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Who's kid is this?

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Izuku new the streets and people well, he could tell when people were going to attack and when they were scared, or if someone was feeling a certain way. He was able to read people and know who and who not to mess with or talk to. If you asked him how he knew he would tell you 'It's sort of like a gut feeling, and when I look at people the colors tell me what they feel'.

The reason he couldn't explain the colors and emotions he saw was because no one told him what it was, for all he knew everyone saw like this. So it never made sense to him when one day one of the nice ladies at the flower shop said she didn't see that.

"Why don't you see them miss?" Izuku asked sitting near the curb with the old woman.

"Well what you're describing must be your quirk," He gave the woman a confused look as she continued "Many people are born with powers that allow them to do things that most normal humans wouldn't be able to do," She opened her hand showing a beautiful yellow flower "Like mine! It allows me to grow flowers on my body, yours must be an empath quirk."

"What does that mean?" The woman smiled sweetly.

"It means you must be able to see peoples emotions! It's a very nice quirk!" Izuku beamed at the woman as she asked him to explain the colors he saw on the people and her until he stopped and stared at a man who was smiling like nothing was wrong.

"What's wrong honey?" The woman asked cautiously following his eye sight.

"That man over there, his color is to-toxic? Toxic black it sounds like it's screaming." The woman looked to the man and pulled out her phone grabbing Izuku with her.

"Yes hello? There's a man on XXXX street, he looks about 6'5'' with long red hair and he- yes, yes..... ok thank you so much." Izuku kept his eyes on the man and watched as he entered a gas station, his color changing from the toxic looking black to a blood red that he had seen when he hurt himself.

"Miss, they want to hurry, it changed to the bad red and there's fear." The woman looked down and nodded her head continuing to explain the situation to the police and heroes on the other end.

Soon there was a gun shot and a loud scream as people began running away from the building in shock and fear, Izuku watched as  everyone's colors changed into slightly different shades of purples and blues except one woman who was sneaking out of sit from the man. Her color wasn't of fear and sadness it was of....rage? Anger? No it was more of protective rage that looked to be a deep pink with red wisps.

He didn't know why but the color seemed almost welcoming like she was a little scared but knew she could protect everyone.


Soon the man was taken down by the police and the woman Izuku had seen. Apparently he was trying to rob the place using his quirk. Once he was taken down they started questioning the people around and asking who called the police and why.

Izuku watched close by and listened to everyone talking while watching their colors change from purples and blues to greens, while the officers were ranging from all colors.

"What are you doing over here by yourself?" Izuku jumped and turned seeing the woman from the store.

"I was.....I was watching the colors." The woman quirked an eyebrow but still smiled and leaned down.

"And what are the colors?" 

"I thought that...that they were seen by everyone, but one of the nice ladies at the flower shop said it was my quirk and that i was an emp-empath?" The woman smiled and nodded her head.

"And what are my colors then?" Izuku starred at her for a while before answering.

"There pinks and yellows! Very pretty!" The woman stood in shock but giggled and smiled.

"You're so adorable! Thank you honey," She hugged Izuku making him squeak "Now why don't we go and find your parents?" Izuku just smiled at the woman before turning around.

"It's ok! My moms just over there! Thank you though." Izuku turned and ran the other way towards an alley before climbing back up a fire escape and looking over the side of the building.

He grabbed his bag slinging it over his shoulders before running a crossed the roofs to make it to his work. As he made it to the building he pulled out his uniform, which was just black jeans and a white shirt with paint on it, and made his way inside.

"Ah Midoriya! Glad you could make it," His boss was a nice younger looking man with silver hair and gold eyes "No ones touched the wall and it's coming out great! The paints are over there." Izuku nodded his head and walked over to the area and grabbed the spray paint and bottles of paint.

The wall his boss was talking about was in his cafe he ran, he was asked to do a mural of sorts to try and make it feel more homey. The mural was of cherry blossoms and people outside drinking coffee and talking in silhouettes.

He changed into his uniform before starting on the painting again. He worked quietly with some people watching and enjoying it as he went, he didn't pay attention as he worked since he was focused on the work ahead.

He had finished up for the day, worked about 3 hours, when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around and was greeted by the woman from before with a smile.

"Well hey kid! I didn't expect to see you here!" Izuku smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah, it's nice to see you again as well!"

"Wow this is good kid, how old are you?" Izuku stopped having to think about it for a minute.

"I think around 8 or 9?" The woman stopped for a minute but smiled again but a little strained, but that didn't stop the colors Izuku saw.

"Oh! Well you're very talented for someone your age!"

"Thank you miss?"

"Oh! I'm Kayama Nemuri! But you can just call me Kayama, now what's your name?"

"Midoriya Izuku! Nice to meet you miss Kayama!" Izuku grabbed his things and left with out letting Kayama speak.

She watched as the boy left, worried as to why he didn't even know his own age or what a quirk was.

"Come in Midnight, we need some help over here." Kayama put her hand to her ear.

"I'll be over there soon."


"So an empath helped get the police there early and then you ran into him again working on that art piece in the cafe?" Snipe asked after listening to her tell the story.

"Worst part was i don't think he has parents, he didn't know what a quirk was till today, and he didn't know how old he was." Kayama explained.

"Did he give you a name?" Aizawa asked about to search for it.

"He did but the name wasn't on any record i could find."

"That's definitely worrying, but if he's made it on the street this long he should still be fine." Aizawa reasoned.

"I guess you're right."


Izuku ran through the alleys trying to lose the people chasing after him.

"Come on kid! Stop running and come with us already!" Izuku sped up and jumped onto a dumpster before launching himself onto an old ladder leading to a fire escape.

He pulled himself up getting to the roof continuing running even though the men had stopped.

He didn't stop until he got to a few blocks away and sat down to take a breather. 

"Well hello there, shouldn't you be at home?" He whipped around jumping up into a fighting stance ready to run again until he saw who it was, a wave of familiarity washing over him as he recognized the aura and relaxed slightly.

"Sorry Miss Kayama, some people were chasing me and I had to get away, I'll go back." He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait, how did you recognize me?" He turned around with a quirked eyebrow and tilted his head.

"Your colors and feeling, I remembered it from this morning and afternoon." Midnight  looked shocked but laughed anyway.

"That's pretty cool kid! But does your mother know you're out here?" Izuku nodded his head before explaining.

"Yeah she does, I was going out for a walk and got stopped! Don't worry I'll head back!" He left again with out letting her finish or follow him.

He ran back to his 'home', which was just a beach dump where he turned a large bus into a small house. He came in through the top window dropping down onto an old mattress, he put his bag on the desk and pulled out his sketch book, pencils, markers, notebook, and a few textbooks. 

He had stopped at the library to pick up some books to start learning about quirks since he was already caught up in normal academics. He opened it up and stared reading through the first book explaining quirks, as he read on he took notes about his quirk and what it could do if he tried it out more.

"So I can see peoples emotions by the colors," He began writing down what colors meant what and the different combinations "I wonder if....." He stood up and walked over to a broken mirror, he looked at him self trying to see any colors but couldn't....well not exactly, he could see every color but not in a normal sense. What he saw was all white, he couldn't see anything else besides that and it confused him. He walked back over his desk and wrote down what he found out.

He closed the book and pulled out a new one to learn about empaths "Empaths often can not read their emotions on their own, there can also be a partnered quirk with it to give it more strength." Izuku paused and read it over again and wrote down the note in the book to possibly test out later.

After awhile more or reading and taking notes he put everything away and decided to go to sleep.


"You ran into him the other night to?" Present Mic asked sitting down at his desk with some papers.

"Yeah, he said he recognized me because of my colors? I think it was." Kayama explained looking up from her work.

"Makes sense, it's said many empaths can easily identify people." Aizawa said waking up from the couch in his sleeping bag.

"Finally get rid of your class then?" Vlad king asked walking in.

"No talent or potential." 


Izuku sat under the tree drawing in his sketchbook, it was of flowers, when a figure stood in front of him blocking the sun. He looked up seeing a boy his age with ash blonde hair and red eyes, his color was a mix of navy blue and greens with wisps of red.

"I haven't seen an extra like you before! Who are you?" The blonde almost shouted out with little pops from his hands.

"Why are you calling me an extra?" Izuku asked a little confused, the boys colors quickly changed to a light purple before going back.

"Because that's what I call everyone! Now tell me your name!"

"Midoriya Izuku, what do i call you?" The boy seemed shocked again but squatted down.

"Bakugou Katsuki, what are you drawing?" His colors lost the reds and some of the blues and going into greens and yellows.

"Flowers that i saw when i was walking." Bakugou sat down next to him and watched him draw.

"Do you draw heroes?" Izuku looked up and nodded his head flipping through the pictures showing them some.

"I don't know a lot about heroes, but I've seen them a lot before, like this one." He stopped longer on one of the other picture with a buff strong man on it.

"That's All Might! He's the coolest!!!" Izuku listened as the boy went on and on about heroes and who were the strongest.

"Anyway what's your quirk?" Izuku tapped his chin trying to think about it.

"Well, I can sort of see and sense emotions? It's called being an empath, but i haven't been able to figure everything out about it." 

"That sounds like a weak quirk to me," Izuku nodded his head thinking, he didn't know the range "But I sweat nitroglycerin and make it explode on my palms." Bakugou showed him as the small pops appeared in his hands.

"Wow that's pretty cool, does it hurt?"

"Nah, only if i use it to much does it start to hurt my wrist and arms though." Izuku nodded his head remembering that for later.

"Huh, I don't know if mine affects me like that yet, I'll have to figure that out."

"Yeah whatever, I'll be back here tomorrow if you wanna hang out or whatever." Izuku smiled at the boy.

"Sure I'll stop by." 


"Ok thanks so much for working on this Midoriya! Here's your final payments and you can keep the supplies! I'll make sure to show people your work, is there a way i can contact you?" Izuku pulled out his phone from his bag and opened it.

"Yep! I was able to finally get one." Izuku gave him his number as he left and collected his stuff. 

As he walked down the street he stopped when he recognized someone with one other person.

"Oh Miss Kayama! It's good to see you!" She looked up and smiled walking closer to the boy.

"Nice to see yah little Midoriya! How's it been?" The other man looked confused.

"I'm doing good! How are you?"

"I'm fantastic me and my friend Iida Tensei here are just about to meet up with two of our other friends." Izuku smiled and bid them goodbye before running off.

"That's the boy you keep running into," Kayama nodded her head "He's such a nice kid, it would surprise me if he didn't have a family."


Looking over the water Izuku drew the night sky and reflective water with a small smile. He had been getting quiet a few jobs recently and was getting more supplies to use and was able to get other things like a phone and headphones for when he worked.

He sat there peacefully till he felt something touch his leg, he jumped and looked down to see a small glowing dragon that had white almost burning wings. It walked closer to him as he just looked at it in shock, it's color changing to a light purple tint to the white.

He held out his hand letting it sniff it before it cuddled up to him. He looked at it in wonder before flipping to a new page and sketching it, the small creature taking notice and doing poses and breathing small flames.

"Are you part of my quirk?" The small dragon only stared at him as he picked it up. He walked over to the mirror again and looked at the white surrounding him, it was dimmer and there was a small almost string like line that connected the two.

"So you're apart of!"