirkless, a choice was made. As much as he said he wouldn't, he's gonna help take care of the kid, and prove to everyone else and to himself that he's changing for good. That's what heroes would do, right? The explosive blond blinked back to reality watching as the girls in his chaotic class trying to reassure the kid when he was still looking down at his lap. He sure as hell was going to regret this, but decided to go with it either way. 


"Is Bakugou actually giving someone a pat?!"


"It's soft Bakugou!"


"Where's the real Bakugou, and what did you do to him?!"


Yup, he definitely regretted this decision. Groaning out in annoyance, Bakugou glared at everyone, raccoon eyes and dumbass pikachu the most, while keeping his hand on top of the two toned hair barely even noticing the surprised look on the kid's face. Did they have to overreact to something like this? No. The fuckers just wanted to overreact just 'cause he never showed any "softness" towards anyone besides fuckin' Deku, and maybe the dumbasses if they weren't being idiots all the time. He had a reason to do this anyways, and it's not like as if the kid doesn't like him already. The kid's calling him "Baka" for fucksake. There was no way he was going to let the kid to continue to call him that. Nu uh. No way. It also doesn't help that the two toned brat will end up getting attached to him by just his confidence to talk to him like it was nothing. Red ruby eyes glanced over to the suddenly quiet "Shin" until he saw the reason why he was quiet. The fucker was smirking. Smirking like a little devil while holding his phone in his hands. The explosive blond held back the urge to stand up from his seat, and set off explosions as another photo was taken after hearing the familiar click go off. That's fucking it.


"Delete. The. Fuckin'. Photos."


"What photos?"




"Hmm, why should I?"


"You know damn right why! I'll fuckin' kill you if you don't!"


"It would be great to get this copied so Shou can have one."


"Yeah! I want one! I want one!"




Turning his attention back to the strawberry shortcake sitting on his desk, he could see the gloomy look on his face turn into a more cheerful look after the mindfucket decided to bring up the photos. Shouto was grabbing his wrist pulling his hand away from the peppermint colored hair to shake it as he bounced in excitement. Bakugou felt his eye twitch while trying to hold himself back from exploding at the kid. His eyes were sparkling exactly like Midoriya's when he first entered UA, or got close to hero battles to analyze them back in middle school. Looking away from the kid's heterochromatic eyes, he glanced over towards the broccoli looking nerd noticing the same sparkling look in his emerald eyes. Oh hell fuckin' no. Before he could tell Deku to shut his mouth, the nerd was already heading towards the mindfucker with his phone out as he smiled brightly. Fuckin' hell.


"Hey Shinsou! C-Can you send it to me? I can give you my number I you don't have it yet."


The fucker was smiling like a fuckin' psychopath. 


"Sure Midoriya. Would anyone else like me to send you a copy?"












"Don't just stand there Shin! Send it to me already!"






"You said a bad word Baka! Ai said n-no bad words!"


"I'm older than you brat, so I can say cuss words."


"Nu uh!"


"Yu huh!"


"Nu uh!"


"Yu huh! Now respect your elders brat!"


"I'm not a b-brat!"


"You're acting like one!"


"So are you!"


"Nu uh!"


"Yu huh!"


"Nu uh!"


"Yu huh!"


Before he knew it, Bakugou found himself in a less than heated, and more childish argument with the six year old barely even realizing the recording cameras, and slightly amused yet annoyed teacher in front of the class. The kid knew how to use people's words against themselves that's for sure. Piercing red eyes glared into ocean blue and stormy gray eyes as they ended up in a stare down when the argument got them nowhere. It felt like an hour than fifteen minutes until the bell rang for the next period to begin. 


'One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Goddammit, the kid isn't giving in...'


"HEY KIDD-os? Uh, what are they doing?"


"They're having a stare down Mic-sensai. They were arguing first, b-but now they're glaring at each other like two angry cats. Kacchan hasn't looked away, neither has Shou-chan."


"Is anyone going to-"


"No, this is entertaining to watch."


"Uh, okay...Well, uh, lets begin class until they, uh, finish their little showdown."




"Baka! Baka!"


Groaning to himself, Bakugou looked over his shoulder to see the small kid running over towards him while dragging the purple haired fucker behind him. Behind them, the rest of the extras followed, and they didn't bother to help the fucker when he tried to get their help. Serves him fuckin' right. When the two toned brat got closer, he let go of the extra's hand to catch up with him and the rest of the other idiots that decided to tag along with him after the lunch bell rang. To shorten up the story, the brat won the fuckin' stare down. It was third period when one of the extras in the classroom decided to throw a pencil at his head causing him to look away, and lose the fuckin' stare down. Now he owed the kid something. When the hell did he agree that if he lost he would owe the kid something?! The little shit jumped off his desk, and smirked as he walked back towards his desk. What the hell?! After that, he had to focus back on classwork even though he could feel those stupid eyes staring at him from behind. If he turned around, he knew the kid would smirk at him with that bragging look in his eyes Gritting his teeth, he pushed the stupid loss and bet away putting his focus back on the sly, little brat that was in front of him, noticing the smile he had on his face. This little shit.


"What do you want ya little shit?"


"No saying mean names Baka!"


"Whatever! Now what the fuck do you want?!"


"I...C-Can I have a piggy back ride?..."


Puppy dog eyes stared up at him after he froze in the middle of the hallway, shocked and confused by the question.










"You're not gonna stop with the stupid, childish puppy dog eyes look until I give in, aren't you?"




"You fuckin' little shit."


"Stop saying bad words Baka!"


"If you want to have a piggy back ride, then deal with it shorty!"




Luckily, the brat listened, and jumped on his back after he knelt down for the kid to be able to reach. He ignored the snickering idiots in front of him, and the smiling nerds behind him. This kid was going to be the end of him. The kid barely weighed a thing when he jumped on his back, but it would have been nice if he didn't have to carry him 'cause of a fuckin' lost bet. Standing back up, Bakugou continued his walk towards the cafeteria ignoring the idiots talking with the kid on his back to focus on not just dropping him then and there. Soon enough, the nerds started to walk beside the idiots, talking with the excited brat that wouldn't stop laughing and talking in his ear. Even without his hearing aids, the kid can be loud if he wanted to. Red eyes glared at any other students that stared at him as he took a few more turns through the hallways until the sight of the cafeteria came into view. Fuckin' finally. 


"Alright, off my back ya little shit."


"But I want to stay here."


"Nope, now get the fuck off."




Kneeling back down on his knee, Shouto slipped down off his back until his little feet touched the floor. Bakugou stood back up ready to walk in to eat until he felt a small hand slip into his hand. Looking down, the kid wasn't even looking at him, but instead at Deku as the freckled teen walked over. There was a knowing smile on his face when he stood beside the blond and short kid, grabbing the unoccupied, small hand. When he glanced up into green emerald eyes, he felt his stomach flip when fuckin' De-Midoriya smiled at him as he nudged his head over towards the cafeteria.


"Come on Kacchan, everyone already walked in without us. Lets go eat."


"Fuckin'...Fine, hurry up nerd."


"Yay! Lets go Deku and Baka!"


Next thing he knew, he was being dragged by the excited kid finding himself not being able to hold back his smirk this time even though they were pretty much gaining everyone's attention. Two boys walking in with a kid. Pretty fuckin' gay in his opinion. 


"Kacchan, I'm proud of you."




"I'm proud of you...You're showing that you're actually changing, and not just to me but to everyone. Everyone is actually happy that you're hanging out with Shou-chan. E-Even though you can cuss a little t-too much around him."




"B-But at least he's opening up! Shinsou-kun told me that he gets nervous around new people, but he immediately opened up to you so that good. You're pretty good with kids by the way."


"Tch. Whatever. Just be glad I haven't blown the kid up yet."


"I don't think that'll be possible."


"Oh shut up, ya nerd!"


"You're going soft Kacchan!"


"Shut up!"


"But it's true!"




As they continued on their argument, they didn't notice the two adults and teen standing by the entrance doors watching the three walking together.


"Wanna bet how long it'll take before Shouto starts cussing?"


"Two weeks."


"Five days."


"Three days, and whoever wins gets to choose who'll watch Shouto first during the weekend."



Chapter Text

Three days have already passed as the class started to get used to the presence of a child in their room during class. Shouto got used to everyone's presence as well, even going up to any of his classmates during classes to get help pronouncing a word. No one minded helping his little brother, so he didn't have to pick out who to brainwash who. The purple haired male tapped his pencil on the notebook in a rhythm from a song he likes to listen to at home finding it hard to focus on taking notes today than usually. Shinsou hasn't exactly gotten much sleep the last two days from waking up in the middle of the night thanks to his insomnia. Yet during those moments, he would go check on the kid that slept in the room across from him, finding him in the middle of a nightmare, or one beginning to start. He knew what it felt like to have nightmares every night. Whether it was just a simple fear, or a memory, he always woke up shaking and silently crying from the nightmares. So seeing it happen to someone else made his heart clench as he twisted and turned in his sleep, and letting tears fall from his eyes unconsciously. By then, he would be sitting on the edge of the sleeping child's bed to wipe the small tears from his face while whispering to him to let him know he was okay. There was nothing to fear. Not the monsters under his bed. The creatures outside at night. Not even the nightmares and memories that haunted the kid's mind. Luckily, his small gestures were responded with less tears, and then a more peaceful look on his face. Speaking of the kid, the insomiac teen glanced over towards the seat the kid was sitting at to see him coloring in a coloring book with a smile on his face as he did so. 




"Finally! Lunch time!"


"Wait up Mina!"


"Last one to the table is a rotten egg~!"




Shinsou rolled his eyes as he watched the "Bakusquad" walked, or ran, out of the room already. Putting away his barely written notes, the purple haired male was about to grab his bag from the floor before little feet stood in front of his school bag.


"Uh, Shin?"




"C-Can we sit with Deku and hi-his friends?"


"Sure, let me just grab my bag real quick, and text Ai that we'll be eating in the cafeteria."




Ruffling the two toned hair, the older male tuned out Shouto as he took out his phone from inside his bag opening the messages, and scroll before finding the family group chat.




TheRemix: Shou and I are gonna eat in the cafeteria


TheOriginal: Okay


TheArtist: Okay! Want me to drop off the bento boxes?


TheRemix: Sure, just don't make a scene


TheArtist: Can't keep promises!


Groaning under his breath, Shinsou put his phone away looking up to see Shouto and the rest of the "Dekusquad" waiting for him by the door. The kid was basically bouncing on his feet as he waited by Midoriya and Uraraka, asking them question after question with no turn off switch. In his opinion, he was the remix of Present Mic with the amount of energy he had during the day. Wouldn't the loud blond be happy about that. Then again, another blond he knew was obnoxious, and loud like his adoptive father. Once he put his bag onto his shoulder, the mostly tired teen walked over to the overly hyper child along with his group of friends. They walked out of the classroom together, more like run for the six year old when he dashed out of the room, and continued on their conversation they left off before class. He watched with a close eye on the hyper child as he bounced on his feet talking nonstop with Momo and Jirou after they met up along the way to the cafeteria. Fortunately, the girls didn't mind the hyper child, gladly answering some of his questions, or giving their own opinion about something. Apparently they're talking about what is their favorite type of ice cream. As they approached the entrance doors to the cafeteria, the tall male knelt down grabbing the smaller male's arm to get his attention before they could enter the heavily crowded room. 


"Hey's gonna be pretty crowded in there, are you sure you wanna eat with Midoriya and the others?"


Heterochromatic eyes glanced over towards the closed doors, the sound of loud muffled voices can be heard even through the metal doors. 


"Mhm. W-We always eat with Ai and Za, but I wanna talk wi-with your friends too."


"Alright, but if everyone is getting too loud for you, you can tell me and we can go to the teacher's lounge."




Letting go of his small arm, Hitoshi watched Shouto run ahead towards the door catching up with Momo and Jirou since they decided to continue on ahead. Midoriya put his hand on the exhausted teen giving him a kind, reassuring smile after noticing the troubled look on his face. The small group of friends continued their walk towards the cafeteria, resuming their talk that they left off at before the small talk between the two brothers. Sadly, they didn't reach the doors until an unexpected guest arrived.




"So much noise..."




Shouto rushed over to the parental figure, hugging his legs before noticing the bento boxes in hand.




"Of course! Here's your lunches boys."


Hitoshi took his while giving the short kid his after walking over to the two to get his bento box. Before he could turn back towards his group of friends, a leather covered arm reached over wrapping around his shoulders to drag him back into a warm hug.


"Sho also wanted me to say that if you guys don't feel like being in there, just come to the teacher's lounge, and we'll be waiting."


"Got that covered, but thanks."


"No problemo! Now see ya later listeners!"




"Bye Mic sensei!"


Finally getting back with his friends, which were trying to cover their smiles, but failing miserably, they headed towards the cafeteria opening the metal doors. Laughter and many voices speaking at once filled the room, but even through all the chaos, he can still make out the childish, overly excited voice of the younger child after he ran in first, and over towards the usual table that he sat in before the little pipsqueak joined in. In the end, he didn't mind spending more time with his adoptive parents when the little kid dragged him towards the teacher's lounge to have lunch with him. After that, he spent the last few days eating with the two toned kid, and the two adults while they looked over paperwork as well. It was amusing to watch his dark haired father get lectured at by a six year old when the kid found out that he didn't eat as much as the three. Then he also found out about how both of the adults don't get as much sleep either. He could watch the kid yell at the two before ending the lecture with a hug almost all day. They promised to get as much sleep as possible, and eat more to make the kid feel better. Speaking of getting more sleep, lilac eyes started to grow heavy making it hard to keep his eyes open to eat his lunch like he had wanted. Concerned glances were sent his way, but he didn't notice or bother with them as he tried to put ball of rice inside his mouth.


"Uh, Shinsou-kun? Are you okay?"


"Huh? Oh, I'm fine. Just tired is all."


"Then I suggest you get some sleep!"


"Yeah, kero."


"No, it's f-"


"It's not fine Shin! You have to g-get some sleep!"


"Really, I'm-"


"Shoucchan is right, you should get some rest Shinsou-kun. W-We can watch Shoucchan for you! I'm sure he wouldn't mind, right?"


"Yeah! Please Shin? I can stay with Deku and his friends!"


"Are you sure?"


"Mhm! Now Shin can get sleep like Ai and Za!"


"...Ugh, fine, but make sure to come and get me if anything happens, okay?"


"You got it!"


"We'll watch him like hawks!"


Deciding to leave his trustful friends with his younger brother, Shinsou picked up the barely touched food, and left the cafeteria to get some rest in the teacher's lounge. Midoriya smiled towards the disappearing figure of one of his close friends before turning his attention back towards the table. They continued on with their previous conversation, letting Shouto give his opinion when they debated on a few things such as best TV shows, movies, food, and hero battles if Midoriya brought up the topic. Everything was going smoothly, as smoothly as any lunch could be until it happened.




Absolute silence filled the table besides the background chatter as they stared with wide eyes at the six year old. Shouto had his face scrunched up in slight anger, but his bottom lip stuck out a bit in a pout as he looked down at his now messy shirt with his small, special made chopsticks on the floor. Everyone was still processing what the child had said before taking action to help with the mess. Momo made him new chopsticks while Midoriya and Uraraka helped to try, and clean the mess on his shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt stained, but after giving him a new pair of chopsticks, the child went back to eating his food peacefully. They were still in shock about what he had said, but weren't surprised nonetheless. He had been hanging around Bakugou a little too much lately, so of course he would learn words that he shouldn't be using. Uncertain about how to bring up the problem, they soon found themselves coming down to a little debate. 


"Should we tell Shinsou-kun?"


"I mean, he has been hanging around Bakugou a little too much."


"At least he won't be the ones getting in trouble, right? Just blame it on Bakugou."


"That's unnecessary action Jirou."


"How about we just keep it a secret? Maybe he'll just only say it once?"


"Once she says, but does it really happen only once?"



Chapter Text

When he woke up, Hizashi woke to a hyper six year old that was shaking him nonstop while smiling like the Cheshire cat. The dark haired male that was supposed to be sleeping beside him was nowhere in sight. Maybe he woke up early again. Groggily, he got out of bed gently pushing the overly excited kid to the side he reached over to the nightstand to grab his hearing aids. The kid was off the bed, and out the room before he could say a single word. Children never tend to stay around to listen anyways, so he wasn't exactly surprised. But who knew that taking care of a hyper six year old at around six o'clock in the morning would be hard? Barely could sit down to eat breakfast, and volunteered to wake Hitoshi as well. With his hyper mode on, the teen was in for an awakening for sure. Shouta trusted him with the little listener since he had to take care of something that was important that he wouldn't even tell him, his own husband. Then again, the look he gave him when he tried to ask was one of those looks when he had to deal with underground stuff that wouldn't exactly end well. So he took the little guy to school along with Hitoshi, ready to ask for a substitute for the homeroom class this morning.


It took awhile, but after getting the little listener to stand still for a few minutes to change clothes and put his shoes on, Hizashi walked the two out to the car shouting their goodbyes to the other inside the house. Once they arrived, he helped Shouto get out before heading towards the large building where they navigated towards the teacher's lounge with little to no problems thankfully. There was still about forty or so minutes before classes started, but Hitoshi decided to help one of his friends with some homework, leaving just him and the little listener.


"We have arrived!"


"Hi Ne!"


"Hey guys! Where's the grumpy man himself?"


"Ehhhh, he's doing underground work right now, so he won't be in today."


"Ah, well I'll take over for homeroom cause then I'll be with little Sho for twice the time I normally do!"




"Oh! Good morning Mic. Shouto."


Thirteen walked over towards the three waving their hand giving off a cheerful and nice vibe. The loud blond noticed that the little listener was excited to see the astronaut pro hero, giving them a wide smile with a cheerful wave of his own. Hizashi smiled at the sweet sight until a few more of the teachers came over after hearing that the famous little listener was in the room. Each of the teacher or pro got to meet the two toned kid when he would hang out in the teacher's lounge during classes or lunch. They grew attached to the kid like everyone else, and would give him little gifts when he would visit the teacher's lounge. Most of the gifts were a new book for him to read, a toy, or even a sweet treat. 


"Oh yeah! We've got a surprise for you~!"


Nemuri rushed over to her desk returning with a mysterious object hidden behind her back with a wide smile on her face.




It was a vanilla shake with whip cream and small strawberry pieces on top. He swore that the pupils of the overly joyful child widen into the size of golf balls. Shouto ran over to Nemuri with excitement as he grabbed the cold dessert with his small hands while thanking the female teacher over and over again. Getting the kid to sit quietly and patiently wasn't easy this morning, but now it looks like it'll be impossible to get him to sit down at all. Oh well, at least he'll be tired by the end of the day. Hizashi decided to leave the kid to eat his too sweet of an early snack in order to maybe grade a few papers he didn't get to finish the other day. A few teachers went back to some work while the other stuck around to watch or speak with the two toned child as he continued to eat the vanilla shake, taking his time to eat the whip cream and the strawberry pieces before getting to the real dessert. The lounge was filled with a joyful vibe if he's gonna describe it his way. When a ten or so minutes have passed until he felt it. 


He needed to go.


And bad.


"Ha, uh, I need to go to the bathroom real quick! Watch little Sho for me!"


And with that, he left the lounge room leaving the teachers to watch the young child that's obviously not paying any attention to anyone else besides the chilly, sweet treat on his hands. Nemuri shook her head at Hizashi's antic, but pushed it aside as she walked over towards Shouto with a smile plastered on her face. Sure she should be doing some work, but those papers can wait, right? Taking one of the nearby rolling chairs, the rated 18 hero sat down next to the eating child taking her phone out to look through social media.


"Do you ever want to have a phone?"


"Mmm, maybe. Ai said I can have one when I grow older."


"How about going somewhere? Ever thought of wanting to go somewhere for fun?"


"There's this place that people like to go a lot, it had food, a lot of lights, lights in the sky, and-and games too."


"You mean a festival?"


"Yeah! I used to see that somewhere."


"The next time we have a festival for any occasion, I'll ask Shouta to see if I can take you there!"


"Really? Can we take Ai, Za, and Shin too?!"


"Sure! I don't see why not."




"So tell me Sho, do you think I'm nice? Or the best aun-"


"You're the best bitch."


Everything came to a complete stop, filling the room with complete silence. Nemuri dropped her phone on the table, staring shocked at the child sitting next to her that didn't bother to question the sudden silence. She could faintly hear Snipe whistle behind her while muttering something under his breath. Fixing her rigged posture, she focused on Shouto while glancing at the door to make sure Hizashi didn't walk in.


"Uh, what?"


"You're the best bitch. Bakugou calls some of the girls bitches, so I can call you a bitch, right?"


"I knew letting him near Bakugou would be a bad idea..."


"PFFT! Dear lord help me, this child is a cussing machine!"


"SHHHHH!! Don't tell Hizashi that!"


"Is it bad?"


"It's, uh, yes. It's a bad word to say, you shouldn't be saying words like that sweetie."


"But Bakugou does, and he said it's okay for me to say it."


"Do you want Hizashi or Shouta to be mad at you?"




"Then no more bad words, okay?"




Luckily the conversation ended right as the door opened, walking in a more relieved blond. Noticing the awkward silence, and the snickering from Snipe and Power Loader, Hizashi decided to question his fellow teachers and pros.


"Did I miss anything?"


"Uh, nope! Nothing at all!"


"Sure about that Midnight?"


"Shut it cowboy!"


"Didn't want to use a foul word Midnight?"