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Deku of the Shield - Rebirth -

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“Enough! You think your little game of writing down useless notes will turn you into a hero? Forget it. The only reason I allow you out to look at hero fights is because of the very real chance that it will put an end to that embarrassment of a Quirkless burden that I have to carry around. If you died now, it would make no difference. You are the biggest mistake of my life. What do you think why Hisashi isn’t around anymore? God, I wish you were never born.”


As Izuku walked through the city, the last rays of sunlight shining down on him, the countless words his mother, already familiar for how often he had to hear them ever since that fateful visit to the doctor six years ago, blended together to a storm of negativity hanging around him, drawing him deeper and deeper into despair.

As the words “Mistake, Quirkless, Burden, never been born” repeated themselves again and again in his head, he came upon bridge – currently completely deserted – that lead over a big river. Had his mind subconsciously brought him here? Was it a coincidence? ‘No’ rang as an answer through his brain. This had to be a sign. Everything was wrong. It was a mistake. He was a mistake. A mistake that had to be corrected…

As he took off his shoes, blazer and his backpack, a thought crossed his mind. He took out his current notebook – already almost full to the brim with Quirk analysis and Hero ideas – opened it to the last page and started to write.



‘Kaachan, Auntie Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru, if you read this, I’m sorry. For everything.’

‘You are the family I always wished I had’

‘I love you three’

‘I hope we meet again in the next life’

‘Midoriya Izuku’



Putting the open notebook on his backpack, he climbed over the railing, closed his eyes and stepped of the bridge. Izuku had about two second of free falling, until something wound itself around his chest and roughly pulled him upwards. Eyes still closed, he felt an impact, very different from the one he had just been looking for. Above him, an angry voice asked, “What the hell were you doing, Kid!?”

It was too much. Everything came crushing down on him. Izuku couldn’t have stopped the sobs that escaped him if he wanted too. “What does it look like?”

The man in front of him was quiet for a second, which caused Izuku to actually open his eyes and look at him. Then his heart stopped. The man might have been pretty young, but with those clothes and goggles, he could only be a Hero! Looking down, he saw that what had wrapped around him was a scarf. A scarf! Did Izuku know of a hero that fit th-

“Why did you think that talking your life was the best option you could take?”, the man asked, far softer than before. The question was enough to pull Izuku back into the here and now. Looking down, all he could do was shrug his shoulders in answer. Hearing a sigh above him, he curled into a ball as the man said, “I’m sure your parents are very worried about you right now.”

On any other day, Izuku would have tied to divert attention or been caught up on the fact that a Hero was staying in front of him. But here and know, with all of his shields and barriers removed, he just shook his head and said, “No, she- she would be disappointed that you saved me. I finally did what she always wanted and not even that I could do right.”



The first thing Shot had felt, when he saw a young child jump off a bridge, was fear. Throwing his scarf out to catch the boy, fear turned into fury when he saw a flash of light on his arm. The brat jumped off a bridge to test out his Quirk? When the boy was back on solid ground, Shota growled harshly at him.

Something he regret doing soon after, when the kid gave his response. Looking around and seeing his things put down so carefully, it became obvious what he had been doing. A few words later and something froze in him. “Your mother told you to jump of a bridge?”

“I’m a burden”, he got as a reply, said in a way that told him the boy had heard these words more then once before. “I’m Qurkless, useless. All I do is cost money. I’m the reason Hisa- dad is never around anymore. I will never be-”

“Your Quirkless?”, Shota asked, interrupting him. Probably for the best he did so, too. These kinds of mantra wouldn’t be good for anyone’s mental health, much less for that of a child

The boy flinched and looked away. “Y-Yes…”

He looked down at him, looking for any sort of deception. From what he could tell, the kid was serious. “What’s with the shield then?”

The boy looked at him, having obviously no clue what Shota was talking about. “What Shield?”

The only response he gave was pointing with his finger directly at the small shield that was attached snugly to the child’s arm.