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Love Sucks

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Teeth clash and lips bruise. Nails scratch and tear at his clothes.




At least his hat is safe.


As soon as he thinks that, however, a hand reaches up to toss his hat on to the floor.

“You asshole.” Jotaro grumbles as Kakyoin chuckles softly, pressing light kisses against his jaw. Jotaro had half the mind to be petty and turn his head away, but Kakyoin’s grip on his chin makes it impossible. That’s part of the reason why Jotaro enjoys being with him so much, though he’d never admit it.

He’s pretty sure Kakyoin knows anyways.


Jotaro’s broken out of his thoughts when one particular nip to his neck manages to actually break his skin.


He clicks his tongue in annoyance while Kakyoin smirks, licking at the drips of blood before the wound closes up.


The perks of being a vampire.


“I thought I told you to be more careful not to get blood on the sheets after what happened last time.” Jotaro grumbles, checking to make sure the sheets were ok.


“Sorry baby,” Kakyoin murmurs, smirk still tugging at his lips as he starts to rub small circles to the inside of Jotaro’s thigh.


He’s not sorry.


Jotaro makes an inaudible gasp as Kakyoin’s hand starts sliding further up, almost grazing his cock, but starts stroking the opposite thigh instead.


He nearly snarls. At this point, he’s probably just going to rip off his dick and ride it.


He wraps his legs around Kakyoin’s waist, and flips them over, Kakyoin’s back hitting the bed with a small grunt.


He snakes his hand down to Kakyoin’s pants, unbuckling his belt and unzipping him. Before he can pull down his briefs to free his cock, Kakyoin grabs his wrist and flips them over again.


He struggles, but Kakyoin has him pinned, unbudging.


That’s what happens when you date a werewolf. He can tell by the way his tail is wagging and the way his ears are standing, that this is exciting him.


He bends down to lick a stripe up Jotaro’s neck before he finally, finally, slides two fingers in to him.


The stretch of it burns, but Jotaro is very good at dealing with pain.


And being a vampire helped.


He stifles a groan when Kakyoin manages to brush against the right spot, but he picks up the sound anyways.


Damn his enhanced hearing.


He stops his ministrations and looks down at Jotaro with a cocky grin.


“Hmm, did I hear something?” he pulls his fingers out completely, and starts to gently circle his rim instead.


Jotaro grits his teeth. He says nothing and instead, pushes down to try and force the fingers back into him, but Kakyoin pulls his hand back.


“Nuh-uh, baby. I wanna hear your voice or it’s punishment time.”


Jotaro is seriously contemplating just riding his own fingers by now, if it got him the release he needed.


Fuck Kakyoin, he didn’t need him.


But the sudden graze of his fingers against Jotaro’s cock makes all those thoughts fly away.


“If you don’t say anything, you’re not gonna be able to come, babe.” He hums, teasing Jotaro with fleeting touches.


He still refuses to say anything, however good Kakyoin makes him feel.


He wasn’t going to break that easily!


And that’s when Kakyoin stops circling his rim and presses the two fingers against his entrance, insistently, but not enough to actually breach him.


The light touches against his dick turns into him circling his thumb around the head of his cock, and that, has him whimpering loudly.




He pauses, with a gentle smile.


“Yes?” he asks, innocently, as if he weren’t driving Jotaro crazy with this teasing.


“….I-” he trails off.


Kakyoin waits patiently, as if his own cock wasn’t also hard.


“I want…..”


“You want?” he hums.




He’s embarrassed of course, he’s never been to voice his feelings, much less what he wants, but being with Kakyoin forces him out of that mindset.

“You want me to?”


Jotaro groans internally. What more did Kakyoin want? For him to say how alive he made Jotaro feel despite him having been dead for nearly 200 years?

How he made the light hairs on his arms rise every time he would so much as smile at him? How even if his heart had stopped pumping blood, he could feel a warmth coming from it whenever they would be lying side by side in bed?


He hated feeling so….vulnerable.


“-I want you inside me.” He trails off, looking away from Kakyoin’s face.


“Good boy!” The joke makes Kakyoin giggle a little and Jotaro groan.


Without warning, he plunges his fingers into Jotaro.


Jotaro throws his head back and keens.


Finally. His fingers weren’t thick, but they were long. He was thrusting his fingers in relentlessly, not stopping for even a second.


“Wai-wait! I don’t want just your fingers!” he gasps, writhing away from the fingers, but Kakyoin has one hand pinned on his hip.


“But you said you wanted me inside you, right?” he croons, fingers brushing against that sweet spot, causing Jotaro to see stars.


“That’s-that’s not what I meant, and you fucking know it!” Jotaro growls, as best as he can when he’s getting finger fucked.


“But babe, you’re squeezing me so tightly.” He gives a particularly hard thrust that has Jotaro rolling his eyes to the back of his head and biting down on his lips to stifle a moan.


Kakyoin reaches up and thumbs at his mouth, tugging at the bottom lip.


“I thought I said I wanted to hear your voice.” He leans down, nose brushing against Jotaro’s before he snakes his hand down to his cock and starts pumping it.


“Punishment time, baby.”


He times the thrust of his fingers to match the stroking of Jotaro’s cock, licking the drops of sweat on his throat.


Kakyoin’s hand is cramping by now, but he really wants, no, needs, Jotaro to come at least once for now.


His thumb brushes the head of his cock at the right spot, and Jotaro arches off the bed, coming with a yell, coating Kakyoin’s hand with his release.


He falls back with a shuddering gasp, eyes glazed over, and legs shaking.


Kakyoin pulls his fingers out, none too gently, and swipes his tongue across his thumb, tasting Jotaro.


He presses his still hard cock against Jotaro’s hip, who makes a soft, questioning noise as Kakyoin leans down to murmur, “Don’t get too tired out just yet. The night’s still

young and we have all the time in the world.”, before mashing their lips together with a bruising force.